My BBC Film: How To Sell Your Skills Online

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Last year I was asked by the BBC to make a short film for BBC WebWise – their website for sharing different advice online. The director wanted me to explain to viewers how social media can help people better present themselves, to aid their job searching online.

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Five Tips for Your Social Recruiting Strategy

CKR Interactive

For the fifth year in a row, thousands of social media marketers and experts descended on San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World (SMMW), the largest social media conference in the world. That all sounds great, but what does this have to do with recruitment marketing? Below I’ll recap some of the awesome takeaways for SMMW17 and the related applications for recruitment. For recruitment: this part can seem overwhelming, so start small.

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The most powerful social recruiting technique of all


In the plethora of blog posts, white papers, conferences, webinars and hang outs about social recruiting, the focus and topics are always very similar. New tools, new ways of sourcing and vague unquantified references to engagement and "being social". There is a phrase for this, it''s called social proof. Corporate careers sites still seem to favour the staged managed people profiles that have been with us pretty much since online recruitment started.

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19 Easy DIY Video Tools to Boost Your Recruiting Content Strategy

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Social media posts with video get 1200% more shares than social media posts with just text and images, according to Responsive Inbound Marketing. This means that only big teams with big budgets can incorporate video as a key component of their Recruitment Marketing approach.

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7 of the Most Underrated Tools in Recruitment

Social Talent

But Notepad, simple as it may be, is actually an incredibly useful little tool for recruiters. And for more information on exactly how you should be writing Boolean strings in Notepad or TextEdit, see our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course. We’re recruiters.

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10 Answers to Your Burning Social, Boolean and Passive Questions

Social Talent

Recruiting is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving space, and I frequently receive questions about everything from Boolean searches to social sourcing and nurturing passive talent. What advice can you give for people using Dice’s Open Web social recruiting platform?

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7 Exciting Recruitment Happenings this Week – 7th September 2015

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After 10 million applications from 50 million job seeking visitors over the last decade, recruiting-technology-provider Jobvite has drawn some broad conclusions about numbers. Harrowing statistics like those are why TransTech Social is working to empower, educate and employ transgender people.

Always Be Closing Almost Never Works In Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

The film not only helped propel Alec Baldwin to fame (for better or for worse), but it forever solidified the archetype of the overly pushy, overly aggressive sales guy willing to stop at nothing to win a deal. The Medium Is Not the Recruiting Message.

8 Juicy Recruiting News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into – 9th March 2015

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It’s simple, it’s easy, it looks really cool and it has great recruitment potential! LinkedIn No Longer Supporting Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. Recruiters can contact the candidates they’re interested in talking to, interview them, and eventually, hire them.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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Perhaps most importantly, instead of dealing with a recruiter who’s just trying to fill a role to earn a commission, the candidates work with Hired Talent Advocates, and those advocates are judged based on the job seeker’s satisfaction. Social media recruiting.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Stories the Recruitment Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 24th August 2015

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Social media dynamos Instagram and Pinterest nearly doubled their users between 2012 and 2015 , according to a new study — and Pinterest is winning. based think tank, surveyed 1,907 adults this spring to learn about their social media habits. Recruiters Are “The Worst Bosses in the UK”.

8 Completely Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Week – 17th August 2015

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The results tell us which countries in 2014 had the most professional migrants in 2014 and the general direction in which they moved – potential indications of economic performance through 2015, but also useful information for recruiters trying to place candidates in the top 20 countries.

I Lost My Facebook Search Keys.

Recruiting Daily

Back in January 2013, Facebook launched one of the most awesome sourcing/recruiting tools of our time, better known as Graph Search. I feel you, Connery, because I found the cure for f **g sourcing and recruiting passive candidates , and now, it’s gone.

5 Ways HR And Recruiting Could Buck The Trend

Sirona Consulting

Each year we see different trends – it could be beards, hairstyles, clothes, music, TV shows, films etc. Social media and mobile are perfect examples – they are well and truly fixed in every aspect of our everyday lives , including the workplace.

6 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: This is What Millennials Want From Their Job Hunt (Psst! This is mainly because 1 out of every 5 women recruited into STEM roles will negotiate their salary, versus 5 out of 5 men. Liz Morgan, Head of Recruiting at LinkedIn.

Moments, Memories and Milestones from #SHRM13

Stacy Zapar

15,000 HR and Recruiting professionals descended upon the beautiful city of Chicago for several days of fun-filled learning and networking. Dorming with the gang at the SHRM Social House sponsored by Dice. Getting to see a live demo of Dice’s very cool Open Web recruiting tool.

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8 Fact-Filled Recruitment News Stories this Week – 14th December 2015

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In recruitment news this week: U.S. You can’t overlook the importance of social media in connecting with candidates and spreading the word about your opportunities. Interestingly, there’s not a huge difference in social media job activity between the 18-29 age group and the 30-49 group.

