Some Employers Struggling with BLM Apparel at Work

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What you won’t see on TV are the large employers that have faced significant backlash for attempting to prohibit employees from wearing BLM masks and other apparel. Therefore, they’ve decided to let employees express themselves with their apparel.

Clothing Men’s Boys Girls Childrens Apparel Buying House

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Can American Apparel Dispel their Aura of General Sleaze? –  A study in Employer Branding


For one hour each week, every American Apparel store manager, visual merchandiser, and back-stock director the world over dialed into stream-of-consciousness rants from then-CEO Dov Charney, each employee praying they weren’t the unlucky soul singled out for reprimand. The difference between American Apparel then and American Apparel now seems to be, essentially, the absence of brick-and-mortar sales points, and a tacked-on mantra-du-jour of “diversity and inclusiveness”.

You Really Need to Rethink Your Fonts

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Here’s a quick rundown of.0001% of the companies that use it and, in some cases, haven’t changed their branding in 50 years because of it: 3M, American Airlines, Jeep, BMW, Jackass , The Office , JC Penney, American Apparel, Target, NASA, Apple, Motorola, and Panasonic. Industry 3M American Airlines American Apparel Apple Arial BMW Coke Comic Sans Helvetica Jackass JC Penney Jeep Leave it to Beaver Motorola NASA Panasonic Papyrus Target The Office

Staffing News of the Day, July 11, 2014

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American Apparel rehires fired founder as “strategic consultant” [ABC News]. News ABC News American Apparel Bloomberg Businessweek Careerbuilder CIO Cleveland ERE Flair meme House of Representatives InMails Investment News Jobandtalent KSHB LAPD Linkedin Market Watch Mass Live Mirror Monster multigenerational workforce x y and b infographic PE Ph.D.s House of Representatives passes workforce training bill that would localize control and add funding [PE].

Staffing News of the Day, June 23, 2014

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Dov Charney demands American Apparel job back or he’ll sue , says lawyer [LA Times]. LinkedIn launches first standalone iOS app, LinkedIn Job Search [First Post]. Obama calls for an end to “Mad Men”-era family policies [Washington Post]. Staying at the same company for more than two years means you’ll earn 50% less over your lifetime [Forbes]. Why does Symantec’s COO put his World of Warcraft achievements on his resume? CNN Money].

Rules Against Wearing Union Insignia Harder to Justify Under New NLRB Decision

Recruiting Daily Advisor

A recent decision from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is seen as making it more difficult for employers to prohibit employees from wearing union insignia or apparel.

Shinesty: Building a Company on Outrageous Fashion in Boulder, Colorado | Chris White


Throughout law school, Chris found himself selling apparel for fraternities and discovered that the more ridiculous the shirt- the better it sold. Taking this advice to heart, he reflected on his successes selling outrageous apparel for fun events and the idea of Shiesty was born. Learn how Shinesty went from selling vintage items to designing and selling their own apparel.

Mystery Ranch: Backpacks Built for the Mission from the Heart of Montana | Dana Gleason


Dana has been involved in the outdoor apparel and gear community for 43 years and is considered a legend in the industry. Dana Gleason founded Mystery Ranch, a company that manufactures packs and load carriage systems for military, hunting, wildland fire and mountaineering customers. He began creating gear for climbing, backpacking, and skiing in 1975. … podcast small business war stories

Mountain Standard: The Business of Outdoor Necessities | Brennah Rosenthal


She works with Mountain Standard, an apparel brand that sells outdoor gear and everything you need to survive a mountain lifestyle. This week, we interview Brennah Rosenthal. Mountain Standard has been in operation for 3 years and recently opened a store in Boulder, CO. They are striving to become a brand that releases new gear for … podcast small business war stories

Leadership story: Stakeholder value is shareholder value

Stories Incorporated

Very early on in the pandemic, apparel retailers rightfully expected a huge drop in customer volume, and so they pleaded with their suppliers (clothing brands) to get out of or scale back the volume of clothing that they had committed to purchasing. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 


Pro Tip: Make one day about your business, and provide new t-shirts or other apparel as an employee appreciation gift so everyone has new duds to wear. . Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner — March 6, to be exact.

