Rock Your Next College Recruitment Event


College recruitment events are a must for today’s employers. We’re digging into 5 ways to ensure they’re a success with candidate relationship management software

College Dropout: Why We Need To Rethink College Recruiting.

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Anyone who says that having a college degree doesn’t matter likely doesn’t have one. A 2015 College Board survey, in fact, revealed about 3 in 4 fully employed recent college graduates report that job security and stability were among their most significant drivers when looking for a job.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes College Recruiters Make

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The long-expected retirement of baby boomers means tremendous opportunities for graduating college students looking for work, as well as companies looking to find top talent. So, where can companies go wrong when recruiting college students or recent grads? 2016 has arrived.

The Best College Recruitment Tips You’ve Never Heard

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The college career services office is an underrated resource in the recruiting field. So, what do career services professionals see companies doing wrong (and right) when recruiting at colleges and universities? The 5 Things Companies Must Heed in College Recruiting: 1.

If I Only Had A Brain: Why It’s Time To Rethink College Recruiting.

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The Straw Man: The Myth of College Recruiting and Me. This challenge required the type of commitment that’s rarely required in more traditional undergraduate college programs. A real college? He is currently serves as Technical Recruiting Lead at Comscore.

The Most Effective College Recruiting Strategies


When you hear ‘college recruiting,’ do you think only about entry-level roles, or do you also consider your future talent pipeline ? College recruiting may give you the opportunity to recruit for some of the roles you have open right now, but it also allows you to build an employer brand with Millennials who will be in the workforce for about another 40 years. Recruitment process

How College Recruiting Can Fuel Diversity Hiring


That’s where college recruiting comes into play. College recruiting is a surefire way to engage skilled, highly motivated talent from diverse communities. Relative to other institutions, colleges are hotbeds of diversity. Recruiting Diversity internships

How Scrapping the Traditional College Recruitment Model Helped LinkedIn Find More Diverse Talent

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As the head of the LinkedIn Campus Recruiting team, I’ve come to realize that traditional college recruiting just doesn’t work anymore - at least when it comes to finding diverse talent. With that in mind, we decided to completely change how we recruited at the college-level.

A Guide to College Recruiting as a Smaller Company


Career & Job Fairs College Recruiting FeaturedHave you ever walked through a bar district and been solicited by staff standing in doorways? They “guard” practically vacant rooms and desperately call out for customers.

College Recruiting: How to Zoom in on Generation Z


I was happy so many attended our recent webinar, “10 Tips to Get Campus Recruiting Right.” That’s because as I continue to work with our clients on improving college recruiting, I see plenty of practices that need to change to better engage with today’s students.

The Business Of College Recruiting

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Earlier the college or university was seen as a platform that assisted students in acquiring education in the chosen filed and get degrees. Presence of recruiting body within the campus. Each college has a separate department that looks into the recruitment process.

Tips to Revolutionize College Recruitment


In the increasingly competitive recruiting landscape, we find it harder than ever to find and retain the most talented employees. Discovering current students and recent graduates with the most sought after skills such as coding or foreign languages has become undeniably challenging for recruiters. Improving the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy is essential, but the evolution of your recruiting process can take time. Recruiter

More Out-of-the-Box Recruiting Strategies

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It’s difficult to stand out and attract applicants when recruiting in a highly competitive market. You may not think company review sites like Glassdoor have a place in your recruiting strategy, but Centric Consulting LLC’s Mike Brannan does. Creative College Recruiting.

Ericsson Logs Off LinkedIn, Unplugs the Phone, and Hits the Streets to Recruit


Recruiting industry pundits, including yours truly, spend a lot of time chasing shiny objects. Career & Job Fairs College Recruiting Interns Featured

How Intuit Changed Its Recruiting Game in 10 Days


College Recruiting Culture FeaturedWhen you hear about a company using virtual reality, it’s usually assumed it is for a game or product experience.

How to Use Data to Attract the Next Generation of Talent

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The challenge is clear for talent acquisition professionals: You need to attract and recruit more college graduates to work for your company. Unfortunately, there’s often a shortage of college grads in your area. Data can help you target the right colleges.

The Latest Invited to Do a Demo in San Diego Is Part of College Recruiting’s Future


Imagine an employer walking into a career center to interview a job candidate, not knowing a whole lot about the person sitting across the table next to them. Uncategorized Featured

December Is Prime Time for Recruiting … Because the Competition Is so Low


Recruiting is a direct competition between firms. So, unless you’re a firm with a great employer brand like Google, Facebook or GE, focus your recruiting during the months where the competition is extremely low.

A Look at the Class of 2017


College Recruiting FeaturedIt’s official: the class of 2017 is transitioning into the eye-opening “real world.”

What 1 Company Is Doing About Manufacturing’s Skills Shortage


College Recruiting Talent Shortage Training, Learning & Development FeaturedManufacturing is not the object of the media’s affection like the technology field is, but it has a skills shortage of its own.

