Fashion Copywriter job description


Use this Fashion Copywriter job description template to advertise your job posts on careers pages and job boards. Fashion Copywriter responsibilities include: Writing, editing and publishing articles about fashion. The post Fashion Copywriter job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. Presenting new products (e.g. outfits, accessories and makeup items). Researching latest trends and audience preferences.

3 Reasons Ethical Fashion Is An Even Bigger Trend Than Organic Food

Fistful of Talent

Fast food and fast fashion are out. Here's why ethical clothes are a key trend for a new generation of consumers. The Future


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Fashion Faux Pas: Funkyzeit Mit HR

Snark Attack

OpEd candidate experience fashion HR Recruiting Social Media worthless content If you’ve seen me at a conference, this is going to be hard to imagine. But when I was immersed in the world of Fortune 50 HR departments, the professional equivalent of a home ec class, I thought the best way to fit into a world where I was an obvious interloper was by simply […].

How the 3 Best Fashion Luxury Brands Activate Their Employer Brand

Undercover Recruiter

Three massive fashion luxury brands. Louis Vuitton The fashion house and luxury retail. How the 3 Best Fashion Luxury Brands Activate Their Employer Brand Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Burberry careers page Chanel Employer Brand Employer Branding Fashion brands Louis Vuitton Social MediaWe’ve all heard of them: Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel. Three huge consumer brands. But what about their employer brand?

Cracking the Career Development Code

Speaker: Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want

It’s 2020 and it’s time to crack the code on career development. Julie Winkle Giulioni, leadership and career consultant, will share her findings from decades of field research. She’ll deconstruct effective career development, offering a practical framework that makes it more doable and durable by identifying and assessing the skills gaps in your workforce.

Strike A Pose: The Top Roles In Fashion Recruiting Right Now

Social Talent

Think the fashion industry is an impenetrable fortress? Indeed, has identified potential employers and roles for those inspired by the glitz and glamour of 2018’s London Fashion Week. Meanwhile, for those who are keen on a career in fashion but don’t know where to start, Indeed has compiled a list of entry-level jobs and typical salaries, which range between £17,218 and £41,163. Fashion Model. Fashion PR Assistant.

When Fashion Strikes, Will You Hire?

Staffing Talk

What “looking one’s best” means is up for debate, especially among the extreme fashion-conscious. Here are a few of the latest fashion trends that could get a recruit hired – or not. The jury is still out on these from a fashion standpoint. According to Fashion Fame, this is the nail polish every woman would like to try at least once. These days, job seekers should know that you have to look your absolute best for a job interview.

Ample Scope in Fashion Designer Jobs in India

Recruiting Blogs

In India, there is a good scope of growth in fashion designer jobs because of the significant growth of India’s fashion industry, apparel industry, including a tremendous growth of the media and entertainment industry. Fashion designers jobs are available in apparel companies, wholesale or manufacturing establishments, theater and media companies, film industry, retailers, and in design firms. What are different fashion designer jobs?

Want a career in fashion? Here are your options

Recruiting Blogs

Interested in pursuing a career in fashion once you’ve completed education? From a career in fashion-related finance, to discovering a role in communications, the opportunities are varied. A garment technologist is a role that you might not have considered, yet its highly important in the fashion world. This role is largely about quality control and investigative work with regards to the materials that are used to create fashion pieces. . . Fashion illustrators .

What Does the Future of Shopping Hold in the Fashion Industry?

Recruiting Blogs

Although many new shopping trends are a direct result of COVID-19 and brands adapting to life in lockdown, countless changes in the fashion industry were already underway. With this dynamic shift to online shopping and exciting technological innovations becoming available to brands all the time, the world of fashion and e-commerce is evolving and adapting at an impressive rate. So, it appears that the fashion world is certainly heading in the right direction!

Fashion Forward and Hiring Trends

Recruiting Daily

Fear of side pony-tails, daisy dukes and other fashion trends of the 80’s and 90’s that leave us feeling like a spectacle or some character from an “old” movie. We quickly try to explain to our children using standard phrases like “that was the fashion at the time” and “we were cool!” Which, by the way has already been fashionable at one point in my lifetime (see Nirvana era). Fashion Forward.

How to get a career in fashion after education

Recruiting Blogs

You’re almost finished studying and are already thinking about a career in the fashion industry. From a career in fashion-related finance, to discovering a role in communications, the opportunities are varied. Retailers of men’s dress shirts , CT Shirts, take a look at what’s out there, considering some careers you mightn’t have thought of: Becoming a fashion journalist. Believe it or not, this is another popular role in the fashion industry.

