The Typical Work Week: Always On, Always Meeting

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The post The Typical Work Week: Always On, Always Meeting appeared first on TalentCulture. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So goes the saying. For American professionals, however, the work week — and work itself — tends to be all-consuming. […].

Q&A: Meet Courtney Lane!

Proactive Talent

I look at recruitment as the gate-keeper for organizational culture. We want to introduce you to Courtney Lane, our new Lead Recruiting Consultant and one of the newest members of the Proactive Talent tribe! Courtney is based in Austin and came onboard with us in August. We did a quick Q&A session with her so you can get to know her a little bit and understand what she brings to the table for Proactive Talent. Where have you worked in the past and what led you to Proactive Talent?


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Changing the HR Game: Meet Madison Butler

Fistful of Talent

I want you to meet Madison Butler, and hear her voice and all that it means to DE&I moving forward into the next decade. I learned that I not only loved talent but I loved development, culture and focusing on psychological safety. 2020 has been revolutionary. An eye opener for HR.

It’s a Big Meeting! Maybe I’ll Wear Pants

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Cosmetics lessons : How to alter your makeup to be virtual-meeting glam! The post It’s a Big Meeting! Communication COVID-19 Culture Performance work from home

Create Your Own Remote Culture

Speaker: Gustavo Razzetti, Founder & CEO, Liberationist

We are living in uncertain times - the COVID-19 pandemic has led to confusion and isolation for our global workforce as companies have had to turn completely to remote working. As most organizations were unprepared for this change, they are waiting for things to "get back to normal" when they can have in-person meetings and higher productivity. However, we are never going to return to normal. We may return to office working, but our approach to remote working will have changed. We need to understand now how we can maintain a strong culture when all our employees are working remotely and how we can shape our post-pandemic remote working policies. Join Change Instigator and LIberationist CEO Gustavo Razzetti to learn how to remote-proof your culture!

Words to Describe Your Company Culture. Go!

ClearCompany Recruiting

Could you accurately and succinctly describe your company culture right now? Often, organizational culture is vaguely defined and poorly communicated. Or maybe your organization has a great culture, you just don't know how to identify and articulate what that means. Culture is important, and properly defining it can help you optimize, organize, and manage your culture goals moving forward. Find Your Culture. Can you accurately define your company culture?

Meet Dominique Samuels

Stories Incorporated

Meet Dominique Samuels, Stories Inc.’s Diversity and the feeling of belonging permeates every aspect of culture and society, not just within ethnicity and language, but also neurologically, generationally, ideologically, and so much more. community as they meet Dominique Samuels?

What You Won’t Hear At The Diversity Task Force Meeting

Fistful of Talent

But we will rarely talk about some of the experiences that leave us with a healthy amount of skepticism that things are likely to change unless the focus is shifted to a cultural reset of sorts. Culture Diversity Employment Branding and Culture Race DEI Far to Go

9 Creative Meeting Ideas for Remote Teams

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Remote meetings were a brilliant solution to social distancing. Meet virtually, stay connected, run things by each other—it worked. How to Keep Your Team Engaged in a Remote Meeting. Many people feel like they’re looking in a mirror during virtual meetings.

Sexual Assault At Work: A Consideration For On-Camera Policies

Katrina Kibben

recruiting camera camera culture video chat video meeting virtual meeting zoom meeting*Trigger warning: Sexual assault* “If you’d be willing, keep those cameras on.” ” I’m probably not your typical trainer. Most ask everyone to turn their cameras off, but I don’t get distracted by digital faces.

Continuous Improvement - Flipping the Script on Your Coaching Culture

Speaker: Jordan George, Director, Leadership & Talent Development

In 2015, another survey found that half of millennial employees aged 18-34 left their annual review meeting feeling they couldn’t do anything right, while 25% began to immediately look for another job. Practical advice for gradually (and successfully) shifting your coaching culture towards one of continuous improvement. Folding a fitted sheet. A slow internet connection. Tangled earphones. Stepping in chewing gum…while wearing a brand new pair of shoes.

3 New Habits to Eradicate Meeting Madness and Improve Team Communication

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In the workplace, meetings are the “container” where teams congregate to exchange information, solve problems, and move initiatives forward. With so much time spent in meetings, employee engagement quickly recedes as multitasking and other distractions produce poor meeting outcomes.

