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Employer Branding On A Budget

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Brushing up our employer branding is the top initiative of our recruiting team while we pause hiring to evaluate market conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak. My goal in this post is to help you develop an employer brand using your existing team and resources.

Communicating Your Employer Brand to Segmented Audiences

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A brand is the crux of what your target audience wants most that you deliver on best. And with almost any brand, your target audience isn’t a single “type” of person. We view our target audiences as diverse groups of people with some sort of a unifying mindset. This goes for consumer and employer brands. Oftentimes in employer branding, the unifier is being motivated by a company’s mission.


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Employer Branding: Fad or Future? The Expert Review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. Everyone wants to know what your company culture is like and how happy your employees are – it’s up to recruiting departments to use employer branding to make sure candidates like what they see. What’s important is that they use employer branding to differentiate themselves from competitors, and give candidates a reason to apply. Is employer branding important?

Build Your Employment Brand


Recently I spoke to a group of CEOs about their recruiting and retention woes. I shared with them a solution: building a better employment brand. We discussed how only those employers with a positive employment brand are attracting – and will continue to attract – more than “their share” of qualified candidates. Let’s look at some of these touch points and consider ways you can use them to shape your employment brand.

Employer branding: important or illusion? The expert review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. Everyone wants to know what your company culture is like and how happy your employees are – it’s up to recruiting departments to use employer branding to make sure candidates like what they see. What’s important is that they use employer branding to differentiate themselves from competitors, and give candidates a reason to apply. Is employer branding important?

Employer Branding to Attract Talent

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Employer Branding to Attract Talent. Branding for customers is common sense, but branding for applicants? Employer branding is the process of promoting a company or organization as the employer of choice to a desired target group they need to recruit and retain. Here are a few tips and tricks to make an employer brand stronger and attract desired talent. Employee happiness and employer branding strongly correlate.

8 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

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Having a poor employer brand can mean your company loses out on hiring the very best talent. But what exactly is an ‘employer brand’? . In this article we discuss eight things you can do to make you more attractive as an employer. What is an ‘employer brand’? Put simply, an employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer. Why is it important to have a good employer brand? resource/employer-brand.

5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

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That number is great considering that employer branding hasn’t been around all that long! For the other 60% of us, this might be an opportune moment to conduct research and finally put together our EVP messaging and employer brand platform.

4 Ways to Celebrate Women at Work and Amplify Your Employer Brand #IWD2018


Diversity and inclusion. As a woman-owned business, exaqueo celebrates the achievements of our team of employer brand strategists, most of whom are women. This virtual setting is a part of our culture and our own employer brand. By identifying women who lead teams, functions, and initiatives across the company, you can create diverse panels of women and men united not around an expected topic, but unique commonalities they may share.

How to measure diversity in your candidates using surveys


Table of contents: How to measure diversity: Best practices. We’re definitely doing that reflection on our brand.”. How to measure diversity: Best practices. How to measure diversity: Survey questions. Let’s go through five major category groups, one by one: 1.

SEC to Require Talent Metrics Reporting: What’s Your Talent Story?


To this end the SEC has issued a new rule requiring organizations to report any material HCM metrics regarding employee attraction, development, retention, diversity and inclusion, engagement, employee satisfaction, and health and safety. Diversity. Same with diversity.

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Embracing Diversity in the Recruitment Profession

The Staffing Stream

The importance of diversity has certainly been on an upward trajectory as the business case for a more diverse workforce becomes increasingly clear. And organizations are looking for increasingly diverse recruitment services as a result.

A 5 Phase Guide to Uncover and Activate Your Employee Value Proposition (Project Plan Included!)

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Getting your employee value proposition defined is also vital because without knowing your employee value proposition, your content won’t resonate as well, and you won’t be able to build an effective employer brand that’s rooted in the reality of your employee’s everyday experiences. These could include elements such as growth opportunities, brand reputation, your inclusive culture, phenomenal perks, challenging work, etc. External brand surveys. Employer Branding

How to Build up a Gender Diverse Pipeline Through the Grace Hopper Celebration

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Increasing employer brand awareness among women in tech is essential for companies looking to advance from a Diversity & Inclusion standpoint. During my time at Pandora , and now in my role as Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Manager at Squarespace , Grace Hopper has always been a big part of our strategy – including experiential marketing on-site and digital/social marketing before, during, and after the event.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

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2017 will be the year of the employer brand. of talent leaders agree that their organisation’s employer brand has a “significant” impact on its ability to attract and hire great talent. However, just like employee referrals, while a strong employer brand is credited with attracting the best talent, a disproportionately low portion (8%) of their recruiting budget is currently being allocated towards it. And the key to any branding is recognition.

