6 Recruitment Lessons We Can Learn from Olympic Sports


The post 6 Recruitment Lessons We Can Learn from Olympic Sports appeared first on Recruitment Juice. Between athletes’ availability challenges and qualification requirements, managing the national Olympics team is much like a business recruitment process.

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What Recruiters Can Learn From College Sports

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The post What Recruiters Can Learn From College Sports appeared first on TalentCulture. recruiting recruiting sportsSeveral years ago, I was a coach for the Loyola University Maryland women’s basketball team. We were underdogs in the NCAA Tournament, playing an acclaimed Virginia team. There were just a few seconds left in the game. We had the ball and the opportunity to advance to the next round. We huddled together as a team and drew up what was sure to be a game-winning play.


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HR Is Not a Spectator Sport

Recruiting Daily Advisor

This is not a spectator sport at all. The post HR Is Not a Spectator Sport appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. For many, the paths employees walk in an organization often seem undirected.

Triumph and Disaster: How Recruiting Mimics Sport

The Whiteboard

I’m often reminded of the close ties between the roller coaster world of recruiting to the giddy, emotion-laden world of professional sport. The ups and downs of running a recruitment desk and steering a recruitment business through the choppy waters of business appear, to me, tightly woven with the same triumphs and tragedies played out on the fields of play in all competitive sports. Recruitment Agency Competition Sport

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Why Self-Esteem Is Critical to Successful Leadership

Low self-esteem is even seen in sports and physical appearance. I was at the ACE conference hosted by Achievers in San Francisco a few years ago, and the keynote speaker was Dan Harris , a correspondent for ABC News, an anchor for Nightline and co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America and author of the book, 10% Happier. I didn’t know much about Dan except for the title of his book, and I had seen him on the news.

GameChanger’s Anna Nickel On Why (and How) She’s Making Space for More Women in Sports Tech


I am where I am because of the people that have done that for me,” says the Softball Market Manager at youth sports platform GameChanger. Anna studied business in college and worked in her school’s sports marketing department. Sports. Anna Nickel has a lot of respect for coaches.

Hiring Great Is A Team Sport


Treat hiring like a team sport because in the end, hiring right means everyone wins. When it comes to filling open positions, the relationship between hiring managers and HR is equal parts exhilaration and exasperation. Hiring managers want the best people available and they want them identified, screened, interviewed and hired yesterday. Meanwhile, HR is hard at work posting the position, sorting through resumes, and setting up interviews.

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Professional Sports Give Us a Look into the Future of Selection

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Professional sports give us a great perspective on the future of selection. The UEFA European Championship (soccer) is currently underway. Contenders like Spain, Germany and Belgium have AI assistance based on performance data to help them with their starting eleven.

Watching Sports Will Never Be the Same, Thanks to This Company’s Revolutionary Technology

The Muse

WIth Intel’s new True View technology, sports fans can experience game highlights as if they were right on the field. Here's what it's like to work on the team making it happen. Exploring Careers

Why Performance Management is a Team Sport

Namely - Talent

As HR professionals who closely follow performance management trends, one of the biggest questions is: “What comes first when deciding on the right performance management approach for my company? Is it the practice (i.e. what to do), or the tool (i.e. how to do it)? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Most of us are still in the process of determining the best solution for our company, with its particular culture and talent pool. Talent Performance Management

Pro Sports and Payroll: How Are Athletes Taxed?

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It’s game day. The wings are hot, the beer is cold, and mom’s seven layer dip is on point. While your friends are agonizing over the score, the payroll professional in you can’t stop thinking, “How is the away team taxed?” Come on, I know that's going through your mind. Payroll Taxes

Sports Are Back, But Is School? Navigating School Reopening Options with Employee Leave

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It has live sports, and, well, finally, so do we. Beginning in late July and early August, major American sporting leagues began their return to action, including the MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS. The post Sports Are Back, But Is School?

Get Your Head In The Game: 7 #Motivation Tips Inspired By Sports Teams

Undercover Recruiter

Get Your Head In The Game: 7 #Motivation Tips Inspired By Sports Teams. Career Management Career Motivation Sports Sportsmanship teamWhat does it really mean to have a motivated team? Is it about passion? Is it about teamwork? Is it purely about productivity? The truth is, it’s a combination of all these factors that creates a strong and highly motivated team. If you’re lacking examples of how to kick start your team, why not analyse. View Article.

Spotting sporting talent–Art or science?


Spotting sporting talent–Art or science? A couple of ‘experts’ (ex-players and sports presenters) were discussing how to spot talent in the sport. A successful Talent Scout had just been interviewed and had mentioned a course he was involved in to train others in how to spot potential sporting excellence. There is so much data around sport today, that you would think it would be at the forefront of the science around talent.