The Value of a Global Network in Times of COVID

NPA Worldwide

CMCC was established in 2009 as a specialist recruitment firm for the apparel, footwear, toys and consumer goods industry. Today’s guest blogger is Carola Chard of CMCC in Hong Kong.

GoRuck: Building an Iconic Brand Based on Community | Jason McCarthy


GoRuck now creates gear and apparel as well as hosts events, build teams and strengthens communities. On today’s episode we are joined by Jason McCarthy of GoRuck , an American brand with Special Forces roots that is aiming to change the world. As a former Special Forces Operator, Jason originally began GoRuck to create go bags, bags prepped with essential items to prepare for emergencies. Not only did he create quality bags, but the company grew into something with a much larger impact.

Engage Talent at Events by Creating a Consistent Candidate Experience

Rally Recruitment Marketing

This includes apparel, members of the management team, typical responsibilities of your open roles and other details that help candidates get a better understanding of what their potential experience would be like at your company. Nearly every aspect of life is now online. Booking doctor’s appointments, consuming news, dating – even grocery shopping and buying cars can be done via the internet.

Employee Benefits: The Only Guide You Need


The rewards offered can include anything from gift cards, travel savings, charitable contributions, the latest tech item, and trendy fashion apparel. The term “employee benefits” is used regularly, but often with a limited, traditional definition in mind. The traditional concept refers to legally mandated benefits plus a few voluntarily added by employers.

Digging Into The 2020 People of Color in Tech Report

Fistful of Talent

Tim asks the crew what collaboration do you want to see of a shoe brand and a non-apparel brand.

Recruiters, Now’s the Time to Innovate

NPA Worldwide

SCP Hot Jobs!

SilverChair Partners

EA to the CEO of an innovative global apparel company. 120-140K DOE plus bonus and benefits. This is a meaty role with great exposure. EA to the CEO of a distinctive international hedge fund based in Greenwich, CT. 120-130K plus bonus and benefits. EA/PA at a thriving private equity firm. 75-85K DOE plus bonus and benefits. This is a great opportunity to be a true right hand! Receptionist/OM at a thriving family office. 50-85K DOE plus benefits. Exciting perks, too!

From Courts to Career


I was the new trade, the new free agent, the captain, the champion,” says Scott, a two-time WNBA champion who now works as an Associate Product Line Manager in Men’s Apparel. At NIKE, Inc., you may brainstorm, lunch break and work alongside the likes of two-time WNBA champion Olympia Scott.

A Vision for 2022

NPA Worldwide

CMCC was established in 2009 as a specialist recruitment firm for the apparel, footwear, toys and consumer goods industry. Today’s guest blogger is Carola Chard of CMCC in Hong Kong.

Why and When to Engage an Executive Search Firm?

NPA Worldwide

CMCC was established in 2009 as a specialist recruitment firm for the apparel, footwear, toys and consumer goods industry. Today’s guest blogger is Carola Chard of CMCC in Hong Kong.

The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

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If your company is a fun place to work and employees take pride in getting a lot done quickly, it may be tempting to write a job description that describes the workplace as “fast-paced.” Or if everyone gets along really well, a job post may say that workers are “like a family.”

Influential HR Leaders Share the Role Models they would Invite to Dinner


Advocating for something that you truly believe in is certainly one of my core values.” – Lindsay DesJardins, VP of Human Resources at National Safety Apparel .

7 Ways to Make a Good First Impression at a New Job

Acara Solutions

80 percent of managers believe apparel choices affect an employee’s chances of getting a promotion. Once the interviews and salary negotiations are over and you’ve accepted the offer, it’s easy to believe that the most stressful steps of your job search are behind you.

Why professional work attire may want to loosen its tie


At times I’ve seen them wince is discomfort from their strict apparel and pointy shoes. From the ti tle, you may be wondering what I mean by professional work attire ‘loosening its tie’- let me explain.

Learning Corner With Jeffrey Pfeffer: How High Wages Can Pay for Themselves

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

As a senior executive at Levi’s, the clothing company, told me years ago, spending a lot of time trying to reduce costs of something that accounts for a small proportion of total costs—and in apparel manufacturing, labor costs are truly minuscule—is misplaced emphasis.

