Chemical Engineer Job Description


Chemical Engineers are professionals who use their knowledge of the physical sciences to improve operations and equipment used in the processing of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food and many other products. Use this Chemical Engineer job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Chemical Engineer responsibilities include: Using scientific, mathematical and engineering principles to solve problems and improve processes.

Recruiting Engineers: Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical & More

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Chemical. The field of study surrounding the design and operation of chemical plants is known as chemical engineering. Through chemical engineering, raw materials are transformed into useful products using efficient commercial processes. Most engineers in the U.S.


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4 Potential Career Paths for Chemical Engineers

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A degree in chemical engineering can open the door to many exciting and fulfilling career options. Many of the positions that are available for chemical engineers allow you to explore different aspects of the industry while playing an integral role in this field. Here are four potential career paths for chemical engineers. Chemical research engineers are needed to develop experimental programs using a variety of chemical mixtures.

From Chemical Engineer to Coding Bootcamp Grad to Software Engineer


Claire Johnson, a self-proclaimed chemistry nerd who landed a chemical engineering job straight out of college, certainly hadn't… that is, until she took her first programming class online at Stanford. Have you ever dreamed of pivoting into the world of software engineering?

The Secrets to Managing Offshore Teams: Virtual Body Language, Cultural Unity, Maximizing Performance

Speaker: Jamie Getgood, Chief People Officer at TeamRecruit

Join Jamie Getgood, who will share his extensive experience as an HR Director and HR Consultant, teaching you best practices in managing offshore teams and how to maximize performance authentically.

2022 Toxic Work Environment Report


Toxic work environments – this term was first used to describe literally toxic workplaces where dangerous working conditions and chemical hazards put employees at physical.

Pros and Cons of Fragrance-Free Policies

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Fragrance or chemical sensitivities can cause a large number of health issues, including coughing, difficulty breathing, migraines, nausea, confusion, anxiety, skin irritation, and more. This type of policy may not solve the problem at hand, especially if the offending chemical is unknown.

Staffing Firm Fined For Failing To Protect Workers

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" OSHA says a leading maker of soap and shampoo exposed workers to chemical and fire hazards, and they also cited their staffing company.

Use Workday? Here's How Experts Say to Attract More Candidates


According to HR Exec , the Workday HCM client list totals more than 2,100 organizations, including ‘175 of the Fortune 500, 20 of the Fortune 50, with Walmart and Dow Chemical going live this year.’. Workday is all the buzz in the HCM space during the past few years. Many organizations have made the decision to migrate to Workday as part of a larger organizational investment.

Placement Activity Hot Globally

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Agribusiness / Foods / Chemical Process, +22%. Agribusiness / Foods / Chemical Process. Chemical Plant Operator. Placement activity is hot globally among NPAworldwide members this year. With an extreme talent shortage, candidates are in charge.

Job Seeker Salaries on the Rise

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The highest salaries we have been seeing are in the chemical process and IT / hardware / software / electronics areas. Here is a sampling from the past four months: Plant Manager, chemical industry, $180,000. Director of Operations, chemical industry, $175,000. Process Control Engineer, chemical industry, $110,000. Production Engineer, chemical industry, $105,000.

Develop a Recruitment Specialty for Growth

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For a chemical plant client in need of an engineering manager, what sounds like a better match: “we recruit engineers for all facets of the chemical industry” or “we connect employers with the best top-quality candidates in a variety of industries?”

6 Health Hacks for Stress and Snacks

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We feel better for a bit (a sugar rush, a chemical rush etc.) When we’re stressed, we tend to ‘treat’ ourselves by gorging on junk food, sugary snacks, caffeine and nicotine. But why? Well, quite simply, because we are stressed. This is what our body craves, but it doesn’t actually help our stress. but then. View Article. 6 Health Hacks for Stress and Snacks. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Life Skills Diet health Healthy hacks Nutrition

HR and Facility Professionals Share New Psychology of Clean for Workplace Experience

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What chemicals are being used and how often? More than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic made Zoom calls a reality and daily commutes infrequent, employers are still juggling their return-to-work options among fully remote, fully in-person, hybrid, flex space, and shared space approaches.

