Tue.May 23, 2023

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The Power of Candidate Engagement: Why It Matters for Hiring Success


It’s no secret that the job market is fiercely competitive at present, and that hiring top-quality candidates in such an environment is both important and uniquely challenging. This is a critical advantage because companies benefit more through the hiring of superior talent when they can be selective, and that’s become more challenging for a few reasons.

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How companies can create a better employer brand.


In the realm of recruitment, first impressions matter immensely. A firm handshake has long been regarded as a symbolic gesture of confidence, professionalism, and mutual respect. However, there are occasions when a handshake can go awry, leaving a negative impact and ending a new relationship quickly. Metaphorically, your employer brand is your company’s handshake.


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How Much A Bad Job Post Will Cost You

Katrina Kibben

What does a bad job post cost your company? I did some math and even shocked myself. The post How Much A Bad Job Post Will Cost You appeared first on Katrina Kibben.

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Women Are Being Pushed Off the Edge of the Glass Cliff. Here's What That Means and What to Do About It.

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

One of the primary reasons that hold women leaders back is the so-called "glass cliff." Here's how it's keeping women from leadership roles, how it's different from the glass ceiling and what you can do to prevent it.

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How HR Can Create a Culture of Feedback

Employees want meaningful feedback. Without it, 98% disengage from their work (Zippia). But do your managers know how to support them? Use this Quick Start Guide to get the conversation started. Your workers don’t just want jobs; they want careers. Invest in your team by giving them meaningful feedback. 65% of employees want more feedback (Zippia). Workers who get daily feedback are 3x more engaged (Clear Company).

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At This Finance Firm, Interns Can Gain Real Experience—and Launch a Career

The Muse

Andrew N. was a summer intern at Fisher Investments only a few years ago. Now the recent grad is a senior account executive and a mentor to new hires.

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Should You Use AI for Your Cover Letter?

Search Solution Group

In today's technological age, there is an AI solution for everything. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to be the future of technological advancements; from chatbots to self-driving cars, the possibilities of AI are seemingly endless. One area where AI is starting to intrude is the job search, particularly in the application process and explicitly using […] The post Should You Use AI for Your Cover Letter?

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19 Tips To Stay Motivated And Resilient After A Job Loss

Forbes Human Resources Council

People should take control of what they can, and seek ways to improve their marketability. They can explore new industries, seek mentorship and adopt a growth mindset.

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Should You Use AI-Powered Candidate Screening in Recruiting?

Recruiting Daily

Artificial intelligence can take over many functions of the screening process to relieve recruiters of some of their workload. In addition to freeing up their time, it can save an organization money and potentially select better candidates. However, ethical and legal concerns may not make it worth it despite its benefits. Should you use AI-powered candidate screening in recruiting?

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Uber Suspends Its Diversity Chief After 'Don't Call Me Karen' Session Elicits Outrage

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

Head of diversity Bo Young Lee led a series of discussions about race and the experiences of underrepresented groups called "Moving Forward.

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How to Conquer These 4 Top-of-Mind HR Challenges

It’s a never-ending tightrope act, trying to find the balance between creating benefits offerings that adapt to the uniqueness of your people, managing your own time and resources, and maintaining the organization’s bottom line. And the ever-changing policies and laws can make cultivating a competitive employee benefits strategy feel impossible. Whether you’re concerned about adapting to new pay transparency laws, managing global benefits packages, return-to-office mandates, or 401(k) and retire

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Exploring Skymem: A Powerful Email Validation and Domain Search Tool

Recruiting Daily

Are you tired of playing detective and struggling to find someone’s email address? Fear not, Skymem is here to save the day! Skymem is an email validation tool that can assist you in discovering emails and domains effectively. In this article, we will delve into the features and functionality of Skymem, so you can stop playing hide-and-seek with emails and start connecting with your prospects.

