Strategic Recruiting CRM WorkShop with OHUG in Chicago


Last week the Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) and Talemetry gathered a roomful of members, customers, and practitioners together to go deep into sourcing and candidate relationship management

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We Ran a Different Kind of Recruiting Workshop


At TwoScots Recruitment, we care about the youth of tomorrow, so we recently teamed up with Melbourne City Mission in an effort to boost the confidence of disadvantaged youths, while assisting them to get into the Melbourne workforce. Career & Job Fairs

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Survale to Participate in Candidate Experience Best Practices Workshops


Candidate Satisfaction Platform provider, Survale , will be participating in the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Best Practices Workshop in San Diego March 7, 2017. This afternoon workshop will be co-hosted by Cumming Corporation and ViaSat Inc.,

Survale CEO Talks About Candidate Experience Blind Spots at CandE Workshop


Survale CEO, Jason Moreau, was talking candidate experience blind spots recently at a Talent Board Candidate Experience workshop in Chicago. The post Survale CEO Talks About Candidate Experience Blind Spots at CandE Workshop appeared first on Survale.

Elevate 2017: Playbooks and Moderated Workshops Foster Collaboration


In addition to the compelling content from retail automotive industry leaders throughout the day, Elevate 2017 featured a unique format including a human capital management playbook and moderated workshops, which we’ve outlined below. . Moderated Workshops.

#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 1 Recap

ERE SourceCon

Check-In, Workshops, Hackers, and Kickoff Party Go-Lives


Enforcing Best Communication Practices from the Top-Down

Glassdoor for Employers

At Glassdoor, I developed and teach a two-hour workshop called “Communication: The Why, The What and The How.” The workshop shares the best golden nuggets I have found during my career about tackling uncomfortable situations head-on to encourage effective communication practices within the entire organization. Hold workshops. Employee Engagement Communication Effective Communication Feedback Glassdoor Leadership Organizational Communication Transparency Workshops

Enforcing Best Communication Practices from the Top-Down

Glassdoor for Employers

At Glassdoor, I developed and teach a two-hour workshop called “Communication: The Why, The What and The How.” Hold workshops. During these workshops, remind your employees that they can always come to you for advice on handling a sticky situation or intervention in a personnel matter.

Tell Me the Talent-acquisition Metrics You Invented (Even the Bad Ones)


As Jessie Garcia and I were prepping for our leadership workshop at the Spring ERE Conference in San Diego on April 18, we had a spirited discussion around the “best metrics for influencing your C-suite.”

6 Ways to Upskill Your Way to a New Job

Undercover Recruiter

For those in the recruitment and HR industry, investing in professional development through a range of courses, workshops, and events can go a long way in nailing that new job or gaining a promotion. Upskilling isn’t just for candidates.

From University Courses to Personalized Television – The Changing Face of Corporate Learning


My uncle’s favourite anecdote is about the corporate workshops of his youth. He would use the imminently soporific atmosphere of the auditorium to sneak in a few winks. He trudged into the sessions bleary eyed and reluctant. But emerged refreshed and ready to take on the world.

How to go from being Good to Great as a Recruiter


Is there a workshop or a success mantra or maybe a crash course that […]. How do some recruiters manage to continuously attract and retain top players? What qualities does it take to achieve hiring goals, month after month?

Sourcing Training

Boolean Strings

We regularly run live Sourcing training classes , with a mix of Lectures, Practice sessions, and workshops. The most popular workshop has been the Advanced Google Sourcing Workshop. Recruiters: want to become better Talent Sourcers? We are the Sourcing Training and Certification providers and have developed a large number of training courses for Recruitment professionals and all interested.

