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A Guide to Construction Employee Handbooks


Employee handbooks are a key human resources tool for any small business—and they’re not just for office environments. If you’re a builder or contractor managing a crew, you’re going to need a construction employee handbook to protect your business, your clients, and your workers. What is a construction employee handbook?

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From Policies to Protocols: How to Write a Restaurant Employee Handbook


Now, if you have a restaurant employee handbook, this first day would look a lot different. So, whether you have an existing handbook gathering dust somewhere or are making one from scratch, we’re here to help you make your handbook equal parts useful and entertaining—because it’s only helpful if your team actually reads it.


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Employee Handbook


From a code of conduct to benefits and perks to employment details, this employee handbook template has everything you need to start your own company policies. What is an employee handbook? An employee handbook is a document that communicates your company’s mission, policies and expectations. Workplace Policies. Code of Conduct.

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Employee Handbook Makeover: Revamping Your Handbook for the Modern Workforce

The HR Strategy Perspective

Discover the secrets to modernizing your employee handbook for today's workforce. Get expert tips and inspiration for an employee handbook makeover that aligns with current trends, promotes employee engagement, and fosters a positive work culture.

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Global Hiring Handbook: Onboard and Manage Talent in 20 Top Expansion Countries

Is a global hire on the horizon? From creating a compliant employment contract, to providing competitive benefits, to managing cross-culturally, this guidebook will help you get started with insight on how to onboard and manage talent in the top global markets.

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How To Write An Employee Handbook For A Small Business


While writing an employee handbook isn’t at the top of most small business owners’ lists, it’s an important step. Employee handbooks can be used to help new employees assimilate, answer questions, and deal with disputes.

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The hiring handbook: overcoming recruitment risks with pre-employment checks


The post The hiring handbook: overcoming recruitment risks with pre-employment checks appeared first on uCheck CRB Checks - Rapid, Trusted, Secure DBS Checks.

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Applied AI in Talent

This handbook looks at how AI is shaping the way we think about workforce planning and development at the highest levels, including: Rethinking the architecture of jobs to ignite innovation and meet your customers’ evolving expectations.