Government Sites: Sourcing from Small Business Innovation Research

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SBIR is a government program that supports research and development (R&D) and financing for cutting-edge technologies. As a sourcer, one of my favorite sites to search for technology leads, including companies and employees, is the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR).

Why the Government Shutdown is Great for Passive Recruiting

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government shutdown — the longest in history — has left more than 800,000 workers across the country without paychecks. While the government will eventually reopen, it does not look like it will happen anytime soon. The current U.S.

Retro Pay 101: Payroll Lessons From the Government Shutdown

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Last week, roughly 800,000 federal employees experienced that due to a partial government shutdown. The absolute worst feeling that a payroll professional can have is finding out someone didn’t get paid.

Deloitte Releases 2019 Human Capital Trends in Government

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Deloitte Government Human Capital Trends: Connecting Employees to Impact, Lifelong Learning Are Top Issues for Leaders. Performance Management & HCM

Killing the Annual Performance Review, and What To Do After the Funeral

Speaker: Jo Weech, CEO & Primary Consultant, Exemplary Consultants

In the 1950s, the US Government instituted the Performance Rating Act, whereby government employees could be rewarded for their work with bonuses and accolades.

5 Tips to Help Recruiters Win Government Contracts


Securing a government recruiting contract can provide a major boost to the finances of any recruiting firm, but landing a deal with a government agency or department is not the same as landing a deal with a corporate client.

What Millennials Think About Government Careers

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And when you consider that governments also have the power to change the world, it seems as though the two would easily go hand in hand, working in perfect harmony to save our planet from certain doom. What do you think about government careers? Employer Brand government millennial

The OFCCP Paradox: Government Actions Create a New Diversity Hiring Fallacy


government lawsuit. Over the past year, the Department of Labor has taken a newfound interest in the number of Asians working at tech companies in Silicon Valley. New allegations and statistical analysis methods strike at the core of long-standing hiring practices and workforce demographics.

Strategies for Effectively Recruiting Government Workers

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State and local governments are modernizing their operations, revamping their hiring practices, and developing a brand that appeals to a more diverse pool of applicants. Government Employers Try Different Methods to Stand Out. Turnover is a reality in many governments.

How the Government Shutdown Impacts the Economy


The Trump administration's federal government shutdown is the longest in American history, clocking in at over 30 days, with over 800,000 workers left without pay. The shutdown has also left millions of people without access to government services. Despite this, The post How the Government Shutdown Impacts the Economy appeared first on PandoLogic.

Today’s Curriculum for the Higher Ed HR Leader

Speaker: Joseph Clay, Business Transformation Strategist at Oracle, and Jeffrey Haynes, Director with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Harness emerging technology to reduce risk and improve campus governance. Today’s universities and colleges face many challenges ranging from reconciling financial pressures, to ensuring student success, to managing complicated workforce dynamics.

Government Hiring Freeze is an Opportunity to Rethink Your Recruiting


Government Hiring Freeze is an Opportunity to Rethink Your Recruiting. At the same time, though, the government sector might be able to find a positive in this unexpected setback. If you’re in a government department, use the current hiring freeze as an opportunity to re-invest in your hiring infrastructure so you are even better prepared to recruit and hire when the freeze is lifted. So, put this government hiring freeze to good use.

BiasSync's New Tool Assesses Unconscious Bias in Corporations and Government Agencies

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BiasSync launched its proprietary tool to assess unconscious bias in large corporations and government agencies. Culture

The Top 3 Challenges for Government-Sector Recruiting


As a 2017 Politico analysis of the federal workforce points out, America’s government is getting old. In short, t he government has struggled to recruit and retain younger employees. The federal government’s biggest problem is it’s not very good at pipeline planning.”.

How Development Helps Government Organizations Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Talent

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Sometimes seen as having too much bureaucracy and lower-than-average salary offerings, many have been turned away from government work. We asked ourselves, 'How can we help people be their best and invest in a career in government?'

Government of Canada to Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence


WORKLAND announced today the official deployment of ATLAS, its innovative recruitment technology within the federal government for testing through the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Government of Canada to Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence


WORKLAND announced today the official deployment of ATLAS, its innovative recruitment technology within the federal government for testing through the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

E-Verify back online as 2019 federal government shutdown comes to a temporary end


The federal government is slowly creaking back into action after President Trump’s surprise announcement on Friday to temporarily end the […].

