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Amplifying the voices of female farmers: Building a more equitable future for agriculture

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While globally, women make up about 43% of the agricultural workforce, according to the UN FAO, the image of a farmer in the UK remains stubbornly male. Examining the Gender Gap in Agricultural Leadership One major obstacle facing women in UK farming is the vast gender disparity in ‘farm holders’ – those who manage or own the land.

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Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture


In this episode, Dan Horvath, Director of Safety Policy for the ATA, discusses the recently released personal conveyance guidance and also some guidance related to the agricultural community. The post Podcast: Hours of Service Updates on Personal Conveyance and Agriculture appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.


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Why Recruiters Should Consider Split Placements

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Being part of a international split placement network, you have partners in all corners of the globe, who work on everything from agriculture to IT, healthcare to accounting. Broaden your scope Split placements allow you to broaden the geography and expand the specialties that you typically work.

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This Data Scientist Is Using AI to Revolutionize the Farming Industry

The Muse

Data scientist Sam Swift changed industries many times before landing a role in agriculture, where he’s helping to revolutionize the farming industry.

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8 Best Practices for Manufacturing Recruitment


See what you can infer about someone’s previous work experience that suggests they’d be a good match, such as a military background or work in other industries such as agriculture or construction. Do they really need a high school diploma or a college degree?

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Guide to Hiring Employees in Chad

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The job market in Chad is influenced by factors such as the country’s economic situation, which largely relies on oil revenues and agricultural production. In urban areas and industries like oil and mining, salaries tend to be higher compared to rural regions and agricultural sectors.

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High Tech Industries: Tech Jobs Aren’t Just in Tech


As a sign of the changing world, some of the most traditional fields, like agriculture and energy, are leading the way in tech worker growth. In fact, the share of tech workers in agricultural implements and oil and gas extraction nearly doubled during this time period.

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