Patagonia Shows Why Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Is a Great Strategy

Linkedin Talent Blog

Earlier this month, billionaire Yvon Chouinard announced that he was relinquishing ownership of Patagonia , the outdoor apparel company he founded almost 50 years ago. It was a move that shocked the business world.

9 New Jobs Created By Covid-19

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

one product has proved to be a lifeline for apparel companies and independent makers alike: face masks. . While the coronavirus pandemic has eliminated or suspended millions of jobs, it is also responsible for creating some unique new jobs.

Drones & Professional Recruitment

JWT Inside

I say we attach t-shirt cannons to drones and fill the air with company-branded apparel. Drones are sweet. Sure, they’re also controversial. But have you ever flown one? It’s a lot of fun, and surprisingly easy. Plus, drones can be used for business purposes, including advertising. So what does that mean for recruitment? Let’s explore some scenarios that are likely to become common in the very near future. Taking Recruitment Events to the Next Level.

Positive Candidate Experience is Really Recruitment Operations Excellence


One client used Survale data to understand that they were competing for talent not against other food services organizations , but in fact competing against top apparel and tech organizations in their area. Most people I talk to about candidate experience largely miss the point. That’s because positive candidate experience is more about recruitment operations excellence than it is about candidate Netpromoter score.

The HR Famous Podcast: e19 – Starbucks Uniform Woes and Hourly Hiring

Fistful of Talent

16:30 – Starbucks’ employees were told that they could not wear apparel supporting BLM to work. In episode 19 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee are back to discuss a number of topics about diverse hiring.

How a Surge in Jobseekers Frustrates Recruiters

The Whiteboard

When a textiles graduate applied for a role with Apparel HR she received the response: “Dear Stephanie, thank you for applying for a role with absolutely no experience in the field. ” In a lesson to all recruiters about handling millennial jobseekers, this response was naturally swiftly uploaded onto social media, prompting the expected backlash towards Apparel HR’s owner Julie Malone.

Hire18 Speaker Preview: Steve Fogarty


From humble sports shoe to world-dominating apparel brand, Adidas didn’t get to where it is by sailing close to shore, and manning the roster of who gets onboard and who doesn’t, is this guy right here.

Ample Scope in Fashion Designer Jobs in India

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In India, there is a good scope of growth in fashion designer jobs because of the significant growth of India’s fashion industry, apparel industry, including a tremendous growth of the media and entertainment industry. Fashion designers jobs are available in apparel companies, wholesale or manufacturing establishments, theater and media companies, film industry, retailers, and in design firms.

The AllyO Difference


AllyO is more than just a vendor, they serve as an immediate extension of my recruiting team ,” says National Safety Apparel VP of HR Lindsay DesJardins. . As the pool of recruiting automation providers widens and you compare solutions, what sets AllyO apart?

Is Values-Based Leadership Right for Your Company?


The athletic apparel retailer pays for its employees to exercise and funds community yoga classes. To be truly successful, some organizations believe that they must adopt core values that support their mission and vision, shape their culture, and embody their identity.

JazzHR 120

HR In The New World Of Work – Through The Lens Of A Customer

Fistful of Talent

Nike is the biggest sports footwear and apparel company in the world, commanding $34.4 Nike has been in the headlines lately. Emerging from those headlines is the story of a significant loss of opportunity within a key segment of Nike’s customers. billion in revenue last year. And yet Nike’s women’s business made up only about a fifth of the total business. Women’s activewear is the fastest growing segment and female consumers drive the current $45.9

The Top-Rated Retailers of 2019


Known for their trendy skateboarding shoes and apparel, the southern California fashion line is embraced by everyone, on or off a skateboard. With a signature motto of “Just Do It,” it’s no surprise this leader in athletic footwear and apparel is regarded as a goal-driven, team-oriented place to work. In today’s world of retail, subscription boxes and “buy with one click” features promise convenience and a seamless shopping experience.

12 Employee Rewards for Every Occasion


Gift cards are incredibly flexible, as they can be used toward a variety of purchases such as dining, entertainment, and apparel. Employees make your organization run, and it’s essential to reward them for their hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, more than 80% of American employees say they don’t feel recognized or rewarded, and only 33% feel their organizations are prepared to address this problem.