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Smart Sourcing with Candidate Engagement

NPA Worldwide

In this article, Armaan and the Shortlyst Team discuss how better candidate engagement can improve your sourcing efforts. The initial phase of the hiring process involves sourcing candidates. A variety of techniques have been employed to achieve this, including ATS screening, employee referrals, and internal talent utilization.

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5 Tips to Ensure Consistent Candidate Engagement

Recruiting Daily

To provide you with the most effective strategies for maintaining consistent candidate engagement, we’ve gathered insights from experienced professionals, including managing directors and CEOs. They share their top tips, from creating a candidate experience roadmap to developing a recruitment communication guide.


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Will ChatGPT Change Candidate Screening in Recruitment?

Recruiting Daily

In recent times, ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI , has gained traction as a potential game-changer in candidate screening. Automated Resume Screening One of the ways ChatGPT can transform candidate screening is through automated resume screening.

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The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Phone Screens in 2023


Here's what you need to consider when going into candidate phone screening and other candidate phone calls. Research and Plan Before You Dial Before you phone screen or call a candidate, it's important to map out a framework of where communication will take place throughout the recruiting process.

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Tips for Keeping the Digitally Savvy Candidate Engaged


The faster your recruiters can respond to inquiries from candidates in your recruitment pipeline, the more opportunities they will have to keep candidates engaged. If you have qualified candidates, but nowhere to place them yet, engagement is extremely important. Use videos to promote your company.

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Technical skills screening software for modern recruiters


As we navigate through this era of swift technological advancements, the emergence of technical screening software stands as a cornerstone in revolutionizing the way companies assess the expertise and proficiency of prospective employees.

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Candidate Engagement Strategies to Improve Applicant Experience


According to a survey from career builder, 22% of job seekers said that if they have a poor experience with a business, during the recruitment process, then they will advise other candidates not to apply with that business. The most common candidate engagement issues include: Long application process. Candidate Feedback.