8 Advantages of Working in the Travel & Tourism Industry in Sydney

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Of all the possible job options out there, careers in the travel and tourism industry are some of the best; and people of all ages and backgrounds, many with previous experience in various sectors, gravitate towards it.

Staffing News of the Day, March 4, 2013

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Tourism Australia launches Six Best Jobs in the World campaign , building on their 2009 version which garnered 35,000 applications [News.com.au]. Economists say persistent long-term unemployment is starting to mend [Businessweek].

Recruiting the Homeless in Barcelona

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News Barcelona Hidden City Tours homeless Lisa Grace tourism walking tours Talent can literally be anywhere you look. That’s the attitude behind a new venture in Barcelona that puts the city’s homeless in charge of historic walking tours.

Why Summer Hiring Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle


We’re hot on the heels of summer, which, for employers in seasonal industries like tourism, means hiring is in high gear

Hiring Seasonal Workers? How to Spot Red Flags and Hire the Right Candidate


Whether you are a restaurant getting ready for a busy summer tourism season or a retail store that does half its annual business near the holidays, you likely face the same hiring challenges every year. Hiring a staff of seasonal workers can be tough.

Meet Johnny Campbell, the First of the ‘Career Life Stories’ on ERE


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How to Activate a Global Employer Brand Strategy

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Imagine trying to strategically plan and execute an employer brand for the world’s largest travel and tourism company with 67,000 employees and 1,600 travel agencies around the world. For companies with diverse global footprints, attracting and retaining the right kind of talent at each location can be a tricky problem to tackle.

The Beer-Bonging Tourists Sending Cuba Deeper into Hell

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" Is tourism really helping lift Cuba out of the communist grip?My My Twitter follow El Exilio hints not and points to pics and video by Alberto de la Cruz that evok

The UK Recruitment Landscape of April

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Travel & Tourism. Interested in seeing how the recruitment market performed in April this year? Our recruitment market analysis of April 2016 is presented in the infographic below. To recap, we saw a decrease in permanent and temporary vacancies on a MoM basis.

5 of the Most Creative Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

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Tourism Queensland’s ‘The Best Job in the World’ What a title for a recruitment campaign and boy did this deliver. To better promote Queensland as a tourist destination, Tourism Queensland created a job opportunity dubbed as ‘the best job in the world’ The role?

The UK Recruitment Landscape of April

BroadBean Technology

Travel & Tourism. Interested in seeing how the recruitment market performed in April this year? Our recruitment market analysis of April 2016 is presented in the infographic below. To recap, we saw a decrease in permanent and temporary vacancies on a MoM basis.

The UK Recruitment Landscape of March

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Travel & Tourism. Interested in seeing how the recruitment market performed in March this year? Our recruitment market analysis of March 2016 is presented in the infographic below. To recap, we saw a increase in permanent and temporary vacancies on a MoM basis.

By the Numbers: Friday, September 17, 2017


Another obvious top industry in Florida is tourism. Theme parks, cruise lines, and other attractions will feel the hit as tourism comes to a halt and slowly begins to increase as the area recovers and tourists find their way back.

The Most In-Demand UAE Jobs in 2016

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Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) has in recent years been promoting the Emirate as a medical tourism hub, and I expect more investment in this industry to further stimulate the job market.

6 Recruitment Stories That Made the News This Week – 21st March 2016

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The new positions were announced by the Japanese government’s tourism unit as a means to increase visits to the country in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In recruitment news this week: The ‘Collaborative Hiring’ Debate Continues.

Is Summer a Good Time of Year to Hire?


There are many hospitality and tourism businesses that serve all the vacationing white-collar professionals and their families. Most hospitality and tourism businesses strive to be entirely staffed up by the start of summer or even late spring.

Flying High: 4 Unique Careers for Students Looking to Reach New Heights

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Travel and Tourism. If you enjoy world travel, have solid planning skills, and like helping people, consider a career in travel and tourism. The purpose of college is to lay the foundation for your dream career.

Skills Development in Africa: How Wide is the Skills Gap?


thanks to the well-developed tourism industry. Similar to the Seychelles, Mauritius is a tourism nation. A tourism-oriented country in the past, now Tunisia focuses on education, skills development, and technology.

Finding The Perfect Candidates For Creative Roles on Pinterest

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Tourism & Travel. Pinterest is social media site that allows users to collect images, create boards and follow other pinners as a new way of finding interesting content. The virtual and social pinboard thrives on imagery and design led content.

Weirdly Founder & CEO Dale Clareburt on Getting to the Heart of Cultural Fit


Say we are working with an IT consulting company and with a tourism organization. The tourism company might say that the transportation to the party would be a party bus where everyone rides together, whereas the IT organization might say that everyone would arrive at the party in their own cars. The tourism organization may picture being at a beach with live music and playing games and drinking beer out of a bottle.

Key Findings for a Chief Human Resources Officer to Know

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Low Recruitment Marketing Budgets: For industries like leisure, hospitality, tourism, non-profit, charity, and government- budgets are a constraint. Recruitment is a big game.

