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How internal recruitment can improve your hiring results


Internal recruitment Human resources departments have long relied on sourcing external candidates to fill new job openings. A talent shortage and a widening skills gap have obliged HR professionals to get creative to improve hiring results; 70% of business execs agree! Despite job listings for U.S.-based technology roles hitting a two-year high in October, the job market uncertainty has led many organizations to search for great candidates closer to home and consider an internal recruitment stra

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Three important recruiter tools

Greg Savage

Welcome to three resources that recruiters and managers will find very useful. All of them are free. ** First up, I had a good chat with Sean Anderson from Hoxo Media – Personal & Company Branding for Recruitment Agencies. We discussed the ramifications of Covid on recruitment, how to build a sustainable recruitment business, […] The post Three important recruiter tools first appeared on Greg Savage.

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Why Augmenting with a Flexible RPO Provider is the Smart Choice in a Down Economy

Proactive Talent

When it comes to hiring, company growth can often create chaos and uncertainty. As a talent acquisition leader, it can be frustrating to manage hiring plans that are constantly changing and trying to ensure that the right amount of resources and plans are in place to hit that moving target. Traditional recruiting vendor models of support can be outdated and do not focus on the long-term success of the companies that use them.

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5 HR Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2023

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Although the labor market is tight and employees are becoming more selective about how and where they work, workers have had an extremely difficult few years. From the immediate transition to remote work (along with countless other disruptions caused by the pandemic) to a global economic crisis, employees have faced a series of shocks that are now contributing to a deep sense of anxiety and uncertainty about what the future will bring.

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Guide to Business Writing

Everything you need to know about better business writing in one place. This is a complete guide to business writing — from a clear business writing definition to tips on how to hone your business writing skills.

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Building recruiter resilience will be key in 2023


In the aftermath of such a challenging few years, economic and market uncertainty show no signs of slowing down. December 2022 saw the jobs market continue to shrink, while even the biggest recruitment businesses are forecasting significantly reduced profit. That’s why so many recruitment businesses are focusing on the things they can control. Not finding […] The post Building recruiter resilience will be key in 2023 appeared first on Recruitment Juice.

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HR's Secret Sauce In 2023: Creating An Amazing Employee Experience

Forbes Human Resources Council

Creating a positive employee experience is important for any organization, no matter the size or industry. Here are a few tips for improving employee experience.

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Make Sure You’re Fit to Administer FMLA Fitness-for-Duty Requirements

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Maybe you’ve experienced this: An employee has a serious health condition, you provide the required Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) paperwork, and the certification form either comes back not fully filled out or so vague that you’re unable to figure out whether a serious health condition even exists. In these circumstances, FMLA regulations spell out exactly what steps employers can take to address these shortcomings: The employer must give the employee written notice of the missing or insuffici

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How Can You Build an International Workforce? Tips for Success

TalentCulture - Recruiting

In the past, many employers dismissed the idea of building an international workforce. Those who could attract local talent considered it unnecessary. Others didn’t have the resources to support remote teams. No more. Why? The market for talent is vastly different today than when the pandemic began three years ago. Welcome to a New World […] The post How Can You Build an International Workforce?

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Interview Closing Statement Tips and Examples


The final moments of a job interview can be filled with different emotions: excitement about the prospects of a new job, nervousness over how you performed, uncertainty about what will happen next, and even anticipation that they’re about to make an offer. How you conduct yourself during these tense last few minutes will make an impression on your interviewer and will likely be the last thing they remember about you.

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AI & DEI: With Great Opportunities Comes Great HR Responsibility

Speaker: Jen Kirkwood - Partner, Responsible HR & AI at IBM and World Economic Forum Executive Fellow

The promise of AI for today’s organizations is real, yet in a frenzied state of experimentation, many stumble to get to a full-scale enterprise. As companies race to discover what generative AI can do, HR must lead conversations about how to balance cutting-edge innovations with integrity, trust, and diversity. Globally, organizations are at a critical intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and AI acceleration.

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General Motors Can Help You Launch a Career. These Employees Share How.

The Muse

At General Motors, new grads and entry-level employees are able to jumpstart their careers thanks to programs specifically designed to help them.

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How to Land a Great Job Without a College Degree

Acara Solutions

The value of a college degree has been debated for years. Success stories of entrepreneurial endeavors paired with skyrocketing tuition and debt from higher education make a strong argument against the investment. Yet, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is still required for most professional and salaried positions. So where does this leave the next generation of America’s labor force when faced with the decision of whether or not to attend a four-year college?

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How To Administer A Skills Assessment Test: HR Leaders Weigh In On Best Practices

Forbes Human Resources Council

Employers should make it clear to the candidate what they should expect when taking the test so they are mentally prepared for what the test is.

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Maximizing Global Talent: How Machine Translation Can Help in Recruitment

Recruiting Daily

There’s no question that the global economy has now made it easier than ever to access top talent worldwide. But language barriers can still be a major obstacle to recruiting – for both the recruiter and the candidates they are targeting. So, as a recruiter, how can you reach the top talent out there? What do you do if you don’t speak the same language?

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Managing Your Recruitment Agency Spend in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by a juggling act of internal recruiting, agency relationships, and direct hire spend? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive talent landscape, building a dream team requires strategic orchestration. Recruiting agencies and search firms provide invaluable services, but managing them effectively alongside your internal team can pose unique challenges.

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An Impending Recession Looms over Recruiters Minds


The Great Recession of 2008, caused by the failure of major investment banks like Lehman Brothers, resulted in a significant drop of 5.1% in the United States’ GDP, leading to the loss of 8.7 million jobs within 18 months. This economic downturn severely impacted the staffing and recruitment sector, with over a third of industry professionals losing their jobs.

