What Millennials Think About Government Careers

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And when you consider that governments also have the power to change the world, it seems as though the two would easily go hand in hand, working in perfect harmony to save our planet from certain doom. What do you think about government careers? Employer Brand government millennial

Governments Are Lousy At Creating Jobs

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Let me start by contradicting myself – our government is really good at creating jobs. Consider this fact – the Office of Personnel Management reports that since the start of the recession the Federal Government has added 275,000 new jobs to the Federal payroll, an almost 15% increase.

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Government Recruiting: How to Attract More Tech Talent


For government recruiters, it can be a struggle to create and maintain a pipeline of qualified technical candidates. The post Government Recruiting: How to Attract More Tech Talent appeared first on Recruiting.com.

Government Agency Staffs Businesses – for FREE!

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Working against you perhaps in this case, in the form of a government agency giving away for free what you are bold enough to charge money for. The CEO of an Indiana medical packaging and transport company needed to fill some jobs. Quickly.

The OFCCP Paradox: Government Actions Create a New Diversity Hiring Fallacy


government lawsuit. Over the past year, the Department of Labor has taken a newfound interest in the number of Asians working at tech companies in Silicon Valley. New allegations and statistical analysis methods strike at the core of long-standing hiring practices and workforce demographics.

Interview with an Air Force veteran reveals three big shifts in the U.S. military’s approach to leadership


& Governance Human Resources Leadership Competencies Leadership Dev. & Governance Leadership Strategy Talent Strategy agile air force Air Force Veteran collaborative leadership engagement Kujo Koprucu leadership military technologyThis article is an excerpt of a series of interviews with a twenty-nine year Air Force veteran Mustafa “Kujo” Koprucu.

How Your Tax Dollars Bought French Prostitutes for Government Bankers

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In defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who now stands accused in Lille, France, of procuring prostitutes for himself and his government banking chums, there’s not a whole lot to do in Lille, France. His Defense: ‘I didn’t know they were hookers’.

7 Priorities for Big Data Leaders


Data Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Unstructured Data Insurance Big Data Customer Success Personalization7 priorities for big data leaders.

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Selling Your Government Jobs to Tech Candidates [Slide Share]


The challenge is actually recruiting people who can support your technical initiatives.This is especially true for government organizations who compete with private-sector employers. The post Selling Your Government Jobs to Tech Candidates [Slide Share] appeared first on Recruiting.com.

There’s Some New Poaching-Related Guidance From the U.S. Government, and It Can Mean Criminal Prosecution


In late October, the U.S. federal agencies responsible for enforcing antitrust law issued new guidance about anti-poaching and related agreements that you may have missed. Direct Sourcing Legal - Compliance & Policies Featured

MIT researcher suggests big government program to fix supposed job market problem

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" I think Andrew McAfee, a research scientist from MIT, got things so wrong with his recent post on the job market that he has me questioning his motivations.McAfee asserts, citing fellow researchers, that since 2000, high-skilled jobs are disappearing. But I look around me, and I see it isn't so. Here…

A Look Ahead at HR 2016 / 2017: Becoming Digital


Governance HR Strategy & Benchmarking Human Resources Rewards & Recognition Services & Programs Communities of Expertise Data-driven HR Design Thinking Digital HR High-Impact HR High-Impact Human Resources HR HR Culture HR Digital HR Networks Networks of Expertise People Analytics SMAC Talent Analytics the Culture of HR Workforce managementHR is in a defining moment.

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How Companies are Adding Predictive Analytics to SaaS


Data CRM Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Unstructured Data Insurance Big Data SaaS Software predictive analytics Machine LearningHow Companies are adding predictive Analytics to Saas.

A Look Ahead at Leadership 2016 / 2017: Redefining Leadership


Governance Leadership Strategy digital leadership formal leadership programs High Potential HiPo HR leadership leadership development leadership strategy open talent economyLeading others in the new world of work looks profoundly different from managing employees in previous decades[1]. New generations entering the workforce pose major challenges for those in leadership positions holding on to outdated management styles and hierarchical position thinking.

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Donald Trump Is Exploiting Distrust of Government — But People Distrust Employers Too


One reason for Donald Trump’s dramatic rise: people don’t trust government, and he has used that distrust to his advantage. Branding Featured

How Companies Are Converting Data into Revenue


Data CRM Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Unstructured Data Insurance Big Data Customer Success Personalization Customer Loyalty ProgramsHow companies are converting data into revenue.

