Can American Apparel Dispel their Aura of General Sleaze? –  A study in Employer Branding


For one hour each week, every American Apparel store manager, visual merchandiser, and back-stock director the world over dialed into stream-of-consciousness rants from then-CEO Dov Charney, each employee praying they weren’t the unlucky soul singled out for reprimand.

Clothing Men’s Boys Girls Childrens Apparel Buying House

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Shopping #Men #Boys #Women #Clothing#Casual #Work #Wear #Green #Camouflage #Grey #Print #Cotton #Twill #Polyester #Ripstop #Fabric #Cargo#Shorts #Bermuda with #Belt #DRing #Uniform #Pant #Shirt #Apparel #Heartson #Fashion #Buying #Merchandising #Retail #Sourcing #Production.

Nike Is Giving Its Recruitment Brand the Same Feel As Its Consumer Brand


It’s a significant refresh of the way it communicates to the many candidates clamoring to work for the shoe-apparel-equipment multinational. Nike is in the midst of a soft launch of a new career site, one it’s likely to officially announce next week.

You Really Need to Rethink Your Fonts

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Here’s a quick rundown of.0001% of the companies that use it and, in some cases, haven’t changed their branding in 50 years because of it: 3M, American Airlines, Jeep, BMW, Jackass , The Office , JC Penney, American Apparel, Target, NASA, Apple, Motorola, and Panasonic.

Staffing News of the Day, July 11, 2014

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American Apparel rehires fired founder as “strategic consultant” [ABC News]. House of Representatives passes workforce training bill that would localize control and add funding [PE]. TaskRabbit adds insurance to make trusting strangers easier [Bloomberg Businessweek].

Staffing News of the Day, June 23, 2014

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Dov Charney demands American Apparel job back or he’ll sue , says lawyer [LA Times]. LinkedIn launches first standalone iOS app, LinkedIn Job Search [First Post]. Obama calls for an end to “Mad Men”-era family policies [Washington Post].

Mystery Ranch: Backpacks Built for the Mission from the Heart of Montana | Dana Gleason


Dana has been involved in the outdoor apparel and gear community for 43 years and is considered a legend in the industry. Dana Gleason founded Mystery Ranch, a company that manufactures packs and load carriage systems for military, hunting, wildland fire and mountaineering customers.

Mountain Standard: The Business of Outdoor Necessities | Brennah Rosenthal


She works with Mountain Standard, an apparel brand that sells outdoor gear and everything you need to survive a mountain lifestyle. This week, we interview Brennah Rosenthal.

Positive Candidate Experience is Really Recruitment Operations Excellence


One client used Survale data to understand that they were competing for talent not against other food services organizations , but in fact competing against top apparel and tech organizations in their area. Most people I talk to about candidate experience largely miss the point.

How a Surge in Jobseekers Frustrates Recruiters

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When a textiles graduate applied for a role with Apparel HR she received the response: “Dear Stephanie, thank you for applying for a role with absolutely no experience in the field.

GoRuck: Building an Iconic Brand Based on Community | Jason McCarthy


GoRuck now creates gear and apparel as well as hosts events, build teams and strengthens communities. On today’s episode we are joined by Jason McCarthy of GoRuck , an American brand with Special Forces roots that is aiming to change the world.

Ample Scope in Fashion Designer Jobs in India

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In India, there is a good scope of growth in fashion designer jobs because of the significant growth of India’s fashion industry, apparel industry, including a tremendous growth of the media and entertainment industry.

HR In The New World Of Work – Through The Lens Of A Customer

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Nike is the biggest sports footwear and apparel company in the world, commanding $34.4 Nike has been in the headlines lately. Emerging from those headlines is the story of a significant loss of opportunity within a key segment of Nike’s customers.

SCP Hot Jobs!

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EA to the CEO of an innovative global apparel company. 120-140K DOE plus bonus and benefits. This is a meaty role with great exposure. EA to the CEO of a distinctive international hedge fund based in Greenwich, CT. 120-130K plus bonus and benefits. EA/PA at a thriving private equity firm. 75-85K DOE plus bonus and benefits. This is a great opportunity to be a true right hand! Receptionist/OM at a thriving family office. 50-85K DOE plus benefits. Exciting perks, too!

Recruitment Fails & How To Avoid Them!


Also, avoid more subtle references to gender, such as in appearance and apparel. When it comes to building a solid employment brand, there are some important steps to take. In last week’s blog , we doled out three pretty significant ones.

Lululemon Expands Full Paid Parental Leave

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Considering those statistics; sports apparel company Lululemon is making a statement with its recent decision on family leave. Having children is a momentous occasion for anyone and often means big changes in one’s personal life.

What Employers Can Learn from Seeing Working Moms Shine at Track and Field World Championships

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From September 27, 2019, through October 6, 2019, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) held the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar (“athletics” is what we Americans call “track and field”).

New Survey: Company Mission & Culture Matter More Than Compensation

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Fast food and retail apparel are some industries that have this down to a science; HP is a standout. .

The Top-Rated Retailers of 2019


Known for their trendy skateboarding shoes and apparel, the southern California fashion line is embraced by everyone, on or off a skateboard. In today’s world of retail, subscription boxes and “buy with one click” features promise convenience and a seamless shopping experience.

