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Renewed Energy: How ClearCompany Transformed Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries' Talent Pipeline

ClearCompany Recruiting

Renewed Energy: How ClearCompany Transformed Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries' Talent Pipeline. As one of the world’s leading energy manufacturers, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries offers clean energy solutions for a wide range of design, engineering, and business services. A View Into Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries.

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Powering the Energy and Utility Workforce of 2023


The energy and utility industries power our everyday lives and play a major role in the global economy. Working hand in hand with the energy industry are utilities, which distribute and deliver the energy to our businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, and more. The energy sector employed more than 7.8 Job Growth.

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Energy Risk Underwriter Best Practices

Professional Alternatives

Energy Risk Underwriter Best Practices. Part of energy risk assessment is loan writing and insurance protection. Taking risks is part of the insurance business whether it’s in the energy sector or not. These underwriter practices are important for everyone focusing on energy loans and energy risk insurance.

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Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs in Energy


Working in the energy industry can be a rewarding and exciting career. Whether you’re working in energy production, distribution, or use, you’ll be part of a fast-paced and innovative environment that is constantly evolving and growing. So, the question we all want to know: What are the best-paying jobs in energy?

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Stop Torturing your Managers and Employees with Traditional Performance Management - Give Them Something of Value

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sniderman, President of The Entrepreneurial Edge, Inc. and HRFocus USA.

What a waste of time and energy!! Employees who receive “positive” performance reviews complain they are not good enough and employees that receive “negative” performance reviews complain they are inaccurate and not good enough. Stop Torturing them and give them something of Value”.

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5 Recruiting Challenges to Overcome in the Energy Industry


Company About Us Careers Newsroom Security --> Pricing Newest Blogs Events eBooks NEWS Videos Back to Content 5 Recruiting Challenges to Overcome in the Energy Industry February 20, 2023 2 min read Convert to PDF Like many scientific industries, the energy industry is a complex field that requires a diverse range of skills and expertise.

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Energy. Focus. Expectations.


It is easy for the ISS to stay on course, expending virtually zero energy to maintain orbit at breathtaking speed. The program touched on leadership qualities needed for effective change management such as resilience and basic principles of focusing energy and approaching every situation with positive expectations. Albert Einstein.

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Moving the HR Tech Needle in 2020

Speaker: Nina Cofer, Product Marketing Manager, Breezy HR

In this webinar, you will learn: How to keep the human in HR; What we can expect from AI/ML in 2020's workforce; How automation will save HR time and energy to focus on other initiatives; How to maintain a positive employee and candidate experience during an HR tech implementation; And more! April 8, 2020 11 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT, 6 PM GMT.

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How to Build A Resilient Culture

Speaker: Meredith Haberfeld, CEO, ThinkHuman

Often companies don’t put energy into retaining talent until it’s too late; if you’re making an employee a counteroffer, you’ve already lost that crucial heart-and-soul buy-in you need to create a thriving company. From startups to mega-corporations, companies are wasting billions of dollars in the quest for employee engagement.