The Most Effective College Recruiting Strategies


When you hear ‘college recruiting,’ do you think only about entry-level roles, or do you also consider your future talent pipeline ? College recruiting may give you the opportunity to recruit for some of the roles you have open right now, but it also allows you to build an employer brand with Millennials who will be in the workforce for about another 40 years. Recruitment process

A Guide to College Recruiting as a Smaller Company


Career & Job Fairs College Recruiting FeaturedHave you ever walked through a bar district and been solicited by staff standing in doorways? They “guard” practically vacant rooms and desperately call out for customers. It always seems like the most popular bars have considerable lines and the less desirable ones remain quite empty.


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The Use Case Podcast – Storytelling about College Recruiter with Steven Rothberg

Recruiting Daily

Storytelling about College Recruiter with Steven Rothberg Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 14. This week we have Storytelling about College Recruiter with Steven Rothberg. Steven is an expert in all things college […].

Rock Your Next College Recruitment Event


College recruitment events are a must for today’s employers. We’re digging into 5 ways to ensure they’re a success with candidate relationship management software

The Best College Recruitment Tips You’ve Never Heard


The college career services office is an underrated resource in the recruiting field. So, what do career services professionals see companies doing wrong (and right) when recruiting at colleges and universities? Nykolaiszyn, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, interim director of career management services at the Florida International University College of Business, and Mary Ellen Olson, director of career and professional development at St.

Tips to Revolutionize College Recruitment


In the increasingly competitive recruiting landscape, we find it harder than ever to find and retain the most talented employees. Discovering current students and recent graduates with the most sought after skills such as coding or foreign languages has become undeniably challenging for recruiters. Improving the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy is essential, but the evolution of your recruiting process can take time. Recruiter

The 7 Biggest Mistakes College Recruiters Make


The long-expected retirement of baby boomers means tremendous opportunities for graduating college students looking for work, as well as companies looking to find top talent. So, where can companies go wrong when recruiting college students or recent grads? Here are seven missteps college recruiters often make both on and off campus: Misunderstanding the college recruiting lifecycle. Sending a novice young recruiter to the college job fair.

College Recruiting Strategy: 05 Common Mistakes Every Recruiter Need To Avoid


Gen Z is shaping the 2020 recruiting landscape. Therefore, having a college recruiting strategy in place is not only a growing trend but something that is proving to be vital for recruiters. We would like to help you craft a foolproof strategy with our study on these five common mistakes when creating a college recruiting strategy Demands, needs, benefits, desires and even hiring conditions now present new challenges for companies.

Wells Fargo’s EVP of Talent on Diversity, Millennials, and College Recruiting


When your company is doing well, employment branding is a breeze. But what happens when your organization is at the center of a negative press storm? Below, you’ll hear from the embodiment of grace under pressure: Carly Sanchez, of Wells Fargo, a company that generates 2.5 million job candidates annually. Organizational Leadership Talent Acquisition Uncategorized Featured

College Dropout: Why We Need To Rethink College Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

Anyone who says that having a college degree doesn’t matter likely doesn’t have one. According to the Economic Policy Institute , last year the unemployment rate among recent college graduates hovered somewhere around 7%; compare this with the 19% unemployment rate of their peers with only high school degrees. All Falls Down: The College Recruiting Disconnect. School Spirit: Why College Recruiting Is Broken.

How to Ace College Recruiting


Ready to retool your college recruiting strategy and reap the results this year? Read on to learn how to supercharge your college recruiting effort and attract and engage the best young professionals. The post How to Ace College Recruiting appeared first on Jobvite. Download. eBooks Research

Crafting a Shrewder College Recruiting Strategy With Emsi Data


Prior to fall of 2014, EMC was sending its recruiters to 125 different schools to recruit college students — a logistical nightmare that left recruiters complaining about terrible events where they couldn’t find the talent EMC needed. EMC began using Emsi data to bring objectivity and clarity to its unfocused and frequently emotion-driven college recruiting strategy. Where should they not recruit?

