Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

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Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing are no longer just a term being thrown around among HR professionals. Recruitment Marketing is the process of actually promoting a company’s Employer Brand.

15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

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Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. We see that evidenced by the fact that more than half of candidates believe employer brand to be the most significant deciding factor when choosing an employer. If you’re an employer branding professional, these facts are nothing new. Social Recruitment Monitor Index The SRM Index is a definitive benchmarking tool for social recruitment. Employer Branding


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How To Measure Employer Brand Success


Employer branding has been one of the biggest HR themes of the past decade, and studies show that it will continue to be even more important in the future. Measuring the effectiveness of your employer brand is a great first step. Employer branding

15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

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Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. We see that evidenced by the fact that more than half of candidates believe employer brand to be the most significant deciding factor when choosing an employer. If you’re an employer branding professional, these facts are nothing new. Social Recruitment Monitor Index The SRM Index is a definitive benchmarking tool for social recruitment. Employer Branding

Good on Paper: Employer Brand & The Candidate Experience

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That’s what happens when your employer brand doesn’t match up with your candidate experience. Your brand is the date who’s good on paper. The next most important impact to your brand and burgeoning relationship is communication. Even this part is important to your brand.

Top 5 Recruitment Trends for 2020


Hiring managers and recruiters have already seen the first quarter of 2020. Candidate experience Employer Brand Resume Parser GenZThey are continuously looking for strategies to find the perfect candidate and remain competitive in the market.

HR Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2020


Over the past few years, HR trends have shifted focus to creating a positive candidate experience, strengthening employer branding and embracing social recruitment. Consider how candidates interact with your brand in terms of technology and content.

Report: 2016 Global Recruiting Trends for SMBs


I imagine you are all busy making plans for the coming year, as we are here at Leoforce—luckily, LinkedIn released their annual global recruiting trends report just in time to help us all solidify our plans. If you work in HR for a SMB, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these insights to inform your own recruiting plans. However, only 33% of recruiting managers at SMBs feel confident that they have a good system for measuring this.

How Recruitment Trends are Changing to Suit the Current Candidate-Driven Market

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Through our day-to-day work supporting clients and candidates, we see how employers and HR personnel are adapting and evolving their recruitment approach to suit the current candidate-driven market. Here are some of the emerging trends and recruitment actions becoming a top priority as employers look to compete and stand out. Employer brand A LinkedIn survey.

5 Canada Recruitment Trends That You Need To Know

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When compared to many of its global counterparts, Canada’s recovery and employment record has been pretty strong since the Great Recession. This means it’s going to get tougher for Canadian recruiters to attract top talent over the coming months and years. That being said, proactive recruiters are starting to focus on new, creative approaches and new media to stay ahead of the curve. What can Canadian recruiters do?

2019 Recruiting Trends to Watch

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Now that 2019 has arrived, recruiters and HR professionals should be thinking about ways to shift their focus to new and innovative techniques that will enhance their recruitment outlook. The times are a-changin’, and different interviewing practices can save recruiters time and money, ultimately helping them find the best candidate faster with less hassle. Are you ready for change, or will you be left behind using outdated recruiting methods to little or no avail?

The new recruitment trends 2020: What they mean for you and your business

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With the onset of pandemic, the recruitment process was transformed overnight and trend predictions have had to evolve along with this. Employer Branding . According to TalentLyft , businesses with strong employer brands see 50% more qualified applicants.

Must-Haves for Your 2017 Employment Branding Strategy


Recruiting Trends Workforce TrendsI recently had a conversation with one of the heads of talent acquisition about the proliferation of social media into our daily lives. From the scrolling Twitter blurbs during Sunday football to re-targeting ads that creep and follow our every move, it’s hard to not get tangled in the web of an organization’s digital marketing strategy.

Employer Branding and Candidate Experience take center stage at #TMASRS


Last week, SmashFly helped underwrite the TMA Strategic Recruiting Summit in Miami, FL. There were a lot of learnings from last week’s event and we’ve put together a Storify where you’ll learn more on Employer Branding, Candidate Experience and Recruitment Marketing: [View the story “Employer Branding and Candidate Experience take center stage at #TMASRS” on.

3 Recruitment Trends That You Must Know In 2017

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As we draw even closer to being smack back in the middle of 2017, we’re now starting to see some noticeable trends playing their role in 2017. For any recruiter, it’s important to be in the know when it comes to trends. Stay one step ahead of the rest by preparing yourself and researching what trends you can fully utilise. In this blog piece, we’ll focus on the top 3 trends that every recruiter must know.