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10 Reasons Why There Is a Disconnect On LinkedIn Between Recruiters and Candidates

Sirona Consulting

Why do so many recruiters make wrong assumptions with regards to prospective candidates when they use LinkedIn? Let me explain and you will understand what I mean when I say there are 10 reasons why there is a disconnect on LinkedIn between recruiters and candidates.

Recruiting on Instagram: 4 Companies Crushing It

Glassdoor for Employers

Using social media for recruiting purposes goes way beyond LinkedIn. recruiters used LinkedIn for social recruiting purposes last year, just 40 percent of job seekers did. And then there are the companies recruiting on Instagram.

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Applying Your Recruitment Superpowers To Real Life

The Whiteboard

Every time I browse through Netflix nowadays there seems to be another film or TV series about seemingly normal people discovering they have hitherto undiscovered superpowers. After a few years in recruitment many of you will have developed superpowers of your own too.

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Billy Beane to Keynote The Recruiting Automation Summit


But despite all the noise around talent acquisition, hiring and the talent wars, no single event focuses on the nexus of artificial intelligence, machine learning and recruiting. What Does Baseball Have to do With Recruiting? Why Attend the Recruiting Automation Summit.

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The Stories Countdown: The Best Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Content of 2018

Stories Incorporated

Because of this, every project takes on a life and story of its own and contributes to our growth as recruitment marketers. That’s why we picked our favorite stories from 2018 and broke down exactly what makes each piece great recruitment marketing content. Need a social media graphic?

Recruiting Automation Summit Sessions Not to Miss


We’re counting down the days until The Recruiting Automation Summit begins. A day packed with great speakers, actionable insights and an opportunity to meet some of the most progressive people in the recruiting space is less than two weeks away!

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9 Important Life Lessons. Learned at a Conference?

Stacy Zapar

I was fortunate enough to present at TalentNet that year, a social recruiting conference held during SXSWi. First off, I got to meet about 150 of my biggest recruiting idols. Whether you love gadgets, gaming, social media, recruiting, film, music, etc.,

5 Totally Achievable Hiring Resolutions for the New Year


Leverage the power of social. Social recruiting was a ubiquitous topic of conversation last year, and it’s not going away this year. Social recruiting isn’t a trend. Talent communities are another type of social recruiting. Lose weight.

How to: Get the Most out of Your LinkedIn Company Page

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As you can see, we used the space to promote our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course by asking visitors whether or not they are a Sourcing Ninja yet and incorporating our Sourcing Ninja hashtag along with our very own Sourcing Ninja character; Hiroto.

Engaging a Talent Pipeline Post Hiring Events


If you recruit at campus career fairs, diversity conferences and professional hiring events, you should already have a talent pipeline. Katrina Collier, an expert in social recruiting and candidate engagement , says providing useful content is an effective way to nurture a pipeline. Tailor recruitment marketing content to the most-requested topics to increase candidate interaction with your brand. Update Your Recruitment Marketing Presence With Video.

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How to: Use SnapChat for Recruitment

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It’s been almost a year since I wrote our first recruiter’s guide to SnapChat in an effort to make the platform a little less daunting for wary recruiting professionals. Back then, the site was very much unknown territory for recruiters. Win-win recruiters!

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Network News: Putting Talent Networks To Work

Recruiting Daily

Think about how you read a resume in the 6 or so seconds the average recruiter spends determining whether or not to keep a candidate under consideration. UX is the difference between a mainframe and a Mac, the same difference between splicing 8 MM film and uploading stuff to Vine and YouTube.

TruLondon Conference, February 17-19

Staffing Talk

TruLondon brings together in an informal conversational format the top minds in recruiting around the world today. A cutting edge, social media maven and newly minted entrepreneur, Ruettimann is a sought after speaker, writer and thought leader.

7 Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 22nd August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: These are the BIGGEST Job Turn-Offs for UK Professionals. Interestingly, the recruitment process itself appears to be a make-or-break factor for candidates, with; 20% confessing that they’d be put off by unclear job descriptions. VOTE FOR SOCIAL TALENT!

11 Inspirational Recruitment News Stories this Week – 22nd February 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Connectifier Valued at $100 Million In LinkedIn Acquisition. Why Women May Shun the Recruitment Industry. The statement comes after the news that from 2018, recruitment companies with more than 250 people will have to reveal their gender pay gap.

BUMPER EDITION: 13 Totally Unmissable Recruitment News Stories Unfolding this Week – 15th February 2016

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In recruitment news this week: UK Government Announcement to Affect Running of All Large Recruitment Firms. From 2018, recruitment firms with over 250 people will have to reveal their gender pay gap. Over 5,000 Recruitment Agencies Started in 2015.