Emotional Intelligence in the Recruitment Game

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Whether you’re in-house or head hunting, emotional intelligence has a role to play in every hiring decision. Even if you’re not conscious of it, you are using your own emotional intelligence and assessing the emotional intelligence of the candidate in every interaction. What is emotional intelligence? In the past, we vaguely described determining whether or not a candidate will thrive in a position with “culture fit.”

Why Emotional Intelligence is a Critical Skill for Your Future Workforce

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For those of us in the Human Resources field, we’ve heard about the term Emotional Intelligence (EI) back in the mid-90’s when Dan Goleman wrote the eponymous book. Fast forward almost 25 years and many people may think the topic of Emotional Intelligence has faded away. Artificial intelligence and automation are expanding to manage more mental and physical tasks historically managed by people. Building a business case for emotional intelligence training.


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15 Tips for Improving Emotional Intelligence in the Recruiting Process

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I love learning more about human behavior’s impact on employee engagement and corporate culture. I guess that’s par for the course in the human resources field. But specifically, the idea that emotional intelligence is an adaptable skill that can improve—or regress—based on an awareness of one’s emotions is fascinating to me. I recently listened to Emotional Intelligence 2.0 2 – Pay attention to the ripple effect your emotions have on others.

The Need for Emotional Intelligence in Future Leaders

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Only about half of organizations believe their leaders have the emotional intelligence and other leadership competencies to successfully drive business goals. It’s interesting that emotional intelligence ranks only tenth among the most important leadership behaviors (see above) because most higher-ranked behaviors require, or are an outgrowth of, emotional intelligence. To gain access to these valuable resources, contact success@brandonhall.com.

Finding Gratitude in the Face of Uncertainty? Inoculating Your Brain Against Anxiety and Stress

Speaker: Devin C. Hughes

Have you noticed that some people are able to maintain a relatively positive attitude regardless of what’s happening around them ? Like everyone, they can appreciate the good times, but they also seem to be able to focus on the positive in the face of so much uncertainty and what seems like a string of daily negative events. Fortunately, a positive attitude can be cultivated, with a little practice. Although we are born with specific temperamental tendencies, the brain is a muscle, and you can strengthen your mind’s natural tendency toward optimism if you work at it. And also, fortunately, working on building your "gratitude muscle" can be enjoyable in itself. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you can learn how in just a few minutes a day! Join Devin C. Hughes, keynote speaker and author of "Simple Tips to Be a Happier YOU: Scientifically Proven to Help You Everyday," and learn the real, tangible, and practical ways that you can apply immediately to get on the highway to true happiness at work or home.

3 Steps: How to Create a Culture of Change That Motivates and Inspires

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And they all share a similar foundation: a culture of change. Below, I share three steps to create a culture of change that truly motivates and inspires. Small targeted projects call for a learning-based culture. And according to Robert Half , “Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy employee engagement and retention rates around 30 to 50 percent higher than those that don’t.”. Step 3: Lead with Emotional Intelligence.

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Designing Workplace Culture in the New Normal, Automation-Driven Era

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As humanity and technology continue to intersect, we must rethink what workplace culture and career development will look like in this new “Future of Work.” Imagine what the next great discovery of our era will be, enabled by intelligent automation.

Let’s Stop Leadership Development Dysfunction

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We don’t have the consensus, internal experience or resources to build a leadership program that can impact the business.”. While organizations most often blame lack of resources (staff, time, budget, technology) for their LD struggles, Brandon Hall Group believes the underlying driver of the dysfunction is a factor cited by 41% of organizations: lack of alignment between the LD/HR function and business leaders.

Successful Executive Transition is All about People

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Botches occur because too many executives have too little people acumen – a lack of emotional intelligence as Goleman calls it. Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 State of Leadership Development Study corroborates the same gap: emotional intelligence is cited by 36% of organizations as an essential mastery gap, ranking second behind “coaching in-the-moment.”. Lack of emotional intelligence undermines a leader’s growth and success.

Staffing News of the Day, December 9, 2013

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A recent success in the UK, Corporate Resource Services prepares to launch iintegra Software in the US [Sys-Con]. Robert Half’s survey of the strangest Secret Santa gifts , along with guidelines for culture, creativity, & cost [Dallas News]. Hedge funds bring in psychoanalysts to predict behavior & emotional intelligence for recruitment of managers [E Financial News].

Re-Imagining Company Culture in the Post-Pandemic World

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To learn more about managing through our new normal, join us on Thursday May 21st at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST for a live webinar with Ira on “Re-Imagining Company Culture in the Post-Pandemic World.” Some offer free online resources and elearning courses.

