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3 Things You Should Expect from the Best Recruiting Software


Not only is it difficult to identify talent ahead of time, but organizing a recruitment drive can be a nightmare. Fortunately, recruiting software can help. Recruiting software combines a range of helpful tools, usually for HR departments, to manage applications, arrange interviews, conduct background checks on candidates, and so on. It’s all too easy, however, to fall into the trap of taking a piecemeal approach to recruitment software.

6 Ways to Create a Killer Job Description for Recruitment ATS


If you haven’t heard, job descriptions are the new landing pages. It’s something to take note of when using recruitment ATS, which can eventually lead you to more quality hires. More than just copy, the job description is your foot-in-the-door. Job ads are 8.4%


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9 Benefits of Recruiting Software That Makes It Worth The Investment


Here are many benefits of a recruiting software platform solution. Reaching out to those ideal job seekers during the job search and the hiring process up to onboarding and beyond is important for the growth of all businesses and companies. If you’re still working with print-based recruiting for screening applicants or to track candidate information using excel sheets and emails, it’s not enough. The Importance of Recruiting Software.

How to Stay Sane When Choosing a Recruiting Software

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As most human resources professionals know, the pressure to keep up with and more effectively track applicants has only increased with the proliferation of job boards. CMS can range from simple recruitment tools to larger systems that include personnel tracking, interview scheduling, EEOC compliance, email tracking, background checks, talent pool filtering, and more. Review your recent recruitment results. Then look for software that best targets those roles.

How to create a job posting for multiple job boards with Workable


For most companies, job boards are at the heart of the recruiting process. They consistently deliver qualified candidates at a relatively low cost and they’re an integral part of a balanced recruiting mix. Yet, posting on job boards places a significant administrative burden on your hiring teams. They should determine how to create a job posting and post it on multiple job boards to increase exposure. Create a job posting.

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Software for The Best Results


Recruitment and HR tech is currently on the rise and constantly evolving. That’s where recruiting software comes in. The only problematic question is, what’s the best recruiting software solution for you? As well as getting the best bang for your buck and having a manageable, organized workflow plus a strong candidate experience, you need the right recruiting solutions. What is Recruiting Software? Posting job boards.

What is the Purpose of an ATS? | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Recruitment and hiring can be overwhelming for any human resources department, especially when hiring for many positions at a time. Paperwork quickly piles up, and screening, scheduling, and interviewing dozens of candidates means your recruiters have less time for making connections.

10 Ways to Use Recruiting Software to Win the War for Talent – Part 1

Newton Software

Recruiting Software. Recruiting software helps top talent come to you without a fight or struggle. By recruiting smarter, you’ll take the stress, disorganization, and inefficiency out of filling your next role, so recruiting feels like a victory. In this two part series, we’ll share our 10 top strategies for using recruiting software to give your company the edge it needs in today’s War for Talent. Recruitment Marketing.

Employer Considerations for Posting and Managing Evergreen Jobs

ExactHire Recruiting

When you think about where you spend the bulk of your time in the employee recruiting process, is a big chunk reserved for a certain type of position? If so, this role is probably an evergreen job. As a result, many companies keep these requisitions perpetually open on their job listings page in order to populate the candidate pipeline. Evergreen jobs and turnover. Evergreen job hiring challenges. Job boards vs. organic search.

Your Irresistible Employee Referral Program


Recruiting a new employee is never easy. It’s extremely difficult to find your recruitment soulmate. It doesn’t simply come down to the skill of the recruiter , it also depends on the quality of the candidates that are available to you. Interviews that came from Referral+.

How To Conduct An Interview: Best Practices to Improve Hiring


Why learn how to conduct an interview? Let’s discuss interview best practices. The things you do to prepare are just as important as what you do when you are conducting the interview. Know The Job Description. If you wrote the job description , you already have a general understanding. Update the job description as you gain a better understanding. Create a Structured Interview. It’s not hard to create structured interviews.

Inexpensive Hiring Software Solves Tiny Firms’ Hiring Challenges

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

There are common misconceptions among small business owners and entrepreneurs that keep some from even looking into software solutions. The truth is that hiring software is just as important for tiny firms. Reduce the administrative time per job opening.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Collecting Feedback From Your Hiring Team

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Before we continue, let’s review where we are in the series: Create a Job Description. Post Job to Job Boards. Schedule Interviews. Extending The Job Offer. But it’s impossible to do it well without capable applicant tracking software like ApplicantStack Recruit. Each team member completes the form during or after the interview. Do you have a team member who habitually forgets to send interviewing feedback?

