Improve Hiring Leverage by Including Travel Perks


Improve Hiring Leverage by Including Travel Perks. For companies seeking top leadership or niche talent, adding travel benefits to the list of job perks can sweeten an offer for hire. While incentive and investment options create additional revenue paths for executives, time—specifically, travel time—is increasingly seen as a driving factor in crafting a desirable offer. Travel flexibility is becoming a strategy to attract and retain top talent.

5 Inspiring and Eye-opening Books about Traveling and Life

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To help you deal with your wandering lust a little bit, or to do the exact opposite and inspire you to travel somewhere – I gathered five super inspiring books about people traveling and seeing the world.

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Tips for Cutting Small Business Long Distance Travel Expenses


This huge company which has approached you is located 100 miles away and they’re calling the shots, you can cover the travel expenses if you live off tinned baked beans for the rest of the month but the opportunity is far too valuable to pass up; so what now? So how exactly can you afford the travel expenses without declaring bankruptcy? Reducing the Travel Costs. Booking in advance for travel is another great way to make savings.

25 Amazing Things That Happen When You Work Overseas

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Life Skills Travel bug Work AbroadGlobalisation is in full flight. Speaking of flights, when was the last time you booked one?

4 Careers for Adventurous Students Who Love to Travel

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If you love to travel, you could combine this passion with your major and put together a career that will satisfy your needs for adventure and income. Traveling allows you to see other ways of life, try new foods and take in incredible sights.

The Rise of the Super-Commuter


Staffing professionals know that the distance an employee has to travel to get to work is an important factor in whether a hiring placement proves successful. Census figures showing 17 percent of American workers traveled more than 45 minutes and 2.62

Daydreamers, Dare to Go Global

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Sponsored AXA competition Daydream Destinations Getaway holiday travelThis article is sponsored by AXA, a multinational insurance firm.


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This could include various traveling costs from plane or train tickets and hotel reservations. You have two options when it comes to traveling for an interview: 1. When it comes to deciding where your next job will be, consider the factors that go in to traveling for work.

How to Avoid Gender Bias in the Hiring Process With Technology


Make a game about time travel and talking lizards, nobody objects. Make a game about the gender gap, “This is unrealistic!” — Mauro Vanetti. Diversity Featured

Staffing News Of The Day, March 30, 2012

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Travel Force Staffing announces recertification by the Joint Commission. Leading Allied Healthcare Staffing Agency, Travel Force Staffing, has been awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for 2012. Unemployment rates fall in 29 US states. NECN]. Hire Like Google: 5 Ways.

Staffing News of the Day, March 26, 2013

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Better wages and opportunities attract American hospitality workers to Australia ; Australia benefits amid “dire staff shortage” [E Travel Blackboard].

Would you encourage YOUR child into recruitment as a career?

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But mostly I have had immense fun, made life-long friends, travelled the world, learned an incredible amount, and made a very good living. For the most part I have had a blessed career in recruitment. Sure there have been tough times and lots of challenges.

Staffing News of the Day, September 25, 2013

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Qatar Airways’ female staff must secure permission from the company to marry [Travel Weekly]. Elance releases “Private Talent Cloud” where companies can hire, manage, and pay freelance workers in a virtual environment [Bits].

How to source on the lesser known sites!! Trip Advisor

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is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor, Inc. Now Trip Advisor is not well known in the staffing world. And not a lot of recruiters try to source there.

How to Ace a Skype Interview

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Thanks to travel and technology, you can patch into almost anyone, anywhere at any time. The world is more connected today than it’s ever been. Increasing global mobility is changing the jobs market, too.

Staffing News Of The Day, May 22, 2012

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Travel Nurse Across America offers a one of a kind housing assistance program. During the week of May 7–13, 2012, temporary and contract employment remained relatively unchanged from the previous week.

The Path to Being Globally Consistent and Locally Relevant


As a novice world-traveler, your attention is drawn to the differences between your native culture and the foreign one you are immersed in.

Staffing News of the Day, March 6, 2013

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Young people traveling Australia” can pick up seasonal/temporary work through new job board [Travel Weekly]. Best Buy workers say goodbye to working from home , following Yahoo’s example [USA Today]. adds 198,000 private-sector jobs in February [Market Watch].

How Encouraging Employees to Take Vacation Time Can Help You Attract Top Talent


According to a recent survey by travel news site Skift, four in 10 Americans say they didn’t take any vacation days in 2015. That’s 41 percent of employees who worked without any type of substantial break over the course of the past year. Vacation, PTO, Sick Days & Holidays Featured

Staffing News of the Day, February 7, 2013

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Canadian jobs minister admits temp foreign worker program is flawed [CKNW]. New job board launches specifically for IT, called TechGorillas [Virtual-Strategy Magazine]. Jobvite launches “Engage” and “Refer” – a CRM system and a referral tool [Market Wire].

