Energy. Focus. Expectations.


It is easy for the ISS to stay on course, expending virtually zero energy to maintain orbit at breathtaking speed. The program touched on leadership qualities needed for effective change management such as resilience and basic principles of focusing energy and approaching every situation with positive expectations. How can you reinvent relationships and activities that drain energy? Change is hard.

The Power of Energy Management in the Workplace

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Turn to energy management. Move from surviving to thriving with energy management. You can become more conscious and intentional about managing your energy, and shift from time management to energy management. Hours are fixed: Energy is not. Regularly renewing your most precious resource, energy, can become the X-factor in fully accessing your best and highest potential. . Energy management is based on living your values. Mental energy management.

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How Software is Changing the Energy Landscape


#Energy Technology. It is in the realm of energy where many of the most dramatic changes are taking place. Software has the capability to change not only how energy is generated and distributed, but also how efficiently we can use it. Expectations placed on the sector are great – more energy is required to meet the needs of developing countries, while there is the expectation from consumers in Western countries that this should be done in a climate-neutral manner.

Energy on the Rebound: Hiring Trends in the Energy Industry


In order to adjust to the upcoming changes in the oil and gas industry, there are a few things that companies hiring in this sector need to consider for their workforce planning. Recruiting Trends Recruiting Engineers Talent Acquisition

Stop Torturing your Managers and Employees with Traditional Performance Management - Give Them Something of Value

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sniderman, President of The Entrepreneurial Edge, Inc. and HRFocus USA.

What a waste of time and energy!! Research and feedback on traditional performance management systems indicates that the parties involved do not find the process valuable.

Personal Energy Becomes Company Energy

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Business moves through different phases – fact. It’s natural that you, the business owner, will have an emotional response to the peaks and troughs you experience as your business grows. Directors Insight

20 Ways to Improve Your Energy at Work

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We’ve all experienced those moments during the day when our energy levels are drained and we can’t keep ourselves focused on our work. As well as hindering our capacity to take on our tasks effectively, low energy can have a detrimental impact on our ability to form strong working relationships with our co-workers and clients. 20 Ways to Improve Your Energy at Work. Candidate Recruiting Employee Energy employee productivity Infographics tips

The Lowest Vibration in the Room: How Negative Energy Costs You Money and Morale


We all know them, have worked with them, and at some point have probably been them: the lowest vibrations in the room, otherwise known as "energy vampires." Negative energy in the workplace is a huge contributor to — and byproduct of — low productivity.

Workforce Opportunity Services Joins Forces with DTE Energy

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Workforce Opportunity Services, the non-profit organization connecting individuals from underserved populations with transformative career opportunities has joined forces with DTE Energy. Recruitment & Onboarding

Here Are 10 Spoons of Advice for Managing Your Recruiting Energy


I’m going to show how you to focus on delivery by prioritizing your energy throughout the workday. When your day is full of sourcing, screening, interviewing, negotiating, reporting and more, it’s important to stay focused. Recruiting training Featured

Energy 131

How to Build A Resilient Culture

Speaker: Meredith Haberfeld, CEO, ThinkHuman

Data shows that employee engagement only succeeds when it stems from a founder/CEO’s personal commitment and is reflected in her or his behavior. Join Meredith Haberfeld, Founder and CEO of ThinkHuman, where she will address the fallacy of employee engagement and the pioneering path forward.

Work Should Generate Energy, Not Sap It

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Imagine that we leaders transformed work for our teams into an energizing and unifying experience. What could we accomplish together

Not even CEO(s) can fake positive energy


You can’t fake positive energy and a business can only grow when radiating positive energy from the inside out! Positive energy starts with your employees! Positive energy is the true catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing.

SCE’s Journey to Becoming a Next-Gen Energy Brand


The post SCE’s Journey to Becoming a Next-Gen Energy Brand appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Based on Leo’s mainstage session on SCE’s employer brand journey at Transform Live 2019. Access the session recording here. Changing the world is hard work. Or perhaps it would. Employer Brand crm employee engagement employer branding recruitment marketing strategy recruitment marketing tranformation

Energy and Manufacturing Metros Lead in Well-Paying New Jobs


Energy and manufacturing metro areas in the U.S. The data revealed that Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas — an energy-driven metro — ranked at the top of this list, with as many as 71 percent of well-paying new jobs. Insights & Trends Talent Factor careerbuilder EMSI energy Labor Market Index manufacturing talent factor have the highest share of solid-paying new jobs, according to the first ever Labor Market 150 Index.

