Understanding What Mobile Job Seekers Want From Companies

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Mobile & Video Recruitment & EventsE Mobile Recruitment. Free Mobile Recruitment Guide. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. Understanding What Mobile Job Seekers Want From Companies. I presented a session yesterday at the Recruitment Agency Expo about “Why Recruiters Need To Go Mobile” As a speaker it is always great to get feedback on your presentation and content, however this bit of feedback was rather unexpected!

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How to Protect Your Business from a Background Screening Lawsuit

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Online background check websites make it appear to unwitting employers that running an employment screening on a new hire is as simple and safe as booking a flight on Expedia but cheaper. Not Allowing Screening Recipients to Respond to Findings. Finding the Right Screening Provider.


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Hireology’s Mobile App FAQ


Yesterday, we unveiled Hireology’s mobile app to help speed up your hiring process even more. Also, if you missed our mobile app webinar and want to check it out, you can watch it now! . Looking to download Hireology’s mobile app? Mobile App FAQ.

[PODCAST] Plum – Talent Resiliency And Mobility Is The Name Of The Game with Caitlin MacGregor

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Plum – Talent Resiliency And Mobility Is The Name Of The Game with Caitlin MacGregor We have a great show for you today. She’s here to discuss “talent resiliency and mobility is the name of the game.”

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

screening and scheduling, and are left with little. on his personal mobile device, making the communication process as delightful as. in the company, it is also determining if he fulfills the company’s basic screening. your mobile number? ALLYO Screen and Asses Hundreds of candidates apply for a single job. may be forced to answer redundant screening. Modern AI technologies streamline the screening and. AI tools can automate basic screening.

Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Optimized: What’s the Difference and How Does it Impact Employee & Candidate Experience?


Let’s face the facts – most of us are glued to our mobile devices, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. But, the crisis has also created an influx of mobile friendly apps and options for our routine tasks. for mobile to 48.7% Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites.

How to screen Angular developer skills


In this post, we will focus on Angular developer skills, what Angular is, and how to screen a developer for Angular skills. one codebase to be deployed on both web and mobile platforms, similar to React Native). How to verify Angular developer skills in the screening phase?

How to screen React developer skills 


In terms of websites and web applications, UIs are the collection of on-screen menus , search bars, buttons, and anything else someone interacts with to use a website or app. It was created by Facebook 2013 and is used as a foundation for a single web page or mobile apps (with React Native).

New! Introducing Hireology’s Mobile App


The all-new Hireology mobile app is now available! Rather than recreating our entire process on the small screen, the Hireology app focuses on three key areas to help you better connect with new applicants. . Want to see the mobile app in action? .

How to screen React Native developer skills


It allows mobile developers to write mobile applications that can be ported to both iOS and Android. The advantage of this is that instead of having to develop separate iOS skills (Objective-C and Swift) and Android skills (Java and Kotlin), mobile app developers can draw on JavaScript, the most commonly used language at the moment. A guide to screening React Native developer skills. Technical screening of React Native skills based on a resume.

How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures. Too much screen time. When self-care involves screen time.

LinkedIn Introduces Lead Generation Forms for its Mobile App Advertisers


Generating leads advertising via mobile devices has historically been a challenge for marketers. And for good reason, as landing pages tend to be slow, and some aren’t even optimized for mobile, making users pinch and squeeze their smartphone’s screen if they want to view content. Advertising & Marketing Facebook LinkedIn Mobile Twitter FeaturedUsers are hesitant to click an advertisement that takes them off an app or site they’re visiting.

Why Recruitment Marketers Must Understand Mobile Job Search Behavior


I’d even go as far as guessing that a significant number of you are reading this on your mobile device right now. By understanding mobile trends, I was able to make two quick predictions that engaged our readership by speaking directly to them about their behavior. In fact, the same Pew research notes that one of the most common uses of the mobile device by smartphone owners, is to “look up info about a job.”

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4 Considerations for Your Mobile Recruiting Mix

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Mastering the art of social media utilization isn’t the only key to implementing an enviable mobile recruiting strategy. In order to thrive in what might be called the “mobile recruiting wild,” these elements must be addressed. In this post, I’ll present a survival guide for successfully incorporating additional external resources into your mobile recruiting strategy. #1 Moving to Mobile Responsive Web Design. Search Engines Reward Mobile Responsive Design.

Improve Candidate Communications with Mobile Recruitment Tools


adult spends three hours and 15 minutes on their mobile device each day. As an HR leader or hiring manager, you likely tap into your mobile device when you’re away from your desk to check on the status of open roles and next steps with candidates. Embracing mobile recruitment tools during the hiring process can help you more effectively reach candidates and simplify your job as a whole. Centralize all candidate communications in a mobile application.

