Mon.Jan 30, 2023

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5 Tips for Prioritizing Your Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Initiatives

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Whether you’re getting started in a new Recruitment Marketing or employer branding role this year, or continuing to build out the strategy at your current employer, here’s how you can be sure you’ve got your priorities straight. In December of 2021, as part of the Great Resignation, I re-evaluated my job satisfaction and found a new opportunity where I could make a bigger impact and work remotely full time.

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Creating an Inclusive Employer Brand: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

Proactive Talent

When speaking to TA and HR leaders about their company's employer brand strategy, there is no topic that comes up more than DE&I and the effects employer branding can have on your efforts to attract a more diverse workforce. Unfortunately, most companies aren't yet incorporating their goals around DE&I into their employer brand strategy in a meaningful way.


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What a Difference a Mentor Makes

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It’s National Mentoring month and HR Daily Advisor is celebrating by encouraging HR professionals to become mentors to someone in their organization and/or network. National Mentoring Month was created in 2002 by, a mentoring advocacy organization created more than 30 years ago, and the Harvard T.H. School of Public Health to “amplify, encourage, and strengthen mentorship for young people.

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IT Recruiting is Still a Struggle. These Strategies Can Help

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Recent headlines are shining a bright light on high-profile layoffs in the technology industry. But for many employers, IT recruiting is still an uphill battle — largely because the IT talent shortage continues to dampen hiring plans. For years, organizations have posted more job openings than qualified candidates could fill. The opportunity cost is staggering. […] The post IT Recruiting is Still a Struggle.

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Guide to Business Writing

Everything you need to know about better business writing in one place. This is a complete guide to business writing — from a clear business writing definition to tips on how to hone your business writing skills.

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What’s Next for Corporate Wellness? 3 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Recruiting Daily Advisor

As HR leaders, we’re typically preoccupied with “what’s next” this time of year. What trends should we be monitoring? What new ideas are percolating below the surface? And what big ideas could transform our industry in the year ahead? And while I don’t have all the answers (no one does, really!), I do find myself in a unique position to speculate on what’s next for the corporate wellness space based on my daily interactions with my HealthFitness colleagues, our clients, and my friends in the ind

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The Missing Element of M&A Due Diligence

Recruiting Daily Advisor

As consolidation continues to increase, companies are getting more intentional about the due diligence process, particularly within the roles of finance, legal, and business development leaders. However, many organizations still fail to recognize the importance of including people leaders at the earliest stages. As a result, crucial aspects of the company’s future structure are often overlooked.

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How to build a new talent sourcing function


A company should establish a talent sourcing function and team to enhance its recruitment efforts by actively identifying, attracting and engaging top-notch candidates. A sourcer’s skills in finding, researching and approaching potential candidates can lead to a more streamlined and effective hiring process. The sourcer can also help save time and resources by filtering the pool of applicants to those who are the best match for the company.

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A Tough Year for the Return to Office Crowd

Recruiting Daily Advisor

With the vast majority of Americans having received at least one COVID-19 vaccination and millions fully vaccinated and boosted, there was widespread optimism among business leaders that 2022 would be the year employees finally returned to the office after 2 years of COVID lockdowns and remote work. But employee resistance amid a tight labor market, recurring mini-waves of new infections, and other factors have hindered those plans.

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Trending Recruiting Technology: Must-Have Tools For 2023

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Recruiters are dealing with a unique series of challenges in 2023. Employers are still recovering from the talent exodus of the Great Resignation while also facing a looming economic recession that’s spurred layoffs from some of the biggest and most influential companies. Anything that can make hiring managers’ lives easier in the face of these challenges is a welcome addition, such as recruiting technology.

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AI & DEI: With Great Opportunities Comes Great HR Responsibility

Speaker: Jen Kirkwood - Partner, Responsible HR & AI at IBM and World Economic Forum Executive Fellow

The promise of AI for today’s organizations is real, yet in a frenzied state of experimentation, many stumble to get to a full-scale enterprise. As companies race to discover what generative AI can do, HR must lead conversations about how to balance cutting-edge innovations with integrity, trust, and diversity. Globally, organizations are at a critical intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and AI acceleration.