4 Keys to Successfully Interviewing for Culture


Tech companies love to use culture as a recruiting tool, to varying degrees of success. What many interviewers—whether they’re recruiters or hiring managers—don’t consider is that once a culture is established, they have to hire the right people to maintain and improve it. If you’re consistently working to maintain your culture anyway, that shouldn’t be too difficult. “I Candidates will be drawn to the culture that speaks to them.”. Put Your Culture at Center Stage.

Keeping Remote Cultures Strong With Face-to-Face Meetings

Glassdoor for Employers

Employee Engagement Company Culture Remote Remote EmployeesWhile remote work is becoming increasingly common, managing remote teams effectively is often a big challenge for companies. If you struggle to.

Meet Kevin Cowman, Director of Enterprise Accounts

BlueWave Resource Partners

He’s watched and helped the company grow with clients, employees, and work culture. He works directly with current and prospective clients to understand their work culture , what positions they need to fill, and how BlueWave can help fill those gaps. “My

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

company’s culture. meets all their requirements. RECRUITER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM HARD TO HIRE: 2018 THIRD-PARTY RECRUITING &. THE STATE OF TALENT ACQUISITION SURVEY / 2 /. WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Introduction About this Survey The Realities of Today’s Hiring Landscape So What’s a Hiring Manager or Recruiter to Do? When and Why to Use Third-Party Search A Look Ahead: Third-Party Search –. Where Do I Go From Here? A Look Ahead: Data Analytics – The Backbone.

F*&k meetings


You open up your work calendar to see what’s on your plate and you see back-to-back meetings the entire day. Workplace meetings have gotten out of control. Much like how your adorable kid transformed into a hormone-fueled monster once the teen years hit, meetings have changed from pleasant and productive to downright excruciating. The statistics are no laughing matter: There are 25 million meetings per day in the United States.

Proactive Talent Q&A: Meet Lead Consultant, Dan Medlin!

Proactive Talent

Meet Dan Medlin, our new Lead Recruiting Consultant, and one of the newest members of the Proactive Talent tribe! People bring with them to work their age, gender, culture, faith, family, finances and dreams. Dan is based in the Austin area and came onboard with us just a few weeks ago. We did a quick Q&A session with him so you can get to know him a little bit and understand what he brings to the table for Proactive Talent and our clients.

[#WorkTrends] Designing Work to Meet Personal and Professional Goals

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The post [#WorkTrends] Designing Work to Meet Personal and Professional Goals appeared first on TalentCulture. HR Strategy Podcast Podcast Recaps Career Advice Career Development career goals engagement fulfillment personal goals productivity professional goals Workplace Culture

How Cornerstone Keeps Culture Alive During COVID-19 and M&A

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Keeping culture alive and well during the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be challenging for many organizations, but can you imagine trying to keep your culture intact in the middle of a pandemic while also going through a merger and acquisition?

The 31 Best Icebreaker Questions for Meetings in 2021


Why you need meeting icebreakers. Team bonding is all the more important in a world where many team bonding meetings have to be virtual. You might be asking, why do you need meeting icebreakers? Icebreakers are most useful in meetings where people don’t know each other very well.

5 Ways to Build Company Culture with a Remote Workforce

Achievers - Recruiting

As leadership teams move on from the initial concerns of VPN connections and transitioning in-person meetings to video, another question presents itself: how do we maintain our collaboration and company culture with a remote workforce when not all of us are in each other’s company?

Why Culture is the Hot New Perk


Up-and-coming organizations are creating strong, unique cultures that attract and retain tech pros. Here are some of their creative retention strategies and tips for nurturing a magnetic culture: Here’s to Your Health. Listening to customer success stories during the company’s monthly all-hands meetings gives tech pros the opportunity to learn about the personal connection between users and their technology. A strong culture of professional growth endures over time.”.

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, BlueWave Business Development Representative

BlueWave Resource Partners

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, a Florida Gator who’s worked in the startup community, with corporate alliances, and even the Walt Disney Company. Another important factor for candidates looking for work can be the company culture.

Stop Working Overtime: Start with a Better Meetings

HR Technologist - RB

Employees continue to feel the pressure to work overtime, but extra hours and “always-on” culture are making us less productive, writes Renato Profico, CEO of Doodle. Culture

Thinking of Applying to Smartsheet? - Meet the VP of People


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the company's culture and values, and learn how you can make your application stand out! Smartsheet Meet the recruiter Video

How to protect company culture during COVID-19

Social Talent

And, on average UK workers are spending 28 more hours at their desks per month since lockdown began, as concerns about the culture of ‘ePresenteeism’ rise. You might overlook it, but your company culture is crucial to help combat this, and more important than ever. Doing this in a remote culture is a lot harder than it is in a co-located one, so here are our tips for you to put into practice. Your company culture is not just your people, but also how you treat them.

