SEO 101 for Talent Acquisition


SEO 101 for Talent Acquisition from SmashFly Technologies In a world where 76% of candidates spend time searching and researching information about employers before they ever apply, a competitive advantage lies in understanding how SEO can improve your career site, content and job ads. SmashFly’s Digital Marketer (and aptly named “SEO Joe”) Joe Brady discusses. SEO smashfly webinar

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SEO for Recruiting

Undercover Recruiter

Why SEO for recruiting? What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have to do with recruiting? Why SEO For Recruiting Is Important? SEO for Recruiting Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting Amit Gawande candidate experience CVViZ Google for Jobs Google Search SEOThe answer is simple. Recruiting is part marketing, and part sales job. And the digital marketing is the way forward.

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Opportunity Awaits: SEO For Recruiting


For years, hiring teams have ignored SEO and organic search in conversations about candidate experience and recruiting. Over the last 10 years I’ve spent writing in this industry, The post Opportunity Awaits: SEO For Recruiting appeared first on SmashFly Blog. SEO seo for recruiting seo for talent acquisition seo strategy

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Why SEO is a big part of your Employer Brand


And if your brand doesn’t match job seekers expectations, or their SEO results, they’ll have no problem moving on. Try incorporating these simple SEO tips and tricks into your employer branding strategy to be everywhere top candidates are looking: Increase Ranking. Building and maintaining a blog is probably the most common (and successful) SEO engine for businesses of all sizes. Do you have any other SEO strategies for building a successful employer brand?

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9 Talent Acquisition Tips For Startups


But when it's time to grow your team and bring on new staff, startups can face an uphill battle for great talent. So if you can’t necessarily compete on money, what are the main talent acquisition tips to consider if you’re just starting up? Use talent networks consistently.

Whiteboard Wednesday: SEO Doesn’t Matter for Talent Acquisition

NextWave Hire

A while back I wrote a post about why SEO is a waste of time for HR. To be honest, I’m a bit saddened as I thought there’d be someone who’d cracked the code on a scalable SEO strategy that wasn’t purely based on branded keywords. Because I still hear people talking about SEO in talent acquisition, I thought it was important to devote one of our Whiteboard Wednesday posts to this topic.

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3 Talent Acquisition Tips for Unmasking Candidates

Spark Hire

One of the biggest challenges in talent acquisition is one that nobody talks about: masked candidates. Those who know about masked candidates, don’t understand how to unmask them to decipher between cleverly disguised imposters and true top talent. We asked a few hiring professionals to share how they improved their talent acquisition process by taking a peek behind candidates’ masks to find the real talent that aligned with their hiring needs.

SEO Doesn’t Matter for Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Blogs

TLDR: SEO doesn’t drive applicants in a significant way, even for Fortune 500 companies who have invested in SEO, because it’s impossible to beat job boards for the vast majority of queries. Last week I was day dreaming and, as sometimes happens, I started to think about talent acquisition (don’t judge me). Ok, so Indeed is a multi billion dollar enterprise value company that specializes in SEO and capturing high intent job seeker traffic.

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Whiteboard Wednesday: SEO Doesn't Matter for Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Blogs

A while back I wrote a post about why SEO is a waste of time for HR. To be honest, I'm a bit saddened as I thought there'd be someone who'd cracked the code on a scalable SEO strategy that wasn't purely based on branded keywords. Because I still hear people talking about SEO in talent acquisition, I thought it was important to devote one of our Whiteboard Wednesday posts to this topic. The headline is obvious - don't waste your time on SEO if you're in HR.

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Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines in Talent Acquisition, Dec. 15, 2017


Talent Hero Media. These ideas are nothing new to marketing teams, but as more and more overlap exists between these teams, adopting strong SEO, paid advertisin,g and social media tactics will help attract great candidates ! Identify emerging skills, partner current talent and skillsets with new work requirements, and develop current employees. While not an emerging technology in 2018, social is changing the way organizations are attracting talent and sharing jobs.

Cielo: Moving the Needle in Modern Talent Acquisition

Brandon Hall

This week, I joined the folks at Cielo for the second annual Talent Rising event in Milwaukee. From a commitment to delivering a positive candidate experience, to expertise in employer brand, Cielo’s trademark “We become you” operating model continues to set the standard for RPO in a modern talent economy. As Founder and CEO Sue Marks pointed out: “Talent attraction is not just recruiting any more – and it certainly is no longer HR.

10 Tips For Writing Job Descriptions

Glassdoor for Employers

Then, you need to focus on SEO or, search engine optimization, to make sure your job postings show up in online search results. You’ll be a savvy SEO wizard before you know it! But make sure you get involved to ensure you’re inserting the language that will optimize the job description for SEO. If you’ve been playing the SEO game for a while, you might remember the days of jamming as many keywords into your description even if they were stuffed at the bottom of your posting.

Typpos Happenn: But what are they worth?