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The Power of an Inclusive Coaching Culture

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Coaching can be instrumental in improving employee performance and retention. But how can a company foster a positive, inclusive coaching culture? Preeti D’mello, Global Head of Diversity and LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services, weighs in with her insights as both an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and a gestalt coach. Courageous.

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RChilli Helps ERP Recruiters Retain Candidate Database Moving from Taleo To Oracle

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Moving from Taleo To Oracle? RChilli Ensures Retention of Your Candidate Database. RChilli’s parsing solution, powered by deep learning, helps ERP recruiters with seamless data migration of parsed and structured candidate data without losing access to the data of potential candidates. The post RChilli Helps ERP Recruiters Retain Candidate Database Moving from Taleo To Oracle appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Lingering Symptoms & Long Covid: The Job Market Continues to Struggle With its Own Chronic Illness

Recruiting Daily

From a global pandemic sending millions of workers home to a labor crunch, the job market just keeps taking one gut punch after another. Employers are still trying to attract and retain talent, whereas employees are still in the job market’s driver’s seat. But, almost three years later, the global pandemic’s lingering effects continue to impact the job market.

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Prosperix Teams with Mother Miracle School to Expand Educational Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The school, located in Rishikesh, India helps its students break the cycle of poverty through a free K-12 English education, health care, nutrition, and technology training that translates into jobs. The post Prosperix Teams with Mother Miracle School to Expand Educational Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Managing Your Recruitment Agency Spend in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by a juggling act of internal recruiting, agency relationships, and direct hire spend? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive talent landscape, building a dream team requires strategic orchestration. Recruiting agencies and search firms provide invaluable services, but managing them effectively alongside your internal team can pose unique challenges.

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How to Create a Better Candidate Sourcing Strategy


Candidate sourcing is sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with recruiting, but it should be recognized as a different and very specialized part of the talent acquisition lifecycle. Sourcing forms the bedrock upon which your entire recruitment process is built, and is an essential part of a successful recruiting strategy. Specifically, candidate sourcing refers to the act of proactively finding and identifying potential candidates who could fill an open or future role in your company.

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How Selling Girl Scout Cookies Sparked a Career Interest for This Grad

The Muse

Allison Ruffing has been in sales since running a lemonade stand as a little girl. Now, she manages client accounts across the U.S.

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6 Challenges and Solutions in Talent Acquisition

Acara Solutions

Ways to Improve Your Talent Acquisition Approach If you are seeking to hire qualified job candidates, then you already know the pain points associated with the recruitment task at hand. As unfilled job positions and lackluster hires can cost your organization tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on just one hire, HR and TA teams are facing increased pressure to find suitable talent.

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How to Run a Successful Recruitment Temp Desk in 2023 (Top Tips Inside)

FireFish Software

Every recruiter knows that running a temp desk comes with its set of challenges – it’s extremely fast paced and you need to be on the ball at all times to fill those last-minute vacancies (before your competitors do!). Especially nowadays, when the race for top candidates is fiercer than ever, you need to be properly equipped if you want to get ahead.

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Future-proof your I-9 compliance for 2024

Speaker: Join I-9 Experts:

Got I-9 compliance on your mind? Spending endless amounts of time ensuring you stay compliant? Get your questions answered with an expert panel from WorkBright. During this one-hour webinar, Workbright will dive deep into I-9 best practices, navigate the nuances of the new 2023 'alternative procedure,' and learn actionable ways to ensure your audit trail is squeaky clean.

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Diversity Is Broader Than Just Race and Gender. This Is the Often-Overlooked Piece of the Puzzle.

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

By including this essential piece of the overall diversity, equity and inclusion conversation, you bring more human experiences and potential allies into the work.

