Q&A: Meet Courtney Lane!

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I look at recruitment as the gate-keeper for organizational culture. We want to introduce you to Courtney Lane, our new Lead Recruiting Consultant and one of the newest members of the Proactive Talent tribe! Courtney is based in Austin and came onboard with us in August. We did a quick Q&A session with her so you can get to know her a little bit and understand what she brings to the table for Proactive Talent. Where have you worked in the past and what led you to Proactive Talent?

Keeping Remote Cultures Strong With Face-to-Face Meetings

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Employee Engagement Company Culture Remote Remote EmployeesWhile remote work is becoming increasingly common, managing remote teams effectively is often a big challenge for companies. If you struggle to.

Proactive Talent Q&A: Meet Lead Consultant, Dan Medlin!

Proactive Talent

Meet Dan Medlin, our new Lead Recruiting Consultant, and one of the newest members of the Proactive Talent tribe! People bring with them to work their age, gender, culture, faith, family, finances and dreams.

F*&k meetings


You open up your work calendar to see what’s on your plate and you see back-to-back meetings the entire day. Workplace meetings have gotten out of control. The statistics are no laughing matter: There are 25 million meetings per day in the United States.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

2018 Analyzing Trends and Understanding Challengesfor Today’s Tech Professionals Dice Diversity and Inclusion Report 2018 2 Contents Diversity & Inclusiveness in Tech 06 - Women in Tech 03 05 15 17 11 - Ageism in Tech 09 - LGBTQ in Tech 13 - Political Affiliation in Tech Changing Culture, Attracting.

4 Keys to Successfully Interviewing for Culture


Tech companies love to use culture as a recruiting tool, to varying degrees of success. What many interviewers—whether they’re recruiters or hiring managers—don’t consider is that once a culture is established, they have to hire the right people to maintain and improve it.

How Work Culture Has Changed Over the Years


Let’s take a look at how work culture has changed over the years. But that’s the only way work culture has changed for the better. These employees can help meet changing business needs or provide a trial period before a permanent hiring decision is made.

How to Cultivate a Transparent Company Culture

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We’ve recently elaborated on why your organization should foster a more transparent company culture , and here we will elaborate on what you can do to actually implement this type of culture. Record Meetings on Video and Share Them.

Employee Culture And Corporate Job Fit – Buzzwords Or Reality?

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One way to ensure a consistent customer service experience is to have a recruitment process that takes into consideration how well candidates may be able to successfully assimilate into your company culture as a part of the selection cycle. Or are employee culture and job fit just buzzwords?

HR Cares & FirstLight Home Care's Culture of Care

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Research shows that 86% of business leaders rate culture as one of the more urgent talent issues, yet only 14% understand what the “right culture” really is. Organizational Values Bring Cultural Direction. Company Culture HR

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report


More Workplace Culture Predictions for 2030

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In a previous post , we looked at a few workplace culture predictions you should be prepared for by the time 2030 rolls around. In our last post on this subject, we’ll look at two more predictions on how work culture will change by 2030.

How to Scan for a Cultural Fit

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Scanning for a culture fit. At Glassdoor, scanning for a culture fit is a huge part of our interview process. In fact, every candidate will generally go through a few rounds of interviews and meet various members of the team before given the green light to join our team.

Guest Blog: Enhance Your Company Culture With These Top Slack Bots


Culture can be viewed in many different ways, from the relationships between executives and lower-level employees to the mission statement written on the wall. On a large scale, culture is based on the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of the organization.

New Day, New Talent, New Culture

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A new generation of workers rapidly entering the workforce is one thing, but when that generation is huge, and it enters the workforce at the same time as another huge generation exits, the stage is set for a seismic cultural shift. Sea Change In Work Culture.

Continuous Improvement - Flipping the Script on Your Coaching Culture

Speaker: Jordan George, Director, Leadership & Talent Development

In 2015, another survey found that half of millennial employees aged 18-34 left their annual review meeting feeling they couldn’t do anything right, while 25% began to immediately look for another job. Folding a fitted sheet. A slow internet connection. Tangled earphones.

Your Foosball Table Is Not Company Culture

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Companies who have hired primarily for ‘culture fit’ usually lack diversity and the ability to innovate as opposed to those who hire based on merit. Most companies have started to rely on perks to define their culture like free meals, a keg everyday, or a foosball table, but that will no longer cut it. Firms with an existing company culture often look to hire candidates that will fit in perfectly right from day one.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Chairs From Team Meetings


Do standing meetings help teams accomplish more, or are they a corporate fad to accompany the latest set of fashionable buzzwords? Building Culture Leading People Startups

How to Build a Toxic Culture in your Start-up

The King's Shilling

Building a great culture means happier people, more productivity and better decor! Here are some handy hints to help you take control and build the culture you crave! This can also be used in meetings to quash disagreement! Organisational cultures should be fluid – so switch to new management methods every week – OKR’s, Holacracy, top-grading… whatever! Talk extensively about the “culture” and how people are staying in the office late to “get s**t done”.