Top Background Screening Trends in 2020

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In 2020, employment background checks are trending toward increasing complexity, added controversy about screening social media behavior, and the need to ensure corporate compliance with important new laws that vary by state and sometimes even by city. In a clear case of “today’s news does not tell the full story,” most of 2020’s top background screening trends have been years in the making. Social Media Background Screening. There’s a major catch to social screening.

Mobile Recruiting Hacks

Glassdoor for Employers

In April 2015, Google announced an important change to their algorithm – it would now prioritize mobile friendly sites in search rankings. This shift was in reaction to an important discovery – over half of Google’s search traffic was from a mobile device. It’s no secret that people are enamored with their mobile technology. According to Glassdoor, approximately 90% of job seekers will search for new jobs on their mobile devices.

Making Workable mobile


One of our latest challenges was to help our users hire-on-the-go by taking Workable’s ATS and making it fully mobile. I was asked to design apps for three platforms: iOS, Android and mobile web. Kicking things off: a complete mobile experience in the browser. iOS app screens.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. If you’re already using a mobile-optimized applicant tracking system , you may very well already have access to a robust analytics dashboard that allows you to evaluate the behavior and source of your job portal visitors.

Rethinking Learning and Development in the Age of Mobile


It happened again with mobile, and it’s still happening now. Mobile has had a profound impact on the world because suddenly, we can do everything on-the-go, streamlined and from anywhere. In fact, I would argue that mobile has had a much greater impact on society and various industries, and here’s why. Mobile has not only changed the way we operate on a regular basis, but also the way in which we reference, research and acquire new information.

All Recruiting Is Mobile Recruiting.

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I’m lucky (or unlucky) enough to have gone to enough recruiting related events and conferences over the past few years to realize that while mobile has progressed to the point of ubiquity, for some reason, the “thought leaders” thoughtlessly keep offering up the same old drivel as ever about “mobile recruiting.”. If you need that business case made for you, look up from your smartphone screen and pay attention. Mobile Recruiting: Press 1 for “Duh.”.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Of Mobile Recruiting


Even if you live under a rock, in the middle of a dense forest, surrounded by a desert wasteland, you still know that recruiting is now a mobile game. If you assume the recommended eight hours of sleep, this means that 25 percent of a peron’s waking day is spent on a mobile device. That said, people do use their mobile devices for more practical tasks as well, including searching for jobs. Check out SmartRecruiters mobile recruiting here!


CKR Interactive

The result is a site that combines innovative thought, design and messaging to define and differentiate Sony’s employer brand and convey the energy of the Sony Pictures team — and that ties it all together with amazing opportunities on a seamless, 100% mobile-optimized global platform.

Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

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You built a mobile recruiting presence, the applicants came…but then your organization wasn’t ready. In this blog, I’ll review five mobile recruiting strategy fails encountered when a business is not prepared in the hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. Translation: The mobile candidate experience will make or break your recruiting success when it comes to your less specialized and entry-level positions.

Rethinking Recruiting: Mobile Matters


If you’re still thinking of your mobile website as just a smaller version of your desktop site, you need to think again. When it comes to recruitment, an optimized mobile site is equally, if not more important than your traditional site. But if you want the best talent to apply, you need to make sure your mobile site is updated and easy to use. So what makes a good mobile recruitment or careers site? Think screen size. Mobile video conference interviews.

Four Tips for Screening Millennials

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Recruiter Advice Recruiter Education Recruiter Tips Recruiting Best Practices Recruiting Tools ATS software background checks background screenings digital experience millennials mobile devices social media screening technology US workforce Verified FirstTwo years ago, millennials, defined as people between the ages of 19 to 35, surpassed baby boomers as the largest segment of the U.S. workforce. Today, more than one-third of the American workforce are millennials.

New features for mobile recruiting!


To recap, we created Workable mobile for a couple of very important reasons: Time is of the essence. The flexibility mobile recruiting gives is provides that nudge. One of the key points about using Workable on your mobile is having the information you need at your fingertips.

The ULTIMATE Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile for 2015

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Mobile. Various blog posts, infographics and reports have attempted to cover the topic in detail over the past year in a bid to demystify mobile for recruiters and get them on board, but few have managed to really put the importance of mobile technology for recruiters into context. Sure, most recruiters know mobile is important, but a massive 59% of them still currently invest nothing in mobile career sites. Mobile: The Facts Recruiters Need to Know.