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Power Play: How Automated Employee Verification Empowers Franchise Owners Against Joint Employer Liability

The Staffing Stream

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be construed as legal advice. Consult with a licensed attorney for specific legal advice tailored to your unique circumstances. Businesses face more and more lawsuits each year. Due to joint employer liability rules, both franchisors (Zors) and franchisees (Zees) increasingly find themselves in court.

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Rethinking Campus Recruiting Technology


Fuelling innovation and growth of the future means attracting the best of tomorrow’s talent today. If you’re looking to gain a strategic advantage on campus, and put your brand front and center with the students early on in their educational careers, then perhaps its time to rethink your campus recruiting technology. A robust engagement strategy won’t bare significant fruit without the right technology and tools in place.

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The Power of Digital Transformation in Collections Workforce

Professional Alternatives

The Power of Digital Transformation in Collections Workforce In the fast-paced and evolving collections industry, hiring top talent is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and driving success. As a hiring manager, it’s essential to understand how to attract and retain the best professionals in this digital age. This blog explores the strategies and considerations that can help you effectively navigate the hiring landscape in collections.

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The Impact of AI on the Modern Recruitment Landscape

From streamlining the job search process to efficiently navigating the influx of applications, AI-powered tools can revolutionize your recruitment efforts. By combining the efficiency of AI with the expertise of experienced recruiters, you can identify the ideal candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with your company culture.

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How to Use Intent Data to Level Up Event Marketing


Events are still a hugely important part of marketing strategy– 79% of marketers in the U.S. use event marketing to generate leads. But finding the right audience and getting actual quality leads from an event can feel like fumbling around in the dark. Well, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel, and we bet it’s one you didn’t know about. Yep, we’re talking about intent signals.

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Are You Drowning in Email? 3 Strategies for Dealing with the Deluge

Linkedin Talent Blog

Quick: Take a look at your email inbox and think about how you’d best describe it. An avalanche? A small mountain? Or a tidy, Marie Kondo -approved collection of messages, awaiting your prompt response? If you’re like many talent pros, you may have hundreds, if not thousands, of messages from candidates, hiring managers, and company executives, not to mention newsletters or offers from companies you like.

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How to Address Rising Student Nurse Attrition

Recruiting Blogs

Nurses continue to make headlines across the UK following a winter marked by strikes and discontent. Increasing rows over pay freezes pose serious threats to the government’s goal of hiring 50,000 new nurses by 2024 which is coupled by rising student nurse attrition. A recent study, for instance, shows a spike in dropout rates among student nurses with 33% compared to 25% in previous years.

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Learn Freddie Mac’s DEI practices and join a diverse company


? DEI practices are at the core of Freddie Mac 's success. Watch the video until the end to learn more about this inclusive and diverse company. ? What are DEI practices? Tapiwa Mutumhe, senior DEI workforce diversity at Freddie Mac, shares how they focus on attracting, engaging, empowering, and growing diverse talent at all levels of the enterprise — for today and tomorrow. ?

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Maximizing Your Health Plan Design Using Data-Driven Insights

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This Potential Disadvantage Of Remote Work May Interfere With Junior Employee Success, Study Finds

Harger Howe Recruitment

More than three years following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still reckoning with the seismic changes it prompted in practically every sector of daily life. When it comes to work, perhaps the most visible legacy of the pandemic is the drastic expansion of remote and hybrid roles. According to a recent New York Times article , COVID caused more than 50 million Americans to begin working from home at least some of the time.

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AI unleashed: a new hope for learning & development?


Picture this: you’re seated comfortably, your trusty computer aglow, your phone hidden to prevent distraction. Your fingers hover above the keyboard, ready for an avalanche of ideas. Yet nothing comes. I’ve been there, many times! Cue my digital partners in crime, ChatGPT and Bard, charging to the rescue and banishing the spectre of a creative block.

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Can Employee Events Lift Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World?

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Long before the pandemic, many organizations struggled with employee engagement. But now, it’s an even tougher hill to climb. Hybrid and remote work have become a new norm. As a result, the way we relate with colleagues is different. Indeed, the very nature of work culture has changed. So in this new environment, what can […] The post Can Employee Events Lift Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World?