Finding Inspiration and Being Remarkable – Thinking the Seth Godin Way

Undercover Recruiter

If you’ve been on any of my workshops you will know that I often quote from my two favourites: Tom Peters and Seth. Like a lot of business people, I enjoy reading business books. I read on all kind of topics, but find myself regularly coming back to the writers who really fire my imagination. View Article. Finding Inspiration and Being Remarkable – Thinking the Seth Godin Way Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

An Overview of Evidence Based Management in HR: Moving from Suppositions to Data


Amidst giggles and late-night gossip, she said quite incredulously, “Today we had our first workshop around evidence based HR. I stumbled across the term “evidence based practice” thanks to a friend who works at the HR department of a multinational conglomerate.

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Recruiting Leadership Lab – Nov 7-8, 2013

Recruiting Toolbox

It’s a 2-day, scenario-based workshop to help Corporate Recruiting Managers improve their ability to build and deploy recruiting strategies, influence execs, build business cases, drive change, and help their recruiters become more strategic, consultative recruiting partners. “It It was the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development.”. - I’m excited to announce our 2013 US Recruiting Leadership Lab.

How Santa Used Text, Chat, and AI to Increase Elf Engagement


As Santa sat in his office overseeing the empty workshop floor, he let out a big sigh. It was a dark and solemn winter day at the North Pole. Turning to his computer, he opened up “NiceList.xls,” scrolling down through the hundreds of names of little boys and girls that wouldn’t be getting presents this year, Santa grew more and more dejected. Recruiting All

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2015 Mobile Recruitment Awards Winners Announced

Web Based Recruitment

Video Recruiting Workshop. Video Recruiting Workshop. Video Marketing & Social Media Advertising For Recruiters. Candidate Attraction. Recruitment Videos. Mobile Recruitment. Training Courses. Recruitment Events. About Us. Speaking. Contact Us.

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Candidate Experience Worst Practice Alert: How NOT to Reject Applicants!

Phenom People

I have attended, facilitated, and sponsored many workshops where Talent Acquisition professionals gather to share information about how they are addressing the challenges of delivering a better experience to their job seekers. As a founding member of the Talent Board, I have been very close to all things Candidate Experience.

How to Analyze Your Next Recruitment Marketing Campaign Like a Pro (Template Included!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We’re hosting a series of in-person workshops this fall across several US cities. Find out more on the Rally Workshop page. One of my goals as a Recruitment Marketing professional is to make our recruiters’ jobs easier.

What is a Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook? (And Why You Need One!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

If you need more support , join the Rally team for a one-day content marketing workshop in 4 U.S. The goal of these workshops is to help you develop your content strategy and content plan in one day!

5 Ways to Demonstrate the Value of Recruitment Marketing

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We’re also hosting a series of one-day in-person workshops across 4 U.S. At these workshops, we’ll teach content marketing best practices to help you improve the ROI you’re seeing! You can find out more by visiting Rally Workshop: Create Your Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook.

Hireology to Present & Compete at DrivingSales Presidents Club 2016


It is here where Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson , will both speak at a workshop and compete for the Most Valuable Insight Award at this “unique and exclusive event” for dealer executives and industry thought leaders.

How Personal Learning is Changing Recruitment For Good

Social Talent

Going off-site to attend all-day workshops just isn’t feasible anymore, especially when technology is available to deliver top quality training to employees across the business.

GDPR: What it Means For You as a Recruiter in The New Year

Social Talent

Attend professional workshops. REC UK will be hosting a series of workshops from January-March to help you really get to grips with how your processes may have to change. The workshops cost £99 for REC members and from £249 for non-members.

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Common Sense Sourcing Webinar Has Been Annouced

Boolean Strings

We have just announced a brand-new webinar and workshop “ Common Sense Sourcing ,” that I would like to tell you about. This topic described as “Common Sense Sourcing” workshop. I have recently posted two polls with suggestions of webinars that our colleagues would be interested in – on Facebook, in the Boolean Strings Group , and on LinkedIn.

