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The Changing Nature of Work

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The transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, the transition from agriculture to widespread factory work, and the shift from industrial labor to the information economy represent some of the most important headlines in this millennia-old trend.

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Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture


In this episode, Dan Horvath, Director of Safety Policy for the ATA, discusses the recently released personal conveyance guidance and also some guidance related to the agricultural community. The post Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.


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My Love: Netflix Documentary Series Spotlights Family Farm’s Labor of Love

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While the episode is primarily a love story, it also touches on some of the challenges facing agricultural employers and the long hours required to make such a labor of love thrive. The Challenges of Agricultural Labor. The Isham Family Farm has been tended since 1871 by five generations of the family.

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Which Benefits are Best for Onsite Employees?

TalentCulture - Recruiting

For instance, consider those involved in transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, as well as frontline workers in healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, and other service industries. Numerous jobs can be performed remotely or on a hybrid schedule. Still, more than 70% of full-time roles require people to work onsite.

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Make Hiring Slowdowns an Opportunity, Not a Setback

NPA Worldwide

Provision People works in a variety of industries, namely: financial services, accounting, manufacturing, sales, technology, agriculture, defense, and a few other verticals too. Today’s guest blogger is Patrick Long , founder and managing partner of Provision People based in San Diego, CA.

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How is AI creating more new jobs globally?

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Agriculture : There are new jobs such as agriculture technologists that use AI tools and technologies along with their agricultural knowledge to devise new types of crops and plan effective ways to do irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting.

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The Benefits of Investing in Technology During a Recession

Namely - Talent

Though the exact number is debated by some economists, the United States has persisted through nearly 50 recessions, marking again and again the cycles of industry, agriculture, production, and consumption that define the national, and now global economy.