Staffing Firm Fined For Failing To Protect Workers

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" OSHA says a leading maker of soap and shampoo exposed workers to chemical and fire hazards, and they also cited their staffing company.

6 Health Hacks for Stress and Snacks

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We feel better for a bit (a sugar rush, a chemical rush etc.) When we’re stressed, we tend to ‘treat’ ourselves by gorging on junk food, sugary snacks, caffeine and nicotine. But why? Well, quite simply, because we are stressed.

Job Seeker Salaries on the Rise

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The highest salaries we have been seeing are in the chemical process and IT / hardware / software / electronics areas. Here is a sampling from the past four months: Plant Manager, chemical industry, $180,000. Director of Operations, chemical industry, $175,000.

How to Hire the Best Home Care Aides

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The vast majority were expected to clean bathrooms and/or kitchens, often with bleach or other strong chemicals. When an agency wants to hire home care aides who will be most successful, what should it look for in its applicants? In-home care providers play a unique role in their clients’ lives. They have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, but don’t typically have a part in health care decisions. The work environment is unusual. Home care aides do not see colleagues every day.

The 4 Fastest Growing Industries and How to Hire for Them


Subsectors include exploration, surveying and chemical assessments, among others. Here’s how to hire for positions that are in the fastest growing industries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 1. Home health care services.

10 Facts About the Home Care Hiring Process

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Over 80% of home care aides reported that they were expected to clean the bathroom or kitchen, typically with bleach, ammonia, or other strong chemicals that could cause injury. The home care hiring process isn’t easy. The industry is booming, and job seekers have keyed in on the fact that this career has a low barrier to entry.

Values Unite Us More Than They Divide Us Pt.2

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Walgreens, Dow Chemical Company, Walmart, Starbucks, Bank of America, AT&T, Home Depot and more have assisted with hurricane relief but these companies particularly share these core values: Service , Respect, Integrity, People, Trust, Care, and Presence.

Split Placements Are on the Rise!

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Notable industry segments include: Chemical process continues to be soft as oil prices continue to be volatile. As we are officially in the second half of the year, I thought it would be interesting to review our split placements data for the first six months of the year.

Telling People What You Do

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Yes, you might be hard-working, well-connected, energetic and focused on the needs of the role, but do I talk to you if I need a chemical engineer in Idaho, or do you only place hospitality staff in LA?

If You Are Looking for Potential Candidates In Other Countries.

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Here is an example search narrowed to a region: chemical engineer. We can exclude country-specific domains and examine what Google brings in as local to a country, based on factors other than the country-specific domain: chemical engineer -site:nz .

Salary Survey: Rising Pay for Tech Talent


Tech contractors working in industrial/chemical, professional services, healthcare and utilities/energy segments were paid higher than overall tech contract rates. Average technology salaries in the U.S. saw the biggest year-over-year leap ever, up 7.7

Survey 207

Beyond the Clichés: Top-Rated Workplaces by Millennials


Despite the cliche that millennials only want to work at tech companies and startups, the list of top-rated workplaces by members of this age group includes a broad range of industries—including security, finance, health care, tech, travel and chemicals.

Global Placement Activity Strong for NPAworldwide

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Chemical process has been a mainstay of our network for a number of years, but it’s been a bumpy road for the past two. From time to time, prospective members ask what industries or occupations are hot in our network.

What Recruitment Niches Are Hot?

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Chemical Process roles are up 14% compared to last year. Anecdotally, we are hearing reports of improved activity within the chemical process area, although some members are still experiencing slow-hiring clients.

What binge watching can teach recruiting professionals

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Our brain chemicals react differently to stories than other forms of communication. We get “oxytocin, the feel-good chemical that promotes connection and empathy.”. We’ve all been there—watching a show on Netflix and clicking that familiar button: “Next Episode.”

2018 High growth sectors in Staffing


Top jobs in the engineering space are Aerospace engineer, Engineering manager, Materials engineer, Petroleum drilling engineer, Chemical engineer, Nuclear engineer. __. 2017 was melange of varied events that have the potential to change the game of many sectors.

Positive Global Recruitment Indicators

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There continue to be soft pockets in the chemical and oil/gas sectors due to continued fluctuations in the global prices of crude oil. Twice each year, we survey the members of our global recruitment network to benchmark past results and predict future results.

Staffing News of the Day, January 31, 2014

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Only people using chemicals need to undergo training.” Here are six hazardous chemical training myths [Manufacturing]. House Speaker John Boehner urges Republicans to support legalization of undocumented workers [Business Week].