Small Business Hiring Not Impacted by Government Shutdown

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While government workers across the nation regain some footing after the longest government shutdown in history, small business are reporting positive numbers in light of this tough employment situation.

E-Verify Back Online After Government Shutdown (FAQs for Employers)


Yesterday, the US Senate voted 81-18 to end the short-lived (3-day) government shutdown and extend federal funding through February […]. Articles I-9 Articles

Governments Are Lousy At Creating Jobs

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Let me start by contradicting myself – our government is really good at creating jobs. Consider this fact – the Office of Personnel Management reports that since the start of the recession the Federal Government has added 275,000 new jobs to the Federal payroll, an almost 15% increase.

How to solve the diversity crisis in local government leadership

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Acquisition. Diversity crisis: how to solve the problem

Government of Canada to Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence


WORKLAND announced today the official deployment of ATLAS, its innovative recruitment technology within the federal government for testing through the Build in Canada Innovation Program. The post Government of Canada to Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence appeared first on Workland.

As Governments Ease Up on Criminals, Is It Time for Recruiters to Do the Same?

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The post As Governments Ease Up on Criminals, Is It Time for Recruiters to Do the Same? There have long been criticisms of the harsh penalties handed down to those convicted of nonviolent drug charges in the United States. AndreyPopov / iStock / Getty Images Plus.

There’s Some New Poaching-Related Guidance From the U.S. Government, and It Can Mean Criminal Prosecution


In late October, the U.S. federal agencies responsible for enforcing antitrust law issued new guidance about anti-poaching and related agreements that you may have missed. Direct Sourcing Legal - Compliance & Policies Featured

Government Recruiting: How to Attract More Tech Talent

For government recruiters, it can be a struggle to create and maintain a pipeline of qualified technical candidates. The post Government Recruiting: How to Attract More Tech Talent appeared first on

It Can Happen Again – Soon. The Government Shutdown and Background Checks


The partial government shutdown had a significant effect on thousands of individuals and even trickled down to produce a profound effect on the background check process as well as other areas of HR. government shutdown in history, the threat of another shutdown remains: The president is [.]. The Government Shutdown and Background Checks appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

Implement right governance mechanism to prevent referral fraud


Referral frauds are an issue and come in different forms. I’ve heard enough stories from several CHROs of creative referral frauds. And, the need to implement the right mechanisms are critical to prevent such frauds. Brainwaves

Don’t Let the Hackers Win: How State and Local Governments Can Avoid Cyber Attacks with Security Training

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A group of hackers took control of all government computers, requesting 13 bitcoins, or approximately $76,280, to release the stolen files back to the city. Earlier this year, the city of Baltimore, Maryland, fell victim to a ransomware attack that turned the entire city on its head.

Deloitte Appoints Juan Garcia as Managing Director for its Government and Public Services Practice

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Deloitte announced today that Juan Garcia recently joined its government and public services practice as a managing director, for the defense, security, & justice sector. Leadership & Succession

Best Practices for Managing E-Verify during a Federal Government Shutdown


At the stroke of midnight last Friday (January 19th), the federal government officially shut down, ceasing all but the most […]. Articles I-9 Articles

Poached! The Government Is Recruiting Your Kids

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" TheBlaze regularly features post from Staffing Talk's Scott Morefield, and a recent one speaks to the work of you headhunters out there.Scott writes that government, Left or Right, doesn't have your children's best interest at heart and is in fact most interested in poaching them from you parents:No, the real influence…

Proof Government Can Create Jobs

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(The Eggplant aka Not-The-Onion). Auto body repair jobs already seeing rebound, says President’s Press Secretary.

Selling Your Government Jobs to Tech Candidates [Slide Share]

The challenge is actually recruiting people who can support your technical initiatives.This is especially true for government organizations who compete with private-sector employers. The post Selling Your Government Jobs to Tech Candidates [Slide Share] appeared first on

Summit: Government barriers to work

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Meanwhile, the government itself often creates more significant barriers for workers trying to get ahead.These are among the top topics at The Heritage Foundation's Summit on Worker Empowerment. " Workers are choosing to not join unions because the cost doesn't justify the return. Check it out.

More Government $$$ If You Treat Employees Better - There's a Bill For That


As part of a set of "just society" bills, the Uplift Our Workers Act would direct government contracts toward companies with "friendlier" employee policies. The more worker-friendly the company, the better their chances of winning a government contract.

Government Shutdown Casualty: No Jobs Report

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One of the casualties of the federal government shutdown? No jobs report for last month that would normally be released today. Should we care?