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Future-Proof Talent Acquisition with These 8 Predictions and 4 Mindset Shifts


How do you think about the future of talent acquisition and gather the resources to future-proof your organization? While we truly don’t know what’s coming, we can read the signals of what’s happening now and make predictions about what might happen next. That’s exactly what the following group of hiring experts did in a recent webinar with ERE: Talent Acquisition in the Face of Uncertainty: Future-Proofing Your TA Function.

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Ten Minute Onboarding: A High-Volume Hiring Formula

Speaker: Speakers

Transform hiring with Ten Minute Onboarding, the formula to hire fast, maximize efficiency, and ensure compliance. Learn how top employers: Reduce Candidate Dropoff: Improve retention and reduce hiring costs with engaging onboarding. Increase Operational Efficiency: Save time and labor with streamlined processes. Ensure Compliance: Minimize liability and avoid fines with accurate onboarding.

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The Importance of Employee Resilience and How to Support Resilience in Your Team

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Resilience is one of those nebulous concepts that can be difficult to manage within a business setting. It’s seen as a personal thing, something that is within the remit of the individual alone. And while enhanced personal resilience is clearly beneficial to the organization that any given individual works with, it’s not typically the role of the business to help in its foundation.

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How to Use AI in Recruitment: Insights from Activision Blizzard’s Talent Sourcing Director


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is taking every industry by storm and tech recruiting is no exception. In a new episode of Hired’s Talk Talent to Me podcast, Activision Blizzard Director of Talent Sourcing Justin Ghio encourages talent professionals to view AI as a tool to enhance productivity and hiring processes. Any recruiter or TA professional knows how precious time is… and how time-consuming the talent search can be.

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Reasonable Accommodations in Job Interviews

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Question Are we required to provide American Sign Language (ASL) or English-language interpreters for candidates in job interviews? If so, who pays? Answer Not necessarily, but you are required to reasonably accommodate candidates with disabilities, including candidates who are deaf. Reasonable accommodations can include sign language interpreters but can also include written materials produced in alternative formats, such as Braille, large print, or on audio- cassette.

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Recruiting digitally? Our top tips to help you do it right


Do you want to build the greatest team possible? Of course you do. But in the modern recruitment landscape, you have to be strategic and open-minded. That means trying out a few different strategies when it comes to your recruitment plan, such as digital recruitment, which is growing in popularity amongst employers. Digital recruitment refers to the use of technology to find, evaluate, attract, select, and hire individuals for open positions within your business.

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6 Strategies to Navigate Social Determinants of Health for a Better Workplace

In today’s dynamic work landscape, where the lines between personal and professional life blur, understanding the intricate interplay between social determinants of health (SDoH) and emotional wellbeing is paramount. Employers must acknowledge that the whole person comes to work and every aspect of a person’s personal and professional life, especially their mental health, comes with them.

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New BLS Data Obscures What We Know About the State of Remote Work

Recruiting Daily Advisor

As remote work hangs in the balance for millions of American workers, new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds some light on the current state of affairs. Working Remotely The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in tremendous change around the globe; in the corporate world, perhaps the most impactful COVID-related change has been the widespread shift to remote work.

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Free diversity & inclusion training materials for 2023 DEIB initiatives


When resources are low, free diversity and inclusion training materials can help kick-start an effective DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) education program. Those responsible for DEIB training sometimes find themselves with yet another task on their plate and no DEIB resources to help start it with. Consider: Sixty-two percent of HR professionals surveyed by McLean & Company said that DEIB was part of their job function, yet just 5% of their time was spent on DEIB.

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How to Create an Effective Recruiting Strategy: Tips for Employers and Hiring Managers


In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any organization. To accomplish this, employers and hiring managers need to develop and implement effective recruiting strategies. A well-crafted recruiting strategy can help identify and attract the right candidates, streamline the hiring process, and ultimately build a strong and talented workforce.