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5 Benefits of Social Media to the Recruitment System


There are billions of people on social media right now. Social Media Statistics 2021. Before anything else, let’s take a look at social media statistics and the approximate number of users of major applications. The role of social media has evolved.

Job advertising on social media with Workable


Social media platforms, along with traditional job boards, serve as effective recruitment channels. By sharing or advertising your open jobs on social media, you increase the chances of finding qualified candidates faster. That’s because social media job posting helps you: 1. Post or share your job ads for free. Unlike job boards, social networks are built for sharing content.


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8 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories – 14th September 2015

Social Talent

In the news this week: SHRM Survey Reveals 2/3 of Companies Made Social Media Hires in the Last Year. Two-thirds of all companies have sourced new hires in the last year from social media , that’s according to a new study conducted by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). LinkedIn was by far the most heavily used social recruiting site, with 57% of the respondents sourcing at least one hire from the site in the last year.

How Your Dealership Can Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy to Avoid Overspending on Job Boards


And finding top talent is even more challenging for retail automotive, as fewer than 1 percent of job seekers are interested in careers at dealerships. Due to the limited interest in careers in retail automotive, dealers often end up paying a steep “brand tax” by overspending on job boards. Unfortunately, while job boards can drive a high quantity of applicants, the quality of these applicants is often lacking. employees would be open to new job opportunities.

8 SEO Tips to Make your Job Posting Searchable


All job openings are made with one goal in mind: to be viewed by candidates. The more potential candidates view your job openings, the higher the chance top-notch candidates will apply. While you always want to value quality over quantity, there are ways to promote a job opening to a large, yet niche group. The answer is simple: SEO for job posting. Have you posted a vacancy stating that you are looking for a “Blogging Superstar” or a “Social Media Wizard”?

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The Best Source of Contractors You NEVER Knew About

Social Talent

Bathed under the California sun, in a place they call Mountain View, lies the headquarters of the best source of freelance contractors you never knew about and that you’d LOVE to start talking to! A joint statement issued on the same day stated that Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance, would lead the combined company while the executive team and board would be balanced with people from each company. Why is it the best source of contractors? Job Boards sourcehub

Social Recruiting Strategies to Survive the Loss of Free Job Postings on Indeed


While industry professionals are speculating about the reasons behind Indeed’s announcement, the impact is clear: Effective January 7, 2019, if you want your jobs to be on Indeed, you must be sponsoring your jobs on Indeed. As you plan for 2019, here are three options for improving the social recruiting component of your strategy in the year ahead: Option 1: Inbound recruiting with content. When creating a content strategy, consider both active and passive job seekers.

Hireology Product Update: Sourcing Suite Enhancements


Here’s an overview the latest updates: Hireology’s Sourcing Suite. We recently rolled out our Sourcing Suite, which helps all customers optimize applicant sourcing spend and drive quality applicants to open roles. Below, we’ve outlined the key components of our Sourcing Suite and the latest enhancements. Applicant Engine has driven two times more quality candidates and a 30% cost savings compared to traditional sources.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Let’s face it: Increasing your careers site traffic can feel overwhelming… should you concentrate on job boards? What about social media? From an SEO perspective, you’re not going to get much organic traffic when your site has very few pages to rank in search engines.

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Hireology Releases Sourcing Suite at NADA 2017, Empowering Dealers to Build Their Best Teams


Applicant Engine and Career Site Offering Drive Quality Job Applicants to Open Roles. Hireology is excited to announce its latest product update, a Sourcing Suite to help dealerships optimize applicant sourcing spend and drive quality applicants to open roles. A solid applicant sourcing strategy is essential to the success of any dealership. Build a Network of Quality Candidates and Optimize Your Applicant Sourcing Budget.

Executing a Digital Content Strategy for Recruitment

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When trying to source the best candidates for a role, recruiters sometimes forget that a well-planned content strategy can make their job a lot easier for them. Source: TypoARTBS / shutterstock. One of the key aspects of any successful marketing strategy is positioning your business as a trusted source of advice and knowledge. It is estimated that recruiters spend around 30% of their budget on job boards. On-site SEO. Social Media.

8 Recruitment News Stories to Get You Thinking This Week – 27th October 2015

Social Talent

During Adler’s session at the live event, he made the contention that there are 2 job markets: one that offers ill-defined lateral transfers. He believes that the talent market is huge in comparison to those who see and apply to your job postings or follow your company. According to Adler, the key to sourcing is understanding the candidate. The job hunt is different for millennial men and women. Member interest in Jobs on LinkedIn (e.g. SEO Manager.

HR Technology: One Platform To Rule Them All, One Platform To Find Them.

Recruiting Daily

Still, nearly 40% of employers still say that they’re unable to have accurate enough source of hire data to do their jobs effectively, which you’d think they’d figure out before they started investing in heavy duty enterprise analytics solutions. The ability to simultaneously compare job posting performance and efficacy across all sources is imperative for maximizing and optimizing recruitment spend.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2015

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2014 taught us a number of lessons about the recruitment industry ; mobile is extremely important when it comes to recruiting, today’s job market is most definitely candidate driven, employer branding is an essential element of the recruitment process, job ads with images attract more candidates, and promises of a higher salary don’t necessarily secure the candidate. Social Networks are going niche and private. see an opportunity.

