Will Business Travel Ever Become the Norm Again?

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Restrictions on in-person gatherings and corporate-level and individual-level fears of COVID-19 transmission and air travel mean that traveling for work is extremely difficult today and often reserved for only high-priority situations. The Case for Business Travel.

Travel Nurse Job Description


Travel Nurses are healthcare professionals who work with hospitals and other health facilities when they are short-staffed. They also work with patients in their homes, so the patient does not have to travel to a hospital for ongoing care.


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The “Hidden Tax” of Travel Nursing Contracts


If your hospital system is using travel nurses, it is very likely you are using technology called “ VMS ” or (Vendor Management Solution). VMS technology is where a majority of the current travel nurse assignments are generated. Health Care Staffing travel nursing VMS MSP

5 Unexpected Careers in the Travel Industry

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While several graduates are perfectly okay with working 9 to 5 jobs, a few feel the need to travel and see the world in its full glory. These individuals have a sense of adventure, a longing to have varying experiences, and so they venture into the numerous job opportunities that the travel industry has to. 5 Unexpected Careers in the Travel Industry Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

COVID-19 Impact on T&D-Related Business Travel

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But travel-related training is virtually nonexistent these days, and it’s hard to know if and when that might change. We reached out to training and development professionals to learn about their plans for travel policies for 2021 and beyond. Why Were We Traveling in the First Place?

Employee Attitudes on the Return to Business Travel

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Not so long ago, business travel was a key component of the work lives of countless employees who experienced the familiar ritual of Monday morning and Thursday evening flights and continental breakfasts at major hotel chains. Some Like, Some Dislike Business Travel.

A People-First Approach To The New Age Of Work Travel

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While we’re beginning to see an uptick in work travel this year, many workforces are still navigating pandemic-forced new normals. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Texas In Need of 6,500 Travel Nurses


Texas needs around 6,500 travel nurses due to a drastic increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations as well as worker exhaustion/burnout. Louisiana and Florida as well as other states are also in need – 47,000 travel nurse positions are open across the country.

Travel 103

COVID-19 Continues to Pose Challenges for Travel. Is Technology the Answer?

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In-person interviews, corporate retreats, and customer visits have all declined precipitously since the beginning of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic led to government bans on a significant proportion of international and even domestic travel. Many Choosing Not to Travel.

4 Ways To Start A Career In Travel Nursing

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As the country’s critical nursing shortage continues, healthcare systems are turning to travel nurses in order to fill their immediate hiring needs. For nurses on the hunt for your next role, travel nursing can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career path. “A

Virtual Travel for More Matching Results

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Virtually traveling, combining the above tips, you can narrow down a search to a location with nice precision. Virtual travel skills help to source both locally and globally – as you will see in a minute. The URL addition for virtual travel to France is &cr=countryFR.

How to Handle Spring Break Travel in a COVID-19 World

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As is the case with most issues involving the pandemic, however, the travel opportunity creates several employment law concerns and considerations for employers to navigate. Current CDC Guidelines for Travel, Testing, Quarantine Periods. With respect to travel, the U.S.

Bleisure Travel: An Exercise in Flexibility

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When you mix business with leisure, you get an attractive new employee benefit: bleisure travel. Wen is the CEO and Founder of NexTravel , a travel management agency that specializes in this benefit. Benefits and Compensation bleisure bleisure travel flexibility

Effective Nov. 4: New York Amends Travel Ban Rules for Quarantine Period

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On October 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo amended Executive Order (EO) 205, a March “travel advisory” that required New York residents and others returning from one or more of the states on the high-risk or “hot” COVID-19 list to quarantine for 14 days. Who’ll review the travel-related tests.

Q&A: Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Be a Major Source of Employee Burnout

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Today, we’re focusing on business travel’s contribution to employee burnout. Lam: Business travel isn’t the only path toward employee burnout, but it’s often overlooked as a source of employee stress. Lam: I was surprised at just how much business travel affected employees’ lives.

Benefits of Staffing Software for Travel Nursing


The high-stress world of “travel nursing” is one of these. healthcare staffing software Healthcare Staffing Travel Nurse Staffing travel healthcare staffing Health Care Staffing staffing technology workforce managementIt’s now well established that staffing software aids healthcare companies and nurse recruiters for a myriad of reasons. However, certain specialties within medical staffing may find technological solutions particularly beneficial.

Hospitality & travel job description templates


Writing a job description for a hospitality or travel role? We've compiled a list of hospitality and travel job description templates just for you. Remember to use them wisely, following the do's and don'ts. Click the role to jump down to the job description. Copy, paste, and customize away! Sous Chef Restaurant Manager Hotel Concierge

Conversation with a Future Travel Nurse: Flexibility, Variety, and Continuous Support


We sat down with a recent graduate, Bianca, looking to enter the travel healthcare field in the near future about her motivations, and how she plans to go about looking for work. Do the continued restrictions make you feel a bit uneasy about being a travel nurse?

7 Great Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse!


These folks work as travel nurses. Travel Nurse Staffing travel healthcare staffing Health Care Staffing staffingIt’s no secret that many nurses and healthcare workers are passionate about their work and find it very rewarding. But, some medical professionals have carved out an even more unique career path that affords special opportunity.