Ask a Recruiter: What Advice Would You Give to a New Recruiter?


” — Stacey , Director of Management Programs, corporate apparel company. As a new recruiter beginning your career, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

Is Values-Based Leadership Right for Your Company?


The athletic apparel retailer pays for its employees to exercise and funds community yoga classes. To be truly successful, some organizations believe that they must adopt core values that support their mission and vision, shape their culture, and embody their identity.

Dress for Success

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Let's Get To Work

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Allowing employees to choose logoed apparel at the conclusion of a successful project is a relatively inexpensive way to recognize employees and they get to show their pride in the organization with logoed apparel, which becomes a badge of honor and builds pride among fellow coworkers.

What You Need To Know About Recruitment This Week: 9th January 2017

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It draws from Holiday’s personal experience as American Apparel’s Director of Marketing and the time spent building his massively successful creative agency Brass Check. Here we bring you the latest news stories that have been stirring discussion the recruitment industry this week.

Top 10 Weirdest Job Interview Questions (asked by REAL companies in 2015!)

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– asked by Lululemon (a workout apparel company) during an interview for a Retail Educator position. Is it me, or are job interview questions just getting weirder and weirder?! I know job seekers have to (and should be) prepared for almost anything these days, but seriously?

Drones & Professional Recruitment

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I say we attach t-shirt cannons to drones and fill the air with company-branded apparel. Drones are sweet. Sure, they’re also controversial. But have you ever flown one? It’s a lot of fun, and surprisingly easy. Plus, drones can be used for business purposes, including advertising. So what does that mean for recruitment? Let’s explore some scenarios that are likely to become common in the very near future. Taking Recruitment Events to the Next Level.

How Ascena Takes a Brand-by-Brand Approach to Talent Acquisition


As a leading retailer of women’s and tween’s apparel, shoes and accessories, we at Ascena Retail Group put a lot of effort into making sure our candidate experiences are as engaging and compelling as our customer experiences.

How to Offer Child Care as a Workplace Perk

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Also offer discounts or vouchers for things like maternity apparel, diapers, bottles, clothes, toys, etc.

JD High Country Outfitters: A One-Stop Shop for the Great Outdoors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Scott Sanchez


They now provide guided exhibitions and trips, apparel and gear, footwear, guns, an archery department with an archery range, camping gear and more! On this week’s episode we are joined by Scott Sanchez of JD High Country Outfitters , a one-stop shop for the great outdoors.

Hire18 Speaker Preview: Steve Fogarty


From humble sports shoe to world-dominating apparel brand, Adidas didn’t get to where it is by sailing close to shore, and manning the roster of who gets onboard and who doesn’t, is this guy right here.

Summer’s Hottest Cities for Hiring

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Why it made the list: Often called “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing center [5] in the United States, with plants for everything from apparel, computer and electronics, to fabricated metal and food.

Engage Talent at Events by Creating a Consistent Candidate Experience

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This includes apparel, members of the management team, typical responsibilities of your open roles and other details that help candidates get a better understanding of what their potential experience would be like at your company. Nearly every aspect of life is now online.

Becoming a Strategic HR Business Partner


Listen to HR veteran, Lindsay DesJardins speak about her 20 years in HR and her advice on #1 the importance of HR being a strategic business partner, #2 how to become an “employer of choice”, and #3 why HR is all about communication, communication, and more communication. . Bennett Sung.

The Practical Guide to Hiring Candidates with Diverse Backgrounds


Offer benefits such as onsite daycare, childcare subsidies and flexible schedules, and let new hires know that you are willing to accommodate cultural and religious holidays and diversity-friendly (but office-appropriate) apparel choices,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

5 ways to reward and keep quality employees


Company apparel: A shirt or polo that is especially designed and embroidered with words such as “Gold Team” or “Top Recruit” is a great way to create awareness in a group. Nothing says “gratitude” to great recruits better than a thoughtful, personalized token of appreciation. It can be anything, and it does not have to break your budget. Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to motivate them to remain in service and perform better.

The Importance of HR as a Strategic Business Partner


English (auto-generated). Bennett Sung.

Top Staffing Jobs Of The Week: The Sports Industry

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OK, it’s not guaranteed in the job descriptions that you’ll get free event tickets or apparel, but it’s a safe bet you’re going to get some perks. As a sports fan, what could be better than direct access to the industry?

7 Pros and Cons of Decentralized Hiring and Why Your ATS is Responsible


Effect: An academic study of a large US apparel chain found that 33% customers who had a poor experience cited not being able to locate sales help as the main offender, resulting in at least 6% loss of all possible sales.

6 Free Tools to Help With Your Recruitment Marketing


In the Google Test Account, we can see that the redesign/apparel page drives the most traffic. Love it or hate it, marketing is one of th e core functions of every staffing and recruitment firm but it ’s often the department with the least amount of dedicated resources. . When you’re short on budget, staff or resources, your options for expensive marketing tools are thin. The good news? There are quite a bit of awesome and free marketing tools. .

Get the Balance Right! The Best Companies for Work/Life Balance in 2018


Another company which is implementing exceptional family-friendly and flexible work policies is sports apparel firm Nike (#8). If working through lunch and sending midnight emails are the norm for you, the idea of achieving work/life balance may seem like a pipe dream.