25 Recruiting Tools and Documents Every Company Should Have


This article outlines 25 tools, documents and resources every recruiting team should have in their arsenal: Hiring roadmap. Like anything in life, hiring success depends on planning and preparation.

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From completing non-disclosure agreements, to tax forms and benefits enrollment forms, asking a new hire to review mountains of paperwork on their first day (or even worse, scan or fax documents before their first day) is a poor new employee experience, and it’s time-consuming busywork for HR folks.

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The 13 Documents You Need to Start Your HR Department


But there’s nothing like a great company structure document to help with future tasks like workforce planning, succession structure and what to outsource, when. Devise a salary structure document. This is by far the most neglected document in a small to medium business.

FREE Marketing Documents for Contract Staffing

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That’s why we’re offering FREE marketing documents to recruiters. These documents are designed to assist them in marketing their contract staffing services. The post FREE Marketing Documents for Contract Staffing appeared first on Top Echelon. At Top Echelon, we want to help recruiters make more placements. and that includes contract placements! Contract Staffing Training Marketing Top Echelon Blog

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Secrets to Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates!

During these calls, you’ll be reconfirming the information that you previously documented such as: The candidate’s reason for looking. Learn more at www.newtonsoftware.com Gather and document intelligence related to. Making a candidate a job oer is a pivotal point.

Reputations Get Shredded When Documents Don’t

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Tax documents. The folders, piled high in the dumpster and blowing around on the ground, contained thousands of documents with highly confidential personal information on them. 4) Clearly document all company data retention policies. Social security numbers. Medical records.

Streamline Your New Hire Experience with Onboarding Documents

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You can now create custom Onboarding Documents to send to your new hires along with the offer letter. Select from our standard pre-configured documents for the basic forms (W-4, direct. We’re excited to announce an awesome new feature and powerful enhancement to our Offer Letter Wizard. Three easy options: 1. Continue reading

Hiring in a Hurry — Successfully Staffing up ASAP

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Another New I-9 Form: What Do Recruiters REALLY Need to Know?

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13 Signs of Inefficient Recruiting

Interviewer name and title Documents to bring to the interview Scheduling Interviews Is Like Herding Cats.

10 documents to consider for your new hires

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There are several documents you''ll want your new employee to sign, some of them required, and others simply a good idea When you find that perfect new employee and you''re ready to bring them on board, it''s important to take step back and consider your new employee process.

4 Things to Consider Before Letting an Employee Go

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Is the Proper Documentation in Place? As a matter of safeguarding the organization, the proper documentation is vital. Good managers know that documentation isn’t negative – it’s prudent. The termination must be for the right, documented reasons.

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What You Need to Know About Form I-9 and E-Verify


Form I-9 & E-Verify e-verify employment authorization form i-9 list of acceptable documents Employers often think of E-Verify as the electronic equivalent of the Form I-9; this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Form I-9 and E-Verify are two distinct (but related) processes. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Form I-9 is used by an employer to verify an employee’s identity and eligibility to be [.].


Hiring Principles: The One Document Every Recruiting Leader Needs to Make

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And, at his presentation at Talent Connect Anaheim this fall, he explained how to accomplish exactly that – create essentially a two-to-three page document that clearly defines your company’s principles on all things hiring. An overview of what should be in the document.

Upgraded Document Signing is Here!

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Candidates are finicky creatures – are you expecting them jump through a bunch of document-signing hoops (“Just download this here browser extension … wait, you don’t have that browser?”), Now with Breezy’s upgraded Document Signing, it’s simpler, faster, and easier for both candidates and your team to just let Breezy handle the eSigs. If you’re feeling extra-productive, add that document template to a simple email template.

3 Ways Netflix Culture Shapes Their Recruiting


After carefully crafting and documenting their values for employees in this 124-page culture deck eight years ago , they shared them with the world. The team at Netflix is one-of-a-kind. Recruitment process

Are Legal Issues A Barrier For Small Business Expansion?

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Document, document, document. News contract negotiations corporate compliance debt collection Documentation growth incorporation issues IRS audits legal risks real estate transactions small business owners Staffing Talk

Why Document Management Software is Important for Small Businesses?

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If you run a David-sized company and feel that manual management of documents is the only viable option, then you need to think again! Even the best document management software tools are available at affordable prices to help small businesses incorporate technology into their day-to-day functioning. There are many document management software like VIENNA Advantage Document Management System, RicohDocs, KRYSTAL Document Management System, etc.

The Top Professional Associations For Recruiters

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A good professional association can provide certified training courses, legal and legislative guidance, model documents and best practice templates, annual conferences, and discounts with preferred suppliers.

Sourcing on Google Suites – Docs, Drive, Sheets and More

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Google Apps users may create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, sites or upload files on Google Drive. And users can share all these files and documents with other users.