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What does DEI mean to you and your business?


Consulting’s Diversity Recruitment and Engagement Lead, told us in August 2020 that the prioritization of DEI in organizations has evolved over time from being strictly a compliance-based initiative, through to a proven business case for DEI strategy, to ‘it’s the right thing to do’.

How CPG Is Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring Efforts

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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is not just a priority among consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to attract and retain the best talent—it’s become an essential part of an organization’s hiring strategy and has become a fundamental pillar of any successful business. Now more than ever, D&I is the predominant subject matter of conversation among employers. We’ve also observed an increased trend among employers to offer D&I training to their employees.

How to Create a Strong Diversity Recruiting Strategy


What Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy? A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. A diversity recruitment strategy can help. .

From Branding, Sourcing, and Diversity to Data Analytics: Five Talent Powerhouse Takeaways


The value and impact of employer branding on engaging candidates and retaining employees. The key to getting executive buy-in on diversity hiring. Your employer brand matters to potential hires and your current team. Not only do you need a compelling employer brand, you also need good, competitive jobs that fit your top candidates ‘professional goals. Growing Your Employer Brand to Engage and Retain the Best People , hosted by Meghan M.

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4 Insights On Diversity Hiring From A Expert


Even though I live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto, I admit I didn’t give workplace diversity serious thought until I started working in recruitment tech. Seeing how important diversity and inclusion was for our customers motivated me to learn more about the issues. Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion at Whirlpool. Define what diversity means to you. “To Have a holistic view of diversity.

Are Your Best Employees Leaving? Try These 5 Strategies to Boost Retention


Lack of people investment is the main reason that 91 percent of employees resort to looking elsewhere” rather than continuing to build with their current employer, says Izabela Lundberg , CEO of Legacy Leaders Institute. High performers prioritize learning and growth, both in their own careers and in the employers they choose, says Lisa Sterling , executive vice president and chief people and culture officer at Ceridian.

Recruitment Strategies to Improve Your Diversity Brand


In today’s competitive global war for talent, a commitment to diversity hiring could set your company apart. The candidate of today wants to see a commitment to diversity that goes beyond a sentence in the employee handbook. Create a Diversity Vision and Statement this will help guide all future efforts. Host a diversity training workshop for management so everyone knows how to participate in your company’s vision for diversity.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Diversity Insight. Employer Branding Blog.

How Do You Drive Genuine Employee Engagement?

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Record-low unemployment is causing workers who are unhappy with their employer to head for greener pastures. Experiences are a key component to maintaining and boosting your employer brand—and this goes for both employees and customers.

Overcome These Two Obstacles to Achieve Greater Diversity


Many CEOs and CHROs say their companies can’t find or keep diverse talent , even though they prioritize D&I programs. Their great intentions run into two intractable obstacles when it comes to building a stronger, smarter, more diverse workforce. Our Biases Stand in the Way of Diversity. The first obstacle to greater diversity is simple: You and your people are biased. Your Company Has a Brand as a Workplace. AI Solves the Obstacles to Diversity.

The Top 20 Job Boards for Diversity Hiring

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At first, diversity hiring can seem like a tough nut to crack, but with the right tools and resources, you can make it a natural part of any rock-solid recruitment system. Looking for diverse talent? In fact, 71% of companies say they want an inclusive culture but only 12% have reached a level of diversity and inclusion that can be described as “mature”. But first, let’s have a quick refresher on why the hunt for diverse talent is definitely worth your time.



A diverse workforce is essential for bringing innovative ideas and new ways of thinking to the table. In employer brand, embracing diversity in your organization can help with attracting, recruiting, and retaining a creative and diverse team of employees. 1) The Drive For Workplace Diversity Demands Long-Term Commitment from The Huffington Post Most corporate vision statements include the word commitment.

The Fit Bit: Does Hiring For Culture Fit Matter More Than Recruiting For Skills?

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” Need further proof that culture, recruiting retention are all inexorably intertwined? That same study found employees who gave their overall company low marks for culture were 15 times more likely to look for a job than those who gave their current employer flying colors. Much fewer, however, turn these culture branding efforts towards targeting their current employees, too. Diversity isn’t a human capital issue; it’s an intellectual capital issue.

