Get Ready for Gen Z – the Next Wave of Talent

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Jobvite’s latest survey of workers shows that career growth is the most important factor when looking for a new job, toppling even compensation. Move over, millennials. There’s a new kid in town.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – March 2015

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There was LOADS to talk about this month, so sit back, relax and soak in all the best bits: Top Blogs in March: A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram. How can Snapchat be used for recruiting? The answers to all your Instagram recruiting questions are right here!

Workers’ Job Hunting Habits in 2019, and What You Can Learn from Them

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Last year, I wrote about how recruiting had finally reached the tipping point : forcing recruiters to treat candidates more like customers and get more creative to find and engage new talent through social media and text messaging. Compensation takes a back seat to career growth.

Glassdoor Employer Branding Summit: Top 10 Talent Takeaways.

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In this session, attendees will learn how to empower employees to share their experiences on social media, the importance of employee referrals and how to localize your content to attract a wider talent pool. Recruiter Branding: The Newest Element of Your Employer Brand Strategy.

HR Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2020


Over the past few years, HR trends have shifted focus to creating a positive candidate experience, strengthening employer branding and embracing social recruitment. As recruitment marketing becomes the new norm in hiring strategy, a strong employer brand is even more essential.

There Will Be a Fierce War for Talent in the Next 12 Months, Jobvite’s First UK Social Recruitment Survey Shows


UK recruiters need more than monetary compensation to attract best talent. Recruitment professionals struggling to match hires to employer demand. Social recruiting is emerging as a recruitment imperative. These findings are revealed in Jobvite’s first ever UK Social Recruitment Survey , conducted by independent research firm RedShift Research. Recruiting is Getting Tougher. Social recruiting is the new frontier.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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All the signs were this model is working and we have product market fit. And the company it just signed a lease on a 25,000 square foot office in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighbourhood. 61% checked “social professional networks” (LinkedIn’s generic term for itself).

7 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Emerge this Week – 11th July 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Online Job Ads fall by 47% Post-Brexit. However, according to another new report from APSCo , while job postings for permanent roles had decreased by almost half, vacancies for temporary and contract roles has increased across the professional staffing market.

6 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: This is What Millennials Want From Their Job Hunt (Psst! For men; compensation, the company’s potential for innovation, and challenging work are their primary reasons for accepting a job. Liz Morgan, Head of Recruiting at LinkedIn.

31 must follow blogs for tech recruiters in 2016


Recruiting tech talents is a tough job. To recruit in IT field you need to adapt to new methods of recruiting and constantly try them out, to see what combination works and brings you the most and best candidates. Social recruiting. Recruiting the best programmers.

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Microsoft Buy LinkedIn for $26 BILLION. According to Nadella, it will redefine social selling. For recruiters, gaining access to the breadth of employees’ networks (for those who grant that access) could transform referral programs.

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

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Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. Jessica Summerfield, Social Media Specialist. Social Recruiting & Content . Do you use Pinterest or Instagram for recruiting?

The 5 Good, Bad & Surprising Recruitment News Stories this Week – 10th November 2014

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But unlike other social networks, which only allow you to connect with other users, Intro’s users can share their information with anyone, even if the person they’re sending it to DOESN’T have the app. LinkedIn’s Recruiter Corporate and Job Slots Price Increases.

Inbound Marketing for Recruiting: Making Candidates Care Enough To Click

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Recruiters, you know what I’m talking about. Of course, then you go to a search engine or social network , and you’re served up display ads from the exact same vendors you were shirking touting the exact same call to action you ignored in the first place. Meet Inbound Marketing.

The Real Talent Gap: Transparency, Authenticity and Recruiter Credibility.

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Recruiting isn’t rocket science. Recruiting, ultimately, all comes down to filling requisitions as cheaply and quickly as possible with the best talent you can both find and afford. Of course, recruiting is easier said than done. Because you’re not most recruiters.

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Network News: Putting Talent Networks To Work

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Think about how you read a resume in the 6 or so seconds the average recruiter spends determining whether or not to keep a candidate under consideration. Because today, recruiting isn’t about selling jobs, it’s about building relationships. It’s no secret that applying for jobs sucks.