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Tech Talent is Flooding the Job Market: What Does This Mean?


Supply chain issues, inflation, and the geopolitical turmoil’s impacts on the U.S. economy are all to blame for the recent layoffs in the technology industry. Reduced revenue has forced prominent leaders in the industry, such as Meta and Amazon, to let go of roughly 219,959 employees in the first week of December alone, according to TrueUp’s tech layoff tracker.

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Why Your Business Needs to Consider the 4-Day Workweek — Especially If You're Serious About Diversity.

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

These flexible work environments have proven to help diversify workplaces — but it's important to ditch previously held beliefs for them to truly be successful.

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On the Hunt for a New Job This Winter? These 20 Companies Are Hiring Now

The Muse

Cozy up with some hot cocoa while searching for your next role—these companies are hiring now.

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Future-proof your I-9 compliance for 2024

Speaker: Join I-9 Experts:

Got I-9 compliance on your mind? Spending endless amounts of time ensuring you stay compliant? Get your questions answered with an expert panel from WorkBright. During this one-hour webinar, Workbright will dive deep into I-9 best practices, navigate the nuances of the new 2023 'alternative procedure,' and learn actionable ways to ensure your audit trail is squeaky clean.

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Time to Do Things Differently

The Staffing Stream

As the new year begins, I like to take stock of what is working well in my business and what I could do differently to help meet my objectives. All leaders benefit from this reflection, and I help coach leaders through this practice. Recently I’ve been thinking about the process I use to come up with new ideas or continuous improvement opportunities, and one thing I could do more of is to look at my business from a completely opposite point of view.

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Your Guide to the 2023 Leadership Trends


Let’s be real – leadership is not always a walk in the park. While leading others can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be far from simple. Stemming from years of unknowns and uncharted workplace happenings, it’s no surprise that some leaders are feeling mixed emotions heading into 2023. So, what exactly can leaders expect this year?

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Important steps associated with recruitment and human resource management | HireQuotient

The HR Strategy Perspective

Recruitment and human resource management is a vital aspect of any organization. It involves the process of identifying, attracting, and hiring new employees to fill open positions within a company.

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7 Strategies to Transform Passive Prospects into Eager Candidates: The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Sourcing

Contract Recruiter

In today’s competitive job market, it’s no longer enough to just post a job and wait for the candidates to come. To succeed in recruitment, you need to be proactive and use effective candidate sourcing strategies. In this blog, we will explore what candidate sourcing is, the differences between active and passive candidates, the benefits of proactive vs reactive recruiting, common recruitment methods, and how to identify and engage passive candidates.

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HR Pro Playbook: How to Navigate Global Workforce Expansion with Confidence

Speaker: Daniel Grace & Audra Bright

Have you just been told you need to hire employees in another country? 🌎 That's a huge undertaking! It involves navigating a complex landscape of diverse regulations, cultural differences, legal requirements, and currencies. If anything goes wrong, you risk your company's financials, growth, and reputation. 📊 🌟 To help ensure a successful global expansion and mitigate potential non-compliance consequences, this exclusive webinar features Daniel Grace, International HR Con

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Understanding Recruitment Bias and How to Help Eliminate It from Your Hiring Process


Hiring the right person for the job can be a challenge for even the most organized of companies, but sometimes we complicate the process by allowing our unconscious bias to influence our choices. By removing recruitment bias from our hiring decisions, we not only save time, but we increase the chances of bringing on the best candidate and creating a diverse workforce.

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The Turnover Takeover: How Tech Can Be a Differentiator for PEOs and SMBs

Prism HR

While a new year has begun, some of last year’s workforce-related problems haven’t exactly turned over a new leaf if you know what we mean. That includes turnover , which can be a challenge for any company. We see it in health care. We see in the hospitality industry. We see it in the airline industry. We see it throughout the supply chain. Of course, we also see it in large tech companies , too, despite the sizable layoffs we’ve witnessed in the past few months.

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How to Secure Approval for New Tech Tools (Free Template)


What You’ll Learn The specifics around what your tool request should address How a FinOps framework promotes value realization How to get decision makers aligned, engaged, and rooting for you About this eBook Have you identified a new tech tool to help you or your team? Purchases are facing more scrutiny than ever before, so it’s crucial to get the right people involved early and secure their buy-in to expedite the process.

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Honeit Podcast with Kael Campbell from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions


Honeit talks with Kael Campbell from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions about how they doubled their submission-to-interview ratio using Honeit. The post Honeit Podcast with Kael Campbell from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions appeared first on Honeit Talent Screening & Interview Technology.

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Moving Forward in HR and Recruiting Uncertainty

An era of uncertainty has arrived in recruiting. The unpredictability that exists in the labor market can make it difficult for employers to know how they should respond in this environment. Despite the turbulence, recruiting professionals should be encouraged by recent trends. Applications per job are up over the last year across companies of all sizes, and more than half of all recruiters expect their teams to grow in the next year, with nearly two-thirds expecting their recruiting budgets to

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Federal Government Strikes Against Bid Rigging and Serco Hiring for F-35 Joint Program Office Contract

The Cleared Recruiting Chronicles

This is your reminder to conduct some internal antitrust and legal training. And Serco has hiring plans for their F-35 JPO contract.

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How to Attract Top Healthcare Talent: A Comprehensive Guide for Successful Recruiting | HireQuotient

The HR Strategy Perspective

Healthcare recruitment is the process of finding and hiring qualified professionals for positions within the healthcare industry.

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From Banker to Engineer: This Career Changer Shares Her Secrets to Success

The Muse

Winnie Chou, a software engineer at Carta, shares how she successfully pivoted careers by leveraging past experiences.