Shinesty: Building a Company on Outrageous Fashion in Boulder, Colorado | Chris White


Today we are joined Chris White, CEO and Co-founder of Shinesty , a company that creates outrageous clothing for theme parties, costume parties, and general ridiculousness. Throughout law school, Chris found himself selling apparel for fraternities and discovered that the more ridiculous the shirt- the better it sold. As school continued, Chris was given some advice: To be successful, you should be doing something that you’re good at and that crosses over with something you love.

Fashion Blog

Staffing Talk

These photos by the fashion blogger make me do that. I'm always on the lookout for people that make me think different. Dig that purse

Makeup Tutorials: Now in VR via NYX and Samsung Gear VR


News Beauty Cosmetics VR Fashion Fashion VR Makeup VR NYX VR Samsung Gear VRShop for makeup like never before with this team up from NYX and Samsung Gear VR. If you are one of millions of subscribers who rely on beauty vloggers for product reviews, tutorials, and the latest and greatest contour techniques, you’re in luck.

Fashion-Minded Photographs

Staffing Talk

I enjoy the fashion blogs , but none of them can keep up with the artistic sense of my brother Doug's online photo gallery. He will be doing a montage of his favorite photographs for Tempworks in the coming weeks. You can buy his pictures too here

A look into shopping habits – what impact is fast fashion having?

Recruiting Blogs

Although a bargain may look attractive – the environment is one to certainly suffer from such trends described as ‘fast fashion’. This isn’t the only thing to suffer as a result of fast fashion however. In fact, your wallet actually suffers for fast-fashion. How costly is fast fashion? . As previously mentioned, the cost of fast fashion can also extend to your own finances. This leads on to the durability of fast fashion.

Vision Is Back In Fashion, Beware!

Staffing Talk

During the market crash a few years back, vision became a dirty word. Anyone claiming to have a vision for anything became suspect for having zero execution and negative income. Tactics, the short term ability to get stuff done and make money, ruled the day. Now that the market has revived, vision has regained its glory. Beware! In particular, beware technology vendors that are long on vision and short on a plan to get you there.

Dress For Success – Interview Outfits


Interview Advice Jobseekers fashion interview advice jobseekersA big part of getting the job is making a good first impression, and a big part of doing that is deciding what to wear. We have put together some of our favorite smart wear finds from NEXT that are perfect for your interview and bound to make a great impression. For The Panel Interview. For her. Black/Grey Texture Ponte Single Breasted Jacket €31. Perfect Shirt €37. Point Toe Cap Ballerinas €35. For him.

What To Wear To The Office This Summer


Give your workwear a fashionable twist with this sleeveless top from V by Very. Employers HR fashion office outfits style summer workwearWith the recent heatwave, we have been having deciding what to wear to work in this billion degrees temperature has become a challenge. Trying to be master of your career alongside the ton of the everyday responsibilities, you want to look chic and fabulous every day without putting in too much effort but still remain professional.

Wanderer: Fashion for the Free-Spirited Woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico | Ashley Arabian


On this episode of Small Business War Stories, we are joined by Ashley Arabian, founder of Wanderer , a boutique and apothecary originally based out of in Taos, New Mexico. Ashley describes Wanderer as a boutique for the free-spirited woman, carrying jewelry, handbags, candles, trendy bohemian clothing, and more. In her own life, Ashley found herself drawn to jobs that were less career-based, always working in food and beverage.

Inclusivity Is More Than Just a Buzzword; It Is the Future of a Healthy Global Economy

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

Increasing representation of South Asian culture in global entertainment, fashion and art should be emblematic of how we all do business. News and Trends

CareerBuilder Is ‘An Absolute S**t-Show Right Now’


Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. fashion. Fashion magazine. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. fashion. Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. Fashion magazine. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. fashion. Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion.

Meet Johnny Campbell, the First of the ‘Career Life Stories’ on ERE


Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. fashion. Fashion magazine. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. fashion. Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. Fashion magazine. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion. fashion. Street fashion. Fashion show. fashion. Street fashion. fashion.

