The Most Effective College Recruiting Strategies


When you hear ‘college recruiting,’ do you think only about entry-level roles, or do you also consider your future talent pipeline ? College recruiting may give you the opportunity to recruit for some of the roles you have open right now, but it also allows you to build an employer brand with Millennials who will be in the workforce for about another 40 years. Recruitment process

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READ THIS (EMPLOYER BRANDING): Some say brands need to treat candidates like customers. Anyway, here’s a piece on how to avoid damaging your brand when recruiting. Talent Acquisition : Head of Recruiting (SF) – Samsara. Employer Branding.


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College Recruitment Strategy: What Every Recruiter Need To Avoid In Any Campus Recruiting Campaign

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/BLOG/POSTS/COLLEGE-RECRUITING-STRATEGY - OCTOBER 23, 2019 - 11 MINUTE READ - CAMPUS-RECRUITING TALENT-ACQUISITION-LEADER. Why Are College Recruiting Strategies Important? This paradigm shift is a growing trend for those in the recruitment field.

Wells Fargo’s EVP of Talent on Diversity, Millennials, and College Recruiting


When your company is doing well, employment branding is a breeze. But what happens when your organization is at the center of a negative press storm? Below, you’ll hear from the embodiment of grace under pressure: Carly Sanchez, of Wells Fargo, a company that generates 2.5 million job candidates annually. Organizational Leadership Talent Acquisition Uncategorized Featured

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EVENT: HR Breakfast: So, if part of your 2020 plan involves budgeting for Employer Branding content and/or tools, then make sure to attend our next HR breakfast on November 7th. UNCUBED NEWS (related): It’s college recruiting season and that means Uncubed is in the middle of our biggest intern and entry-level campaign of the year. This is where we design a “story” (usually video) for companies hiring college students and market it to hundreds of universities.

College Dropout: Why We Need To Rethink College Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

Anyone who says that having a college degree doesn’t matter likely doesn’t have one. According to the Economic Policy Institute , last year the unemployment rate among recent college graduates hovered somewhere around 7%; compare this with the 19% unemployment rate of their peers with only high school degrees. All Falls Down: The College Recruiting Disconnect. School Spirit: Why College Recruiting Is Broken.

How College Recruiting Can Fuel Diversity Hiring


That’s where college recruiting comes into play. College recruiting is a surefire way to engage skilled, highly motivated talent from diverse communities. Relative to other institutions, colleges are hotbeds of diversity. More than half of all college students are women, and the rates of black, Asian, Latino students continue to rise, which makes colleges one of the best places to find diverse talent. Make Diversity Your Employer Brand.

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Featured: Contract Technical Recruiter (Remote) – ShopKeep. Senior Recruitment Partner (NYC or Boston) – Brandwatch. Tech Recruiter (Krakow) – Brainly. Recruiter – Generalist (SF) – Mixpanel. Hi there, _.

College Recruiting: How to Zoom in on Generation Z


I was happy so many attended our recent webinar, “10 Tips to Get Campus Recruiting Right.” That’s because as I continue to work with our clients on improving college recruiting, I see plenty of practices that need to change to better engage with today’s students. Employer Value Proposition: What sets you apart? As you plan for college recruiting, think about these characteristics. Recruiting Best Practices

THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: Fat Fingered Americans + Airbnb Pays New Grads Not to Show Up Until 2021

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25:30 – KD discusses the addiction to doing internships with huge brands. Recruiting. College Recruiting COVID-19 Employee Relations Employment Branding and Culture Recruiting Airbnb FLSA internships Netflix

5 Employees Who Will Activate Your Employer Brand — Whether You Want Them To Or Not


In the employer brand world there is a lot of talk about employee advocacy and brand ambassadors. They are a more trusted source and their networks are exponentially larger than their employer’s network. Here are five types of employees who will activate your brand and three pro tips on how you can thoughtfully manage them—and your employer brand. Their offices are decorated in branded swag and they love their company Polo shirts. (I

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WATCH THIS (REMOTE INTERNSHIPS): Learn from MongoDB, Pinterest and others on how they are navigating their remote internship & university recruiting programs. We’ve kicked it off by sharing the entry-level recruiting tips & process at Peloton, Attentive, and iHeart Media.

December Is Prime Time for Recruiting … Because the Competition Is so Low


Recruiting is a direct competition between firms. So, unless you’re a firm with a great employer brand like Google, Facebook or GE, focus your recruiting during the months where the competition is extremely low. and many other industrialized countries, the time period between late November and New Year’s Day is the time with the lowest level of recruiting competition.