Moving the HR Tech Needle in 2020

Speaker: Nina Cofer, Product Marketing Manager, Breezy HR

We have heard this phrase time and time again, but it bears repeating. When implementing HR tech, it is important that it is used to supplement our processes, rather than take them over. During times of digital transformation, you want to equip your workplace with the resources they need to speed up their processes, but also ensure the tech is not taking the personalization out of their employee and candidate experiences. Join Breezy HR's Product Marketing Manager Nina Cofer to learn her strategies for incorporating HR tech without disrupting your workforce.

Proactive Recruitment Strategies for the Energy Sector

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In fact, according to that same article, jobs in the energy sector fell by 19% from the previous year’s numbers in just one month. recruitment proactive recruitment energy sector energy industryExactly this time last year The National's Business section was reporting the oil and gas industry could face a hiring freeze due to the low prices.

Top Recruitment Marketing Headlines for the Houston Energy Market

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These energy headlines are directly applicable to recruiters who want to start proactively planning their 2017 recruitment marketing budgets. recruiting energy sector energy industryThe Houston market has had a hard time over the last few years, but we are encouraged by the consistently positive headlines we’ve been seeing. Without further adieu, here are three headlines we think you will want to read and share with your colleagues.

Seven Ways To Boost Your Personal Energy During Work

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With this corporate mindfulness plan in place, you’ll have a vital asset in guiding you toward the career that you’ve always desired

Social Media Background Checks in the Energy Industry

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Today we’ll focus on the Energy sector. Companies in the energy sector have the difficult task of ensuring that they are compliant with the ever changing laws and regulations in the industry. The post Social Media Background Checks in the Energy Industry appeared first on Social Intel. Blog energy industry social media background checks“Social media is no longer cutting-edge; it is mainstream.

Driller Spending is on the Rise! Start Energy Recruiting NOW!

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According to an article from the Houston Chronicle called Drillers spending increases indicate turning point for industry the Houston energy market is set to come back swinging. For recruiters this change means one thing…it’s time to start your energy recruiting before your competitors do! energy sector energy industry

Work Could Give You a New Year Energy Boost!


Our work experience could actually increase our energy and generate excitement. Vigor isn’t the kind of energy you feel after a good night’s sleep, but the buzz you get from a great work assignment. Work can, and many would argue should, give us energy not drain us. Have you found yourself back at work after the break a little more weary than usual? The dark days and busy holidays can take their toll, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

How to project energy – and downplay age – in the senior executive job search

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… The post How to project energy – and downplay age – in the senior executive job search appeared first on Hanold Associates.

How to identify recruiter skills gaps & inject energy into a team


Below are two ideas that can help identify skill gaps in the recruiter and inject energy into a team. People in any job can work more effectively with energy, new ideas and a positive team ethos. For more competitive cultures, a great high energy exercise is to bring the sales team together and split people into two lines standing side by side. “Do you come here often?”. Can I buy you a drink?”. “Do Do you want to dance?”. Can I have your number?”.

Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? #TheCandEs 2015


Continue Reading → The post Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? Before I talk about my main takeaways from this year’s Candidate Experience Awards Symposium (#TheCandEs), I just wanted to recognize and express my admiration for how much this awards program has grown over the past four years. I remember it when it was a small session at HR Tech and that it’s grown into a. TheCandEs 2015 appeared first on SmashFly Blog.

10 Job Search Hacks To Save Time And Energy

The Execu|Search Group

The post 10 Job Search Hacks To Save Time And Energy appeared first on The Execu|Search Group. Embarking on a job search can be grueling; and with each passing application and rejection, you may feel like job searching has taken over your entire life! While the process can be frustrating, know that you don’t have to give up all your time to scrolling through job boards.

Breaking Down Barriers as “the Only” Woman: Stories from Women in Banking and Energy Leadership

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Our Houston event featured inspiring changemakers: Maryann Bruce from Paradigm for Parity, and Sue Ortenstone, CenterPoint Energy’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Like Maryann, Sue Ortenstone, CenterPoint Energy’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, is a true groundbreaker. In 1979, Sue was the third female engineer hired at a Fortune 100 energy company and became one of the first women to go offshore.

In the Energy Industry, Safety Begins Pre-Hire


SkillSurvey will be attending the Independent Energy Human Resources Association annual conference which takes place September 24-25. Human resources executives in the energy industry, including oil and gas, utilities, engineering and construction firms, and service companies, face new challenges related to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. A new whitepaper discusses these trends in the energy industry and discusses strategies to hire safety-minded candidates.

