The Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow for hiring developers


Workable is one of the most powerful ATS systems out there and is a particularly useful tool for tech recruitment. Using Workable and the integrations that it offers, you can automate repetitive tasks. Keep track of your candidates’ progress with Workable ATS stages.

Inside Workable: Scaling a sales team successfully


It’s not the easiest situation, but that’s where the sales team at Workable was at the end of 2018. Employer branding includes applications through Workable’s careers page. We used Workable’s Referrals platform to make it easy for everyone to refer someone they know. That’s why Workable’s sales team decided to add a cash bonus for successful referrals that motivates employees to look into their network and find people who’d fit in the team.

Building a winning engineering team: Workable CTO tells his story


When you talk to Spyros Magiatis about his experience building the engineering team that owns Workable’s recruitment software, you quickly understand that it was like Rome – it didn’t happen in a day.

Spark Hire and Workable Launch Integration To Speed Up Hiring

Spark Hire

We’re excited to announce that our integration with Workable is now live! With so many of our customers taking advantage of Workable’s all-in-one recruiting platform, this partnership and is a no-brainer. Send video interview invitations through Workable.

HackerRank Integrates With Workable for Effortless Technical Hiring

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Partnership gives Workable customers all-in-one access to HackerRank's technical interviewing tools, easing and improving the interview process for candidates and recruiters. Recruitment & Onboarding

New Workable Template: Candidate Personas


Looking for a workable template to get you started building candidate personas? Continue Reading → The post New Workable Template: Candidate Personas appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Found.

Workable Receives $50M in Series C Funding Round

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Boston-based Workable Inc., a recruitment software startup, has raised $50 million in a Series C round of funding, bringing the company's lifetime investment to $84 million. Recruitment & Onboarding

The Best Alternative to Workable

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Workable is an Applicant Tracking System and an all-in-one recruitment tool that helps businesses of all sizes to find people for their open jobs. Why do you need to rethink before signing up for Workable? Why Recooty is the Best Alternative to Workable?

Customer Spotlight: How Workable uses TalentIQ

People Data Labs

Customer spotlight: How Workable uses TalentIQ. Workable is the leading Applicant Tracking Software platform for SMB and Mid-market companies. Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable, describes how TalentIQ creates value for them. Here's how Nikos describes their use of TalentIQ: "My name is Nikos, I'm the CEO of Workable, the most popular recruiting software for SMBs.

What is the future of HR technology? A Workable Chat


Workable It was very much two halves – the old incumbents with very large marketing budgets #WorkableChat. Workable and a lot of startups that were trying new things in the HR space #WorkableChat — Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico) October 30, 2014. emergingrecruit @Workable Both!

Join us in launching Workable Ideas


Save the date, Tuesday March 15, and join us in launching our new speaker series, Workable Ideas. Don’t miss the chance to hear from and meet some of the pioneers from Buffer, Trello , Ashoka, Help Scout, and Workable. VP Growth, Workable ( @_RobLong_ ). You can attend this event in person at Workable’s Boston office, or (appropriately) you can join remotely via livestream. About Workable Ideas.

Customer Spotlight: How Workable uses People Data Labs

People Data Labs

Customer spotlight: How Workable uses People Data labs. Workable is the leading Applicant Tracking Software platform for SMB and Mid-market companies. Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable, describes how People Data Labs creates value for them. Here's how Nikos describes their use of People Data Labs (formerly TalentIQ): "My name is Nikos, I'm the CEO of Workable, the most popular recruiting software for SMBs.

What is a talent hacker? A Workable Chat


A Workable Chat appeared first on Recruiting and Hiring Resources for Employers. #WorkableChat is a bi-weekly twitter chat where we speak with the leading thinkers in HR. It’s your chance to get hints and tips from the experts on topics from scaling recruitment efforts to HR technology and much more. What is talent hacking? A lot of people will be familiar with the term Growth Hacking in marketing but Talent Hacking is a new concept in recruitment and candidate sourcing.

5 Technology Tips Every Employer Should Use to Hunt Top Talent

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Employer Recruiting James Dorian LinkedIn Recruiter recruitment apps talent Technology video marketing WorkableCompetition for talent is fierce.

Behind the scenes with 3 members of Workable’s sales team


A few days ago, I visited the offices of Workable’s sales team in Athens. From left to right) Athina, Fraser and Chris at the offices of Workable’s sales team in Athens. As I like to say,” Athina adds, “our team is the voice of Workable abroad.” Workable’s offices in Athens.

Why Structured Recruiting Creates Predictable Success

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We’ve partnered with Workable and put together some actionable steps that will put you on the path to predictable success: Set stages in your process. Before Workable, Rob worked in recruiting for a number of years.

Technical recruitment is now easier with the new HackerEarth and Workable integration

Hacker Earth

This time around, we’ve added an integration with Workable , a leading hiring platform that enables recruiters and hiring managers to source and identify the right talent for their teams. HackerEarth+Workable: Identify top talent, faster .

Devskiller platform update – what is new? #August2019


Test developers directly from Workable. Workable is one of the most popular ATS systems out there. It is a great resource for technical recruiters and now, you don’t even have to leave Workable to test developers. Devskiller now integrates with Workable to make your life easier. Sending out tests can now be one of the stages in your Workable recruitment process. A lot has happened this spring and summer.

