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Leadership Transitions: An Exercise to Help Leaders of New Teams

Recruiting Daily Advisor

So, let’s first address the individual exercise. An Exercise in Self-Examination It’s essential for leaders in a new role to quickly assess their stakeholders, the overall environment, and their team. The directions for the exercise are quite simple. The need for this external analysis is both necessary and obvious. Not so much.

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Team Building Exercises For The Workplace


Team building exercises for the workplace include a human knot and two truths, and a lie. These exercises help build trust, improve communication, and can unlock leadership potential in employees. Team building exercises are the best way to ensure that your team […]


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If Employees Are Stiff and Stressed, Exercise at Work Can Help

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Despite that advice, many people say jobs and other demands keep them from getting the exercise they know they need. The CDC guide also suggests that employers use policies and incentives to encourage physical activity, such as flextime, paid activity breaks, or discounts for off-site exercise facilities.

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Is Your Personal Brand What You Think It Is? Find Out With These Exercises

The Muse

Find out and compare with these two exercises from Aliza Licht’s new book “On Brand.” What do you think your personal brand is? And what do other people think it is?

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Exercise Physiologist Job Description


An Exercise Physiologist is a medical professional who analyzes a patient’s medical history to determine the best possible exercise and fitness regimen for optimal health and recovery. Use this Exercise Physiologist job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates.

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Blogging About Recruitment (and other time wasting exercises)

The Whiteboard

The post Blogging About Recruitment (and other time wasting exercises) appeared first on Rice Consulting. So if you’re looking for a new job in recruitment in that one hour of the week then you might want to talk to Scott , or Claire , or maybe even Sean. Look at the time. I got me some recruiting to do.

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12 Surprisingly Effective Yet Unconventional Team-Building Exercises

Forbes Human Resources Council

Think beyond the usual team-building activities and some of these strange yet effective exercises recommended by HR leaders. Want to bring your team closer together?