Job Seeker Salaries on the Rise

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The highest salaries we have been seeing are in the chemical process and IT / hardware / software / electronics areas. Here is a sampling from the past four months: Plant Manager, chemical industry, $180,000. Director of Operations, chemical industry, $175,000. Process Control Engineer, chemical industry, $110,000. Production Engineer, chemical industry, $105,000.

Entitled Applicants, Savvier Candidates, and Comedic Résumé Errors: How One Recruiter Has Adapted

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Meet Tiffany Dorsey, Human Resources Manager and Global HR Project Manager at Pulcra Chemicals in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We’re a chemical manufacturer, and there aren’t too many other companies in our area. We have two different divisions in our chemical manufacturing.

Why Gratitude is an Effective Leadership Skill


Feelings of gratitude create a chemical reaction in the body that lightens our mental load and allows us to decompress. This chemical reaction is hormonal and one that reduces not only mental but physical conditions deemed unhealthy when in place for extended periods. .

OSHA Issues COVID-19 Guidance for Restaurant Industry

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On Friday, May 1, in a series of industry-specific guidance on COVID-19 safety measures, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a number of recommendations for employers in the restaurant and food and beverage industries.

Five Ways Recruiters Can Transform the Candidate Experience with Workday


According to a recent HR Exec article by Bill Kutik , “It’s hard to argue with Workday’s HCM client list of more than 2,100: 175 of the Fortune 500, 20 of the Fortune 50 with Walmart and Dow Chemical going live this year.”. Workday Recruiting was just announced as the “top choice” for Fortune 500 companies. But the news was met with mixed reviews and analysis. On one hand, Workday’s popularity and success can’t be denied.

Five Science Careers That Aren’t Boring

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While balancing chemical equations, memorizing phases of the moon, and dissecting frogs may not have been everyone’s favorite assignments at school, science has so many branches that it is impossible for someone to dislike all of them. Biochemistry is the study of how chemical processes work in relation to biological processes. Medication is invented by studying how the body interacts with chemicals. XRF Chemical Analysis

Astroworld Aftermath: Three Employer Takeaways

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Other industries can learn from the failure and take steps to mitigate risks such as injuries from slips and falls, moving heavy objects, burns, hearing damage, working at heights, or chemical exposure.

Emotional Wellness Support

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Society increasingly understands that certain moods and behaviors are often the cause of biological and chemical conditions and imbalances as opposed to character or personality flaws. Appreciation for and understanding of mental and emotional health have come a long way in recent years.

If It’s “Unconscious” Bias That’s Better, Right?

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Case #1 Hair Bias (there us such a thing) ~ targets black people, specifically who have afro-textured hair that’s not been chemically straightened.

Top 30 Engineering Job Titles [with Descriptions]


Chemical Engineering (Tesla). Chemical Engineer (Duke Energy). Chemical Engineering Intern (Tesla). Chemical Engineer. A Chemical Engineer designs systems and equipment used for chemical engineering processes. UNSW’s article About chemical engineering.

Take a Shot With Split Placements

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One had a Chemical Engineering background, was familiar with the chemicals industry & had previously done recruiting for my client in that region, so I figured he would be the most successful. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Wayne Gretzky.

Jump Start Your Split Placements

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We work mainly the process/chemical industries and mostly in chemical and allied products and rubber and miscellaneous plastic products.

Geotargeting 101

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Here is an example search narrowed to a region: chemical engineer. We can exclude country-specific domains and examine what Google brings in as local to a country, based on factors other than the country-specific domain: chemical engineer -site:nz . How can we search for pages local to a particular country? For starters, there are country code top-level domains. To find pages that belong to a country-level domain, we can simply use X-Ray: site:za .