4 Steps to Make Campus Recruitment a More Data-driven Program


Let’s move beyond the “two-years experience required” for entry-level jobs generation of job ads, and talk about how to actually insert valuable numbers into your campus recruiting program. College Recruiting Uncategorized Featured

The Competition Starts in College – Why Recruiters Need to Start Recruiting Early

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To build a brand and recruit for the future it’s important to invest in the talent pool of the future. Big companies have small recruiting programs, and only a few like Enterprise, Disney, E&Y do it right. Enter college recruiting. Talent is a long-term play.

5 Secrets for Recruiting Sales Talent Right Out of College


Why hire sale reps fresh out of college? College Recruiting Screening FeaturedThey’re eager, they’re malleable, they’re affordable, and they have reasonable expectations. Plus they haven’t developed bad habits working someplace else!

Top 4 Ways to Identify and Nurture Candidates at University


In order to establish yours as an employer of choice with this target group, you should be engaging with passive prospects while they are still in college. candidate nurture talent engagement relationship hiring college recruiting campus recruiting

For Undergraduate Business Students, Recruiting Starts Earlier than Ever

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If you work in talent acquisition for the business industry, you might have noticed something different about the people you’ve been recruiting lately—they have probably been younger than people you’ve ever recruited before.

School of Hard Knocks: Why Experience Matters More Than Education in Recruiting.

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See, I’m getting ready to send my son off to college, which is a little surreal, considering it feels like just yesterday when I was snapping pictures of that gap toothed little boy smiling before his first day of school. All that piece of paper does is prove you graduated from college.

Here’s How Morgan Stanley is Using Snapchat to Recruit College Grads


The company does all it can to associate itself with youth and energy, as evidenced by its website and recruitment marketing. College Recruiting Featured

Staffing News of the Day, March 20, 2013

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Free SEO auditing tool helps recruiting firms clearly see how Google will view their site [Recruiter]. Cloud-based recruitment software company Graylink warns against the ineffective “black holes” of general job boards [African Business Review]. College Recruiter].

Unconscious Bias Could Be Stopping You From Harnessing The Potential Of New Grads


College Recruiting Hiring Discrimination FeaturedAnyone who has been a recent graduate searching for a job knows how difficult it can be.

Say Hello to Yello: Recapping the Top Takeaways from #HRTX Chicago

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What does the future of recruiting look like? These questions are a few that were asked, and answered, earlier this month at Recruiting Daily’s #HRTX Chicago 2017 event. How can I create a killer employee value proposition (EVP)? What Chrome extensions do I need right now?

An Airline You’ve Barely Heard of Needs Pilots Like Others Need Techies


Advertising & Marketing Branding College Recruiting Social Media Management FeaturedRepublic Airways, an airline you may have flown on without even realizing it, needs pilots badly. So badly, it’s restructuring the company partly due to the skills shortage.

Recruiting Engineering Students? Here's How to Get Their Attention


I’ll start with a very obvious statement: Recruiting top engineers, even at the college level, has become a massive challenge. The tried and true methods of campus recruiting, which haven’t changed much in 30 years, are being turned on their head with the advent of technology.

Here’s the Inside Scoop on What You Missed at #HRTX DC

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Candidate Sourcing News Trends #HRTX #HRTX Dallas 2018 #HRTX DC 2018 college recruiting diversity diversity and inclusion employee referrals gen z Millennials Ted BauerAs Jim Nantz might open things up: “Hello, friends.” Last Thursday (Feb. 8), we had our first #HRTX 2018 event of the year in Arlington, VA at the home of Brazen, a chat/online event software platform for candidate attraction and engagement.

5 Secrets to Campus Recruiting: Revealed

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Campus recruiting can be often overlooked, but is an important way to bring talent and new ideas to your organization. While it’s up to recruiters to organize, plan and direct traffic, they are not ultimately going to be on the candidate’s potential team.

High Volume Recruiting – Tools to Expedite & Execute!

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That’s the expectation in high volume recruiting. The impression of clients and technical recruiters tends to be that because you are not typically looking for highly technical candidates, your job is easier. The strategy has to be efficient, and the results need to be immediate.

Glassdoor’s Most Popular Jobs For College Grads: What We Learned


We look at look at Glassdoor's Top 20 Most Popular Jobs for College Grads. The post Glassdoor’s Most Popular Jobs For College Grads: What We Learned appeared first on Take the Interview. Interview Planning Recruiting Tips College Recruitment GlassdoorHere's what we found.

Using Online Videos For Recruitment


Recruitment videos are not so much a new idea as they are just now becoming properly utilized by organizations. Recruiting Software Blog applicant applicant tracking software applicants candidates career careers college recruiting employees hiring interview recruiting Recruiting Software recruitment videos social media software sourcing

How to Ace College Recruiting Copy


Ready to retool your college recruiting strategy and reap the results this year? Read on to learn how to supercharge your college recruiting effort and attract and engage the best young professionals. The post How to Ace College Recruiting Copy appeared first on Jobvite.

The 5 Golden Rules of College Hiring

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While many college students may be using it, they may not want to use it with you. College students are not homogeneous. I repeat: College students are not homogeneous. College students want a realistic picture of what the job will entail when they start.

Streamline Your Recruiting and Cut Costs with SMS Technology

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Whether you’re looking for students, employees or interns, the basic rules for recruiting are the same. The best recruiters convince candidates to buy into their organization through clear, targeted and efficient communication methods.