Oldie but Goodie: Source of Hire & Candidate Touchpoints


Two weeks ago (2011) I wrote a post on accurately measuring “Source to Hire” through your ATS & job distribution technology and received the following interesting comment from Master Burnett: There is rarely a single source of hire in today’s hyper connected reality. Single source of application maybe. A single source of hire is unrealistic in today’s recruiting environment. Check job boards to see what open job positions you are recruiting for.

You’d Better Ask Somebody: Why Employee Referrals (Still) Matter in Hiring.

Recruiting Daily

That’s the paradox of social networking; while our updates ostensibly reflect what’s going on in our life, we can no longer lead lives that aren’t largely informed by what happens online, and how our connections will react, no matter how much of a stretch that “friend” moniker might in fact be. There’s no shame in asking for a favor, particularly if that favor is asking for help finding awesome people for awesome jobs at an awesome company.

Job Aggregators – Fad or Future?


A few months ago I did a presentation to a group of global recruitment professionals on social recruiting tools and sourcing channels. As I started showing the breakdown of hire yield by sourcing channel, a single hand went up and delicately asked “What’s a job aggregator?” I have to admit, that with all the traction job aggregators have made over the last 5 years I was surprised that it was still such a mystery to Recruiters.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – April 2015

Social Talent

No, not THAT “time of the month” sillies – it’s time for our monthly social recruiting round-up; a collection of the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month. Girl Quits Job Using 33 White Board Messages (Her Boss Responds in the Best Way Ever!). Top Infographics in April: How Social Media Photos Affect Your Job Search (Infographic).

6 Intriguing Recruitment News Items to Note this Week – 20th April 2015

Social Talent

Lots of professionals (we hope you’re included) share content (articles, blog posts, and presentations), on a regular basis on social and professional networks to strengthen their employer brands, attract talent, and market and sell their products and services. Not only that but their employer results in 6 job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower, “ which helps them better hire, market, and sell ” writes Will Sun , a LinkedIn Product Manager.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

Recruiting Daily

There’s little warm-up involved anymore, since candidate information has become completely commoditized due to a spate of new sourcing tools and talent technologies that give us so much information about candidates without our actually having to put in a whole lot of effort. The downside of direct sourcing is you never know what you’re going to find, and sometimes, it ruins everything. Cleaning Up With Social Media.

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Cell Counts: Why Mobile Recruiting Matters for Candidate Experience

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According to Comscore, over 60% of all online traffic now originates from mobile devices; with SEO firm BrightEdge reporting that smartphones and tablets together now accounting for fully 1/3 of organic search traffic. Since studies repeatedly show online search strategies to be similar for consumers and candidates, this means that about 3 out of every 5 candidates are reading your job descriptions or viewing your career sites on a mobile device. source: CareerBuilder).

How To Calculate Your Recruiting ROI

Recruiting Daily

Even Google still serves up irrelevant responses, which is basically the entire business model upon which SEO & SEM are predicated. If you don’t know that exact amount, a good formula is to take your salary, multiply it by.67 (the cost of your benefits) and add on $2500 for every req you closed this year, which is on the low end of the estimated average spend on recruitment advertising (like job board postings) per position. You shouldn’t have a job.

SEO 75

Cell Counts: Why Mobile Recruiting Matters for Candidate Experience

Recruiting Daily

According to Comscore, over 60% of all online traffic now originates from mobile devices; with SEO firm BrightEdge reporting that smartphones and tablets together now accounting for fully 1/3 of organic search traffic. Since studies repeatedly show online search strategies to be similar for consumers and candidates, this means that about 3 out of every 5 candidates are reading your job descriptions or viewing your career sites on a mobile device. source: CareerBuilder).

Go Beyond Job Postings: 3 Effective Ways To Attract And Hire Top Talent

Proactive Talent

Research shows that job boards on average gather 43% of all applications companies receive for new job openings. But while job boards may have the highest number of applications, their conversion-to-hire rates fall drastically behind other sources of hire like employee referrals and company career sites. Employee referrals may only account for 7% of all job applications, but they contribute nearly half of all actual hires.

The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

Social Talent

Today, Hiroto has his lasso out once again because we’re bringing together all of that knowledge into one blog post package – the Social Recruiting Round-Up for June 2015. In it you’ll find everything we mentioned above, some added funny bits, this month’s webinar entitled “How to: Source Top Talent on Facebook”, and the biggest news stories to shake the recruitment industry this month. How to: Drastically Improve Your Job Ads SEO Using Google Trends.

Sourcing Candidates: 14 Ways to Take Pressure off Recruiters


Considering the high costs of bad hires, it’s a shame when the sourcing and recruiting processes get rushed. Many of the world’s top employers are pouring resources into attracting candidates at the early phases of their job search journey—before they apply. In this post, we’ll explore 14 different methods that will make sourcing candidates easier and more efficient. Provide the social media experience candidates expect.

