Social Media At Workplace: Everything To Know 2021


In today’s society, social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate, be it in our home or at work. But letting your employees use social media at workplace may sound counterproductive, doesn’t it? Why Do Employees Use Social Media At Workplace?

Using Social Media Screening to Create Better Culture

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Patrick Whitesell, executive chairman of Endeavor, an entertainment and media agency, stated, “You can have all the right strategies in the world; if you don’t have the right culture, you’re dead.”.


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9 Steps To Clean Up Your Social Media Image

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What may not be as top-of-mind is your social media presence. According to a CareerBuilder survey , 70 percent of employers actively investigate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to screen candidates during the hiring process.

Tips for Dealing with Employees’ Abusive Social Media Posts

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billon people expressing themselves on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, employers have to ask themselves some important questions. Can you legally fire them for posting something on their personal social media accounts?

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

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5 Smart Reasons to Snoop on Candidates’ Social Media

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The answer might be as easy as doing a little social media screening. In 2015, 52% of employers researched potential employees’ social media profiles before calling them in for an interview, and that number is likely to continue rising. 52% of employers screen candidates on social media. If you aren’t screening candidates using social media, it may be time to start.

New Resource: The Hireology Social Media Starter Kit for Recruiting


While many businesses use social media to engage with customers and drive business, savvy owners and HR teams have also started to leverage LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote their open roles. Social media can offer your hiring team a variety of benefits, such as helping you reach applicants already engaged with your brand and enabling you to cost-effectively promote open roles. Additional content you should be sharing on social media.

How Staffing Agencies Can Create a Community For Job Applicants Using Social Media


What does social media strategy mean to your staffing agency? The traditional approach to social media platforms, from a business perspective, focuses on promotional content, engagement metrics, and case-by-case customer queries.

Diversity Hiring Challenges and 6 Ways to Overcome Them through Social Media


While a massive reform on company values is essential, integrating the use of recruitment software and social media into your strategy will be extremely beneficial, too. If you recruit blindly, there will be no social adhesion amongst your team and groups will be divided.

How Social Media Helped Transform McGraw-Hill Education's Employer Brand

Allegis Global Solutions

McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) is a learning science and educational publishing company with a rich history. For almost 130 years, MHE has been known for its high-quality educational materials. As technology advances and classrooms become more digital, the educational publishing sector has had to adjust. Now, even grades K-12 are integrating web-based, interactive and digital education tools, tech and content.

Why Your HR Lady Hates Social Media.

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And Along Came Social… Back around the time Barack Obama was running for his first term on a platform of change we could believe in, and we actually believed him, HR professionals the world over began to receive an ever increasing deluge of invitations to webinars, seminars, SHRM chapter meetings and CPE classes that caused their little hearts to flutter. ” or “Monitoring Your Employees: How To Protect Your Company From Social Media.”

Does Your Small Business Have a Social Media Policy?


Small business owners who allow employees to use social media at work stand to benefit from their connections and promotion of the company’s brand. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your small business’s good name, so educate and guide your staff by creating a thoughtful social media policy. Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Social Media Policy at Your Small Business.

5 ways to make social media part of your everyday recruitment


One of the biggest changes to recruitment in recent years is how jobs are advertised to reach ideal candidates, and social media is the new normal. With the growth of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, social media is a gamechanger for advertising new roles.

Social Media For Employer Branding: 7 Tips To Promote Your Employer Brand On LinkedIn

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With more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is no doubt one of the world’s largest social and professional networking sites, making it a great talent attraction channel to add to your recruitment marketing machine. So offer social media trainings to help your employees build their personal brand and educate them on how they can contribute to your employer branding efforts on LinkedIn. Employer Branding Social Recruiting

5 Tools For Effective Employer-Brand Content on Social Media


Yet, social media representation of an employer brand is something a company or organization can control. Why Social Media Matter for Employer Brand? Currently, social media are the most used channel to view the company. Guest blog by Vasy Kafidoff.