The Latest Invited to Do a Demo in San Diego Is Part of College Recruiting’s Future


Imagine an employer walking into a career center to interview a job candidate, not knowing a whole lot about the person sitting across the table next to them. Uncategorized Featured

How College Recruiting Can Fuel Diversity Hiring


That’s where college recruiting comes into play. College recruiting is a surefire way to engage skilled, highly motivated talent from diverse communities. Relative to other institutions, colleges are hotbeds of diversity. More than half of all college students are women, and the rates of black, Asian, Latino students continue to rise, which makes colleges one of the best places to find diverse talent. Recruiting Diversity internships

Text Messaging for College Recruitment - Enhance Your Campaign With SMS-Based Recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

The answer is through utilizing text messaging for college recruitment. Turn over a new leaf and enhance your recruiting campaign with these innovative approaches. Why Recruiters Need to Connect with Students via Text Messaging. Are you ready to recruit anywhere, anytime?

Ramping up a Summer College Recruiting Program? Here’s What You Need to Know About Micro-Internships

Recruiting Daily

If you think recruiting is difficult, college recruiting is even harder. Blog Posts Featured News Recruiting hiring HR internships micro internshipsFinding candidates and ultimately convincing them to take the job is challenging, but the truly hard work is determining whether they have the right skills for the role and are a fit with your organization. With all the discussion around algorithms, AI, video […].

How to Ace College Recruiting Copy


Ready to retool your college recruiting strategy and reap the results this year? Read on to learn how to supercharge your college recruiting effort and attract and engage the best young professionals. The post How to Ace College Recruiting Copy appeared first on Jobvite. Download. eBooks Research

College Recruiting: How to Zoom in on Generation Z


I was happy so many attended our recent webinar, “10 Tips to Get Campus Recruiting Right.” That’s because as I continue to work with our clients on improving college recruiting, I see plenty of practices that need to change to better engage with today’s students. As you plan for college recruiting, think about these characteristics. We covered plenty more in our webinar on college recruiting, so view it now. Recruiting Best Practices

College Recruiting: How to Own an On- or Off-Campus Event


It may be January, but it's never too early to start thinking about your college recruiting strategy. Do you know about the kinds of college recruiting events you can attend? You want to be prepared to attract top talent as soon as they graduate and enter the job market. Do you know how to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of the best young candidates

If I Only Had A Brain: Why It’s Time To Rethink College Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

The Straw Man: The Myth of College Recruiting and Me. It was a lot of responsibility, and even more work and you’re making a significant investment, with so much of your personal time, money and bandwidth involved in getting a degree that, to my surprise, so many recruiters and employers out there see as, well, worthless. This challenge required the type of commitment that’s rarely required in more traditional undergraduate college programs. A real college?

The Business Of College Recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

Earlier the college or university was seen as a platform that assisted students in acquiring education in the chosen filed and get degrees. Presence of recruiting body within the campus. Each college has a separate department that looks into the recruitment process. The candidates, who have taken admission in any stream, will be able to get their names enlisted in the recruitment department and take the first phase towards attaining their professional objectives.

We Want More Diverse Hires!

Fistful of Talent

So it made perfect sense to ask Canvas to be an annual sponsor at FOT, where they’ll sponsor posts like this one, allowing FOT contributors to write, without restriction, on all things related to using new and innovative ideas in recruiting, like using text messaging to interview candidates. I’m in this really great position in my career where I get to speak to a lot of business leaders.

Maximizing Your Success at College Career Fairs

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Building authentic relationships and having a genuine connection with candidates is extremely important to me as a recruiter. Part of those relationships goes past the candidates and hiring managers and into college recruiting. At one point or another, many sourcers or recruiters attend a college career fair for their company.

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CareerBuilder’s Bullish Outlook for Grads: This is the Strongest Job Market in a Decade


CareerBuilder’s annual college graduate job forecast doesn’t beat around the bush this year. Its latest research gets right to the point: College Recruiting Featured

What 1 Company Is Doing About Manufacturing’s Skills Shortage


College Recruiting Talent Shortage Training, Learning & Development FeaturedManufacturing is not the object of the media’s affection like the technology field is, but it has a skills shortage of its own.

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Creating Value When You’re the Newbie

Fistful of Talent

I’ve recently been on the college recruitment circuit for my company, speaking with hundreds of students at several universities, many of whom are seeking internships or their first “real job” once they’ve earned their degree and are ready to conquer the world.

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5 Secrets for Recruiting Sales Talent Right Out of College


Why hire sale reps fresh out of college? College Recruiting Screening FeaturedThey’re eager, they’re malleable, they’re affordable, and they have reasonable expectations. Plus they haven’t developed bad habits working someplace else!