Guest Post: The One Big Reason Drug Screening Still Matters

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Under federal law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which is any drug, substance or chemical that currently has no "accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

10 of the Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs (Infographic)

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This includes managing ways to protect the earth and human populations from harmful chemicals and pollution. If you have ever thought working from home meant you wouldn’t get paid well, think again!

How Healthy Is Your Workplace?

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Also, check your household and beauty products for toxic chemicals. Our guest blogger is Glenn Arnold of Arnold Group Australia in Melbourne, Australia. Arnold Group Australia has been a member of NPAworldwide since 2004.

The Top 12 Scary, Creepy and Downright Disturbing Jobs????

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Common mining hazards include cave-ins, gas explosions, vehicle or equipment crushings, chemical leaks and electrocution, all down mines that can be as deep as 3.9km. Stressing because you can’t find a suitable candidate for a marketing or a sales role?

Strategic Recruitment Using Social Media: Eclectic Hitchhikers & Epic Hires

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Kristi is also the Global Talent Attraction and Brand Manager for Dow Chemical. Picture yourself standing in a simpler time on a glorious landscape where the promise of change and opportunity are everywhere.

Staffing News of the Day, June 11, 2014

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Dallas chemical engineer indicted for stealing a valuable chemical recipe from temporary employer [Dallas News]. Death of seafood worker who became entangled in a clam-shucking machine is deemed “preventable” [South Coast Today]. EEOC sues Wisconsin Plastics Inc.

Corporate Finance - Business Transformation | Director and Senior Director Opportunities


on the execution of various engagements and also assist with ongoing business development activity. As such, key activities include Company financial analysis (knowledge of and experience in P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow assessments preferred) Market analysis Operational analysis (e.g.

Hot Recruitment Sectors

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Activity in the chemical process recruitment sector is down approximately 20% compared to last year, due to volatility in the price of crude oil.

Changing your recruiting focus

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In the network at that time, there was a big demand in engineering, particularly chemical engineering – there were lot of jobs, and what seemed like a shortage of candidates. .

Energy and Manufacturing Metros Lead in Well-Paying New Jobs

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This metro has seen a significant rise in welders, industrial machinery mechanics, chemical plant operators and other skilled occupations that pay above the metro’s living wage. Energy and manufacturing metro areas in the U.S.

How Many Messages Should You Send to Candidates?


Don’t invite sales candidates to an event for chemical engineers. We’ve written a lot about communication. From the best time to send your messages, to the tactics to add personalization , to the perfect subject lines to use.

Why Creating a Sense of Belonging Is a Gateway to Diversity and Inclusion

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Storytelling “releases chemicals in our brains to make us compassionate and empathetic,” Pat says, “I envision myself in that story, so I feel closer to you.”. Here’s an easy way to understand belonging, a concept that’s often confused with diversity and inclusion.


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Masters in a professional field (such as an M.Eng in chemical or civil engineering).

9 Incredible Employee Perks That Really Exist

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Apple, Chevron, General Mills, Dow Chemical, American Airlines, Kellogg and Sprint are among the companies that have expanded their health insurance policies in recent years to cover some of the costs of gender reassignment surgeries.

Recruiting Coordinators: The unsung heroes of talent acquisition

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Ray holds an MBA from the University of Michigan as well as a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from McGill University. If you ask the average hiring manager what a recruiting coordinator (aka candidate success coordinator, talent acquisition operations specialist etc.)

5 Most Dangerous Career Choices

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Roofers can easily fall, receive burns from chemicals, and are exposed to dangerous heat. While few people think of any career as being dangerous, the truth is, some careers carry a level of danger. In this article, we will discuss five of the most dangerous careers that someone could choose.

Split Placement Story: More Job Boards?

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Take, for example, this story from a relatively new member to NPAworldwide: “One of our long standing clients, an Australian based manufacturer of specialty chemicals, asked us to find a Business Manager for their rapidly growing American market.

The only two recruiting metrics that matter

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Ray holds an MBA from the University of Michigan as well as a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from McGill University. It’s been over two years now since we started Great Hires and since the beginning I have been bombarded with all the different ways to measure recruiting success.

How NOT To Get The Job (for ChemEs)

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What Training is Required to Become a Cross-Country Trucker?

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It involves learning about the safe handling, loading, transport, and unloading of chemical, flammable, biological, and radiological materials.

Staffing News of the Day, July 1, 2014

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Noise, chemicals, & amputation hazards: iWorks Personnel Inc. & Monster attempts to deal with social recruitment trends by launching Twitter Cards and social aggregator TalentBin [Talking New Media]. Did the Dept.

HR Check In: The Trifecta of Recruiting (Social Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Employer Brand)


Just ask BASF, a leading global chemical company how it’s done. If you’re not familiar with the three terms listed in the title above, you’re in trouble.