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Christchurch Recruiters Proving Agencies Can Actually Collaborate

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This was exemplified in technicolour back in 2012 when NZ’s recruitment agencies staged a race to the bottom in the reverse auction process tendering for the All Of Government contract. Today is the Rice Consulting Christmas party and we have an early start out in Woodhill Forest.

Open the Future of HR – Take the High-Impact HR Survey Now!


& Governance HR Strategy & Benchmarking Human Resources Tech Strategy & Execution Design Thinking Digital HR employee experience High-Impact HR HR HR Capabilities HR Culture HR Leadership HR Networks HR Strategy HR StructureWe are very excited about our High-Impact HR survey, open now through February 24. We use “open” deliberately with this study because in a world being disrupted by digital technology and accelerating change, the future of HR is wide open.

A Basic Recruiting Compliance Checklist

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Failing to collect and retain the necessary records can result in fines, exclusion from government contracts and other sanctions. Federal and state laws require employers to maintain a number of specific records relating to the company’s hiring and employment practices.

OFCCP Compliance is So 2016

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It’s because the compliance rules, which govern the way hundreds of thousands of employers must list their open jobs, source talent, handle applicants, and interview candidates — as well as the overall way employers recruit, hire and employ people — are constantly evolving and changing.

The Problem with Searching Through Unstructured Data


Data HR Technology & Products Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Search Unstructured Data Insurancethe problem with searching through unstructured data.

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HR Culture: A Path to High Impact


Governance HR Strategy & Benchmarking Human Resources Culture Culture of HR CulturePath High-Impact HR High-Impact Human Resources HR CultureFew topics receive as much attention in people management as organizational culture. Culture is a complex notion that incorporates the beliefs, values, behaviors and reward systems that influence “how things work around here” on a day-to-day basis.[1]

Wellington Recruiters Finally at Peace with AOG Contract

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When Wellington’s recruiters had the All of Government recruitment services contract foisted upon them back in 2012, they were told in tender documents that one of the chief aims of the exercise was to cut $30 million from the Government’s annual agency recruitment spend.

Virtual Reality Meets Facebook & Recruitment. Huh?

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Government Communications Headquarters (British Intelligence Agency), UK. As we spend more and more of our waking hours ( and some of our non -waking hours ) in front of glowing rectangular screens, it makes sense that recruitment belongs more and more in the digital space.

The 5 Fundamentals of Intelligent Customer Data Management


Data Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Unstructured Data Insurance Big Data Customer Success Customer ServiceThe 5 fundamentals of intelligent customer data management.

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6 Pathways Through Data Roadblocks


Data Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Unstructured Data Insurance Big Data6 Pathways through data roadblocks.

The U.S. Government Appears To Be Thinking About Jobs

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Maybe the government is starting to think about jobs. In the wake of a wild Congressional debate that ended last month, we now have a U.S. super committee that’s charged with figuring out how to trim the nation’s deficit.

Are You In “Maintenance Mode” Until After The Election?

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Everyone is waiting to see what happens, especially small-business owners who have a lot at stake in the outcome—which could mean higher marginal tax rates and more deficits, OR lower marginal tax rates and less government.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Form Automation


Data HR Technology & Products Technology & Products Finance Government Technology Search Unstructured Data InsuranceThe ultimate guide to smart form automation.

Four Strategies for Recruiting Security Clearance Candidates

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There are well known job boards and job fairs specifically tailored to bringing cleared candidates and government or private sector contractors together. How-To Guides government recruiting secuirty

Staffing News of the Day, July 8, 2014

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State and local governments have a people problem , but it’s all about getting the recruitment message out. Governing]. Lawsuit: Former Harley-Davidson employees allege Infosys discriminated against American workers [Milwaukee Business Journal].

3 Industries Facing the Recruitment Struggles of Brexit Right Now

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Recruiting Brexit Employer Hiring job job seeker UK Government unemployment workThe BBC has recently reported that ‘unemployment is at its lowest rate since records began in 1975’. It’s a great fact, a monumental one in fact for the British public. So what’s the problem then?

Summit: Government barriers to work

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Meanwhile, the government itself often creates more significant barriers for workers trying to get ahead.These are among the top topics at The Heritage Foundation's Summit on Worker Empowerment. " Workers are choosing to not join unions because the cost doesn't justify the return. Check it out.


Employers Struggle as E-Verify Woes Continue

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Employers are struggling with ongoing woes with the government’s employment verification system, E-Verify. A few weeks back, Staffing Talk reported that E-Verify went dark with the government shutdown. “I’m News E-Verify government shutdown TempWorks