ERE SourceCon

Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured SEO sourcingI credit Johnny Campbell as the first person to address all the valuable people that can be uncovered with a few commonly misspelled job titles on LinkedIn. Some non-hardcore Boolean heads debated if you should consider someone who does not value attention a viable applicant. The question I begged to ask was how many people do this intentionally to avoid being easily found?

Two SEO Terms HR Has to Rank For (And How to Do It For Free)

NextWave Hire

We’ve already written about how for the most part SEO for Talent Acquisition is basically just a huge waste of time. Here’s more on these queries and how to control them: What are you doing to enhance your SEO strategy? The post Two SEO Terms HR Has to Rank For (And How to Do It For Free) appeared first on NextWave Hire Blog.

Q&A with Shawnee Irmen, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Golden Living


We caught up with Golden Living’s talent leader to find out about their top hiring strategies. In this post, she shares how talent professionals optimize their programs and relationships with hiring managers. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to work for an organization where operations and the field trust HR and the Talent Acquisition team. How do you use data and analytics throughout the talent lifecycle? Part II – Using Data and Analytics to Hire Better.

How to Apply Marketing Best Practices to Recruitment


In a candidate-driven jobs market, HR and talent acquisition professionals no longer have the upper-hand and therefore need to start selling their jobs to the best candidates. Thinking more like marketers, then, can greatly help HR and talent acquisition professionals in their efforts to attract the kinds of top talent that help organizations drive business.

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4 Ways To Engage With Passive Candidates

Social Talent

According to The Undercover Recruiter passive talent are 120% more likely to make an impact on your business, whilst 33% are more likely to be seeking challenging work. So what can you do to bulk up your talent pool? Twitter is a fantastic way to recruit and engage with your passive talent pool. Talent Acquisition Manager at PepsiCo , Rebecca Clothier, highlights the importance of creating an emotion in somebody to apply for a job. SEO & Job Postings.

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4 Ways to Recruit Like a Marketer

Glassdoor for Employers

In 2014, a survey conducted by PwC revealed that 93% of global executives believed that they needed to change their talent acquisition model, but nearly two-thirds had failed to do anything about it. The fact that there is a war for talent being waged isn’t news. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seeks to improve your measure of relevancy, and therefore the quality and volume of your traffic (in our case, candidates). SEO can help level the playing field.

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How To Build A High-Performance Sourcing Department – Part 5 Leading by Example

ERE SourceCon

Sourcing requires a skill set that includes expertise in a variety of areas; such as cold calling, SEO, branding, social media and technology. Recruiting & Sourcing Types Social Sourcing & Recruiting Sourcing Sourcing Function Talent Acquisition FeaturedAlthough sourcing requires this varied skill set, all too often, sourcing functions are led by recruitment or human resource professionals who lack core sourcing skills.

How to Improve the Most Vital Component of Your Recruiting Efforts

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting consistency Langauge SEO Word countSometimes we put too much emphasis on the shiny new HR Technology product or the trending social media site and assume that it’s the answer to our recruitment challenges. The truth is if you really want to make an impact on your recruiting strategies this year, take a look at something that’s been in existence. View Article.

The Modern Staffing and Recruiting Website: 2020 and Beyond


convince a passive candidate to complete a form to opt into your talent community. By making your staffing website ADA compliant and more inclusive, you will get more talent applying to your jobs, and protect yourself from wasting money defending yourself in the event of a lawsuit. .

Recruit Forward: Why Landing Pages Are A Huge Missed Opportunity In Recruiting


The source of that disconnect is search engine optimization, or SEO. The idea behind SEO is to connect users with what their searching for as efficiently as possible. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the role of landing pages in recruitment marketing and how you can get started with SEO. Want to know how you stack up in terms of recruiting SEO? What are your thoughts on SEO, landing pages, and recruiting?

Webinar Recap: Optimizing Modern-day Recruitment Marketing


Finding and keeping talented employees is not a small task. With the “war for talent” still surging strong, many companies are scrambling to find the right people to fill their positions.

4 Secrets Revealed: How to Find Top Talent on LinkedIn Like a Pro in 2021

Spark Hire

As you probably know, using LinkedIn for recruitment is one of the best ways to find top talent no matter the industry you’re in. The search could look like this – (Social Media Manager OR Social Media Specialist OR Community Manager) AND (SEO Copywriter OR Content Writer).

The Top 10 Problems TA Leaders Tell Me About


I chat with talent acquisition leaders most of the day, and then I work with the Ongig team to create software to (hopefully) solve those problems! Many talent acquisition leaders say their marketing departments have de-prioritize TA. Recruitment SEO continues to be a hot topic for some of my TA friends. I’ve seen a lift in my client’s quality applications by 2+% when they play their SEO cards right. My job is awesome.

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Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. We ran them through an SEO (search engine optimization) tool called ahrefs to give us an “Organic Traffic” score. LinkedIn Talent Blog.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here.