Chill Out: It Really Doesn’t Matter Where Your Kids Go to College

Fistful of Talent

The first study was of students entering college in 1976, and the second was of those entering in 1989. The overall result was that the college attended made no difference. I’m a recruiter by trade.

Ericsson Logs Off LinkedIn, Unplugs the Phone, and Hits the Streets to Recruit


Recruiting industry pundits, including yours truly, spend a lot of time chasing shiny objects. Career & Job Fairs College Recruiting Interns FeaturedNews releases touting artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual reality tend to standout more than, say, PR touting a new CEO or homepage redesign. Readers tend to engage more with all things new than they do old school content.

Big man on campus: Effective College recruiting

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Big man on campus: Effective College recruiting. All millennial stereotypes aside, the new labor force brings a unique set of skills to organizations that engage in proactive college recruitment processes. Gone are the days where the biggest industry name took first pick of the best college grads. After all, wasn’t their mailbox littered their last year of high school with offers from hundreds of colleges all saying: “we want you! ”?

William Almonte - How Does The College Recruitment Process Work

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College recruitment has become a matter of concern and institutions are putting maximum effort into obtaining the best of talents from the field. It can both be demonstrated from recruits as well as educational institutions as the recruiters. Colleges and universities are improvising on modern and stronger techniques to suit new hires with the college course specifications so that they can rest assured about a promising career in the long run.

How Intuit Changed Its Recruiting Game in 10 Days


College Recruiting Culture FeaturedWhen you hear about a company using virtual reality, it’s usually assumed it is for a game or product experience. Many of the big players in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Austin, Seattle, and New York City have some sort of VR presence to wow customers with a larger than life experience.

A Look at the Class of 2017


College Recruiting FeaturedIt’s official: the class of 2017 is transitioning into the eye-opening “real world.” These recent graduates are eager to make an impact on the organizations where they choose to begin their careers, but their employment expectations may be faced with a harsh reality.

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Take Your College Recruiting Strategy to the Next Level: What to do Before, During, and After the Career Fair - Part 1


Successful college recruiting is more than just attending a career fair. In the first part of a three-part series, learn how to build, develop, and maintain a presence on campuses year-round

Take Your College Recruiting Strategy to the Next Level: What to do Before, During, and After the Career Fair - Part 1


Successful college recruiting is more than just attending a career fair. In the first part of a three-part series, learn how to build, develop, and maintain a presence on campuses year-round

The Wonderful World Of Chrome Extensions – Volume 15

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Agency Recruiting College Recruiting Corporate Recruiting Human Resources Outsourcing Recruiting Recruiting & Sourcing Types Recruiting Your Recruiter Search Techniques Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Sourcing Staffing Agencies TA Training & Certifications Talent Acquisition Featured

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Must follow instagram account + Creative job ads + Making peace with remote work + Discussing race in the workplace + New laws make hiring harder


Featured: Contract Technical Recruiter (Remote) – ShopKeep. Senior Recruitment Partner (NYC or Boston) – Brandwatch. Tech Recruiter (Krakow) – Brainly. Recruiter – Generalist (SF) – Mixpanel. Hi there, _.

The Competition Starts in College – Why Recruiters Need to Start Recruiting Early

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To build a brand and recruit for the future it’s important to invest in the talent pool of the future. Big companies have small recruiting programs, and only a few like Enterprise, Disney, E&Y do it right. As difficult as it is in 2017 to recruit talent, recruiters need to start thinking 5-10 years down the road and start to build out a strategic roadmap on how to recruit for future needs. Enter college recruiting. Talent is a long-term play.

The Demand for Degrees Is Screening Out Too Many Candidates


A recruiter’s job has never been easy. College Recruiting Screening FeaturedAnd it’s getting harder with the economy producing jobs at a furious pace and lots of competition for available talent. But is it getting unnecessarily more difficult to fill jobs because of an increase in degree requirements that doesn’t match a change in the work?

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Candidate With a Master’s Degree


College Recruiting Screening FeaturedStudents from the undergraduate class of 2018 are now either transitioning into the workforce or are on their way to grad school to continue their education in hopes of better job prospects, more money, or simply a delay in the realities of the “real world.”.