Headcount Heroes: How RevZilla Boosted Employee Referrals to 47 Percent of Hires


Headcount Heroes don’t always wear capes. Left and right, talent acquisition teams exceed their recruiting goals without fanfare - whether it’s through reducing time to fill high-priority roles or building an entirely new interview structure from scratch. Last week, we shed light on our first team of Headcount Heroes: the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group. They nailed an ambitious hiring target by successfully recruiting for 140 positions in 3.5 months. Recruitment process

Jump on Board with These 4 Recruiting Trends in 2018


The competition for great talent is higher than ever, and 2018 will prove to be yet another challenging year for talent acquisition professionals. Sixty one percent of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017, and 42 percent of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need. If you haven’t already jumped on board with the following recruiting trends, now is the time. Recruitment process

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How Shopify Revolutionized Proactive Sourcing


Sourcing is a nonstop grind. Even if you relish the challenge of uncovering fresh talent or personalizing cold reach-outs , it’s soul-crushing when great candidates don’t engage with you. Still, we can promise your hard work will pay off. Just ask the team at Shopify

5 Steps to Launch an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Council


With a background in both recruiting and acting, Affirm’s Head of Talent Ragini Holloway considers herself to be a “casting director” for companies. When she was an actress, she often received feedback that she was “really talented,” but that the casting directors wanted to go in a “different direction.” She wondered if that direction was really “different”—or just more of the same. Today, it's experiences like these that drive her advocacy for diversity. Diversity & inclusion

Live Webinar: What A Resume Hides – Avoid Toxic Hires with the Perfect Interview Process

It's not just the resume. In today's world, you have to screen for specific personality traits and behaviors to avoid potentially toxic hires. A toxic hire can have a perfect resume but can destroy your team, costing your business upwards of $12,000 a year. Sign up for this upcoming webinar to learn how to hire the right person, every time. Date: 1/25/18 at 11:00AM PT.

3 Ways Netflix's Recruiting Researchers Make Sourcing Strategic


As two members of Netflix’s talent team took the stage at our Talent Innovation Summit , they immediately explained that while their roles entail sourcing, they aren’t “sourcers”. Instead, Tennyson Jones and Michael Orozco introduced themselves as Recruiting Researchers. Intrigued, we were eager to unpack the reason behind this differentiation. Why did Netflix build a team of “recruiting researchers”, and how does that role differ from that of “sourcers”? Sourcing & Nurture

6 Game-changing Ideas to Differentiate Your Candidate Experience


83 percent of talent say that a negative experience has changed their mind about a company or role they once liked, while 87 percent of talent say a positive interview experience can change their mind about a company or role they once doubted. Those two stats say it all - a candidate’s experience with your team can truly make or break their decision to join. Candidate experience

The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook


The topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace - D&I, as it’s become known - has never been more prominent than it is today. Many leaders, hiring managers, and their teams are genuinely hungry to build an environment in which candidates from every background have equal access to opportunities, can do their best work, and truly feel like they belong.

Why Candidate Experience is Your Employer Branding Weapon


This is a guest post by Ken Kwan, Founder of Career Prophets, a Global Talent Management Consultancy. One of the key components to organizational prosperity is the ability to attract and engage talent on a consistent basis. Over the years, organizations have geared up their talent teams with state of the art sourcing tools and capabilities, as a way to hunt down top tier talent. In more recent times, organizations have shifted their focus to creating better candidate experiences.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

With 200 + offerings in the market, choosing the right applicant tracking system can be a challenge. To help, we have developed a comprehensive buying guide highlighting what you should look for along each step of the decision process. Download the guide and ensure that the ATS you choose is the right fit for your organization.

Lever's 2017 Year in Review


Where did 2017 go? With 13 days left in the calendar year, we're taking a moment to reflect upon everything that went down at Lever during the first 352. Hint: they were packed to the brim - with new product launches, customer love, and and momentous milestones. While we couldn’t possibly catalogue every standout moment, we recapped many of our favorites month-by-month in this post. Recruitment process

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Ask the Sourcing Squad: How to Advocate for More Sourcing Resources


Chances are, your leadership team is juggling 24 different priorities on a daily basis. Even if they value talent acquisition as much as you do, their instinct may be ambivalence when it comes to allocating more resources to hiring