Recruiting Candidates from Outside Industries: How the Experts Do It

Spark Hire

But none of the usual industry job boards or talent sources have panned out. Sometimes, it’s convincing talent that’s difficult. Given how tight competition for talent is, however, recruiting from other industries is worth the effort when done right. We asked recruiting experts to share their tips and tricks for finding and tapping into various talent pools. Thus, they’re considered to consistently produce high-quality talent.

5 Key Components of High Performance Recruitment Marketing


When we talk about recruitment marketing and transformation in how employers look to strategically attract and engage the consumer-minded candidate, we often are scattered in where recruitment marketing fits into the overall talent acquisition strategy and the core elements that are needed to successfully bring marketing competency into the recruitment process and strategy.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

Recruiting Daily

This, if anything, should be good news for recruiters and the talent acquisition industry. Rebuilding starts with having the right building blocks in place; in baseball, like in talent acquisition, it’s all about developing raw skills and building a pipeline to ensure that your organization has all the pieces it needs to succeed tomorrow, today.

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One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement – Recruit Forward


Considering how important career sites are to the modern candidate journey, talent acquisition teams should be thinking of new and innovative ways to drive more engagement on them. Uncategorized career site recruit forward Recruiting Strategies SEO recruitingWe’ve seen over a quarter billion job seekers pass through the Jibe platform.

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Mobile Recruiting: Why Recruiters Should Care About The Google Algorithm Change

Recruiting Daily

Furthermore, conversion from viewing a job to actually applying to that job via mobile device has increased by 238% in 2014 from 2013; that’s a lot of potential new talent recruiters could be losing out on due to obsolete technology. The status quo doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s new normal of job seeking and talent acquisition, and that applies to career site development, too. When was the last time you used your phone to search the web?

Employer Branding Strategies from Working at Uber, WeWork and Autodesk


Since then, Andrew has worked on the talent branding teams at WeWork, Uber and Autodesk. Talent Acquisition, Marketing? I think it’s a type of role that sits in between, as you rightly note, a whole bunch of different departments: marketing communications, internal communications, branding, talent acquisition, so it doesn’t really belong anywhere. ” How metrics-oriented is Uber, on the talent side? SEO/SEM.

Where to Post Jobs Online for Free

Glassdoor for Employers

At the end of the day, no one wants to waste time promoting jobs — free or not — to the wrong talent pool and sifting through a sea of resumes from unqualified candidates. If your job descriptions aren’t up-to-date or SEO optimized, listing them on different free job posting sites is a waste of your time. The alumni networks of larger institutions offer an additional talent pool which typically extends far beyond the city or region where the campus is located.

Tips to Finding Better Candidates

Glassdoor for Employers

In part one of a four-part blog series, let’s take a look at smart ways to attract great talent: Create an authentic career site. Can you afford to turn off nearly half your potential talent pool by making it difficult or impossible to peruse or apply to job listings from smartphones or tablets? Build a talent community. Nurturing a talent community can yield an audience of potential candidates whom you can leverage and message when the time is truly right.

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Expert Secrets To Assessing Candidates’ True Interest Level

Spark Hire

In fact, a 2015 Talent Attraction Study from Indeed found that within 91 days of being hired, 65 percent of employees are already looking for a new job. Michael Heiligenstein , Director of SEO, Fit Small Business . Talent Acquisition assessing candidatesWhen hiring, you not only want to find the most skilled and hardworking candidates around, you also want to find ones who are truly interested in the open position and the company.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

Rally Recruitment Marketing

But focusing on ways to increase organic website traffic may not be something most talent acquisition or HR teams think about, and understandably so, with reqs to fill and so many competing priorities.

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Why You Should Include Your Twitter Handle in Your LinkedIn Headline

Stacy Zapar

Doesn't " Engineering / IT Recruiter at Intuit Specializing in Internet Sourcing, Employer Branding and Social Recruiting" sound much better than just "Recruiter at Intuit"?) * SEO : Your headline is real estate gold when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Speaking of SEO, be sure to use words that your target audience might use to find you. Example: Don't use "Talent Acquisition Specialist".

7 of the Biggest Hiring Time Wasters and How to Get Rid of Them


In addition to specifying the necessary qualifications needed from applicants, try to include keywords to make your job descriptions more SEO-friendly. Talent acquisition technology has become a necessity in today’s competitive recruitment landscape – no matter how good your recruiting team may be. Consider Tim Sackett’s list of must-have talent acquisition technology.). Talent Acquisition hiring time wasters recruiting time wasters

Tips to Finding Better Candidates: Part Two

Glassdoor for Employers

In part one of a four-part series to help talent acquisition professionals find batter candidates, we looked at creating an authentic career site, having a mobile presence, treating candidates like customers and other tips to build an arsenal of marketing assets and channels. In part two, we look at ways to refine your message (and ensure consistency across channels) to influence ideal talent you want to attract. Talent Acquisition Candidates Hiring Jobs Recruiting