#WorkTrends: AI-Powered Financial Planning for Employees

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New Research Reveals Financial Services Skills Crisis

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Financial services organisations are used to dealing with change since adapting to macroeconomic upheaval comes with the territory. Employee resignations are on the rise , and data indicates that financial service workers are considering their career options–in significant numbers.


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Counter Culture

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The quickest elevation in your career from a financial perspective will happen then – “How much are they offering? There is of course the obvious financial incentive to keep them put. It’s been a lively time at Rice Towers over the past couple of weeks.

Pandemic Brings Increased Demand for Financial Services Talent


The financial services sector was one of a handful of industries that experienced positive job growth during the COVID-19. So, what caused such a rise in demand for financial services talent? Looking to the future, what are some anticipated trends within the financial services sector?

Employee Performance Management - What Your CFO Needs to Know About Culture Before Investing

Speaker: John Frehse, Senior Managing Director, Ankura

How is it that financial capital is plentiful but carefully managed, and great employees are scarce and poorly managed? With the rise of Human Equity Valuation (HEV) companies are able to look at the financial impact of people on enterprise value.

Why Organizational Culture Is a Competitive Differentiator 

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The hard part is actually building the team that will embody your organizational culture and propel you forward.” The key to organizational culture? The connection between organizational culture and business success . Three pillars of a strong workplace culture .

The Lost Demographic: What Financial Brands Are Missing by Not Marketing to Women


Financial ads featuring a caring father, taking the brave step to protect his family or ensure his retirement by speaking to a financial advisor. And perhaps in no other vertical is this question more relevant than financial services marketing. How, or even if, financial services brands should market to women is a frustrating question to look into. We’ve begun to see this in a few places in financial services marketing.

Organizational Culture: Definition, Importance, and Development

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A great organizational culture is the key to developing the traits necessary for business success. And you’ll see its effects in your bottom line : companies with healthy cultures are 1.5 What is organizational culture? The importance of culture to your company.

5 Insights from Financial Services Job Seekers and Recruiters


The financial services industry has seen dramatic shifts in the last year due to the impact of COVID-19. We surveyed financial services recruiters last fall as well as job seekers this spring to get a sense of the changing priorities, stressors, and challenges they’re experiencing.

The Financial-services Sector Is Rethinking Talent in the Era of AI


Already undergoing a transformation before the coronavirus hit, the financial-services sector is rapidly changing the way it hires, manages, and develops employees. In recruiting, for example, “How do you showcase your culture when candidates aren’t able to see teams collaborating in-person?”.

7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

How ATB Financial creates a culture of success


At ATB Financial, we don’t have a Human Resources department. Instead, we have a People and Culture department. We hope you’re able to join us at 2016 IBM HR Summit, Boston , on September 6-8 , as we talk about building a culture of success through workforce analytics. This is not just a matter of semantics – the name indicates our commitment to making ATB one of the most desirable and engaging places to work.

The Psychology Of Candidates For Financial Institutions


Here are 5 steps to understanding the psychology of candidates for financial institutions. While financial services are now embracing digital and mobile and tech overall, it’s still a traditional industry in terms of processes and behaviours. With top talent for a financial services role, they probably have three or four companies offering them potential six-figure employment. The vocabulary of financial services is very different than recruiting for other positions.

The Financial Benefits of Becoming an Employer of Choice


For financial institutions, building a positive employer brand is imperative if you want to recruit and retain high-quality talent. Financial institutions need this negative perception to change.

Culture Change in Organizations: How to Do It Right

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Every company has a culture , whether it has been deliberately developed and cultivated or allowed to grow wild. In either case, from time to time a culture change is needed. There are specific actions you can take to ensure the success of your culture change efforts.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

based on their cultural, social and. more financial returns than the median. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the.

Why Strategic Onboarding Matters to Financial Leaders


This strategy enables them to learn new skills, understand the culture, connects them to the appropriate stakeholders, and enables them to engage in work that delivers meaningful outcomes for the organization. For financial leaders, an emphasis on onboarding within the organization results in lower recruiting costs, business continuity, improvements in revenue performance, and higher customer satisfaction.

The Future of Financial Services: Q&A on People Analytics and Workforce Planning

Visier - Talent Acquisition

The way that financial services organizations view the importance of talent strategies that will support their organizations moving forward is evolving. This is bringing a need to revamp leadership behaviors, culture, job, career, and knowledge architecture.

How ATB Financial creates a culture of success


At ATB Financial, we don’t have a Human Resources department. Instead, we have a People and Culture department. We hope you’re able to join us at 2016 IBM HR Summit, Boston , on September 6-8 , as we talk about building a culture of success through workforce analytics. This is not just a matter of semantics – the name indicates our commitment to making ATB one of the most desirable and engaging places to work.

6 Essential Facts About Recruiting For Financial Institutions


As the finance sector continues to be a strong source of economic growth, recruiting for financial institutions faces a new set of challenges. Among the highest levels of demand for talent for financial institutions are tech- and data-related roles such as data scientists and quantitative analysts. Here are the 6 facts recruiters need to know to successfully hire for today’s financial institutions. The financial sector is an innovation leader.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report


Employee Culture And Corporate Job Fit – Buzzwords Or Reality?

ExactHire Recruiting

One way to ensure a consistent customer service experience is to have a recruitment process that takes into consideration how well candidates may be able to successfully assimilate into your company culture as a part of the selection cycle. Culture has long been the focus of management consultants and other HR professionals as a way for businesses to improve their productivity, decrease costs and improve employee retention. Or are employee culture and job fit just buzzwords?