Company travel policy


This company travel policy template is ready to be tailored for your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. The post Company travel policy appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. Company policies

HR and the Business of Workforce Travel

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How should human resource leaders plan, prepare, and protect the future of business travel? The courts in many countries, including the US and UK, have ruled that companies have a duty of care to protect their travelers from unreasonable risk of harm.

Travel Policies, Payroll, and Leave—COVID-19 Questions That Just Won’t Go Away

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about when employees may or may not travel, how to assess temperature checks at the front door, and a wide array of other issues have continued to crop up. What about travel? What about travel for work?

How to Work Remotely and Travel the World

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Those who frequently travel for work often struggle to communicate and interact with team members in different time zones. Remote Work leader manager remote work time zones travel work travel workplace leader world travelAs we’ve mentioned often on our blog, remote work brings many notable benefits. However, we’d be unrealistic if we didn’t admit that working from anywhere in the world has its challenges.

Travel Nursing: The Contract Cost Conundrum


Travel nursing contracts have associated costs that are seldom noticed and often outshined by the benefits. You get to travel around for a good amount of time, it's low-obligation and it's very competitive in pay.

4 Private Jet Options for Group Travels

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Whether you are traveling with your own large group, flying a long distance, or simply want some extra space, chartering a private Boeing jet will suit you the best. They have an impeccable safety record, so travelers chartering an Embraer E170 or an Embraer E190 can fly with ease. This reduction in noise also offers more versatility in airport selections, as it allows travelers to land and take off in airports that enforce strict noise regulations.

How a World Traveler from Egypt Found Her Dream Sales Job in Cyprus


I found a work opportunity there and it was honestly one of the most colorful travel experiences because India is very diverse. It was about a year and a half that I stayed there before I traveled again. Restless traveler Jessi taking a rare moment to stop and smell the flowers. This is normally what happens to me when I travel. The post How a World Traveler from Egypt Found Her Dream Sales Job in Cyprus appeared first on Jobbatical.

Post-Pandemic Business Travel: What Will It Look Like?

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Whatever the world looks like a year from now, here are seven concepts to consider as we restart travel and face-to-face meetings. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Conversation with a Future Travel Nurse: Flexibility, Variety, and Continuous Support


We sat down with a recent graduate, Bianca, looking to enter the travel healthcare field in the near future about her motivations, and how she plans to go about looking for work. Do the continued restrictions make you feel a bit uneasy about being a travel nurse?

Onboarding: why new starters need a 'travel guide'

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Why new starters need a 'travel guide' Development.

Time Travel: View the workplace and employers of the future

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I’ve written previously about having attended a presentation in the 1990s during which British Telecom developers introduced the concept of developing for the buyers of tomorrow by sharing a video of children at play.

Understanding your industry: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

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The post Understanding your industry: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality appeared first on Blue Octopus

Travel Nursing (Part 2): The Concept of Efficiency


It doesn’t occur to the requesting healthcare facilities, the source of all job orders, that at the same time they are pulling travel nurses from other parts of the country, hospitals in other parts of the country are also pulling nurses from their very own backyard.

We understand your industry: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

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But travel can be stressful too. When it comes to corporate travel, organizations tend to focus on the financial impact but the effects on employee recruiting and retention are often overlooked. According to a 2017 report from the Global Business Travel Association , 79 percent of North American business travelers said their corporate travel experience impacts their overall job satisfaction. ( <-- Click to tweet this! )

Frosch Travel hires 25% of employees through Workable Referrals


Frosch Travel focuses on the corporate travel industry and customer service is key for their business success. With Workable, Frosch Travel scales their international business based on real time metrics. Build successful referral systems like Frosch Travel. The challenge.

Business Travel In The Flexible Work Era: Blurred Lines Demand Strategic Planning

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Companies must act quickly to implement policies and solutions to manage the complexity and fluidity of the new world of work as travel tentatively churns back to life.

Have you traveled on the dark side? Lessons from a Diversified HR/Recruiting Career.

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The post Have you traveled on the dark side? Confession time…I have never been and will never be a 30 year employee. 3 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs…I can hit those milestones. But beyond that, fat chance. My career has been guided by gut and need and not always in that order. Why by gut? Work should be fun. You should love what you do and where you are and the team of people you work with daily. Why by need?

The Execu|Search Group Hosts Boston Travel Nursing Meet & Greet

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On February 27 th , The Execu|Search Group hosted a meet & greet for travel nurses in the Boston area! Located in the heart of downtown Boston, The Execu|Search Group’s Travel Nursing team hosted guests at the Warehouse Bar & Grille for appetizers, networking, and even a raffle to win an Amazon Echo Show! The event aimed to not only offer RNs the chance to learn more about travel nursing opportunities, but also the chance to connect with other travelers in the area.

Travelers Offers Student Loan Repayment, 401(k) Match

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Travelers Tackles a Key Millennial Concern. The Travelers Companies, Inc., Travelers) recently demonstrated some recruitment savvy in this regard by addressing one of the key concerns and sources of anxiety in the minds of Millennials: student debt. Travelers recently announced an innovative new benefit for its employees that takes the tough choice out of paying down student debt or saving for retirement.

The Career (and Life) Benefits of Going Global

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I’ve had the really good fortune of traveling internationally for a good chunk of my career. In fact, I would go so far as to say that traveling internationally has played a larger part in my growth and development as an HR professional and leader than any other training I have ever received. Drum roll, please… Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable – when I first started traveling internationally I was very uncomfortable.