3 Exercises to Attract the Perfect Candidates


The post 3 Exercises to Attract the Perfect Candidates appeared first on Recruiting.com. Articles Messaging Recruiting Exercises Talent AcquisitionWe’ve all been there. You’re actively recruiting, but not getting the candidates you really want and need.

4 Ways to Exercise Your Way to Success ????

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Exercise can help boost productivity at work! But stress, anxiety and depression, can all be curbed by regular exercise – which is a natural mood booster. The post 4 Ways to Exercise Your Way to Success 💪 appeared first on Social Talent.

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Employee Motivation a Brand Exercise


The post Employee Motivation a Brand Exercise appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog Your business depends upon having talented and driven people working for you, but your competitors’ businesses are no different.

44 Practical Ways to Improve Productivity

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Life Skills 44 44 Tips breakfast commute exercise healthy lunch ProductivityI’ve got 44 problems but productivity isn’t one. If you want the most out of your day, you need to be prepared to push through several barriers. Now, we’re all guilty of wasting time.

Blogging About Recruitment (and other time wasting exercises)

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The post Blogging About Recruitment (and other time wasting exercises) appeared first on Rice Consulting. A quick blog post from me this morning. There are a number of reasons for that: Firstly, I have an inbox full of things that need my attention.

Is This The Secret To Boosting Workplace Productivity?


Exercise. In fact, a study by the University of Stockholm shows that exercise can help to not only strengthen the body but also the mind and is well worth the time spent working out. How does exercise benefit the employer as well as the employee?

5 Reasons You Should Bike to Work (Exercise Isn’t 1 of Them)

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We left exercise off this list and we’re disregarding sweat as a legitimate excuse for not getting out there on two wheels. The post 5 Reasons You Should Bike to Work (Exercise Isn’t 1 of Them) appeared first on Staffing Robot. “I’ll get all sweaty!”

How to Attract Soon-to-Be Grads With Your Employer Brand


Employer branding is not a one-size-fits-all exercise— your employer brand is unique to your organization and something that can be molded and shaped to attract ideal candidates.


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Exercise. Exercise impacts both physical and mental health in positive ways. In fact, exercise can be one of the most powerful weapons you have against job search depression. Looking for a new job can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

6 Weeknight Projects For People Without Hobbies #MondayMotivation

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You know you’re not supposed to check your emails or take client calls, and that you should be exercising. If your weeknights are a little boring these days, it might be time to get hobby-happy. You know how important it is to switch off from your job after you leave the office.

Stop calling it an intake form. Please.

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Intake form. It’s a term I’m embarrassed to say I used for many years. You know, the form you take into a hiring manager meeting, to scope out a new req? There are so many things wrong with “intake form.”. First, calling it a form. Who likes forms? I know hiring managers hate ‘em.

HR Tech Turns to Wellness


Accuracy: Guessing at mileage, or time spent exercising does not have the potency of a device that delivers straight out metrics about how far you went, or how intense you worked. Human resources is poised to help companies increase productivity by improving worker health though wellness tech.

How to Smoothly Transition A New Hire Like A Boss

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During the interview , I had to successfully complete a simulation exercise demonstrating my ability to perform the tasks associated with the job. The exercise broke down a lot of boundaries. Interview simulation exercises set new #hires up for success @StacyLindenberg Click To Tweet.

What Today’s Developers Hate About the Job Search

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This rings especially true for developers, who often have to go through a longer and more intensive interview process (*cough* whiteboard exercises) than other candidates. Let’s face it – searching for a job isn’t exactly “fun.”

Keeping Healthy at Work

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After all, there is a difference between being busy and actually exercising. Working long hours combined with a lack of exercise is bound to make you feel under the weather. Use your new free time to join an exercise class or go for a light jog. Keeping Healthy at Work.

Using employee surveys and upward appraisals to measure manager skills and behaviors


Typically a public exercise; survey results are shared with the manager’s team. Typically a private exercise; results are not necessarily shared with the manager’s team. Using employee surveys and upward appraisals to measure manager skills and behaviors.

What Top Companies Are Doing to Recruit Tech Talent

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If you exercise your mind in a different culture, that’s all positive energy you bring back to the company. In doing so, it started a small trend: Pinterest followed suit the next year to much fanfare, giving employees seven years to exercise their options.

Why You Should Use a Scoring System to Rank Candidates

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For instance, how can you prove that you’re going with your gut when you’re shortlisting candidates, and not just exercising bias? Unconscious bias is something that we’ve all exercised at one time or another, without even knowing it!

How to Build an Employee Wellness Program from the Ground Up


Combine that with lower annual healthcare costs and there’s a strong business case to be made for improving workplace health and making exercise a priority. Encouraging a healthier, more active workforce is a good thing.

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3 Steps for Hiring Your First Remote Employees


To assess writing abilities, look over any email exchanges you have with them or have them perform writing exercises.