Fool Us: Which Recruiting “Trends” Are Total Bulls*it?

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I read a ton of blogs, participate in a lot of Twitter chats (or as I call them, “pithy parties”) and listen in on a lot of presentations about top recruiting trends in talent acquisition and HR technology. Blog Posts News Resources Trends buzzwords employer branding hiring success 17 matt charney mobile recruiting recruiting trends smartrecruiters social recruiting sponsored content talent communities

Employer Branding Best Conferences to Attend

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Here are a list of the top conferences that focus on topics related to employer branding: Content Creation, Social Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, etc. Social Recruiting Strategies. Employer Branding Strategies. The Employer Branding Conference. Employer Branding Day. Recruiting Trends. The post Employer Branding Best Conferences to Attend appeared first on NextWave Hire Blog

How to Build an Employer Brand When Nobody Knows Who You Are

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Building a brand is about putting a stake in the ground. And the best part about brands is that they can be created whether your product(s) or service(s) have high awareness, or your company has little or very niche awareness. We recently heard a client give her take on how she can quickly identify strong employer brands. But what if you want to create an employer brand that isn’t on the top employers list and that’s unknown, but still has a strong story to tell?

5 Common Misconceptions About Employer Branding


Employer branding is a phrase that’s frequently thrown around when discussing what companies can do to attract talent to their business. However, there’s still confusion about what employer branding actually means, and why it’s so important in your recruitment efforts. As such, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around (for example, that employer branding is the same as corporate branding or that it’s just a fad), which aren’t strictly true.

2019 Insurance Recruitment Trends


Have you been wondering what the insurance recruitment trends for 2019 will be? No one can truly predict the future, but what can we broadly know about the bigger trends of 2019 in terms of insurance industry hiring? That’s a pivotal change to the approach recruiters are using. That can only come with time invested in a relationship, and unfortunately recruiters don’t often have that time. One approach is training your recruiters to, well, communicate better.

Communicating Your Employer Brand: Compete for Top Talent

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Should small or mid-size companies invest in building a strong employer brand? One of the most overlooked challenges involves the recruitment of high-quality employees. With a well defined and promoted employer brand and attractive employer value proposition, your organization can compete with the big brands and attract the best pool of talent in the market. Use More Photos to Promote Your Brand. Leverage an Employer Brand Advisor.

Recruiting Trends and Predictions to Keep an Eye on in 2021

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As such, the landscape of recruiting has changed as well. Some trends kicked up in early 2020 and are nearing their end, while others seem to be here to stay. When the pandemic is finally over, this may change, but for the moment, there’s a huge employment gap.

The Trilogy of Modern Talent Acquisition: Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing and Unified Analytics [WEBINAR]


It should be a tremendous discussion on the key trends affecting the candidate experience and talent acquisition as a whole in 2015 and beyond. Below is the full description of the webinar (you can register below): The Modern Talent Acquisition Trilogy: Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing and Unified Analytics. What’s the best way to communicate your employer brand value to the world so that you attract the best and brightest?

6 Recruiting Trends You Should Follow in 2021

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If we look at the current job market going into 2021, it is led more by the jobseekers than it is by the employers. Here are the top recruitment trends you should use this year, to make sure you don’t miss out on the best talent. Trend #1. Trend #2. Trend #3.

How to Improve Your Brand Image and Attract Top Talent


When it comes to recruiting top talent, your online image will be a big part of your business's success. Recruiting Trends Corporate Culture Employer Branding Talent Acquisition Recruiting Tips Top Talent

How To 116

4 Ways HR and Marketing Can Work Together to Build a Great Employer Brand


Your reputation as an employer. Talent leaders know just how important employer branding is, with 80% stating that it has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent*. However, just 8% of recruitment budgets are ploughed into employer branding initiatives. Additionally, the majority of employer branding initiatives cross-over with marketing activities and if HR takes the lead, you run the risk of alienating your Marketing team.

Recruiting Trends 2020 Report: Predictions for the Year Ahead


A new decade is upon us, bringing with it the next generation of talent , greater innovation in HR tech, and new recruitment process strategies. Recruitment operations teams will be a must-have. Less than 1 in 4 recruiters say that key metrics are available to everyone on their HR team.