Why the LinkedIn Recruiting Team is Waving “Bye-bye” to Traditional College Recruiting

Linkedin Talent Blog

As the head of the LinkedIn College Recruiting team, last year I realized – my team had to quit doing traditional college recruiting, immediately. I’m saying quit doing the same old institutionalized college recruiting process right now. Of course not; yet many companies still employ that exact strategy, when it comes to college recruiting. The nuts-and-bolts of LinkedIn’s new college recruiting initiative.

How to Prepare Your Campus Recruitment Strategy (Before School’s in Session)


Teachers are getting a bit of a respite from dealing with students, and some businesses are taking a breather from the campus recruiting scene. However, smart companies are already ramping up their recruiting efforts for the fall — if they even took a break in the first place. Are you examining the efficacy of your internship programs in identifying quality candidates before they start looking for full-time employment?

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Recruiting Blog.


Nas Recruitment

The competition for interns is fierce, and today’s college graduates are a new breed. As Millennials (the youngest being 25) and Gen Z (the oldest being 23) make their way into the workforce, they present unique advantages for employers. Technically savvy and achievement oriented, this highly functioning demographic grew up in the age of transparency—and they expect the same honesty and candor from their employers. college recruiting internships

Gen Z: A Major Shift in Goals and Aspirations


Generation Z, those born since 1995 are now beginning to graduate from college. Recruitment and hiring will certainly be changing as 23 million Gen Zers takes their place in organizations alongside 71 million older Millennials who range from about 25 to 40 years old. That’s why you’ll need to be making some changes in how you recruit on college campuses and how you engage with today’s students. Your employer brand: More important to recruiting than ever.

Why Your Job Postings Suck (And What You Can Do About It).

Recruiting Daily

See, recently, my role has focused more on sourcing than recruiting, which has been a recurring theme throughout my career, with the line between these two continuously shifting from req to req, client to client. Without a JD, of course, there’s a chance that no matter how you’re communicating with potential candidates, if you’re recruiting just in time you’re likely wasting both your times.

#RedBranchWeekly: Tips to Help Your Recruitment and Company Initiatives


By Stevie Howard: One thing’s for sure – recruitment has taken a front row seat when it comes to the priorities of companies around the country. Learn the basics of what you need to know about what to look for when hiring, college and student recruitment strategies and how tackling CSR issues can help attract the talent you need! Learn #recruitment tips from @Engagiant_irevu, @WCN_eRec and @CyberGrants in this week's #RBMWeekly: Click To Tweet.

Strategic recruitment, the value of your recruitment team

Pragna Technologies

It’s really interesting that the majority organisations don’t understand the strategic significance of their recruitment activities in attaining their business goals, until that function is efficient and truly broken. Develop a Clear Employer Brand. Consider College Recruiting.

How to Recruit Recent College Grads

Glassdoor for Employers

Every year there is a new batch of college graduates hitting the pavement looking for their new career. Here are some key tips to make the most of the college recruiting process: Tips for Recruiting College Graduates. What jobs are you planning to have for the college graduate who is looking for a great challenge? Additionally, make sure the positions don’t accidentally have minimum requirements that exclude college hires.

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Plus, most of the projects coming out of Uncubed Studios, our employer branding agency, involve on-location shoots. Demand for an off-campus college recruiting strategy is way up. diversity hiring, talent curation, branding, etc.)?

Five Ways to Use Mobile at Your Next Career Fair or College Event


By Jessica Miller-Merrell The end of summer is upon us, and with the changing seasons comes the time of year when recruiters pack up their branded pens, water bottles and post it notes and head to campus career fairs. It is officially college and campus recruiting season. As technology driven as our lives are, most recruiters aren’t making great use of it in their campus and college recruiting, meaning that there’s room for improvement even in this familiar realm.

8 Ways You Can Use Stories for Recruitment Marketing

Stories Incorporated

creates recruitment marketing content for our clients, it doesn’t matter if the content is merely viewed. Above all, your recruitment marketing content should influence the right person to take the next step in the consideration phase as a candidate applying to your company.

8 Ways You Can Use Stories Content for Recruitment Marketing

Stories Incorporated

creates recruitment marketing content for our clients, it doesn’t matter if the content is merely viewed. Above all, your recruitment marketing content should influence the right person to take the next step in the consideration phase as a candidate applying to your company.

MidWest TechRecruit ‘19 is just around the corner! [Recruiters can’t miss]

Hacker Earth

The conference brings together top industry experts to discuss recruitment practices in the technical industry. The conference will house 30+ internal talent acquisition, employer branding, recruitment marketing, talent analytics, and sourcing experts, sharing their tricks and tips on recruitment. He is one of the top bloggers on LinkedIn’s Influencer program where he writes about the latest trends in hiring, employment, and recruiting.