Pre-Employment Testing for Transportation / Manufacturing / Warehousing Industry

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BLS) The Manufacturing sector comprises establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products.

The 4 Fastest Growing Industries and How to Hire for Them


Subsectors include exploration, surveying and chemical assessments, among others. Here’s how to hire for positions that are in the fastest growing industries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 1. Home health care services. Though home health care may refer to a wide range of medical services delivered at home, growth in this sector likely stems from the increasing needs of the baby boomer generation.

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Why Gratitude is an Effective Leadership Skill


Feelings of gratitude create a chemical reaction in the body that lightens our mental load and allows us to decompress. This chemical reaction is hormonal and one that reduces not only mental but physical conditions deemed unhealthy when in place for extended periods. .

Preparing Your Workforce for Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

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Chemical spills. You should also have teams that are responsible for doing things like executing an evacuation, securing the proper supplies for when a chemical spill happens, sending out emergency notifications to employees when there’s an active shooter, etc. If your establishment handles chemicals, explosives, or other hazardous materials, drill your employees annually to make sure they know exactly what to do in case something goes wrong, and so on.

10 Examples of KSAs to use in Job Postings [+ a free template]


“Knowledge” might include things like: Regulations – knowing laws and regulations relevant to a position Chemical knowledge – knowing how certain chemicals interact and how to work with them safely Filing – knowing systems of data storage.

Year in Review: Split Placements Up in 2019

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Chemical Process. NPAworldwide is a global network of independently-owned, professional recruiting firms working together to increase revenue through split fee placements. The network enables members to better serve their clients through extended geographic reach and greater access to industry specialization. In the process, NPAworldwide members benefit from increased production and a stronger competitive position.

Immigration, Marijuana Don’t Mix

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The DEA states: “Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

The UK’s engineering talent shortage

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Figures by the Graduate Recruitment Bureau report General Engineers earn £27,157 – but specialisms affect this: for example, Chemical Engineers earn £28,600 in their first role and £25,500 in Civil Engineering. Most engineers start their careers by studying Maths and Physics at A-level, with Chemistry also a must for chemical engineering students.

What Recruitment Niches Are Hot?

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Chemical Process roles are up 14% compared to last year. Anecdotally, we are hearing reports of improved activity within the chemical process area, although some members are still experiencing slow-hiring clients. With the first half of the year behind us, I thought I’d take a look at NPAworldwide placement activity to see which recruitment niches are hot in our network.

The UK’s Best- and Worst-Paid Industries in 2021

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Manufacturing – Chemicals and Man-Made Fibres – £3,536 p/month. 2020 was a historic year, one that brought uncertainty in every way. However, with the Covid-19 vaccine steadily being rolled out, industries are beginning to recover after the turmoil. During 2020, an estimated 11.6

How to Hire the Best Home Care Aides

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The vast majority were expected to clean bathrooms and/or kitchens, often with bleach or other strong chemicals. When an agency wants to hire home care aides who will be most successful, what should it look for in its applicants? In-home care providers play a unique role in their clients’ lives. They have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, but don’t typically have a part in health care decisions. The work environment is unusual. Home care aides do not see colleagues every day.

Me! Before hireEZ: Sarah Fung, Former Structural Engineer Reinvents Herself


Like many college students finding their way, Sarah quickly realized that her initial Chemical Engineering major wasn’t for her. hireEZ Launches EZ Rediscovery and EZ Insights to Give Outbound Recruiters a Competitive Edge >>. Log In. Solution. Sourcing. Engagement. Insights. Rediscovery.

Chemist job description


In general, chemists analyze organic and inorganic compounds, refine substances and test chemical products. Use this chemist job description template to find qualified scientists for your company or laboratory. Feel free to tweak duties and requirements based on your needs. What is a chemist? Chemists conduct experiments in labs in order to analyze substances, develop new products or improve existing ones.