Five Qualities Of Great Leaders In Uncertain Times

Forbes Human Resources Council

True leaders are fashioned in times of crisis. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy leadership

When Being Too ‘Creative’ With Your Resume Can Work Against You

The Execu|Search Group

Keep reading to learn from two of The Execu|Search Group’s seasoned account executives about some of the dos and don’ts of putting together your resume: Julie Maurer, Senior Account Executive – Fashion & Retail. Career + Job Search Resume & Interview Tips Creative fashion and retail resume tipsAs a creative professional, your resume and portfolio can ultimately determine if you get invited in for an interview. Too often, candidates pursuing creative roles (i.e.,

Is Proactive Hiring More Than A Mindset?


This report from Aberdeen Group uncovers if there is a way to hone in on quality talent without reverting to old-fashioned, reactive hiring

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Chairs From Team Meetings


Do standing meetings help teams accomplish more, or are they a corporate fad to accompany the latest set of fashionable buzzwords? Building Culture Leading People Startups

The Value Of A Personal Touch: Six Tips For A Successful Thank-You Note

Forbes Human Resources Council

Old-fashioned, personal touches can make a big difference when it comes to closing on the right candidate

Dating a Coworker: HR Policy Best Practices for Office Romances

HR Technologist - RB

How can HR deal with workplace romances in a structured fashion? When employees start dating a coworker, the situation can end up in many ways. Here are our tips. Culture

Surviving a Career Crisis: Lessons from the Trenches


The CEO of FORNASH, a fashion accessory company, Stephanie Fornash's business has all but dried up right now. When I checked in to see how she was faring, turns out she's helping with the crisis. When you've already had your career obliterated by the economy before, you have some great advice

Mark Tortorici Discusses Sourcing Challenges in 2017

ERE SourceCon

In typical Tortorici fashion, he lays down the truth about the mythical quick wins versus hard work. It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with sourcing guru and trainer Mark Tortorici about the challenges and obstacles many recruiters and sourcers alike will see this year. Sourcing Talent Acquisition Uncategorized Featured

Back to the Basics – Thinking in Variations by @MatthewJLeBlanc

ERE SourceCon

Many moons ago I was listening to a presentation by Glen Cathey and the key take-a-ways was the notion of thinking in variations and the possibilities it presented when coupled with some good old fashioned Boolean. Sourcing Featured

Promoting Within: An Often Overlooked Strategy You Need to Implement

Glassdoor for Employers

Promoting within is out of fashion. Promoting within is often overlooked by managers and company leaders, and yet one I highly recommend. Industry Trends Talent Acquisition Executive Feature Promotions Recruiting Strategies

Hitting Refresh: The Secret to Email Outreach Success

Recruiting Daily

A time when if you wanted to reach someone, you had four or five options: a phone call, a page, fax, snail mail or a good old fashioned, in-person drop by. Gather round the campfire, kiddos, and let me tell you about a time, not too long ago, before email took over. That’s right; […]. Blog Posts Featured News Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Sourcing

Break the Student Barrier: Solving the 1 Percent Problem

Recruiting Daily

This is true of diversity in every space from tech to construction or indeed inclusion from fashion to entertainment and pay disparity from legal […]. If we’re being honest: every industry has its issues. Those unique, deep-seated challenges that seem nearly impossible to uproot, no matter which way the disruptors and agitators approach the problem.

Photoshoot Stylist job description


This Photoshoot Stylist job description template lists core skills and job duties for stylists working at fashion houses, magazines or in retail stores. Picking fashionable outfits, shoes and accessories. Photoshoot Stylist responsibilities include: Creating unique looks from head to toe. Coordinating with photographers, models and hair and makeup artists for specific projects.

Digital Literacy: Patching the Gaps in American Workforce

HR Technologist - RB

It’s already happening in a piecemeal fashion. IT systems training is badly needed. But broader instruction in digital literacy will be required to address a growing shortage of qualified workers, writes Gary Malhotra, VP of Product Marketing, Whatfix. Learning & Development

Interviewing Sourcers – Hire The Person, Not The Skill

ERE SourceCon

I have gone back and forth on this debate, teetering between choosing technology expertise and industry experience, or choosing good old fashioned passion and drive (assuming you can’t have both). You’ve just completed your interviews, and now it’s time to decide. Which candidate do you hire as the new sourcer for your team?

4 Questions to Ask Before Bringing Peer Reviews to Your Organization


It has become very fashionable to talk about annual performance reviews as an antiquated practice, too outdated and infrequent to be of any value to employees or organizations today. It must be clarified, however, that performance reviews themselves are not inherently ineffective. It is only when they are executed improperly that they fail to support employee performance in meaningful ways. Indeed, performance must be understood as an ongoing practice.