6 Tips to Attract the Best Tech Talent, from VEON


This is a guest post by Zvi Goldfarb, Director of Hiring Innovation, Employer Branding, and the Digital Recruitment Lab at VEON. You know the saying that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. We agree. But how do you make sure you’re bringing in the best people? After all, a bad hire doesn’t just leave you with a sad face (nobody wants a sad face), it costs the company a lot of resources

Infographic: Candidate Sourcing Dos and Don’ts


Candidates are well accustomed to receiving recruiting emails. In fact, many of them welcome it! A whopping 90 percent of talent say they’re open to hearing from a recruiter. But that doesn’t give you license to blast candidates indiscriminately – especially when they’re trying to enjoy their summers. Not all candidate sourcing tactics are created equal. Sourcing & Nurture

Are You Closing Candidates and Getting Them Onboarded Efficiently?

Once you choose a candidate to hire, the real work begins of trying to get them to accept your offer. And even if they do, you still need to get them onboarded efficiently. Are you doing a good job managing these steps? Take a 30-second assessment for a free evaluation of your job offer and onboarding processes.

The Playbook for Data-Driven Recruiting


At Lever’s second annual Talent Innovation Summit , Jennifer Paxton, PHR, Director of Talent at LevelUp , unveiled her data-driven recruiting playbook. With a master's degree in Opera, her background doesn't exactly scream 'data-driven.’ However, after several years in talent acquisition, she's learned the enormous benefits of getting comfortable with data in order to make informed recruiting decisions.

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3 Essential Metrics to Focus On in Your 2018 Headcount Planning


If you haven’t yet locked in all your 2018 hiring goals, it’s not too late. We’re only at Day 2 of 365. Still, the earlier you get serious about headcount planning with your hiring manager, the smarter you'll hire

8 Ways to Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Company Page for Recruitment


A strong employer brand can go a long way in helping you attract top-tier candidates, and social media is one of the best ways to promote it. LinkedIn is particularly useful because of its ability to reach over 500 million professionals who use the site, as well as those who find it in the top of their Google search results. While many organizations are already using LinkedIn for sourcing candidates and posting jobs, fewer are maximizing their LinkedIn Company Page for recruitment.

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Email Address Search: Here Are the 7 Best Ways to Find Anybody’s Email


Sourcing candidates and wondering how to actually get in touch in them? Unless someone has their email publicly listed on one of their online profiles, or you’re using a paid tool, it’ll take a little bit of extra sleuthing to find the email you need. Sourcing & Nurture

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7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply? This guide covers: presentation of your careers page and jobs, length and complexity of your online application, application technology, and candidate acknowledgement.

5 Ways Diversity Efforts Can Backfire


This is a guest post by Vinayak Ranade, founder and CEO of Drafted , which helps companies hire more through referrals. I’m probably going to commit a faux pas in this post. But my intent here is to learn, and help others like me who want to learn. Diversity & inclusion

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Part 10: The Next Level


We believe passionately that diverse and inclusive companies make for more innovative, engaged, and happy teams, and we speak with forward-thinking talent leaders all the time who feel the same. We’re writing this series on how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace because people are ready for the next level of discourse around diversity and inclusion; one aimed at actual solutions.

How to Create the Perfect Semi-Structured Interview


A structured interview is, technically, one in which you’d ask the same set of questions, in the same order, and in the same interview process , for every candidate. This creates an even-playing field for all of your candidates, so you can fairly evaluate each of them on the same criteria. The problem with this approach is that each candidate is unique, and giving them all the same exact interview experience has the potential to hurt more than it helps.

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Introduction


As an Asian-American female CEO in Silicon Valley, I’m afforded an intimate view into the ever simmering discussion around diversity and inclusion in tech. Even more so, because I’m building a company whose job it is to help other companies do their best hiring. Diversity & inclusion di-series

Winning An Unfair Share of Elite Talent: Recruiting Resolutions in 2018

Speaker: Jordan Burton, Founder of Burton Advisors LLC

The difference between “good” and “great” could not possibly be larger when it comes to talent. Truly elite performers—the top 5-10% in any given domain—can deliver 10x or more the results of an average employee, and can change the destinies of entire organizations. Jordan Burton of Burton Advisors has worked as a hiring advisor to dozens of high-growth companies and their venture capital investors over the past 10 years. In this session you will learn the tips and strategies he has shared with Silicon Valley’s top names in their quest for competitive edge in the war for talent.

