Talent Analytics 101: How to Interpret Your Data in 2018

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Employee Engagement Employer Branding Featured Talent Acquisition Candidate Experience Employer Brand Glassdoor Reviews Recruiting talent analyticsWhat’s your cost-per-hire? As of 2015, the average cost-per-hire for American employers was $4,000.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Talent Analytics?

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In an age of big data, more and more companies are ramping their analytics teams. Featured Talent Acquisition HR Metrics Recruiting talent analytics talent analytics for dummies

Glassdoor Power Panel: A Deep Dive Into Talent Analytics

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We just launched our third Dummies book, Talent Analytics For Dummies, which means we have talent analytics on the brain. Featured News and Events Talent Acquisition Glassdoor glassdoor power panel Hiring Recruiting Talent talent analytics

How Ascena Built a Custom-Fit Approach to Talent Acquisition


This approach that takes both brand identity and corporate strategy into account extends to the firm’s approach to talent acquisition. As Illsley said, “Across those six brands we still have one [talent acquisition] system.

The Current State of Talent Acquisition at ERE's Fall Conference

Proactive Talent

The theme this year, “Transform Your TA Department, Transform Your Business,” speaks volumes as to the current state of talent acquisition and why I started Proactive Talent Strategies. In the past decade or so, the role of a talent acquisition leader has evolved from your traditional butts-in-seats focus to someone now in charge of building an external employer brand and being a true business partner to business leaders.

Introducing: Talent Analytics For Dummies, Glassdoor Special Edition

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employer spends about $4,000 and 52 days to hire a new worker (Bersin by Deloitte Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015). If you’re in HR, recruiting or talent acquisition, do you know your own organizational cost-per-hire (CPH) and time-to-hire by department, title or recruitment channel? The case for talent analytics. In short, talent analytics can help inform your recruiting efforts. At last check, the average U.S.

Creating a candidate-focused talent acquisition strategy


Creating a candidate-focused talent acquisition strategy. At the 2016 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in Boston Seaport, Mass., as they cover topics and trends from building candidate pools to creating great candidate experiences to improving talent analytics.

Using Recruitment and Talent Analytics to Transform Performance #RecHangout


However, this was a really great #RecHangout during which our guests delved into using recruitment and talent analytics to transform performance in a lot of depth. Continue reading: Using Recruitment and Talent Analytics to Transform Performance #RecHangout.

Case Study: How Hershey Used Talent Analytics to Target Recruiting Spend & Maximize ROI

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Case Study case study recruiting talent acquisition Talent AnalyticsHershey is a well-known household brand globally known for bringing goodness to the world through its chocolate, sweets, mints and other great-tasting snacks. With its approximately 21,000 employees around the world, and more than 80 brands, Hershey drives more than $7.4 billion in annual revenues. Although Hershey is recognized as a large global brand, Read More.

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8 Recruitment Metrics to Optimize How You Hire

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Talent Acquisition analytics Candidate Experience Recruiting recruiting metrics talent analyticsIn September 2015, Rob McIntosh of ERE Media put together a phenomenal, comprehensive list of 19 trackable recruitment metrics. He explains that prior to.

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How To Calculate Your Cost-Per-Hire

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Cost-per-hire is arguably the most important metric for talent analytics. Talent Acquisition calculating cost-per-hire Cost Per Hire Glassdoor source of hire talent analytics talent analytics for dummies

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Oldie but Goodie: The Time for Talent Analytics in Recruitment is NOW


Talent Analytics is one of the biggest trends in today’s HR. And while I could write more about this, I think it’s a better use of our time to point to Josh Bersin’s great article before we begin, “Big Data in Human Resources, Talent Analytics Come to Age”.

Top 5 Talent Acquisition Metrics CEOs Love


Understanding the strategic mindset of your CEO can take the success of your talent acquisition initiatives to another level. But 51% have no formal analytics plans in place. 40% say they don’t have the resources to discover sound talent analytics.

5 Vanity Metrics Recruiters Should Look Beyond

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In the past, recruiters relied on their intuition to strategize and hire top talent. Hiring & Recruiting Data Recruiting recruiting metrics Talent Acquisition talent analyticsBut, today’s recruiters find themselves in a highly.

Jobvite & IDC: Jumpstart Your Talent Analytics


The world is rapidly changing, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Talent Acquisition, which is evolving from a cost center to highly impactful business driver. In fact, organizations with highly optimized, highly competitive recruiting functions are doing so by leveraging talent analytics. What are Talent Analytics? But first, what do we mean by talent analytics? The Value of Talent Analytics. Reporting and Analytics

PageUp and SkillSurvey Announce Product Partnership to Help Talent Acquisition Professionals Select and Hire the Best Candidates


News hiring trends news coverage reference checking staffing and recruiting talent analyticsPageUp has integrated with SkillSurvey Reference, allowing joint customers to streamline and improve the recruitment process.

Reduce Hiring Mistakes With the Right Metrics


Learn more about IBM Talent Acquisition Suite. Featured Carousel Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics recruitment talent talent acquisition talent analyticsHiring the wrong person can be a very expensive mistake.