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, loads of businesses have experienced a culture shift. Transition to remote operations, forced layoffs, new health regulations and company policies – all these events have caused changes in company culture in a flash.

11 Employee Networks to Build an Inclusive Culture

Achievers - Recruiting

Building an inclusive culture should be at the top of the priority list for every organization, especially leaders. Currently, nearly half ( 45 percent ) of workers say leadership is “minimally” or “not at all” committed to improving company culture.

How Work Culture Has Changed Over the Years


Let’s take a look at how work culture has changed over the years. But that’s the only way work culture has changed for the better. These employees can help meet changing business needs or provide a trial period before a permanent hiring decision is made. To summarize, the American work culture has changed by: Extending the office with connected mobile devices. The post How Work Culture Has Changed Over the Years appeared first on JazzHR Notes.

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, BlueWave Business Development Representative

BlueWave Resource Partners

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, a Florida Gator who’s worked in the startup community, with corporate alliances, and even the Walt Disney Company. Another important factor for candidates looking for work can be the company culture. The post Meet Kathleen Driscoll, BlueWave Business Development Representative appeared first on Bluewave Resource Partners.

Meet Karli Fritz, STEM Major and BlueWave Intern

BlueWave Resource Partners

Company culture as an intern. Karli fit right in with our company culture, and our team welcomed her with open arms (well, at six feet apart!). “I The post Meet Karli Fritz, STEM Major and BlueWave Intern appeared first on Bluewave Resource Partners.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Chairs From Team Meetings


Do standing meetings help teams accomplish more, or are they a corporate fad to accompany the latest set of fashionable buzzwords? Building Culture Leading People Startups

5 Ways to Cultivate Your Work Culture & Engage Your Employees

ClearCompany Recruiting

Creating an outstanding work culture that accurately represents a company’s values begins with strong leadership. When leadership creates and embodies a work culture that matches the company’s mission and vision, it becomes part of the company DNA. Instead, approach your own company culture by thinking about your unique business goals and values and how you can attract and retain employees who embody those things and will help you focus on the things that matter to your company.

Mindfulness at Work: Developing a Culture of Mindful Leadership and Empathy

Achievers - Recruiting

Getting individuals from so many different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate and communicate is no easy task. People are craving human-centered cultures that put employees first and foster mindfulness at work. The key question then becomes, what kind of a culture am I creating?

Artifacts of Culture or “What’s in the BOX!”

Fistful of Talent

Company culture. It’s never the people – it’s the culture. Culture is pretty much what we say it is. Culture isn’t what you say. What Are Your Cultural Artifacts? I know culture is a squishy word. Let’s make culture more “atom-based.” Your culture is all those things that are left behind that others can see, touch, experience and observe. Your culture isn’t what you say. Culture is the artifact of what you say.

What Company Culture Really Means

Recruiting Daily Advisor

If I had a dollar for every article, blog, or book I have read about “company culture” over the course of my career, I would be well on my way to a comfortable retirement. There are so many opinions about what “company culture” means and how it develops. Some believe culture is driven by those you hire. Others say culture exists around the mission and vision of a company. When you dive into defining your company culture, you have to be authentic in your mission.

The HR Famous Podcast: E8 – Video Work Meetings: Winning On ZOOM

Fistful of Talent

Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox) to talk about video meeting etiquette, their virtual meeting pet peeves and their wildest video call stories. 5:00- KD dives deep into best practices for video meetings. 17:20 – KD asks “What is your dream video meeting background?” 22:25- KD talks about how your company culture follows you into virtual meetings.

Your Foosball Table Is Not Company Culture

Proactive Talent

Companies who have hired primarily for ‘culture fit’ usually lack diversity and the ability to innovate as opposed to those who hire based on merit. Most companies have started to rely on perks to define their culture like free meals, a keg everyday, or a foosball table, but that will no longer cut it. Firms with an existing company culture often look to hire candidates that will fit in perfectly right from day one.

Strategies for Culture Change Management that Works

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Aspects of your company’s “personality,” like your company culture, are subject to change. There are several factors that may contribute to a changing company culture , from a shift in how you do business to a change in the types of workers you need to hire.