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


This article is designed to help beginner recruiters better understand and utilize candidate experience best practices across the recruiting lifecycle. A candidate persona is a concept taken from other areas of business like sales, marketing, and engineering.

3 Ways to Turn Passive Candidates Into Active Ones


For a go-getting recruiter, passive candidates can be a source of frustration. Make Recruiting Social. Social recruiting is gaining momentum as a premiere way to find candidates who may not be actively searching for jobs. Forget about compensation for a moment.

Employer branding: important or illusion? The expert review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. Nowadays though, the way we market our companies to candidates is becoming increasingly important. Companies can relay their culture and values through blogging, webinars, and social media to name just a few.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Aimee Stone Munsell , Chief Marketing Officer at PeopleDoc Inc. Aimee (Heilbrunn) Schuster , Chief Marketing Officer at Miller Heiman Group. Allison Kruse , Director of Social Media | Employer Branding | Content Strategy | Talent Acquisition | Digital Strategy. Allie Kelly , Vice President of Marketing at JazzHR. Recruitment Advertising Network – Search Engines for Jobs. Ann Bares , Compensation Consultant. Maury Hanigan , Recruiting Strategist.

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How to design a fully functional hiring process in IT


66 out of 100 companies looking for people to join them make a mistake somewhere along the recruitment process. Recruitment + marketing = awesomeness squared. In order to hire great people, your recruitment process has to be scientific. Action plan: Delve into social.

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The Recruitment Process Checklist Every Recruiter Needs


To efficiently and effectively identify, assess and hire talent, companies are investing in recruitment operations strategies to streamline their recruiting efforts, improve hiring processes, and speed things up. A Start-to-Finish Recruitment Process Checklist.

The Evolution Of Recruiters: The Nature Of Hiring Has Changed


The seller’s market. If we consider the catbird seat that today’s candidates occupy, it’s fair to say we’re in the midst of a seller’s market. Realtors and recruiters in a seller’s market share certain traits: both match buyers and sellers, attempting to broker a deal that appeals to both parties, and both must constantly adjust to shifts in the market, where the pendulum of opportunity can swing from buyers to sellers suddenly. Part 1 of 2.

3 Things To Consider Before Committing To A Recruiting Event.

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” And if you’re a recruiting or sourcing professional, there sure are a ton of options out there; so many, in fact, that there seems to be a seasonal shift as event planners ramp up into full recruitment mode. 3 Things To Consider Before Committing To A Recruiting Event.

Employer Branding: Fad or Future? The Expert Review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. Nowadays though, the way we market our companies to candidates is becoming increasingly important. In this case, instead of reading reviews on Amazon, applicants are turning to social media and to websites like Glassdoor to get the real scoop on companies. Companies can relay their culture and values through blogging, webinars, and social media to name just a few.

37 best articles from 2015 on recruiting programmers and tech talents


As recruiting programmers is getting more and more challenging, IT recruiters want to stay up to date with all the valuable information that can help them in hiring best tech talents. Tips for IT recruiters. 7 tips for recruiting tech talent. Social tech recruiting.

What Recruiting and Marketing Have In Common


By Maren Hogan: I started my career in marketing. In fact, I never even considered recruitment until one day my father-in-law and husband decided they were going to start a recruiting firm and I was going to run sales. While that was 2008 (a very bad year to start a recruiting firm), I found that the world of talent acquisition really appealed to me. In fact, in both disciplines, I’ve found things I can apply to the other to make myself a better marketer and recruiter.

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Employer Brand: Breaking It Down In Order to Build It Up


What we see above are the indicators that make up the overall Twitter rating: cultures and values, work/life balance, senior management, compensation and benefits, and career opportunities. Social Presence. Uncategorized Candidate Experience Employer Brand Recruiting Strategies

TruLondon Conference, February 17-19

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TruLondon brings together in an informal conversational format the top minds in recruiting around the world today. A cutting edge, social media maven and newly minted entrepreneur, Ruettimann is a sought after speaker, writer and thought leader.