Why Employers Value Personality Tests


True Insight: Some of these tests focus on emotional intelligence or cultural fit; others may give insight into work habits. Quantitative tools are just one piece of the hiring puzzle, but they’re a powerful resource if utilized correctly. Employer Resources Industry Insights Hiring Personality Tests Quantitative Tools Recruiting

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Why you must have a CHRO in your business in 2020?


In the wavering times of today, the responsibilities of the chief human resources officer (CHRO) has drastically witnessed a shift. Besides this, it has become exceedingly mandatory to employ a CHRO in the Human Resources Department.

Transgenderism In The Workplace: The New Not-So-New Normal

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The study of emotional intelligence demonstrates that we humans are pre-disposed to the judgment of others who are different. If your objective is to create a diverse inclusive workplace for ALL you may find the following guidelines and policy changes useful: Establish guidelines prohibiting gender bias We are never as culturally fluent as we think we are. Change Management Culture Diversity employee experience Employee Relations Uncategorized gender inclusion transgenderis

What Causes Negative Morale?

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Negative or low morale among employees can be problematic for employers, and equally so for recruiters who are trying to promote the company’s culture in a positive way. Consider providing both employees and managers with training on emotional intelligence. Provide resources to help managers do their jobs well. Corporate Culture Engagement HR Boosting Morale Company Culture discrimination employee development feedback questions

Four Revealing, Must-Use Interview Questions


But a business’ success also greatly depends on the emotional intelligence (EI) of its leaders. How do you know if they can manage their emotions? At Fitzii, we know the right questions to ask to get to the heart of a candidate’s emotional intelligence.

Mental Health at Work: Lean Into It

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Monumental demographic shifts, the evolving women’s movement, heightened cultural sensitivities and, of course, the ubiquity of new technologies have fundamentally altered our culture. Though great strides have been made in combatting the stigma surrounding mental ill-health, the fact remains that some countries and cultures still don’t allow for open and honest dialogue around mental health. Educate managers on emotional intelligence.

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Investing in the HiPo’s (High Potentials)


Emotionally intelligent . On board with the company culture & interested in your organisation’s success. HR Leadership high performers high potentials hipos hr human resources leadership

What do experts think about the remote work trends in 2020?


3 Raveena Singh , Human Resource Executive at Mobstac. As far as whether we will get back to the same routine or stick with remote working, I believe we need to be prepared to work remotely while maintaining a solid company culture virtually as well.

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4 Benefits of a People-Centric Workplace

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Many organizations strive for success by centering their strategies and operations on their customers first, but some experts and research claim that such an approach won’t allow an organization to reach its full potential, especially if its company culture doesn’t focus on its employees and people first. A people-centric workplace has a culture that focuses on employees and their behaviors first, as well as internal and external customer service interactions, before focusing on profits.

Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, Sept. 29, 2017


Why AI Doesn’t Mean Taking The ‘Human’ Out Of Human Resources. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic in the recruiting industry lately, as many thought leaders debate the potential ups and downs of emerging technology. But having more female leadership can actually help improve company culture and increase your bottom line. Using Trust and Emotional Intelligence to Establish Your Cultural Identity.

7 Unique Ways in Which HR Systems are Creating an Organization of Tomorrow


Reads dramatic but it is an honest snapshot of what Human Resources started out as. In response Human Resource platforms have also evolved. Human Resource solutions are now the bridge between man and machine. With the new generation of HR functionalities, the vastly misunderstood Human Resource department is spearheading strategic thinking to cultivate competencies, set the vision for the work force of the future and make the most of teams that are culturally diverse.

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How Generation X’ers are Changing the Workplace


How Generation X is Shaping the Workplace Culture. Generation X’ers bring a culture of work ethic, quality, and reciprocal relationships in the workplace. Success in the workplace is not defined by intelligence alone. There are several forces at play including influence, emotional intelligence, and relationships — something that Generation X’ers have applied for years. Gen X’ers bring quality, strong work ethics, and adaptability in the company culture.

5 Ways to Incorporate HR Strategy in the C-suite


The resulting incorporation of HR strategy in the C-suite can hold significant upside in the retention and development of C-suite members, in addition to providing a culture enriched trickle-down throughout the wider organisation and of course, positive financial implications on the bottom line. #1

The Role Of Respect In Keeping Your Employees Motivated


Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures Hardcover. Her research focus on the absence of the respect in the workplace and also in a business set-up and her findings underline how crucial this element of company culture is. “We’ve Porath said they found that one of the most effective ways to foster this culture of respect is to express appreciation and ask for feedback.She also advises companies to hire for “civility” and reward good behaviour.

4 Times Cultural Fit Trumps Experience in Your Talent Pool

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In order to do this, you need to be aware of when to hire a candidate who fits culturally over one with the proven experience on paper. To get you started, here are four times when you need to hire for cultural fit over experience: 1. These qualities should also be part of the company’s culture. Identifying whether someone’s values align with those of your company is essential for ensuring cultural fit when building your talent pool.