How Much Do Campus Recruiters Make?


Campus recruiting is an important component of a successful long-term hiring strategy. Often a first step on the way to becoming a talent acquisition or human resources director or executive, campus recruiters wear many hats. The role requires a broad array of skills to attract, engage, screen, interview and place college students in internships or entry-level positions. So what can you expect to make as a college recruiter in 2019?

Talent and HR News Update: Social Media and University Recruitment


When it comes to amplifying your organization’s employer brand, social media and universities are often two key opportunities. But, how can you stand out amidst the flurry of social media updates and the sea of companies recruiting on campus? In this month’s update, we’ve curated five articles to help you think through your university and social recruiting strategies and tactics. 2) RECRUITING COLLEGE STUDENTS?

Meet Your 2020 Campus Recruiting Goals With These 20 Strategies


From recruiting a new generation to nailing down your candidate engagement strategy to managing a recruitment budget, there’s a lot to think about these days if you’re a campus recruiter. Everything You Need to Know About Campus Recruitment. Campus Recruitment

Expand your Target Audience + Amplify your Brand


Some of the new chapeau styles they’re now wearing include “employer branding savant”, “digital marketing whiz”, and “customer experience guru” Now more than ever, HR leaders need to strategically increase their outreach and represent their company culture in an authentic and attractive manner. L’Oreal is not a top employer by coincidence : L’Oreal is a kingpin in employee engagement and retention.

How To Build a Successful Campus Recruiting Team


With employers facing the tightest labor market in decades, more and more companies are turning to college campuses to source talent for internships and entry-level positions. The current college population of nearly 20 million students represents a valuable opportunity to build pipelines for current and future hiring needs, and with Gen Z entering the workforce , campus recruitment is becoming a popular talent acquisition tactic. Setting campus recruitment goals.

Why You Need to Create an Internship Program


Equally important is the fact that recruiting interns—and working towards developing an internship program—can add a lot of value to an overall recruiting strategy, even for small employers. For instance, employers touting internship programs get the opportunity to gain access to campus career fairs promoting not only internships, but full-time opportunities, all while marketing the employer brand to the greater college population.

How to Recruit Students with an Online Degree


With the advent of technology, new generational demands, and life-long learning, both employers and job candidates are looking for a new type of employment relationship than even ten years ago. Further, identify your hiring needs, just like you would for any college graduate candidate.

Survey: Workplace Diversity Critical to Veteran Recruiting Programs


To compete for and win members of this valuable talent pool , employers need targeted veteran recruiting strategies that align with veteran’s preference about workplace diversity and recruiting. Veterans may be more accepting of employer brand messages.

Innovation in Talent Acquisition: A Recruitment Leader’s Perspective


Jared sets out each day to improve the recruitment experience—both for internal team members and candidates. “We We recently sat down with Jared to learn about his perspective on technology and innovation, then future role of the recruiter and more. . based campus recruiting team to improve candidate engagement, using Yello’s recruitment events technology to enable candidates to pre-register for all upcoming career fairs. Recruiters bring personalization.

5 Things University Recruitment Teams Need to Do Now


As always, this time of year gets many people—parents, students, teachers and recruiters—thinking about back-to-school. Often, we are asked to offer our expertise in the area of university recruitment. It’s in this back-to-school spirit that two members of #teamexaqueo join forces to bring you fresh perspectives on your university recruitment efforts. Who are our top and lowest performing recruiters? I think the recruiting process is beginning way too early.

How to Recruit On Campus with a Limited Budget


Campus recruiting is a great way to engage the youngest generation of talent and meet potential new hires. But hiring a team of campus recruiters, traveling around the country, and attending hundreds of on-campus events per year can come at quite a cost. If your team is working with a limited campus recruiting budget, here are a few strategies you can use to take advantage of on-campus talent without spending a fortune. What is your main goal for your recruiting program?

How Tech is Helping Government Recruiters Win the War on Talent


It’s no secret that government recruiters face an uphill battle when it comes to hiring talent quickly. Fortunately, advances in technology are making it easier for government recruiters to take control of hiring processes, combat time-consuming pre-requisites and decrease time-to-hire.

Big Company on Campus: Recruiting Tips to Stand Out From the Competition


Job openings hit a record high this spring, giving job seekers their pick of open roles, while many employers struggle to find and hire qualified employees. With a scarcity of talent, organizations are increasing their investment in campus recruitment to source top student talent. In fact, new data from Aptitude Research Partners reveals that nearly 70 percent of companies are hiring new college graduates this year. Start recruiting early.