Why You Should Attend Greenhouse Open

Glassdoor for Employers

The summit helps talent professionals advance their skills and make an undeniable impact on their organization through inspiring presentations, interactive workshops, and peer-learning. We are so excited to be teaming up with Greenhouse for Greenhouse Open !

Turn Remote Contracting into a Full Time Career


Liam Martin, founder of the software company Time Doctor , is hosting a free workshop where he is going to show you how to turn your contract work into a full-time gig. The workshop will be held Thursday, May 18 @ 18:00 BST (UTC +1).

Recruiters – Will You Win Or Lose With Google’s Mobile Search Results Changes?

Web Based Recruitment

Video Recruiting Workshop. Video Recruiting Workshop. Video Marketing & Social Media Advertising For Recruiters. Candidate Attraction. Recruitment Videos. Mobile Recruitment. Training Courses. Recruitment Events. About Us. Speaking. Contact Us.

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Elevate 2018 is 2 Months Away – 5 Reasons You Should Attend


Collaborate During Workshop-Style Speaking Sessions. Rather than traditional speaking sessions, Elevate will feature workshop-style panel discussions and speaker sessions from experts in the retail automotive space.

Podcast – How To Shape Startup Culture Using Archetypes – The Lexoo Blog

The King's Shilling

There’s a transcript and some other links to the workshop presentation here. Lexoo are one of the startups I’m lucky enough to work with at Forward Partners. They asked me to talk to them about the culture of Forward Partners and how we defined what that really was. We talked about Jungian archetypes, why Nike is the hero in their own story and why we have a whip and lightsaber in the office. Podcast

Sourcing Certifications Update

Boolean Strings

We also offer interactive workshops on “Sourcing without LinkedIn”, “Finding Contact Info”, and “Advanced Googling” – you can always find the scheduled live classes at Upcoming Sourcing Webinars. The most requested classes have been: Sourcing without LinkedIn (most popular; we also offer workshops on the topic). Our Sourcing Certification Program is now in its sixth year.

4 Places Candidates Go to Research Your Employer Brand

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The Rally team is offering several in-person workshops this fall to help you create a Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook , so that you’ll never be left scrambling for content again! You can take a look at the details and register on the Rally Workshop page.

How to Make Sure Your Team is Getting Work Done


Today, I want to tell you about a free workshop on Wednesday, May 17 @ 18:00 BST (UTC +1).where You can get access to the workshop on Wednesday, May 17 @ 18:00 BST (UTC +1) here: Register Now. Ever wish you could have X-Ray vision into your team’s work day? Kinda like Superman.

50+ Tips to Implement Modern Performance Management Fast

ClearCompany Recruiting

Making the most of your time in workshops or in the office can result in multiple new lessons learned. “To To effectively run a workshop on your project, it helps to have an understanding of who’s in the room, what their personal drivers are and their experience on the project and broader background.”. What is performance management and why is it important?

Keys to the JobG8 2015 European Job Board Summit


The 4th Annual European Job Board Summit, hosted by JobG8, is set to take place next week and looks to be the organization’s largest event to date. In a video posted to the JobG8 blog on Oct.

The Who, What and How of Agile Sourcing

Social Talent

Strengths can be shared and taught to other team members so they can workshop each other and become more productive. You understand the word agile, perhaps you’ve worked on a team that has used it. But have you ever thought about how it applies to the recruitment industry?

Marketing Your Most Critical Business Positions

Recruiting Blogs

Host Career Workshops. Hosting career workshops is one of the easiest ways to inform qualified professionals about job openings at your business. Companies can also host a training workshop that focuses on a specific job skill.

These 5 Things Make Candidates Oooohhhhh!

Social Talent

Perhaps it’s time to invest in some copywriting workshops to make your ads pop.

An old’un, but a good’un

The Whiteboard

It’s with a degree of arrogance that I say I come from a country with some of the best museums in the world, but this exhibition, with the assistance of Weta Workshop , ranks up there as one of the very best I’ve seen.

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