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Amplifying the voices of female farmers: Building a more equitable future for agriculture

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While globally, women make up about 43% of the agricultural workforce, according to the UN FAO, the image of a farmer in the UK remains stubbornly male. Examining the Gender Gap in Agricultural Leadership One major obstacle facing women in UK farming is the vast gender disparity in ‘farm holders’ – those who manage or own the land.

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Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture


In this episode, Dan Horvath, Director of Safety Policy for the ATA, discusses the recently released personal conveyance guidance and also some guidance related to the agricultural community. The post Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.


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My Love: Netflix Documentary Series Spotlights Family Farm’s Labor of Love

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While the episode is primarily a love story, it also touches on some of the challenges facing agricultural employers and the long hours required to make such a labor of love thrive. The Challenges of Agricultural Labor. The Isham Family Farm has been tended since 1871 by five generations of the family.

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The Changing Nature of Work

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The transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, the transition from agriculture to widespread factory work, and the shift from industrial labor to the information economy represent some of the most important headlines in this millennia-old trend.

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Which Benefits are Best for Onsite Employees?

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For instance, consider those involved in transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, as well as frontline workers in healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, and other service industries. Numerous jobs can be performed remotely or on a hybrid schedule. Still, more than 70% of full-time roles require people to work onsite.

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Guide to Hiring Employees in Ethiopia

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Promotion of Agriculture and Rural Development: Agriculture remains a significant source of employment in Ethiopia, particularly in rural areas. The government supports agricultural development initiatives aimed at increasing productivity, improving market access for farmers, and reducing rural poverty.

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Why Recruiters Should Consider Split Placements

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Being part of a international split placement network, you have partners in all corners of the globe, who work on everything from agriculture to IT, healthcare to accounting. Broaden your scope Split placements allow you to broaden the geography and expand the specialties that you typically work.