Game On! Start 2020 Healthcare Hiring on the Offensive

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First down: Create a Job Description. Post route: Post Job to Job Boards. Handoff: Schedule Interviews. MVP: Extend The Job Offer. Watch the play-by-play: First down: Create a healthcare job description. Google for Jobs.

8 Recruiting Strategies to Hire Top Talent


Organizations of all sizes including enterprises will need recruiting strategies in order to hire top talents. For a long-term continuous success of the business, different recruitment tasks will need to be completed. The responsibilities for those open job positions should be carried out by skilled and qualified professionals. Their background and experience need to be a good fit with your company culture and job description requirements.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: How To Do Prescreening Preparation

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

In today’s post, we will show you how to do prescreening prep in ApplicantStack Recruit. Before we continue, let’s review where we are in the series: Create a Job Description. Post Job to Job Boards. Schedule Interviews. Extending The Job Offer. What is Prescreening Preparation For a Job Posting? Why does prescreening prep come before posting the job? Apply Scoring Criteria For Job Applications.

Use Recruiting Solutions to Overcome Hiring Roadblocks

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Despite your best efforts, you’re going to run into roadblocks when you’re recruiting. Then, find the recruiting solutions you need to optimize the process. It takes us almost 4 weeks to schedule interviews with the interview team. It takes forever to manually post our positions to targeted job boards. Some of the most common blockages include: Creating and approving a well-written job description. Recruiting Solutions Can Help.

22 Ideas to Make You a More Proactive Recruiter


Many of you gave a ton of love to our 5 Ways to Be a More Proactive Recruiter article. It was written by my good friend Jason Webster, an expert on proactive recruiting strategy. Since you’re reading this I know you are already a more proactive recruiter than the average bear! First off, what is proactive recruiting? My definition of proactive recruiting is to engage with candidates before recruiting needs become problematic. Job Boards.

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Rebuilding Your Business and Need to Hire Fast? 9 Nifty ATS Tools

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A mobile-friendly interface lets candidates apply, interview, and onboard remotely. Multiple job board accounts? An applicant tracking system is a specific type of recruiting software. It automates the hiring process from job posting to offer letter.

7 Brilliant Reasons to Automate Recruiting

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Today’s post explores a fundamental issue in the recruiting industry: why you should automate recruiting. It you are using paper-based recruiting processes, this post is for you. Let’s discuss why you should automate recruiting. Why Automate Recruiting? Manage multiple job openings simultaneously. Engage with millennials and younger job candidates. How Do You Automate Recruiting? Streamline Interview Scheduling.

5 Hiring Statistics Proving You Need Candidate Tracking Software

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Candidate tracking software is a versatile – even essential – tool for hiring managers and HR departments, whether you’re a recruiter for a major corporation or a budding entrepreneur with a growing small business. Recruitment automation software takes much of the guesswork out of the hiring process, and in doing so, saves you precious time (and money!). You don’t have to pay someone to post the same job description over and over again.

New Business Owner? Avoid 3 Hiring Mistakes That Can Doom Your Startup

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Recruiting professionals understand how critical it is to avoid hiring mistakes. Who has time to outline a recruitment process ? It is designed for both recruiting professionals and new business owners. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used hiring software before. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never used any type of business software before. Our series explains the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of recruiting.

Are You Using CRM Tools For Recruiting? (Smart Companies Do)

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

CRM for Recruiting. CRM software is created to perform specific functions and it excels at those functions. Some companies believe CRM software can take the place of an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is a type of recruiting software. It automates repetitive operations like posting jobs , collecting applications, parsing resumes, and administering screening questionnaires. ATS’ simplify interview scheduling and reference checks.

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Security Recruiting: Finding Top Notch Employees For Your Agency

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If you are the hiring manager for an agency, you understand the importance of security recruiting. Top 3 Recruiting Tactics For Security. Financial success depends on recruiting and retaining good employees. Create accurate, comprehensive job descriptions. ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking Software. To win the hiring game in security, you need current generation software. When it comes to recruiting, ATSs are leagues ahead.

Does an ATS Create an Impersonal Hiring Experience?

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Why is it easy to automate hiring with the right software? Job applicants apply online. You can still call an applicant or meet them in person for an interview. If your ATS has texting , you can text right from the software. Tailor the email to the job description.

Speed Up Construction Hiring: 5 Ways To Beat The Labor Shortage

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were 263,000 open construction jobs in June 2019. Construction lost 600,000 jobs during the downturn. Millennials are not as interested in construction jobs as previous generations. Focus on Recruiting. It you want to grow while building is booming, get serious about recruitment. In 2019 so far, construction has added an average 14,000 jobs per month. Optimize Your Recruiting Infrastructure.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Making Your Selection

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Before we continue, let’s review where we are in the series: Create a Job Description. Post Job to Job Boards. Schedule Interviews. Extending The Job Offer. A background check as part of a job application is a review of the applicant’s records and history. Employers also check other information specific to the job role. When Should I Perform a Background Check For a Job Applicant?