What It Takes to Be a Likeable Leader

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A recent issue of People Management magazine reported the story of an unnamed travel agency in Shandong province, China.

Want To Hire On Twitter Successfully?

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Over the last few months I’ve had the honour to travel to Sydney, Auckland & Amsterdam to speak at SOSU Sourcing Summits and to Dallas to speak at SourceCon, which has led to an uptick in my Twitter followers. Pass the 6-second test!

The Resume Avalanche and its Addicts

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But more frequently, recruiting teams say they’re traveling down a “dead-end road –” a space where […]. Feast or famine, but never satisfied One of the most common, if not THE most common, problem recruiting teams say keeps them from success is associated with application flow.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Working Abroad

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Well-travelled employees offer bags. Thinking of moving abroad for work? Good idea. Launching a career overseas could not only improve your quality of life, it’ll make you a company’s most valuable player – thanks to the life-affirming qualities it brings.

5 Tools and Resources for Healthcare Recruiters

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Whether your focus is on recruiting travel nurses, physicians, or other critical healthcare occupations – it’s become increasingly important to utilize resources and tools to.

3 Habits of All Great Communicators

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I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and work with professionals from various industries and backgrounds. No matter where in the world I am, there is a certain type of person who always stands out to me. There’s something special about them.

Staffing News of the Day, February 25, 2014

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Healthcare Staffing Services acquires Fastaff Travel Nursing & U.S. Monster acquires TalentBin and Gozaik , both social job search sites [Staffing Industry Analysts]. FTC disbands ring of businesses that made millions in useless “work-at-home kits” [TIME].

5 Tips For Sourcing Success Using Online & Offline Social Media & Networking

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I do not wish to follow this well-travelled path as it would be repetitious to the SourceCon audience.

Staffing News of the Day, May 23, 2013

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New World Beijing Hotel gives 1,000 candidates “decadent hand massages,” samples of gourmet dishes, and one-on-one interaction with hotel leaders [E Travel Blackboard]. Wage and hour lawsuits filed under FLSA are up 10 percent from last year [Staffing Industry Analysts].

10 of The Worst Interview Answers Given by Candidates

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Candidate: In the Gulliver’s travel, there were two religious sects of Lilliputians, little Endian & Big Endian. Interviewer: Are you willing to travel 20 days in a month ? Some interviews are enough to suck the life out of any hiring manager or recruiter.

The Right to Hire Fast, Not Slow


The concept of individual rights has also found its way into commerce, including a patient’s bill of rights in healthcare and list of passenger rights for air and rail travel. The rights of people around the world have been a hot topic for centuries.

Preparing for Your Next Virtual Interview


Virtual interviews offer recruiters the opportunity to quickly reach a diverse applicant pool without the cost of time and travel, and have the added benefit of speaking face to face, something that’s missing in phone interviews.

4 Reasons Video Interviews are here to Stay

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While you might not think that investing a video software platform would make a difference in your talent acquisition budget, they can actually save organizations millions of dollars on travel.

What on Earth Are You Waiting For? #MondayMotivation

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If you ever find yourself daydreaming about a different career, living in a different city or travelling more, it’s time to get your motivation up off the ground and. Are you constantly telling yourself that if things were a little different, you could do great things?

Sourcing with Images

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My cubicle walls are littered with photos from some of my epic hiking and travel adventures from all around the Pacific Northwest. If you walked into my cube at Prestige Care, you would quickly figure out that I like photography just a little bit.

Sourcing in Unexpected Places: Conversation With An Uber & Lyft Driver

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I had used Uber many times while traveling. In May of 2016, I was fortunate enough to attend a #RecruitDC event in Washington DC. I had some very interesting experiences using Uber and Lyft. This was my first time using Lyft.

Everything That Happened at #Yello17


Recruitment professionals from some of the world’s largest companies traveled to Chicago for the 2017 Yello Conference held May 2-3, 2017. 05/08/2017 // By tracy kelly // company news. Two days. 15 hours. 14 speakers. 150+ talent acquisition professionals. 75 companies. An incredible line-up of industry analysts and recruitment leaders shared insights on the issues impacting talent acquisition today.

Employee Benefits: Bringing Back Education Benefits


While many companies focused on cost-cutting measures like reducing travel expenses, canceling holiday parties, and doing away with annual bonuses, more than 10 percent of the companies offering tuition reimbursement cut those benefits. Why Employers Are Bringing Back Education Benefits.

The UK Recruitment Landscape of March

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Travel & Tourism. Interested in seeing how the recruitment market performed in March this year? Our recruitment market analysis of March 2016 is presented in the infographic below. To recap, we saw a increase in permanent and temporary vacancies on a MoM basis.

Welcome to Our New Content Writer: Lenka Mydlova


She’s also an avid traveller, having visited over 30 Countries so far, including a three month stint in South East Asia. We’re pleased to give a big Kiwi welcome to Lenka Mydlova, who recently joined our Content Writing team.