Improve Your Recruitment System by Taking Inspiration from these 6 Amazing Career Pages


You have job boards, social media, etc. First and foremost, It’s the number 1 recruitment channel as of 2020 as reported by Talent Board. They see this as a direct source, which has complete information about the job and the company itself.

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The Top 10 Problems TA Leaders Tell Me About


My job is awesome. Disclaimer: Since Ongig is a job description platform, a higher-than average amount of people bring up job description-related problems with me. . 1) Job Descriptions. Coming in at #1 is the category of job descriptions in general. TA leaders come to me to chat about X sub-topics about JDs: Job Descriptions are too “Dull/Static”. Job Descriptions Need to be Written More Like Ads. Video Job Descriptions.

Video 40

How to use your recruitment ATS to receive more and better candidates


The job of a recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) is to allow you to source multiple candidates easily. And if you do, you’ll be able to source faster and better. Source via multiple channels (job boards and social media).

12 Steps to Optimize Your Career Site for Search Engines

CKR Interactive

Do you have separate pages for all of your key job areas? Doing so will give you an opportunity to create specific content and also gives you the chance to include specific keywords that job seekers would use to find jobs. Make sure all of your pages — especially your job-specific landing pages — use semantic page URLs. ” This also applies to job description pages. seo-spider/. Ensure quality content when crafting job descriptions.

10 Actionable Takeaways from the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

Rally Recruitment Marketing

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s become an employer’s job market. And job seeker perceptions and behaviors are shifting quickly too. The methodology for the Job Seeker Nation Report this year is unique as it was conducted in two waves for the first time ever.

Report 326

Guest Blog: 5 Best Marketing Tips For Recruiters To Find Top Talent


Today’s candidates are not only looking for well-paying job opportunities, but an organizational culture that affords them life-work balance and other personal benefits. Search engine optimization (SEO). The majority of job seekers use search engines like Bing and Google to research their options. That’s why SEO should play a critical role in any business sourcing and recruitment strategy. Social media marketing. Posting on job boards.

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Evolving Your Social Recruitment Vocabulary


This post will focus on deciphering the terminology behind social recruitment. The term social recruitment was first used as early as 2009, but started to become part of conventional recruitment strategy around 2011 [1]. Social recruitment has now become mainstream and many vendors now offer social recruiting and marketing products in addition to their core recruitment management system (RMS) offering. Job Aggregator. job posting) is clicked on a website.

Oldie but Goodie: The Future of Corporate Career Sites


Career Sites are no longer (or should no longer) be static job pages linked together by a single homepage but really act as your recruiting hub for engaging and interfacing with candidates about your company and employment opportunities. Candidates no longer just want a job search for open positions (although that’s a necessity) but they want to learn about your company and culture so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to apply to your company. create a job req).

How to find employees for free


With new HR tools and modern sourcing techniques emerging in the recruiting landscape, it’s common to overlook the good ol’ practices. Use free job boards. But that’s not the case when it comes to job boards. Some of the most popular sites among job seekers, including Indeed and Glassdoor, let you advertise your jobs for free. All you have to do is write a job ad to describe the role and post it on one or more free job posting sites.

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Looking to Save Money at Your Fitness Business? Rethink Your People Strategy


To hire top talent, many fitness businesses – and businesses across industries – make the mistake of spending too much money on costly job boards or wasting time reviewing a high volume of applicants who aren’t a fit. How do you currently track the channels you use to source applicants and the associated costs? Your fitness business is likely tapping into several job boards, social media, outside recruiters, your business website, and more.

5 Reasons Why Recruitment in 2019 is just like Marketing


On the face of it, recruiting sounds fairly simple: there’s a job opening and you need to fill it with quality candidates. There’s just one problem – today’s recruitment is a lot different than it was before, because the job market itself is vastly different. Moreover, it means that just putting the job ad out there and hoping for great candidates to come flocking in does not work anymore. Source?. Well, ever since candidates stopped visiting job boards.

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How to: Successfully Influence Candidates at EVERY Stage of their Decision-Making Process

Social Talent

This is the process we will be following: Source: At this stage, the job seeker is aware that they need/would like a new job and they already have a couple of employers/companies in mind that they might like to work for. Advertising on 3rd Party Sites/Apps – people don’t spend great amounts of time on job boards, nor do they spend vast amounts of time on LinkedIn. Not connected with us on social?

Optimizing Where You Post Job Ads


One of them is to pinpoint the best source of hire. “With more open jobs than people to fill them and the market at near full employment, recruiters are finding new ways to reach prospective employee[s] where they are—whether that’s on Instagram or via text.” Job Boards.

Creating a New Company Career Site: The Definitive Guide


Larger employers will want to consider these “big company” topics: Internal Career Website — Deloitte, for example, is so large that they now have someone whose job it is to handle candidate experience for INTERNAL candidates (i.e. Multiple Brands — If you have multiple brands, you’ll need to decide if you have one central career site that allows a candidate to search jobs across all brands; or will you allow each brand to have its own career sites.