My Take On The 2012 Recruiting Tech Startup Competition

Staffing Talk

The highlight of this year’s Recruiting Innovation Summit was the Recruiting Tech Startup Competition. Of nearly 50 initial applicants, six innovative recruiting tech startups were invited to compete the grand prize of $10,000 (and some serious bragging rights). Awesome as the winner – Mystery Applicant — was, there were three other companies in the competition that I felt showed great promise for recruiters and jobseekers alike: The Next Step.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


I talk to high-growth startups every day and I keep hearing versions of “compared to recruiting, fundraising was easy”. We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. How to write job descriptions.

Improve Hospitality Hiring to Decrease Employee Turnover and Elevate The Guest Experience

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

Recruitment has never been more important in this sector. What implications does this have for hospitality recruitment? Strategic hospitality recruitment has never been more important. High level of transience and job-hopping. Recruitment and Onboarding Software for Hospitality Hiring. Online reviews and booking software have transformed the industry from the guest perspective. How Does Recruitment Software Improve Hospitality Hiring?

The Ultimate Guide To Job Posting


More than half the traffic on Glassdoor, one of the world’s most popular job boards, comes from mobile with the group of 35-44 leading the way. This guide was created so as to give you a quick overview of job posting and help you bring those talented jobseekers to your doorstep.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Offering a Job

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

In today’s post, we describe how to make a job offer to your top candidate. Before we continue, let’s review where we are in the series: Create a Job Description. Post Job to Job Boards. Schedule Interviews. Extending The Job Offer. There are three main components in extending a job offer: Creating the offer letter. If possible, telephone the same day they complete their final interview. Job title.

How to Build a Recruitment Process & Find The Best Candidates


Recruiting works best with your organization in mind. When you outline the steps of the recruitment process clearly, everyone stays on the same page. For every organization, the recruitment process will be somewhat different to each other. That said, there are generally accepted factors you should consider to ensure all of your recruiting needs are being met. Operating with a recruiting software is one hack to make the entire process simple.

5 ways technology can help your hiring process


Manual processes slow down an organization’s recruitment strategy. Recruiting software with advanced reporting features gives HR stakeholders the ability to generate standard and custom reports to ensure they are staying compliant at all times. Staying ahead of legal issues requires HR to keep an eye on their recruitment pipe and current roster of employees. With the right software solution, HR leaders can generate important reports in a matter of seconds.

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Guest Blog – Four Stats Recruiters Need To Know, Now


Have you been wondering what stats your recruiters need to know? Thanks to the record-low unemployment rate, hiring and recruiting are more difficult than ever. Job-seekers have their pick of positions, so keeping your process as streamlined and efficient as possible is key to convincing candidates to choose your company. The hiring process is often treated as an indicator of how the job itself will be. Candidate job satisfaction.

What the U.S. Census’s Hiring Spree Can Teach SMBs About Recruiting in a Crowded Job Market


But as SMBs know, hiring in today’s job market can be challenging – to say the least. With goals to recruit 2.5 Census’s recent recruiting challenges: 1. Still, 48% of job seekers apply at least three months ahead of time for seasonal positions.

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11 recruitment time-saving tips for the overburdened recruiter


Your workload is mounting as a recruiter, especially as your company gains a windfall from a new funding round, operates in a high-turnover industry, or is about to enter a new market with a new product. Spoiler: Workable’s recruitment solution can help you with pretty much all of them.

How to use job portals for recruitment


Job portals, or job boards, are sites where you can advertise jobs and search for resumes. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of job portals for recruitment: Choose the right job boards for your business. Recruitment budgets are limited and companies need to be able to spend their resources where they make the most sense. Here’s how to find the best job boards for your jobs: Try popular job boards.

The Software and Tools Your Small Business Needs for HR and Recruiting


HR software can be a boon for small businesses struggling with limited resources. There’s also software for tracking and assessing employee performance, measuring employee engagement, and managing employee benefits programs. You can even sign up to HR outsourcing software that will take time-consuming payroll, benefits, compliance, and HCM off your hands. One of the biggest areas where technology is changing the face of HR, however, is in recruiting.

How to be a successful recruiter: Advice for each hiring stage


Screen, interview, hire and repeat. That could be the shortest job description for a recruiter. But a glimpse at a recruiter’s typical agenda shows that their day-to-day tasks are not as simple as you might think. Here are recruiters’ top responsibilities broken down by stages of the hiring process, along with advice on how to be a successful recruiter at each stage: At the beginning of the hiring process. Write job descriptions.