15 CV Mistakes Costing You Interviews

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As one of the first documents that someone will ask for to represent your capabilities, your CV should. Your CV is an important part of your armoury when looking for a job. It has to look good and be as close as possible to the job description to get you through to the next stage.

Job Interview 101: How to Avoid Mistakes

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The endless emails, the countless rejections and the insane amounts of cover letters saved in your documents. Job hunting can be hard. It can be a long process, but there’s no better feeling than landing a job interview.

OSHA Issues New Protection Orders For Temporary Workers

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" OSHA has issued two new guidance documents relating to temporary workers, emphasizing they must be provided the same level of protection as permanent employees.


Oops! Ridiculous CV Errors to Avoid #Awkward

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Regardless how long you’ve been in the workforce, running through all your experience with a fine tooth comb to pick out the best bits, then condensing everything down into a 1-2 page document is no mean feat. Okay, so putting together your CV is a hard task, we know this much.


What 2017 Recruiting Trade Shows to Attend and Why


Document them, memorize them, sing them in the shower – whatever it takes to ensure that you’re taking every measure possible to get the full benefit from each event. Ladies and gents, trade show season is upon us.

Human Resources in the Digital World


A teenager eager to find a job is foregoing two opportunities because it was not worth his time to spend a few minutes downloading a scanner app on his phone to scan a signed document. If you send out 15 paper documents to 15 people to sign, follow-up is a real task.

Onboarding New Leaders: 5 Tips to Help Executives Make a Smooth Transition

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Onboarding starts before the first day and carries on to the job offer, new hire documentation, training and goal setting for performance management. Onboarding is an important piece of the hiring process, and one that more and more leaders are working to improve in their organizations.

The Adventures of Your LinkedIn Resume

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One the other hand, LinkedIn offers its members to upload and share documents on their profiles. When we view those profiles, we see previews of the resumes (or other uploaded documents), which look like this: Not all uploaded resumes are equal though.

Attached Resumes That Go Into the No-Humans Land

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Let’s now see what happens with resumes and other documents that LinkedIn members upload if they opt-out of sharing on Slideshare. Because the privacy is set as “unavailable to download”, the “text” of the document gets hidden – forever!

11 CV Factors You Shouldn’t Forget

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There are no two ways about it – condensing all of your skills and experience into one slick document can be challenging. If time spent writing your CV is really just time spent staring at a blank screen, you’re not alone, we’ve been there too. We aren’t born knowing how to write a great CV, so it’s up to you to. View Article. 11 CV Factors You Shouldn’t Forget. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

You’re Missing Out on Great People Looking For the Perfect Candidate

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You have heard about them in meetings with the hiring managers and read about them in your candidate persona documents but probably haven’t seen them. The ideal candidate — sorry, let me rephrase that, the perfect candidate — is like a unicorn. They are extremely elusive, if not completely imaginary. Now, I’m not saying the perfect candidate […]. Blog Posts News Trends candidate engagement candidate experience interview Manan Shah unicorn

Improve Your Presentation with a Document Management Service

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Tempworks distributed its most recent newsletter with Issuu , a document management service. Here’s a tech crunch article on the latest innovation and competition going on in the document management service space. I love the result. Brings pdf’s to life. If you’ve had any experience with these services especially the main competitor ScribD, I’d love to hear from you at greggd@tempworks.com


More Than You Bargain For: Resumes as a Security Risk


In 2015, several companies were digitally attacked through malware carried by decoy resume documents. Once in play, the user is directed to pay a ransom in exchange for return of the use of their system, and documents. Word documents, like resumes, could carry code known as Dridex.

10 of the Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs (Infographic)

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Professionals in this field are responsible for reviewing medical information, writing documents, editing other medical writers’ submissions, and working with senior management to keep projects on track. If you have ever thought working from home meant you wouldn’t get paid well, think again!

Are You an Advanced Sourcer or Researcher? Test Yourself Here:

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Hello Sourcers and Internet Researchers: Here are some questions, that I would like to offer, based on just one collection of professional data, that has an interesting implementation – documents uploaded to LinkedIn by its members.

How Hiring Logistics make compliance simple


Failure to fulfill a local documentation requirement. Remaining attentive to all requirements for filing documents, providing training and keeping records can get become complex, especially when dealing with several employers and work sites, but it's also essential.

5 Symptoms of Applicant Tracking Software Disease


While this approach is far more efficient than searching through each document by hand, it also has limitations. Advanced recruitment software has become an essential part of the DNA of how HR departments and staffing agencies find candidates and match them to open positions.

Compliance Tips for Your Business


Providing the proper documentation to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) shouldn’t have to cost you time or money. During your busy season, here are some helpful tips to consider: Use A Standardized Process for Documentation.

How Much is Your CV Worth? (Infographic)

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Your CV is the culmination of all of your experience, qualifications, skills and knowledge; so it’s potentially one of the most valuable documents you’ll ever write! Did you know that a Head Teacher’s CV is worth £276,000? Or that a Senior Banker’s CV is valued at £478,000?