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Navigating the Gen Z Talent Pool: College Recruitment Strategies for Success


Key Takeaways: Dated recruiting practices are ineffective with Generation Z , making it crucial for companies to adapt and tailor their recruitment strategies to resonate with this new audience.

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The Most Effective College Recruiting Strategies


When you hear ‘college recruiting,’ do you think only about entry-level roles, or do you also consider your future talent pipeline ? Today, we’re sharing a few tips to help you make your college recruiting tactics as effective as possible.


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How to Create an Effective College Recruitment Strategy

Contract Recruiter

How can a company that has traditionally made good use of college recruiting or wants to invest more heavily in it navigate these waters to create a booming university recruitment strategy? Many employers attend job fairs and top-tier schools and wonder why they don’t seem to recruit very many talented graduates.

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Rock Your Next College Recruitment Event


College recruitment events are a must for today’s employers. We’re digging into 5 ways to ensure they’re a success with candidate relationship management software.

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College Recruiting: How to Own an On- or Off-Campus Event


It may be January, but it's never too early to start thinking about your college recruiting strategy. Do you know about the kinds of college recruiting events you can attend? You want to be prepared to attract top talent as soon as they graduate and enter the job market.

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College Recruiting Strategy: 05 Common Mistakes Every Recruiter Need To Avoid


Therefore, having a college recruiting strategy in place is not only a growing trend but something that is proving to be vital for recruiters. We would like to help you craft a foolproof strategy with our study on these five common mistakes when creating a college recruiting strategy.

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College Recruiting: How to Zoom in on Generation Z


I was happy so many attended our recent webinar, “10 Tips to Get Campus Recruiting Right.” That’s because as I continue to work with our clients on improving college recruiting, I see plenty of practices that need to change to better engage with today’s students. Put yourself in the Gen Z zone.