BUMPER EDITION: 11 Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st February 2016

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But this week, Air New Zealand, recipient of a 2014 ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for the best career website, put a HUGE smile on our faces when they released one of the most stunning employer (or should we now say “employee”) branding videos we’ve EVER seen. They found no difference in productivity among the different groups. The reason for doing this is it keeps employees engaged, but also helps FitFlop’s employer brand, Allison said.

A Diversity Hiring Platform's CEO Shares 4 Tactics for Building More Diverse Teams

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Like many others, Porter Braswell has a diversity challenge at his company. But, building truly diverse companies isn't easy. In fact, LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 shows diversity to be the No. His nearly four-year-old company has helped firms such as Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and the PGA of America expand their diversity pipelines. Porter concedes that even his company — which has diversity at its very core — comes up short.

15 Best Job Ads Examples (2019)


First, Let’s look at what the best job ads contain: Consistent Branding — Clear logos at the top of the page and throughout the job ad. Employer of Choice Awards — Another form of social proof that engages candidates. Employer Review Site Widgets — Candidates are going to look at employer review sites. A sign of transparency in the eyes of candidates because most employers don’t show off the bat. Good use of brand colors.

How to Use Social Media for Recruitment and Retention

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But more than that, due to its profound efficacy, social media is being used as a tool by businesses , organizations, governments, or even groups with vested interests. To create a powerful recruitment and retention strategy, let us describe the effectiveness of each social media channel: Facebook. If you have to do group hiring, a job fair or a smaller job event may be right for you. Be creative, develop templates, and incorporate videos to promote your brand on Instagram.

How Workplace Giving Impacts Talent Acquisition Professionals

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Q: The report called attention to the role of increased diversity in the workplace as a motivator for employers to provide workplace giving opportunities around issues their workforce cares about. How would you advise someone to understand these different issues and preferences of their diverse workforce? It is very important for companies to recognize that the changing workforce demographics require employers to offer more options and flexibility in all areas of the company.

Social Recruiting Strategy: from Good to Great


And unless you are a household brand or a hot, up-and-coming tech unicorn, you might not expect more of your own social pages. If you want to have a sense of where your own social media recruiting strategy stands, ask yourself the following questions: Do you struggle to identify your employer brand’s tone and personality online? It will impact every marketing decision you make, starting with your employer brand. And what is your corporate brand?

9 Strategies to Attract More Women in Tech

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Hiring and retaining women to work in STEM fields presents a unique challenge for employers. However, employers who invest in hiring and retaining women in STEM careers can reap significant rewards. The World Economic Forum has projected that correcting gender segregation in employment and in entrepreneurship could increase aggregate productivity globally by as much as 16%.(2) Nurture future diversity candidates. Celebrate diversity-related milestones.

Tackle Affinity Bias With These 3 Steps

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Hiring for diversity involves more than bringing people with different ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences into the organization. It’s also about creating an employment brand to attract and retain diverse talent. Diversity & Inclusion

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Get Proactive: 5 Tips for Recruiting Beyond the Job Posting


According to the MRINetwork 2016 Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study , the majority of both recruiters and candidates indicated that we are in a candidate-driven job market, meaning that more roles are open than there are qualified candidates. In light of this competitive market, many employers are going above and beyond simply posting a job and waiting for qualified candidates to apply. Manage Your Employer Brand. Interested in the topic of employer branding?

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HR Check In: Common Recruiting Techniques for ALL Industries


Company “culture” must be open, where innovation and diversity are valued. There simply aren’t enough candidates, and when a recruiter does find the right type of hire, the retention rates during onboarding and the first few months of employment are extremely low. This idea of storytelling goes hand in hand with employer branding. How to Attract the Best Talent Through Employer Branding (Recruitment Buzz).

5 Easy Steps Your Small Business Can Take to Build a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

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Diversity has been a hot topic for most organizations in recent years, and rightfully so: The more research and studies we do, the more clear it becomes that there are many benefits to a diverse workforce (in addition to promoting equality.) This includes things like better retention rates, stronger workforce performance, and higher employee engagement rates. Educate everyone at your company on why diversity is important.

7 Types of Recruitment Marketing Content that Candidates Want to See

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By showcasing employees across different positions, locations, teams and levels of seniority and across a diverse representation of your organization, you can begin to paint a picture of the overall employee experience that is relevant to every role and job family (ie.