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How to Decide Your Social Media Channels for Recruiting

Rally Recruitment Marketing

With social media becoming a bigger and bigger part of Recruitment Marketing strategy, talent acquisition teams are devoting more time and resources into building a social recruiting presence to attract talent by showcasing their company culture and career opportunities. Most people spend 2-3 hours on social media each day.

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How to recruit diverse candidates with social media: 10 examples


When it comes to reaching and hiring more diverse candidates, social media has been shown to be a highly effective channel to do so. But what does a great DEI post on social media look like? 10 examples of how to show DEI on social media. 10 examples of how to show DEI on social media.


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Checklist: 29 proven ways social media boosts talent acquisition in 2022


Then, social media recruiting should definitely be on your list of talent acquisition strategies this year. But there’s so much you can do to reach candidates on social media, and some strategies and tactics have proven way more effective than others. Looking to give your hiring a much-needed boost? hours a day.

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Announcing: The Complete Guide to Creating a Social Media Policy


By Vasilios Alexiou FirmPlay just launched The Complete Guide to Creating a Social Media Policy , and we want to share it with you. It’s a definitive, one-stop-shop resource for social media policy. We’re fully aware that a guide on social media policy is not the sexiest material in the world.

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The Top 20 Social Media Job Titles [by Popularity]


What are the optimal social media job titles? I asked my team to help me analyze which social media titles work best. In this mini-report (the latest chapter in Ongig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide , you’ll find guidance on: Social Media Hierarchy — An org chart of where social media position titles fit.

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3 Ways to Supplement Recruitment Marketing With Social Media


In a recent post, we discussed why you should supplement recruitment marketing with social. While you can read that post in its entirety in the link above, the gist is this: Social media presents a powerful tool for recruiters, but it doesn’t necessarily deserve the lion’s share of your recruitment marketing budget.

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16 Ways to Raise Red Flags on a Social Media Screening Report

Social Intelligence

Each week, Social Intelligence completes hundreds of social media screening reports for companies across industries; many come back with red flags. As a result, we receive loads of questions from employers and individuals about what kinds of posts will raise red flags on a Social Intelligence Report. Get in touch!