Why You Should Be Recruiting Ex-Sports Professionals.

BroadBean Technology

And sports professionals and elite athletes have them all built-in; at world-class, Olympic, gold standard levels. That’s why LAPS exists – to give businesses an advantage by recruiting people innately predisposed for success, and sportspeople a focus after sport to direct their passion and energy. Resilience. Determination. Teamwork. Confidence. Drive. Motivation. Focus. Tenacity. Courage. Leadership. Passion. Sacrifice. Energy. Results-orientation. Self-belief. Being coachable.

What If Your Employee Salaries Looked More Like Sports Contracts?

Staffing Talk

And you can call me a nut all you want, but there’s probably a thing or two to learn from making employee salaries look more like sports contracts. Every clause, option, and consideration in modern sports contracts materialized for a reason. In the rest of this article, I’ll cover roughly a dozen sports contract concepts that may have some translation to the rest of the business world. The sports world deals with it all the time.

Nurse Recruitment: A Contact Sport


Nurse recruitment is a contact sport, and those that master the intricacies of personalization will emerge the winners. The post Nurse Recruitment: A Contact Sport appeared first on Jobvite. In recruiting parlance, openings for nurses are considered “evergreen” positions – positions for which there are always openings, and there will always be an ongoing need.

Nurse Recruitment: A Contact Sport


Nurse recruitment is a contact sport, and those that master the intricacies of personalization will emerge the winners. In recruiting parlance, openings for nurses are considered “evergreen” positions – positions for which there are always openings, and there will always be an ongoing need. Whether it is a hospital, an outpatient clinic, an ambulatory surgical center, a home health agency or a physician’s office, there is, and will continue to be, the need for nurses.

Contender or Pretender? Identifying Both in Sports and at Work

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It’s a recurring segment in sports media, and a fun talking point amongst fans, where the debate is whether a team is “for real,” particularly early in the season. Obviously, in sports, there are always upsets and surprises, but the more information you compile the more accurately you are able to predict who will be the top teams heading into the playoffs at the end of a grueling regular season. Identifying Both in Sports and at Work appeared first on Recruiting Daily Advisor.

NBA Now shows how Gamevil wants to dunk into the mobile sports game market


Mobile developer and publisher Gamevil hopes the market has room for a basketball game that isn’t coming from 2K Sports or EA Sports. It shows a growing interest in sports games from Gamevil, joining MLB Perfect Innings 2019. Data from mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower shows why Gamevil is interested in getting into hoops and sports games in general. The post NBA Now shows how Gamevil wants to dunk into the mobile sports game market appeared first on TAtech.

Top Staffing Jobs Of The Week: The Sports Industry

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As a sports fan, what could be better than direct access to the industry? In sports HR and recruiting, you’re doing the second-most important part – overseeing those who keep a booming industry functioning. These five jobs put you with the big-time national sports organizations. Nothing is a greater liaison between two countries than sports. Industry cycling industry NASCAR NBA sports HR jobs sports staffing jobs Top Staffing Jobs top staffing jobs of week U.S.

Nurse Recruitment: A Contact Sport


In recruiting parlance, openings for nurses are considered “evergreen” positions – positions for which there are always openings, and there will always be an ongoing need. Whether it is a hospital, an outpatient clinic, an … Continued. Recruiting Process

Time to Tackle Branding: How a Pro Sports Team Kicks Goals on Social Media

Undercover Recruiter

Time to Tackle Branding: How a Pro Sports Team Kicks Goals on Social Media. How do you create amazing content to engage a global audience that’s full of completely unique individuals, with different interests, ages and locations? Each and every brand and company will have its own set of challenges… but as they say, with challenge comes opportunity! Take Arsenal Football Club; an English professional football (soccer) club based in North London, View Article.

Finding Her Sport: Being Part of the Team in a Startup Environment


It's like the only sport I've ever been good at is startups," says Carrie. She's gotten better at her sport over time and has three key lessons to pass on: 1.

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio? HR Needs a Hero

Fistful of Talent

It is my favorite professional sport and although I am famously a Met fan, I want to talk about Joe DiMaggio, a NY Yankee, and heroes for a few minutes. Professional sports led the way with shutting down for COVID in March when the NBA suddenly hit the pause button.

Technology and Sport: Will Technology Ruin the Competitive Nature?

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Sport and technology are inextricably linked and perhaps this statement couldn’t be truer than it is in 2020. Now, more than ever before, the role that technology is playing in all disciplines of sports is unable to be ignored. At the top level, however, is technology fuelling successful development within sport or is it simply destructing any form of competition?