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In the Limelight: Daniel White


In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Daniel White—a Client Delivery Team Lead. Danny’s extensive career in recruiting has certainly made him a jack of all trades in the recruiting and talent acquisition world. Learn how Daniel’s communication and leadership skills, in combination with his knowledge of the industry, have helped him to secure some of Broadleaf’s largest and most sought-after clients.

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Say hello to the new uCheck…


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new brand! We envision a world where businesses and their people stay a step ahead of the game by owning their future. But rather than doing it alone, we’ll be by your side to support you. We’ve been busy helping businesses with their pre-employment checks, including DBS, Right to Work, Identity, and Adverse Credit, for a long time.

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My Wish for the Healthcare Industry in 2023

The Staffing Stream

A new year always provides an opportunity to be reflective and forward thinking. In looking at our current state of healthcare, the following are my hopes of what will happen in 2023: Access to healthcare for all. Impacted access or lack of healthcare access is not new but was heightened during the pandemic; however, this is a decades-old phenomenon.

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HR Pro Playbook: How to Navigate Global Workforce Expansion with Confidence

Speaker: Daniel Grace & Audra Bright

Have you just been told you need to hire employees in another country? 🌎 That's a huge undertaking! It involves navigating a complex landscape of diverse regulations, cultural differences, legal requirements, and currencies. If anything goes wrong, you risk your company's financials, growth, and reputation. 📊 🌟 To help ensure a successful global expansion and mitigate potential non-compliance consequences, this exclusive webinar features Daniel Grace, International HR Con

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Six Reasons Why Companies Will Continue To Collaborate With PR Firms

Forbes Human Resources Council

Partnering with a PR agency can provide access to valuable publishing opportunities.

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Exploring Internal Mobility for Career Advancement | HireQuotient

The HR Strategy Perspective

Enhance your career prospects by exploring internal mobility opportunities. Learn how to identify and take advantage of these valuable job-switching strategies. Discover the benefits and challenges associated with making a move within the same organization.

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Empowering People of Color in the Workplace: Strategies for Success

Contract Recruiter

Empowering people of color in the workplace is essential to create an equitable and inclusive environment. This means recognizing the diversity of skills, talents, and perspectives that people of color bring to the workplace and creating job opportunities to ensure their success. This blog article will provide proven strategies for supporting people of color in the workplace.

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2023 Talent Acquisition Trends: Expansion of Contract Work (Part 2)


This six-part series will explore some of the talent acquisition trends to expect in 2023. A shifting job market has changed how people think about their careers and progression opportunities, putting more power in the hands of the employer. As you explore these trends, consider how you can adjust your company’s recruiting and hiring practices to adapt.

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Moving Forward in HR and Recruiting Uncertainty

An era of uncertainty has arrived in recruiting. The unpredictability that exists in the labor market can make it difficult for employers to know how they should respond in this environment. Despite the turbulence, recruiting professionals should be encouraged by recent trends. Applications per job are up over the last year across companies of all sizes, and more than half of all recruiters expect their teams to grow in the next year, with nearly two-thirds expecting their recruiting budgets to

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Stay Interviews: A Checklist | The Jacobson Group

The Jacobson Group

High industry turnover and quiet quitting are further compounding existing talent challenges, making it more important than ever to keep employees engaged and fulfilled. However, while most leaders understand the importance of building employee loyalty – especially among top performers and high potential individuals – few have formal retention plans in place.

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How to Create a DEI Recruitment Strategy


DEI is an acronym commonly used in human resources circles to refer to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most hiring managers and executives understand the importance of workplace diversity. However, celebrating diversity and acknowledging its importance is not enough. Action is necessary in the form of a DEI recruitment strategy and subsequent execution.

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How Resume Parser Can Be Useful for Oracle Users

Recruiting Blogs

When we talk about AI and automation, recruiters tend to have mixed emotions. AI, however, is on its way to lending a helping hand to human resource management globally. Recruitment is a strenuous job, and the existing scenario makes it the most demanding segment for any business. Ironically, as challenging as discovering the right talent is, one wrong hire can prove very expensive.