How to Grow Your Employer Brand With Social Media

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According to Workable – a recruitment software company – 9 out of 10 candidates will only apply for a position if the company behind it actively maintains its online brand. Love it or hate it, social media is an essential tool for building your brand.

Will inbound marketing work on technical talent?

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Increasingly apparent to a growing number of recruiters and hiring managers is that traditional post-and-pray is no longer a workable plan for finding the right candidates.

People-focused hiring and relationship building


RobLong @Workable Hi everyone. Workable we have some very unique challenges because of the space we are in. Workable competing with the likes of Google, FB, Twitter etc is something all tech companies are experiencing #WorkableChat — Natalie Ledbetter (@ShapewaysTalent) November 20, 2014. Workable considering that NYC isn’t really a hub for manufacturing, finding manufacturing professionals has been tough #workablechat — Natalie Ledbetter (@ShapewaysTalent) November 20, 2014.

The power of a corporate retreat: 5 reasons why you should do it


Workable just did it, bringing together upwards of 250 employees from Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Sydney, London, and Athens for a four-day all-company summit at Barceló Hydra Beach Resort in early June 2019.

Don’t forget the ‘human’ in Brexit HR implications


In the time since the vote, I also changed my role and moved to Workable. It was only in my role at Workable that I was able to see the effect of Brexit in real terms. Friday, the 24th of June, 2016, wasn’t like the usual Fridays we’d had at work.

How to hire more women in tech sales


At Workable, we take this to heart, especially as we build our sales team. But, Workable remains the only place I have ever worked where two women influence the company’s revenue goals. And, it’s something Workable wants to help with.

Recruiting KPIs: time to fill


Metrics or reports are only as good as the questions they answer about your business , as we explained in detail when we introduced Workable’s new Reporting Center. At Workable we need to grow our customer success team in concert with our customer base. Benchmark data from Workable).

How to Prevent Candidates from Ghosting You


According to Workable, the average time to fill a position is 43 days , which is a long time for many job seekers. Ghosting – the act of abruptly cutting off all communication with another person – was once a problem confined to the dating world.

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The Pragmatic Recruiting Framework: A lesson from marketing


Catch Workable VP of Partnerships Rob Long’s keynote at RecruitCon 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee Nov. I’m not a fan of the tired rhetoric of “Recruitment is just like X”. But let’s face facts: every discipline can learn something from others.

How Much It Costs to Post a Job Online

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How Much It Costs to Post a Job on Workable. Workable offers a job slot job posting and applicant tracking system that functions on a monthly subscription. Posting jobs in the newspaper classified section has gone the way of the VCR.

HR Tech World takeaways: employer branding tools and international hiring tips


Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Talk to us at @workable. Did you miss Day One of #HRTechWorld ? We’ve got you covered. From Day Two, we’ve sharing employer branding tools that won’t bust your budget, GoodGame Studio’s process for hiring their international team, and what HR can learn from a Digital Prophet. Employer branding that won’t break the bank.

Time to hire: key recruiting KPIs to track


Following the release of Workable’s new Reporting Center we’re taking an in-depth look at the four key performance indicators (KPIs) worth tracking. Benchmark data from Workable ). Learn more about Workable’s new reporting and analytics.

The cost of replacing an employee – it’s more than you think


Consider Workable’s recruiting software, for starters. Bora Kim , Workable’s Corporate Strategy Analyst, contributed to this report.

Sourcing talent: The best methods for filling your talent pool


They can also be found using Workable’s People Search. Workable’s Boolean search cheat sheets provide sample search strings to recruit experienced candidates. For example, Workable hosts the Workable Ideas series, where we aim to showcase progressive thinking in HR and recruitment from our community. Features available in Workable for filling your talent pool include: Tagging candidates is a great way to improve the way your team recruits and stays organised.

Qualified candidates per hire: By location and business function


However, if you find yourself with a hiring process brimming with talented people, you can still keep them engaged: streamline your hiring and evaluate candidates fast using a system like Workable. How many qualified candidates do you need exactly in order to make an informed hiring decision?

Key hiring metrics: Useful benchmarks for tech roles


Workable also measures a complementary metric, time to hire , which is sometimes used interchangeably with time to fill. Tweet to us @workable or send us a message on LinkedIn about which data you’d like to see next. Get a demo to see how Workable helps you.

HRTech conference: innovative hiring with social recruiting and video


Workable (@Workable) October 19, 2015. For more #HRTechConf coverage, follow us at @Workable. At the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) in Las Vegas, we’re keeping a finger on the pulse of the most innovative hiring practices from the world’s top companies.

CRM List that you can parse in


MyBizzMail Human Resource Workable Zoho Recruit Workboard Breezy HR People HR Boon SharpSpring Responder MyBizzMail Workable Zoho Recruit Workboard Breezy HR People HR Boon There are still many many more

CRM 52

From 98% men to 55% women: 5 tips for gender diversity in tech sales


That seed of opportunity, for Rachel, came in the form of her current capacity as Workable’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “I As of December 2018, out of Workable’s approximately 65 employees across four different functions in sales, roughly 55% are women.