Loblaw Shares Culture Journey at IBM HR Summit


At the IBM HR Summit in Boston last week, Fran Hansen, Vice President of Talent at Loblaw Companies, shared the company’s culture journey after it acquired Shoppers Drug Mart in March 2014. Events Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics IBM HR Summit talent acquisition talent analytics

Drawing Out Cognitive HR: Spotlight on IBM InterConnect Artist Tanya Gadsby


Gadsby will be on hand at IBM InterConnect 2017 from March 20-23 to create full-scale illustrations at the IBM Talent Management booth based on the future of talent acquisition. How will it help to recruit and engage talent?

The White Glove Treatment: Treating Candidates and Employees as Consumers


In terms of my own career path, I’ve recognized a few “if-only’s” that were common themes during InterConnect sessions featuring Watson Talent: If only analytics had powered the recruiting process.
. What’s your definition of employee experience?

Predictive Talent Analytics Lives up to the Hype


Using predictive analytics early in the recruitment process to identify performance and tenure potential has significant implications for the talent acquisition industry.

IBM Kenexa I-Os and AI Set Up Shop at SIOP 2017.


Millennial talent. Employee Engagement Featured Carousel Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics employee engagement recruitment marketing SIOP talent acquisition talent analyticsIBM I-O psychologists are taking a break from training Watson to attend SIOP 2017 later this month (25-29 April 2017, Orlando, Florida).

Winning Support for Talent Frameworks at Sprint


Companies have always made it a priority to find and keep people with the right talents, and yet, almost all are still plagued with skills gaps. New technologies can increase these gaps as the workforce needs to stay up to speed on mobile, social, cloud, analytics and now cognitive.

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Explore the Future of Talent Management at IBM InterConnect 2017


Most people might not associate “ingenuity” with HR, but at no time in history has it been more important for new thinking in the way we approach talent management. Here is a quick guide to the must-see talent management sessions at IBM InterConnect 2017: IBM Watson Talent Sessions.

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Spotlight: How Well Does Your Technology Stack Support Your Talent Acquisition Needs?


Your talent acquisition technology stack will likely need to incorporate new technologies to stay competitive. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire all industries assessments candidate experience diversity hiring managers hiring trends reference checking staffing and recruiting talent analytics

5 Recruiting Challenges for 2015

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Finding talented needles in a haystack is becoming harder and harder. So how do you find quality talent today and stand out from the competition? What analytics should you look at to measure success? Analytics Checklist: Cost-per-hire.

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Benchmarking Talent Acquisition: Increasing Spend, Cost Per Hire, and Time to Fill


I’m excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015: Benchmarks and Trends in Spending, Staffing, and Key Recruiting Metrics was published today.[1] 1] This research report is particularly timely for contemporary Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders. With the job market continuing its recovery, TA leaders are applying a laser-focus on how they attract and engage […].

UK Ministry of Defense Digs Deep to Discover Hidden Cyber Talent


Continue reading UK Ministry of Defense Digs Deep to Discover Hidden Cyber Talent. Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics talent acquisition talent analytics workforce analytics

IBM Kenexa I-Os and AI Set Up Shop at SIOP 2017.


Millennial talent. appeared first on IBM Watson Talent. Employee Engagement Featured Carousel Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics employee engagement recruitment marketing SIOP talent acquisition talent analytics

Candidate Experience Goes Beyond the Right Hire


In sum, candidate experience could impact talent attraction, organizational reputation and even sales. Featured Carousel Talent Acquisition Talent Analytics employee experience recruitment marketing talent acquisition

The 3 Hottest Trends That Will Impact Recruiters in 2018

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Effective talent acquisition and recruitment often top the list of priorities for organizations as they move into a New Year, and 2018 is no exception.

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How Building Out a Talent Analytics Function Saved LinkedIn Recruiting Considerable Time and Money

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As a result, the Talent Acquisition team was under intense pressure to source better and faster. That’s when Talent Acquisition decided it was going to have to get more analytical to stay ahead and engaged our newly formed Talent Analytics team.

EIU/SHRM Foundation Report: Use of Workforce Analytics Increases


The use and influence of workforce analytics, also known as “big data” is experiencing a transformative revolution. Its growing impact on the future composition of the workforce, HR and talent management, and overall business strategy will be inevitable during the next five to 10 years.

Join us at HR Summit Toronto on May 10th to Power Up HR!


Talent & Leadership. Cognitive Analytics. And, of course, the real trick is realizing that all of these critical initiatives go hand-in-hand, every day, across the enterprise, as CHROs and their teams of professionals work to acquire, grow, and retain top talent. We’re gathering HR executives from leading companies across Canada – including IBM itself – and industry-recognized thought leaders who are coming to share the latest and greatest in talent management.

Guest Jennifer McClure Kicks off New Talent Management Podcast Series


In the inaugural episode of the Trends in Talent Management Podcast, Jennifer McClure, President of Unbridled Talent and CEO of DisruptHR, looked into the future of HR—and that future looks cognitive. The good news for talent management leaders in any industry is that cognitive solutions are able to help with all of their most pressing needs. To learn more about how Watson Talent is transforming HR, click here.