Life Lessons from Pickleball

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Since then, Pickleball has evolved from original handmade equipment and simple rules into a popular sport throughout the US and Canada. Going for the kill or quick win is a low percentage play in most sports and businesses.

How much does sports contribute to the UK’s economy?

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Some news correspondents are forecasting another great year for UK sports. 2020 is set to bring us another worldwide celebration of sport with the Olympics in Tokyo, so you’d be forgiven for thinking 2019 might end up being something of a lull for the sporting world to recharge. Even a ‘quiet’ year has so much going on in the sporting world then. With that in mind, just how integral is the sporting industry to the overall UK economy? Sports funding.

Defense Wins Champions…and Talent

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Candidate Pool Change Management Coaching Culture Current Affairs Driving Productivity Employee Coaching Employee Development Employee Engagement Engagement and Satisfaction Good HR HR Sports Talent Acquisition Talent Strategy Training and Development HR & Sports leadership leadership developmentI’m a college basketball fan, so the NCAA Championship this week was fun to watch.

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How human capital can help the sports industry win


Sports organizations, like other businesses, are facing critical human capital issues related to the future of work, the rise of the social enterprise, and the workforce’s increasing expectation for an irresistible employee experience. To excel in this disruptive environment and be well positioned to adapt in an ever-changing industry, sports organizations must reevaluate their priorities and adopt a holistic approach to managing human capital and driving performance.

Warming The Bench

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I see 7 reasons for warming the bench in sports and work alike, and I am sure you could offer up a couple more; however, it is food for thought for every HR and Talent executive to lament and get in front of. So today, I will draw an analogy between sports and business. In fact, in sports, they are becoming more important to success and more than likely, the versatility will help your organization get through some tough spots as well.

Duck Season, Wabbit Season, Conference Season, and March Madness: Part 2

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Conferences Current Affairs HR HR & Sports Learning Learning and Development Mark Fogel politics Power Rankings Resumes Selection SHRM Sports The HR Profession current affairs March Madness NCAA resumesYes, it is time for March Madness. Spring is definitely in the air. About this time last year, I departed from my political and assertive writing to do a mash-up of topics impacting the HR and Talent community.

[VIDEO ?? ] Apply for a Job at the NBA: So Much More Than Basketball


?? In this video, you'll get super valuable interview tips from Megan Toth, Senior Recruiter at the NBA —the renowned global sports and media business.

Entry-Level Sports Job Recruiting - What You Need to Know

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Entry-level sports jobs are the best (and sometimes only) way to get your candidate's foot into the sports industry door. Indeed these soft skills are important to your success in finding entry-level sports jobs and continuing your professional development. Let’s take a look at some sports industry careers and the best entry-level sports jobs to get you started: Coaching.

An unusual employee incentive + A webinar for the people + Social media’s destruction + Parallels of work and sport


The post An unusual employee incentive + A webinar for the people + Social media’s destruction + Parallels of work and sport appeared first on Uncubed. Have your HR jobs featured in this email for free, and pls give this newsletter a shoutout on LinkedIn using whatever choice words you’d like. First, a big thank you to Diamond McClintock from WMG for the very thoughtful post on Linkedin promoting this newsletter.

See Something, Say Something? (The Astros)

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Sport often imitates life and specifically business. Other sports have had scandals as well – can you say the New England Patriots and Spy Gate? Not that HR wields a powerful wand in pro sports organizations, but they do have a say.

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The Ball Is In Our Court

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Change Change Management Coaching Communication Corporate America Culture Current Affairs Diversity Employee Coaching Employee Communications Employment Branding and Culture Good HR HR HR & Sports Influence Kathy Rapp Leadership Learning Learning and Development Managing People Pop Culture Sports Talent Strategy The HR Profession Training and Development Women change coaching HR lessons HR Strategy Serena Williams Team Wins TennisThis isn’t a post about women vs. men.

Through Hell and High Water: Your People Strategy

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Change Management Current Affairs Driving Productivity HR & Sports Innovation Kathy Rapp Leadership Managing People Metrics Performance Sports Talent Strategy current affairs sports

How to Land The Best Sports Management Jobs through Networking

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Networking is vital for any career field, but when pursuing highly competitive sports management jobs , the value placed on your professional network is even greater. The more people your candidate connects with and maintains an ongoing relationship with, the more opportunities your candidate will have to find new jobs in sports and learn new information. Let’s take a look at some tips for expanding your network in the sports industry: Get In The Right Mindset.

Teamwork Tips for Competitive Types (Like Me)

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As you might imagine, because of my competitiveness sports has always been a sanctuary for me. Career Advice Coaching Culture Ed Baldwin Employee Coaching Employee Development HR & Sports HR (& Life!) I’m competitive. I always have been.

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