11 Business Habits You Need to Make Time For

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Recruiting Business habits Conor Mcardle delegate employees Opus EnergyEveryone has a list of things they know they should do but, let’s face it, try to avoid doing at all costs. But what habits are you avoiding, as a Recruitment business owner? With so much to do, it can be easy to forget about the little habits that could make a big difference to the running. View Article. 11 Business Habits You Need to Make Time For Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

Congratulations to the Energy Information Agency on their new Energy Kids site


Our friends at the Department of Energy's Energy Information Agency have relaunched their Energy Kids site. The main EIA site is rich with energy information and data: petroleum prices, fuel consumption forecasts, electric generating capacity, and more. It is clearly focused at the experienced energy professional. The Energy Kids site clearly takes a different approach than the main site.

HiPo Leadership Strategies to Get Balanced and Be on Target During the COVID-19 Crisis

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You need to determine which activities are of high value so the right tasks receive your best energy and focus. Effort means the amount of energy you will need to exert to complete the activity. High Effort/High Benefit—These activities will require a significant amount of energy and will yield a compelling impact. High Effort/Low Benefit—These require a lot of energy, as well, but the impact is low. Learning & Development Talent confusion criteria energy focus

Top Jobs Expected to Grow the Most By 2026

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already advanced into aiding the financial, transportation, and energy management sectors. Recruiting customer energy job market opportunitiesYou may wonder why we’re planning for 2026, considering we haven’t even made it to 2020. “By By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Benjamin Franklin once said. So, what better time to prepare for the future than the present. What will the job market look like in 2026?

Doing Good while Doing Well


One of our first interviews was with Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of renewable energy firm Azuri Technologies , and one of the most striking ideas that emerged in our discussion was the idea of trying to do some good for the world through business. Azuri delivers renewable energy solutions to the poorest parts of Africa, and does so in a way that is cost effective for its end users. Sin categoría green renewable energy sustainability

Two Good Responses to the Energy Crisis: Smart Cars and Velib

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For Velibs you'll have to go to Paris. But Smart cars are now on sale at our Twin City Nissan dealer

Shovel-Ready Online Civic Projects #5: "Global Energy Observatory" Interactive Databases and Maps


"(T)o provide a platform for understanding, visualizing and analyzing global energy systems that will help the world accelerate the transition to cheap clean energy for all." " There has been a rising consensus that we need to transform our global energy system to reduce energy usage and to shift to less carbon intensive energy sources. Global Energy Observatory ? how we generate and use energy, it?s

Shovel-Ready Online Civic Project #5: "Global Energy Observatory" Interactive Databases and Maps


"(T)o provide a platform for understanding, visualizing and analyzing global energy systems that will help the world accelerate the transition to cheap clean energy for all.". There has been a rising consensus that we need to transform our global energy system to reduce energy usage and to shift to less carbon intensive energy sources. s book " Hot, Flat, and Crowded " about the climate and geo-political reasons to change our approach to energy.).

7 Simple Ways to Liven Up a Quiet, Dreary Office

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Employer Energy motivate office TreatsYou don’t have to work in a state of the art building with a private gym, lunch chef and massage room to enjoy coming to the office. You just need a space that feels nice to be in; something comfortable, clean and inspiring. Whether you’re the manager of a team or a member of one, if you. View Article. 7 Simple Ways to Liven Up a Quiet, Dreary Office. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

Prediction: Learning will go to where work happens


Bersin Learning and Development change management cloud energy HR SaaS workforce analyticsPosted by Julie Hiipakka on December 3, 2018.

Oil Recruiters - It’s Time to Restart Your Recruitment Marketing

Harger Howe Recruitment

If you were not aware, our Harger Howe - Houston office and our staff specialize in recruitment marketing and branding strategies for the energy sector. If you follow our blog, you'll see that we wrote about Proactive Recruitment Strategies for the Energy Sector back in June and while we still believe companies should be proactively considering those factors, now is the time to get more aggressive when it comes to sourcing top talent in the oil industry.

3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration


Hiring and Recruiting all industries assessments corporate hr healthcare higher education hiring managers hiring trends power and energy reference checking retail and hospitality sourcing passive candidates staffing and recruiting talent analyticsTechnology often makes our lives – including the day-to-day tasks we do on the job – a lot easier. Yet disparate systems and siloed data can pose serious challenges, even making us less productive.