Improve Hiring Leverage by Including Travel Perks


Gourmet food onboard and off, exclusive VIP lounges, spas, yoga or exercise classes, pools, therapy animals, live music performances, museums, and chauffeured cars are just some of the amenities offered in airports around the world. Improve Hiring Leverage by Including Travel Perks. For companies seeking top leadership or niche talent, adding travel benefits to the list of job perks can sweeten an offer for hire. As expected, the talent market is tightening.

Work Smarter: 3 Things You Can Do To Recruit More Efficiently


Thinking about how you spend your time either at work or outside of it is an important exercise. Taking time to look at how you are spending your day is a very useful exercise. Paul Graham’s essay “ Life is Short ” is one of the best things I’ve read all year. The way Mr. Graham speaks about his time really got me thinking about what I do when I’m at work and at home.

How Healthy Is Your Workplace?

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Debra suggests that regular exercise at the gym may not make up for the fact that you have a sedentary job. Movement throughout our day and increasing what is called incidental exercising is crucial for optimal health and well-being.

Temporary Jobs Will Grow 13% Over the Next 5 Years

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Some employers are still exercising caution when it comes to full-time permanent hiring, and use temporary employment as a way to “test before they buy.”

Can Machines Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans?


Plus, hiring off the grid by managers did not lead to higher productivity, causing researchers to note, “exercise of discretion is strongly correlated with worse outcomes.”. Are you about to be outsourced? A recent study suggests machines can make better hiring decisions than managers.

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3 Warning Signs Your ‘Great’ Candidate is Faking It

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When it comes to pair programming, whiteboard tests or a coding exercise with a 48-hour turnaround, “the real people get excited,” Kelly said. Today, when tech talent is hard to find and the work keeps piling up, skepticism takes on added value.

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Tell Candidates What They Really Want To Know: A Step-By-Step Guide To Storytelling For Recruiting


We’ve interviewed candidates from sales, tech, and design; surveyed thought leaders across the recruitment marketing space; called out inspiring examples from leading recruiting organizations; and built exercises that will help you find similar success.

Diversity of Thought in Recruiting

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I’m sure it was an exercise that gave birth to a range of new ideas about how they could keep evolving their offering, but I’m pretty sure it is still an exercise that most recruitment firms here in New Zealand will continue to evade for a while longer yet.

Change Your Pitches Like Nutritional Values If You Want to Super-Size Your Sales

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This study also mirrors the findings of Johns Hopkins when they posted signs at convenience store soda coolers that showed how much exercise it would take to burn off one soda (50 minutes of running).

Is It Time to Give Up the Whiteboard Interview?

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The companies and teams listed here instead use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work—for example pairing on a real world problem, or a paid/unpaid takehome [sic] exercise,” reads the list’s introduction.

5 Out-Of-Box Recruiting Tactics You'll Want To Know About

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Passengers are given the option to complete three coding challenges, with a one-minute time limit for each exercise. Attracting and recruiting top talent is getting harder and harder every day.

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The 5 daily habits of the world’s most successful people


Exercise regularly. Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain, keeping you sharp and helping you stay on top of everything. We all like to borrow from people we admire to get more productive.

Recruitment News: LinkedIn Gets Trendy and Sweden Gets Sexy

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When sex is also an excellent form of exercise with documented positive effects on wellbeing, the municipality should kill two birds with one stone and encourage employees to use their fitness hour to go home and have sex with their partner,”.

CompareMatch – HR Tech Discovery Made Simple.

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For the majority of us in the recruiting industry it has been a historically frustrating exercise to determine which piece of HR Technology is better than the next and can effectively solve our needs.

How to identify recruiter skills gaps & inject energy into a team


You can use some fast, fun and quick to think exercises that highlight habits the recruiter has adopted and gets them self-correcting quickly. For more competitive cultures, a great high energy exercise is to bring the sales team together and split people into two lines standing side by side. How to run the exercise: The objective of the game is to ask open and probing questions that uncover client/candidate needs rather than the basic questions that every other recruiter asks.

6 Innovative Recruitment Campaigns That (Mostly) Worked!

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This advert , showing a recruit undergoing gruelling training exercises, warned: “99.99% need not apply.”. Inventive recruitment campaigns are nothing new.

15 Reasons Why Pokémon GO is NOTHING like Recruiting

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That’s just creepy… Reason #10: Recruiting doesn’t require exercise (although to be fair, you do sweat profusely when the candidate you’re trying to make an offer to suddenly won’t return any of your calls). Ok, let’s just keep it real for a minute.

“Recruiting Is Like Dating” | Asked + Answered: Valentine’s Edition

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One to exercise and keep me around. Asked & Answered is a monthly column where we ask talent acquisition professionals questions about their work, industry trends, and their productivity tips. Sign up for our email list to be emailed every time a new recruiting post is posted.

How to Interview a Rock Star Recruiter

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While of course it’s critical that a contract recruiter understands how to source candidates effectively, it is equally important that they know how to exercise best practices in candidate care.

The Path to Employee Engagement


Plugging top talent into a toxic culture and attempting to keep them engaged will be a frivolous and costly exercise. Employee Engagement ensures that your employees are actively focused on organizational goals and motivated to contribute to the success of your organization.

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