6 Tips HR Managers Need For A Successful Social Media Strategy

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While it’s only a few short years since websites were only used by big corporations, and social media was only for college kids, time has changed drastically. These days literally every business has some sort of online presence, and even small independent businesses have social media profiles. If you want to recruit the best of the best, then you need to utilise social media to find bright new talent. Social Media hr manager recruitment strategy

Should You Be Using Social Media Screenings for Your Candidates?

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Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; social media is mainstream. Virtually everyone has at least one social media profile, though how much they use it, how easy it is to find and identify as theirs, and how valuable it is will vary wildly. The Legality of Social Media Screening.

How to Check a Potential Candidate?s Social Media Account?


Privacy advocates think snooping around someone’s social media account is like reading someone’s private letters or personal diary. Social Media Laws have been enacted to restrict the employers’ access to an applicant’s or an employee’s accounts. In this article, we will discuss: How the social thumbprint of a potential candidate influences the hiring decisions of potential employers? Legal aspects of screening a job applicant through social media.

Is Clubhouse the Right Application for Your Social Media Plan?

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Three things happen every spring: March Madness, spring cleaning, and social media plans need a refresh. This spring, we’ve been evaluating some of the new social platforms on the market to see if there is anything new that would help elevate nonprofit and/or public sector missions.

How Social Media Can Help Your Small Business Reach Customers and Job Applicants


The average consumer spends 30% of their total online time and more than 2 hours a day on social media. Given these consumer habits, if your small business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re likely missing out on potential business and quality job applicants. To get the conversation started on social media, consider offering social media contests or encouraging members to post about your small business.

Social Media and Screen Time: Finding A Balance

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Many UK adults rely on social media for a variety of reasons, but the audience of these platforms has shifted in recent years. More youngsters are engaging with some form of social app these days. Social media, screen time, and finding a balance.

Top 2016 Social Media Trends in Staffing and Recruiting


Going into 2016, social media is THE number one way to connect with candidates on a large scale. In our latest infographic, we share key tips on how to make social media (everything from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts and Google+) work FOR you, enabling you to recruit the best candidates faster than before. . Top 2016 Social Media Trends in Staffing and Recruiting. <p><strong>Click

4 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Attract Top Talent: Social Recruiting


The social media revolution led by Facebook made us more connected to each other than ever — at least virtually. Here are some of the top areas of our lives that social media changed over the years. The Impact of Social Media on Our Day to Day Lives. #1. Social media is now our source of news. Social media gives us the power to follow people, pages, channels, and groups that interest us.

Michigan Passes New Social Media Privacy Law

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Another state makes it illegal for employers – or potential employers – to request login information for social networks. ” Michigan is the fourth state by my count to make a law to protect employees from divulging their personal social network information. Just before the end of the year, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed House Bill 5523, saying “potential employees and students should be judged on their skills and abilities, not private online activity.”

How Social Media Helped Transform McGraw-Hill Education's Employer Brand

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The AGS IGNITE and McGraw-Hill Education partnership is another example of how employer brand strategies with values at the foundation speak volumes to candidates Allegis Global Solutions was founded on a passionate culture and is devoted to transforming the way the world approaches talent acquisition.

Top 10 HR Influencers on Social Media


If you are looking to improve your team’s skills or company culture, following HR influencers on social media is the best way. Social media is the current trend in every industry these days. In this article , we are talking about top 10 HR influencers to be followed on social media. An accomplished author and businesswoman, Penelope owns Quistic, an education company. Her blogs always inspire and educate.

Webinar Recap: Social Media: The “Double-Edged Sword” of Hiring & Recruiting


Social media isn’t going away. In fact during Hyrell’s recent webinar, Social Media: The Double-Edged Sword of Hiring & Recruiting , we speculated that a new social platform might even have been released during our 45-minute discussion. All kidding aside, the constant evolution of social media adds complexity when determining a social recruiting strategy that works for your organization.