Workable partners with Human machine learning provider to bring AI to recruiting


Through their analysis with artificial intelligence (AI), recruiting and hiring teams can better understand a candidate’s skills, characteristics and emotional intelligence free from human bias. Culture add, not culture fit. One of the risks of hiring for cultural fit is an increasingly homogenous workforce. So it makes sense to focus more on culture add , or what someone can bring to a team, over how seamlessly they’ll blend in.

What Senior Execs Can Do to Attract a Better-Quality Workforce

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With that said, how do we change the game and attract top talent that stays and adds more value to our cultures and teams? Emotional intelligence. The report says that with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), these skills are the stand-out skills for all talent. Promote Emotionally Intelligent Leaders.

The Modern HR Ecosystem—Disruption and Opportunity

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There’s a new approach to an old HR problem: artificial intelligence (AI). Tools and applications with intelligent analysis capabilities are already playing a big role in helping HR teams sift through swaths of data related to employee engagement, performance, and development. Organizations can share their values and culture in an authentic yet relatable way, regardless of who and where they need to hire. Ultimately, resourcing remains an inherently human domain.

Does employment history matter when hiring developers?


While job hopping has a negative connotation; this is more about a resource providing value to a company, and then realizing there is nothing more to learn in that environment. Another study by the New York Times found that intelligence counted for very little when working in teams.

Skynet Is Coming!


Artificial intelligence is taking over the World, and having an impact on everything in business. Artificial intelligence is the buzzword du jour on social channels, and online communities everywhere, and new sourcing tools that leverage this technology are changing the way recruiters find top talent. As users indicate what they “like,” artificial intelligence uses the feedback to fine-tune search criteria and continuously improve results.

Weird interview questions: How to give your candidates goosebumps


Candidate experience is one of the most important factors that not only determine each candidate’s final decision , but also reflect your company culture. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences has gained more and more ground over the past few years, especially in education.

“New Year, New Me” – How about the real you?

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So they began looking for “group norms” instead, which is the intangible stuff – “unwritten rules” or things described as part of “team culture” – and found overwhelmingly that the key uniting factor was psychological safety. So the journey toward authenticity starts with some level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and even then there is only so far you can take it. We quit blaming our shitty culture, and start creating a great one.

How to improve your employer brand


Build a culture of graduation. Like schools, companies can encourage a culture of graduation. Here are ways to consider building a culture of graduation into your employer brand at your company: Offer training and education budgets for all employees. Mentorship programs are low-cost ways to build a culture of learning and graduation, no matter what size your company is. Emotional intelligence skills. Share your company culture on your careers page.

How Hiring Managers Can Predict Candidate Success


Hunt, a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, says this adaptability is an essential employee attribute that can predict candidate success. Tied to this, organizations should look to future leaders who deviate from the prevailing culture, as people who think and act differently from the norm are needed. . By measuring it, employers can help promote positive emotions to improve employee wellbeing. Gone are the days of hiring on gut instinct.

This Is How To Be More Aware Of The Superior Value Of Neurodiversity In The Workplace


Whether it be personality type, cultural, or other differences, a diverse workplace is a stronger one because people feel valued, and differences are harnessed rather than suppressed. Not only is this one of the best ways to recruit employees, as it’s evident to applicants and can positively affect the candidate experience, but it also provides staff solutions for successful talent recruitment, increases employee engagement, and improves both company culture, and the bottom line.

10 Things HR Leaders Are Saying About A.I.


We stand for transparency, intelligence, and innovation. And in order to evolve the talent process to meet this new operating environment, companies are leveraging technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting for them.” – Chris Cancialosi // Culture Leader and Entrepreneur. HR leaders must increasingly turn to predictive intelligence to transform the HR function. They can use intelligence to discover and strive for more.

5 Traits Of Powerful Female Leaders In The Workforce

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Simply being intelligent or hard-working sometimes doesn’t cut it when you’re up against preconceived notions of exactly how a female leader becomes successful. Emotional Intelligence. As a result, emotional intelligence is a key quality that defines a leader. When you have higher emotional intelligence, you’re more likely to stay calm under pressure and react logically to a situation.

HR Takes Center Stage During the Pandemic

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As businesses continue to grapple with the ongoing uncertainty and myriad challenges presented by the pandemic, it’s no wonder Human Resources has stepped onto center stage. EQ Skills Essential to Company Culture.

Truly Innovative Diversity Hiring is About Will Over Skill


Intel recognized they could allocate more resources, perhaps by putting more people on the ground in underserved communities. Organizations that are leveraging their employee resource groups (ERGs) to meaningfully engage with the underserved communities and underrepresented audiences, and companies that are enlarging their footprints with academic institutions. D&I is not just a recruiting and human resources initiative, it’s a company-wide initiative.