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6 Recruitment Lessons We Can Learn from Olympic Sports


The post 6 Recruitment Lessons We Can Learn from Olympic Sports appeared first on Recruitment Juice. You need to watch carefully what you have at your disposal and make sure you place the right people where you need them the most. Inspired by this year’s very special Olympic games in Tokyo, we […].

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Connecting Sports Fans In a Digital World – Story of Software S02E17


Ivo Krka and Tihomir Lolic lead the tech and product teams at Sportening , a startup that is building a social network where sports fanatics can join a community of fellow minded fans. Through Sportening, fans talk sports with other fans, find informative, fun, and entertaining content, and build meaningful connections with each other.

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Join The Sports Industry By Following These Tips!


??Want to join the sports industry? Break into the sports industry and develop your professional career in the field! You'll hear from Nicole Britenriker, former Senior Team Talent Advisor at the NBA , who will share her advice for those willing to join the sports field. ?? Know the sports industry and find your way.

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HR Is Not a Spectator Sport

Recruiting Daily Advisor

This is not a spectator sport at all. The post HR Is Not a Spectator Sport appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. I’ve always been driven by an appetite for continuous learning and growth and opportunity to shape a place for people to be found and not really lost in.

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All You Need to Know About Virtual Onboarding with Bucketlist Rewards

Speaker: Jason Lindstrom, Founder and CEO of Bucketlist Rewards & Laura Lee Gentry, Chief People Officer at Enboarder

Why onboarding is NOT just HR’s job –– and how to make it a team sport that spans all the departments in your organization. You'll learn: The “Golden Rules” of virtual onboarding. How to implement a research-backed model for virtual onboarding success.

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What Recruiters Can Learn From College Sports

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The post What Recruiters Can Learn From College Sports appeared first on TalentCulture. We huddled together as a team and drew up what was sure to be a game-winning play. I looked over my shoulder and saw the […].

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Professional Sports Give Us a Look into the Future of Selection

Recruiting Daily

Professional sports give us a great perspective on the future of selection. The UEFA European Championship (soccer) is currently underway. Contenders like Spain, Germany and Belgium have AI assistance based on performance data to help them with their starting eleven.

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