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Why a Mobilized Career Site is Your Best Chance for Top Talent

Proactive Talent

Time is money, and mobile optimization is the great time saver for recruiters and candidates alike. Possessing a mobile career site has surpassed the status of being a first-class feature, and entered the realm of basic necessity. We’re not talking about a bare bones mobile site that with only half functionality either. Basically, if your site isn’t mobile compatible it’s getting bumped down the search results ladder.

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How our customers use the Workable mobile app


Since Workable launched its mobile app in 2016, we’ve seen an increase in the number of users month over month, year over year, currently counting 10,000 users in total. Top 3 popular features of the Workable mobile app. And these are problems that the Workable mobile app can solve.

Taking Recruitment Mobile: Mobile Career Site vs Native Mobile App


Every time you switch your television on, tune up your radio, or walk by random billboards and posters on the road, you’re bound to see an advertisement for a new mobile gadget. Whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, or any multi-task mobile device, the new trend of “technology-on-the-go” is growing more and more in popularity. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices comes with it the rapid demand for mobile application software. What Is A Mobile Career Site.

Six Tips for Employers to Attract the Mobile Millennial


The post Six Tips for Employers to Attract the Mobile Millennial appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. The unrelenting proliferation of technology suggests that hiring managers, recruiters and background checking companies need to become more technically savvy for a variety of reasons. A principal one among them may be that doing so is crucial for best reaching and attracting the Millennial generation.

6 Rules For Mobile Optimized Recruiting

Newton Software

Mobile Optimized Recruiting Made Easy. For the past several weeks, leading up to our #nowmobile Bootcamp , we’ve been exposing the rise of mobile recruiting through a series of blog posts that have cast a light on some shocking trends including the following: -The explosive growth of mobile internet usage and the rise of mobile-only internet users. The impact of mobile job search on the candidate experience and applicant to candidate conversion rates.

Tips to Make Your Job Descriptions and Career Site Mobile-Friendly


This is because mobile is becoming central to job searching – especially among younger generations that are taking up a growing portion of the workforce. . Over 90 percent of job applicants use their mobile devices at some point in the process when searching for their next career moves. If your team doesn’t offer a mobile-friendly experience for job applicants, you’ll likely lose top talent to other employers who have a strong mobile strategy in place. .

We’re Headed to SIOP 2017! Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.


In my session on Mobile Assessment, I will be collaborating with my colleagues from @HoganAssessment and @OutMatchHCM as we share trends in Mobile Assessment. Mobile Assessment is a prime example of that rate of change – in fact a recent SIOP White Paper cited mobile assessment usage rise from 8% in 2012 to 23% in 2015 (you’ll have to come to our session to hear the latest stats!). Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.

Why Aren’t You Making It Easy For Me To Apply For Your Jobs?

Web Based Recruitment

Mobile & Video Recruitment & EventsE Mobile Recruitment. Free Mobile Recruitment Guide. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. However, shoppers like to get out and about and they spend a lot of time on their mobile, especially when commuting every day. The Mobile Experience. So how easy is it for those shoppers to search and apply for your jobs on their mobile? Put yourself in their shoes, get your mobile out and try!

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#nowmobile – A Guide to Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Applicant Tracking

Newton Software

Everyone is always talking about Mobile Recruiting, but what that term really means, and how to implement a truly mobile recruitment and hiring process, has been confusing. First, given that job seekers and job searches are now predominantly coming from mobile devices, employers must have careers pages and job applications that are mobile friendly. More data on mobile recruiting: – 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.

Newton Rings in the New Year With Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Apply Features

Newton Software

Newton Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Applications. Newton now empowers employers with mobile apply capabilities. Specifically, the new offerings provide employers with Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Job Applications. adults have used a mobile device in their job search process. Starting today, employers using Newton’s ATS software will have access to Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Job Applications at no additional cost. .

Mobile Recruiting: Why Recruiters Should Care About The Google Algorithm Change

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With the omnipresence of mobile devices, it can be tempting to pull up your browser at any given moment of the day to immediately find the answer to a problem, the background on a new topic or person, and “how to” do nearly anything. If a site is not optimized to auto-adjust to mobile device formats, its ranking can drop from one position to the next or from one page of search results to another – potentially leading to a major loss of web traffic.

We’re Headed to SIOP 2017! Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.


In my session on Mobile Assessment, I will be collaborating with my colleagues from @HoganAssessment and @OutMatchHCM as we share trends in Mobile Assessment. Mobile Assessment is a prime example of that rate of change – in fact a recent SIOP White Paper cited mobile assessment usage rise from 8% in 2012 to 23% in 2015 (you’ll have to come to our session to hear the latest stats!). Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.