Guest Blog – How To Hire For Cultural Fit At Scale


Have you been curious about the best ways to hire for strong cultural fit in a high-volume setting? Culture” – if that word was ever used – was mostly a way to exclude candidates from the pool. Some organizations have gone even further and switched to hiring for cultural add.

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

Not only do you need to find a candidate with the right skills, but that candidate also needs to be a culture fit and within your. can find a recruiter who is suited to meet your. cultural fit is a. tweaking their contracts to meet your needs. in your culture?

The Szechuan Sauce Gap: What Happens When Branding Doesn’t Meet Operations

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The post The Szechuan Sauce Gap: What Happens When Branding Doesn’t Meet Operations appeared first on Fistful of Talent. Employment Branding and Culture Kate Weimer Employee Experience employer branding kate weimer

Does Your Recruitment Process Meet a Candidate’s Needs?


In the third article in our series on the psychology of recruiting, we discuss the way in which the recruitment process meets the needs of the candidate. But does your offer meet the candidate’s needs? The post Does Your Recruitment Process Meet a Candidate’s Needs?

How to Run Effective Team Meetings in 5 Simple Steps


How can you conduct a meeting that engages, inspires and actually achieves results? Building Culture How to Leading PeopleHere are five tips that might help.

How to Build a Great Culture for Your Remote Team


“These team members need to exhibit your company core values and be cultural fits above all else,” he told me. These types of scenarios can help evaluate culture fit, team chemistry, and candidate communication skills.” Nailing Remote Workforce Culture.

How Office Culture Should Influence Recruitment


Organizational Culture: “The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” — Business Dictionary. An anthropology cliché tells us that culture is to humans what water is to fish. Your workplace most definitely has a culture.

How Curiosity Can Enhance Your Culture


Encouraging curiosity at every level in your organization can not only help you build a better business, but also enhance your company’s culture. When curiosity is encouraged, employees are more likely to engage in meetings because they know they can affect the outcome.

Corporate responsibility meets citizenship: A new role for HR


Retaining and retraining tenured workers can help organizations meet their labor and skills needs, as can figuring out how to manage the alternative workforce—which isn’t actually alternative anymore. But cultural change and investment are required to make these models work.

19% of Workers Could Not Make Ends Meet Last Year

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According to a new CareerBuilder survey of workers who currently have a minimum wage job or have held one in the past, 67 percent said they couldn’t make ends meet, and 49 percent said they had to work more than one job to make things work. The recession is over, but times are still tough.

5 Steps to Take When Implementing a New Company Culture

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When it comes to unethical behavior, it all boils down to one thing: company culture. Overall, implementing a positive company culture is becoming an important thing for organizations of all shapes and sizes to do because it yields so many benefits to so many parties involved.

Meet Our Recruiting Automation Summit Sponsors


Humantelligence A culture analytics and AI-based “Recruiting for Fit” platform, Humantelligence’s 12-minute self-assessment and analytics platform measures culture at every level, uncovering talent insights that can be leveraged for improving performance, engagement and hiring.

Hiring for culture fit: The key to attracting and retaining talent


If you wonder why recruiting is a big challenge for most organizations — and why retaining stellar employees often becomes a no-win situation — the answer could be simple: organizations need to be better at hiring for culture fit. First, we should define what culture fit is.

Beginner’s Guide: Building Workplace Culture with Standups


In the world of startups, standup meetings are common practice. so as to not make team members so comfortable that the meetings take an extended amount of time. The post Beginner’s Guide: Building Workplace Culture with Standups appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog.

How companies succumb to sunk cost culture


And it’s a key cultural trait of badly-managed companies. And we stick to legacy technologies, even if they’re not meeting our company’s needs. But at companies, sunk costs can morph into a culture of rationalized management that hampers growth. Blog Culture

What Do Your Employee Benefits Say About Your Company Culture?


Organizations of all shapes and sizes have reevaluated their approach, and allowed their company culture to dictate their benefits decisions. So how can company culture inform your employee benefits package? When organizational values drive culture, it shows.

A Visual Guide to a Meeting Agenda That Actually Works [Infographic]


Making decisions in meetings is never easy. It’s no wonder meetings can seem to drag on indefinitely. Building Culture Infographic Leading People SMEs StartupsAfter all you’re talking about human beings, and human beings are complex. What seems like a simple goal becomes more tricky the deeper you delve. What’s needed is an efficient, incisive methodology to get you in and out […].

How to Build a Great Corporate Culture

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Having a great corporate culture can be a differentiator for small businesses when it comes to attracting and retaining spectacular employees. Here are some tips for creating a corporate culture that brings out the best in your small business team.