How Startup Accelerator Cogo Labs is Scaling Several Teams at Once


Here at Lever, we work with startup accelerators that are dedicated to equipping new, innovative teams with a wide range of resources. Commonly referred to as incubators, these companies take startups under their wing and provide everything from mentorship, to technology platforms, to office space. Along the way, they become deeply invested in the growth and wellbeing of the teams they incubate. Recruitment process

4 Recruiting Technologies That Every Early Adopter Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List


What’s on your recruiting technology wish list this year? Tis the season of giving, and not only is it the perfect time to ask for that new sweater you’ve been yearning for, but it’s the perfect time to ask your boss for a new toy as well. 2017 planning is afoot, including decisions around budget and new investments, so don’t miss the opportunity to make the case for a tool that can give you a competitive advantage in your job. Recruitment process

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Talent Innovation Summit Countdown: Hear how Hot Topic Brings Machine Learning to Recruiting


At our Talent Innovation Talent Innovation Summit , we’ll hear from teams who understand that diving into data isn’t scary. It isn’t time-consuming. In fact, if you know which tools to use and which metrics to look at, it can be seriously game-changing

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Ask the Sourcing Squad: 3 Quick Tricks for Cold Recruiting Emails


Cold recruiting emails just aren’t your thing, right? You do all you can to make them stand out, and candidates just won’t respond. It’s time to accept that other recruiting tactics - referrals, inbound applicants, and meeting candidates at events - are more rewarding methods for you than sourcing. Right? Sourcing & Nurture

Recruiting Millennials: Unilever Goes Digital to Transform Its Graduate Hiring Program

Unilever leadership estimates that within three years, 60% of their worldwide employees will be Millennials.

3 Ways Netflix Culture Shapes Their Recruiting


The team at Netflix is one-of-a-kind. After carefully crafting and documenting their values for employees in this 124-page culture deck eight years ago , they shared them with the world. Recruitment process

Bots, Big Data and Chicken Little: Why Fundamentals Always Win in Recruiting


It seems we recruiters lately are suffering from “Chicken Little” syndrome. The constant kvetching I hear includes: “There are too many tools- I can’t keep up!”, “Big Data is making my job so much harder!”, and my personal favorite, “AI will take our jobs!”. Deep breaths everybody. Inhale. Exhale. There, there, fellow recruiters.

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Talent Acquisition versus Talent Development


Your employees are your organization's competitive advantage. Their collective skills and experiences are crucial to meeting your business goals and staying competitive in your market. But, as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and great talent can be either acquired or developed. Which is best? Recruitment process

5 Prescriptions for Recruiting Success in Health Tech


What makes disruption in the healthcare industry difficult? It really depends on who you ask. We've heard explanations like: “There is a history of stringent bureaucracy”, “With new health technology comes privacy and security concerns,” and “Physicians are often left out of product development, making them reticent to use new tools.” It's no surprise that these obstacles double as recruiting challenges. Recruitment process

Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

New Powerful Search Capabilities to Find Top Candidates


Did you know that only 30 percent of candidates in a typical Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are in an active pipeline? We looked across our customers and found that the vast majority of candidates are actually in the “archives” and aren’t being considered for current roles. This amounts to thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of candidates for some companies. Product

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion Part 1: Fixing Your Culture


We believe passionately that diverse and inclusive companies make for more innovative, engaged, and happy teams, and we speak with forward-thinking talent leaders all the time who feel the same. We’re writing this series on how to cultivate diversity and inclusion in the workplace because people are ready for the next level of discourse around diversity and inclusion; one aimed at actual solutions.

Ask the Sourcing Squad: Your Top 3 Favorite Places to Source


Summer is officially here. As you break out the ice cold refreshments to cool down, it’s time to also hit refresh on your go-to places to source. The moment has come to break out of the stuffy confines of your comfort zone to tap into new candidate pools. Sourcing & Nurture

7 Stats to Convince Your Team of the Importance of Candidate Experience


Like most parts of recruiting, an outstanding candidate experience can’t be run by recruiters alone. Hiring managers, interviewers, and every employee play an integral role in helping candidates make the decision to join a company. Candidate experience

A Comprehensive Toolkit to Recruiting & Hiring Excellence

Access the recruiting and hiring resources you need to make your next hire the right hire.