5 bad social media habits recruiters should stop today


The potential that social offers recruiters is now well understood. The benefits are many and as a result social media has now become not just accepted – but expected – in recruitment. Here are 5 bad social media habits recruiters should stop today. Purely using social media to post jobs. It’s an easy mistake to make, but one habit any recruiter needs to avoid getting into is purely using social media platforms to post jobs.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

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Mel Kettle is a communications and social media consultant, speaker, blogger, educator, coach, bookworm, obsessive foodie and eatie, and a budding photographer. She blogs on marketing and social media at I often have people ask me why should they have a social media policy? They don’t actually use social media within their business (What??? And I tell them that all organisations need a social media policy.

What Your Social Media Presence Says About Your Brand

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Have you linked that website to your social media channels? The reach of social media spans globally, and you probably have noticed your employees, future employees and customers are interacting daily – even hourly – on this zooming platform. Social media says you are present and responsive. Social media says you have an open-door policy. Social media says you have personality. Social media says you have workplace culture.

How the World’s Best Employer Brand Uses Social Media, Part I


One way is through social media. In her role as employee and engagement training specialist, Alli Soule ( @allisoule ) counsels employees on how to use social media for professional purposes. (In She’s a member of SAS’s six-person social media team that just formed in 2014. We spoke with Alli about how companies can develop and harness employee social media activity and use social media to build their employer brand.

19 Deadly Social Media Sins Every Recruiter Needs to STOP Committing (FREE Download)

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Have you shied away from using Facebook’s Social Graph to search for candidates? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I’m afraid you, my friend, have committed a deadly social media sin – of which there are 19 in total. It’s down to a lack of education when it comes to how to use these amazing tools for finding and attracting talent. Have you ever searched for candidates using the top search bar on LinkedIn?

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing involves using social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates. Recruiters use social media sourcing to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use social recruiting to build a strategy that meets your hiring needs: Intro to social media recruitment: Analyzing the data.

Don’t Block My Social Media Access!

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Before we get too far down this road though, the purpose of this piece isn’t really to go into why companies should or should not block social media sites for their employees. I just wanted to bring you up to speed – and date – on who is using social media sties and how and for how long and how many of you are still blocking access. Well, maybe I am trying to make a case for not silencing your best brand advocates and losing the opportunity for education and ….

How we recruit millennial candidates via social media


As famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk said about social media: “Today, getting people to hear your story on social media, and then act on it, requires using a platform’s native language, paying attention to context, understanding the nuances and subtle differences that make each platform unique, and adapting your content to match.”. We decided to focus mostly on the field of education, and selected some extra indicators to ensure tech-savviness.

Social Media Recruiting for Small Businesses: 4 Tips to Get Started


If social networking isn’t part of your recruitment strategy , your small business may be missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with potential employees and failing to take advantage of an outlet that can cut down on recruiting costs. Luckily, with some thought and research, any small business owner can start building relationships on social media. Get familiar with the top social media platforms to become comfortable with their style and audience.

Boosting Your Employer Branding with Social Media


Recruiters are no strangers to social media. For candidate attraction , social media has become an essential channel. How crucial is it that your company invests in strengthening its employer brand on social media? Or perhaps you’re focused more on candidate attraction and use social media advertising or job boards to generate candidate applicants? The post Boosting Your Employer Branding with Social Media appeared first on Jobvite.

How Continuing Education Can Help You Evolve

BlueWave Resource Partners

I’m a huge fan of continuing your education. Whether you’re looking for your next job or you want to grow your team, there are plenty of options in continuing education to help you evolve personally and professionally.

Social Media Background Checks in the Energy Industry

Social Intelligence

Social media is no longer cutting-edge; it is mainstream. These days, social media is more pervasive than ever before, and its prevalence only continues to grow. If your company is running criminal background checks, they should consider running social media checks as well. We’ve spent the last few months discussing why social media background checks are a particularly good fit for the Healthcare , Law Enforcement , Finance , and Education industries.

Inbound Talent Marketing: 3 Key Functions of Social Media


In its informative article on the value of inbound talent marketing , mentions social media as crucial to attracting top-tier talent with an inbound marketing mentality. But just how can social media help you attract the best candidates for your open positions? The most obvious function of social media is as an ideal vehicle to distribute that content. Social media enables recruiters to educate candidates beyond the actual job.