11 Employee Networks to Build an Inclusive Culture

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times more innovative and 120 percent more likely to hit financial goals? Building an inclusive culture should be at the top of the priority list for every organization, especially leaders. A key step towards building a stronger culture is establishing meaningful employee networks.

Strategic Onboarding is Essential for Vulnerable Financial Institutions


In the financial world, failing to effectively onboard new employees can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, not all financial organizations possess this level of onboarding sophistication. Why are financial professionals so sensitive to the effects of poor onboarding? It doesn’t help that the job market for financial professionals is strong right now, especially for those with accounting and legal skills.

Mindfulness at Work: Developing a Culture of Mindful Leadership and Empathy

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Getting individuals from so many different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate and communicate is no easy task. Some may be undergoing financial hardships while others may be experiencing challenges in their personal relationships.

Top-Rated Workplaces: Culture


Culture — everybody talks about it, but how do you get it? Culture can be one of the most defining aspects of a company, and great culture happens when company values are supported by behaviors, systems and practices. Culture can also be a differentiator when it comes to talent attraction. Everyone wants to feel happy at their job, and culture can be the tipping point between two companies. So which firms stood out for their culture in 2018?

How Can the Financial Services Industry Retain More Women?


Financial services firm, Fidelity Investments , is a prime example when it comes to women's engagement and career advancement in the industry. Fidelity feels strongly that women are a critical part of the future of financial services. So, what is Fidelity doing to ensure an inclusive and supportive culture for women? We sat down with Nicole, a Relationship Manager at the firm, to better understand her perspective as a woman working in financial services.

Skilled Talent Shortage Impacting Creative and Financial Industries

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The pesky skills gap continues to be a challenge for many recruiters and hiring managers in the creative and financial industries. Longer ‘Time-to-Fill’ Impacting Financial Industry. In a new Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey of chief financial officers (CFOs), more than nine in 10 (93%) said it’s challenging to find skilled candidates for professional-level positions.

Culture Is How You Think, Act, and Interact

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Some organizations look at culture as in-person experiences and quality-of-life benefits and perks. I recently asked Cassie Whitlock, Director of HR at BambooHR , if culture could be translated to a remote or hybrid workplace. I think we’re keeping Disneyland alive financially.

Why Companies Focusing on Workplace Design Thrive

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Employee Well-Being community building employee mental health financial health HR Technology wellness at work Workplace Culture workplace designCompanies have specific priorities to help them create traction and build better businesses.

7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

Stories Incorporated

The best company culture videos really capture the employee experience. Company culture videos give real insight to candidates actively considering you as an employer. And, the best culture videos allow your company to best position itself as a great place to work for the right person.

Video 83

Company Culture: Hiring and Onboarding During a Pandemic

NPA Worldwide

Some of this reduction in activity allows recruiters and employers the time needed to hire, onboard, and showcase company culture in a completely new way. Industries including technology, health care, and financial services continue to hire even during the pandemic.

4 Financial Services Interview Questions To Ask (And Avoid) When Job Searching

The Execu|Search Group

As a financial services professional, you are in luck! In order to land one of these roles, however, you need to be properly prepared for your next financial services interview. According to Paul Herman, a Senior Managing Director within The Execu|Search Group’s Financial Services division , part of this preparation involves knowing what financial services interview questions you should and should not ask. Financial Services financial services interview preparation

New Survey: Company Mission & Culture Matter More Than Compensation

Glassdoor for Employers

While high salaries and unique perks may have once been the keys to attracting top talent, a new survey from Glassdoor shows that a company’s mission and culture matter most to job seekers. Glassdoor’s Mission & Culture Survey 2019 found that over 77% of adults across four countries (the United States, UK, France, Germany) would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job there, and 79% would consider a company’s mission and purpose before applying.

Financial Inclusion: Learn more about Our Partners, Sponsors & Speakers


Our Financial Inclusion summit was money in the bank! We foster a workplace culture where differences are valued and expressed freely and all employees have the support they need to take risks, learn, and collaborate.

Financial Inclusion: Learn more about Our Partners, Sponsors & Speakers


Our Financial Inclusion summit was money in the bank! We foster a workplace culture where differences are valued and expressed freely and all employees have the support they need to take risks, learn, and collaborate.

Things Change: Measuring An Evolving Culture

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Every couple of years, we would examine market trends, consumer behaviour trends, the long-term growth strategy for the business, our product roadmap, the company’s long and medium term financial forecasts – basically any data we could get our […]. Blog Posts News Trends creating culture culture employee experience employer brandBack in my corporate marketing days, we would plan for brand perception evolution in the same way.

How to Convince Leadership that the Culture Needs Improving

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How do you convince leaders that a long-term plan, like implementing an organizational culture strategy, is worth the short-term investment? Meet Kelli Spence, VP of People and Culture at GameWorks, Inc. , That’s a good question because HR alone has evolved from being more of the paper pushers to the more strategic role of getting involved with the business and actually being part of the P&L review, understanding financials. Profits come with culture.

Want to Be a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley?


Morgan Stanley is hiring for their Financial Advisor Associate Program. If selected to progress, he or she may meet in person with a hiring manager and complete a business plan; the business plan outlines their game plan for success as they build up their book of business as a financial advisor. Morgan Stanley offers a collaborative culture, and my colleagues - direct and indirect - have always been respectful and friendly.

The problem with hiring for ‘culture fit’


Culture fit is trending again—but not in a good way. In the 70s, organizational psychologist John Morse conducted an experiment on company culture fit and found that workers whose personalities matched their jobs felt more confident about their job performance. In the 90s, hiring for culture fit hit the mainstream. Today, the concept of corporate culture fit has been flipped on its head, as the public continues to scrutinize the lack of diversity in the tech industry.