2016 social recruitment trends forecast


Social recruitment seems to have almost slavishly followed the stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle. We know that social recruitment isn’t going to replace everything else we’ve been doing but promoting your jobs to your most engaged audience makes sense. How to recruit employees effectively on social media. Recruiters will naturally go where great candidates are. Plus, more than half of all recruiters rated candidates sourced from social media as “highest quality.”.

Trend Watch: 5 Recruiting Trends That Will Take Off in 2016


In fact, 90 percent of recruiters said that they felt candidates were in the driver’s seat during 2015—and that is not likely to change in 2016. So how will recruiters capture the best candidates in the war for talent? Here are the five trends that we predict will take the recruiting world by storm in 2016. In 2016, employers will be forced to address this desire in order to attract and retain top talent. Recruiters and marketers will become more similar.

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2020 Recruitment Trend: Inbound Recruiting


We’re all aware by now that a dedicated recruitment marketing effort is necessary in the fight for top talent today. Recruiters need to attract waves of talent in order to stay top of mind as an employer of choice and nurture their employer brand.

Instagram Stories: The Employer Branding Tool Every Recruitment Marketer Needs

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With Stories’ unique features including live video, interactive polling and clickable links, Instagram has outpaced Snap’s 166 million daily active users and is now the all-in-one employer brand platform every recruitment marketer should be using. How to Use Instagram Stories for Recruitment Marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can leverage to tell your employer brand story on Instagram Stories.

The Scoop: Recruitment Trends & Industry Insights | October 2020

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Here is your October guide to the latest trends impacting the world of work. Every month, we provide perspective on the biggest news affecting the industry and explain what to expect as new trends continue to emerge. BRANDS WILL NEED TO STRIKE A NEW TONE WITH HOLIDAY ADVERTISING.

6 Recruitment Trends for 2020 You Need to Know About


Recruitment Trends for 2020. When it comes to recruitment, staying ahead of the game is essential if you wish to attract and retain top talent for your company. HR and recruitment professionals need to ‘keep up’ in order to remain effective in their roles.

2019 Recruiting Trend Predictions: Recruiting Feedback-Driven Hiring


So every year we see a crop of recruiting trend predictions coming from everywhere. The rise of recruiting feedback driven culture looms so large on the recruiting horizon that I can’t ignore the prediction, even though I am co-founder of the platform that is in large part enabling this trend. While it may be self-serving to predict that 2019 will be an inflection point for recruiting feedback-driven culture, I forward the prediction from a unique perspective.

3 Recruitment Trends You Should Implement This Year


The rise of new technologies and low unemployment have transformed the recruiting landscape in recent years and trends like work flexibility, pay transparency and the use of AI in the hiring process are emerging as key factors in attracting top talent. So what’s the best way to stay competitive as an employer? Incorporating these trends into your hiring process can help improve the candidate experience and boost your employer brand.

7 Australian Recruiting Trends Your Company Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

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What should Australian recruiters look forward to in 2016? A recent report from LinkedIn based on a survey of 3,894 recruiters and HR generalists makes it clear that while some recruiting trends that blossomed during recent years will fade, others will only gain strength and become more prominent as 2016 unfolds. Here are 7 key recruiting trends your company shouldn’t miss out on in 2016. The value of employer branding.

Key takeaways from Linkedin’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends


But when HR managers were asked this question in Linkedin’s 2017 Recruitment Trends Report; the most frequent answers were Employer Branding, New Technology, Better Sourcing […]. The post Key takeaways from Linkedin’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends appeared first on Peoplise Blog. Recruitment global recruitment linkedin recruiting Recruitment Trends

Real Lies, Realized: 10 Fake HR Tech & Recruiting “Trends” You Should Really Ignore.

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Student Recruiting Trends For 2018 | Part I


WCN partnered with employer branding thought leader, Universum , to explore how current recruiting insights can be improved. As top recruiters continue to receive huge numbers of applications but only have limited amounts of roles that can be filled by student talent – WCN analysis points to approximately 2% of the total number of applications submitted, the pressure to win top talent into a business has never been so intense. Recruiting

Campus Recruiting Trends: A Quick Refresher

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Campus Recruiting has evolved into an experience – something students find memorable to draw them to your employer brand and your company culture. Our very own president, John Windolph recently had his insight on the matter published on the Recruiter Today Blog. The post Campus Recruiting Trends: A Quick Refresher appeared first on JWT INSIDE. How-To Guides campus college event graduate recruiting