The Challenges of Recruiting for Luxury Brands


For example, in the tourism or travel industry, you want luxury-minded travelers to be sold on an overall experience rather than on value or a strict deadline to act promptly for a great deal. Luxury brands are distinguished and often sophisticated in a distinctive way.

HR Tech Heading North to Jump in the Slush


Last year, around this time, an image of a Finnish tourism banner went viral on social media. “No Photo credit: Jussi Ratilainen. At the tech world’s hottest conference this year, SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck will show that amongst the hottest trends and the fastest fads, your brand is only as good as your people, and when it comes to bringing out your company’s best, you are who you hire.

The Future of HR: Trends to Watch For in 2017

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Take a cue from Sweden’s tourism board, which publicizes a telephone number that’s answered daily by Swedes themselves who take turns as ambassadors of the country and offer callers advice on where to go and stay.

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Staffing News of the Day, May 1, 2014

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In scheme resembling Office Space , tourism assistant diverts small percentage of bookings, which accumulates to $27,641 [Stuff]. The most frequent wage violator in the fast food industry isn’t McDonald’s [Fox 17 Online].

Staffing News of the Day, March 11, 2014

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Tourism may have pulled Hawaii out of the recession, but construction will be key to its future [Hawaii News Now]. Bracing for Obamacare, one in three health facilities are adding doctors [Forbes].

Will Virtual Reality Have an Impact on the Future of Veteran Hiring?

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6. Tourism. The app was created to promote tourism to BC. By definition, Virtual Reality (VR) means an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory or stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer.

What’s In A Job Title?

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Space Travel Agent – This is the job of Craig Curran who is an accredited travel agent for Virgin Galactic, the world’s first space tourism business. What’s in a job title? Apparently lots of imagination.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Stories the Recruitment Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 24th August 2015

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While recruiters may have the worst bosses in the UK, tourism and marketing are not far behind. Tourism came in second and marketing came third in the survey of the industries with the worst employee-boss relationships.

Having Trouble Attracting Young Talent? Pay Off Their Student Loans!

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Back in the 80s when Pittsburgh’s electronic and steel industry imploded and they lost nearly half of their residential population, they shifted to medical, education, and tourism sectors, the latter of which meant the addition of incredible new public spaces and neighborhoods.

10 Companies Around the World That Are Embracing Diversity in a BIG Way

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Industry: Hospitality/Tourism. # Diverse organisations perform better. We’re always saying it, but there’s a very good reason why. It’s a cold, hard fact!

The Gender Pay Gap Isn’t Just About Discrimination


The industries with the lowest adjusted gender pay gap were aerospace & defense (2.5%), agriculture & forestry (2.5%), biotech & pharmaceuticals (3%), and travel & tourism (3%).

11 Tech Talent Relocation Trends In 2018

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Tourism on the rise… correlation with cross-border recruiting? The tourism industry is rapidly growing. Oftentimes, developers are turning to tourism to scope out new job prospects. Tourism can provide them a clear benefit.



First Women of Tourism & Leisure: Abigail Wright, spabreaks.com. Transformify won a prestigious First Women Award at the glittering ceremony that took place in London on Thursday June 29th.

Diversity & Inclusion: The missing link between sexual harassment and corporate culture

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Some critics said the live-stream ‘tour’ was exploitative and akin to disaster tourism.” October has been off to an exciting start: our founder, Dr. Laura Mather, was the recipient of the ABIE Award for Technology Entrepreneurship at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando, Florida and we got to meet amazing users, partners and practitioners at HR Tech in Las Vegas.

Strategic Staffing Can Cure Summer Hiring Woes

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Many seasonal employers have resorted to raising hourly wages, offering perks and benefits, and using outside firms to help find employees to support tourism. When it comes to summer hiring, candidates can be difficult to find, especially for entry-level or temporary positions.

9 Best Recruiting & Hiring Articles of 2016


job descriptions for open positions) in every product box sold, British Intelligence creating a treasure hunt, or Tourism Queensland driving 6 million visitors with one job posting, there’s a lot to learn here. How to summarize an entire industry’s trends, sentiment and direction in only 9 articles?

It’s About Who You Hire This Summer, Not How Many

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states are expected to benefit from tourism and consumer’s pent-up demand for restaurants. When it comes to hiring, the restaurant industry continues to outpace many other industries.

Does the Gender Pay Gap Still Exist?

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The industries with the smallest gender pay gap were aerospace and defense (2.5%), agriculture and forestry (2.5%), biotech and pharmaceuticals (3.0%) and travel and tourism (3.0%). Equal pay for equal work is top of mind for many employers. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law in 2009, but that doesn’t mean that the gender pay gap disappeared entirely.

Social Media: Optimizing It For Your Business


The tourism campaign for Queensland, Australia increased its web search popularity by 40% and started attracting thousands of tourists with the aid of a competition.