Thu.Mar 16, 2017

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How AI Is Impacting The Role Of A Recruiter In A Big Way

Social Talent

The new way’s in which we source talent is changing faster than ever. So much so, that some recruiters have found it hard to adjust to the new technological era we live in.

Employee Onboarding: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


Recruiting doesn’t end after the offer is made. Best practices for employee onboarding and offboarding

Should Companies Include Pay Ranges on Job Postings?

Phenom People

I recently read a news story about a company, SkipTheDishes, cancelling a candidate’s second interview after she emailed her recruiter to inquire about compensation and benefits for the position.

The Future Of Work Looks Cognitive

Unbridled Talent

The Robots Are Coming. I was honored to be the first guest on the new IBM Trends In Talent Management podcast this week!

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The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

When your company needs to bring on new talent, it's tempting to do whatever it takes. But hiring just anyone isn't the solution. Download JazzHR's, The Essential Guide to Hiring Performers, to learn how you can create a scalable recruiting process that results in great hires.

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WorkHere Looks to Rewrite Traditional Job Board Playbook With Mobile App


The traditional playbook for running a local job board looks something like this: 1) Get a keyword-rich domain, 2) Sell job posting packages to local employers and 3) Generate job seekers through search marketing, local radio, billboards, TV, partnerships, etc.

How to Use Feedly to Grow Your Online Reach

FireFish Software

Are you fed up of being behind the competition, and do you struggle to identify and stay ahead of relevant recruitment trends? Feedly is a tool that can help.

Tools 18

5 Things Nietzsche Can Teach Us About HR

Glassdoor for Employers

Friedrich Neitzsche is a celebrated German philosopher from the 18th century whose philosophies are universal and timeless. Mostly anchored in Western philosophy. Employee Engagement Business Employees HR mission Neitzsche Small Business Team Work Workplace

What 4.3M+ Open Candidates on LinkedIn Means for Employers

Linkedin Talent Blog

Last fall, I attended LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect event, where some of my colleagues presented on how Nielsen is using people analytics to increase employee retention. As the SVP of Talent Acquisition at Nielsen, I was excited to share what we are doing and learn from my peers.

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

3 Ways Hiring Managers are Hurting your Candidate Experience (and How to Fix It)

Green JobInterview

When working with hiring managers to locate talent, coordinate applicant screens and interviews and follow up with candidates, it can be difficult to make progress when managers are not cooperating with the process.

Tools 17

7 Hiring Tips to Write the Plan of a Productive Interview

Hiring Thing

The more prepared to conducting an interview you are, the smoother it’ll go. However, if you don’t have much experience in the interviewing process, it might be hard to come up with a proper interview plan right away. Even if you are experienced, these tips can help you make the. Continue reading

Contractor Recruitment Firms Ambushed By IRD

The Whiteboard

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be the most entertaining or titillating of Whiteboard blog posts but it’s about something of great importance to our New Zealand recruitment industry, so I feel if pretty much behooves me to talk about it today.

Lever expands offer functionality with AdobeSign launch


Lever supports fully robust offer functionality and enables customers to manage the entire offer generation process without leaving Lever. Product Partnerships


Social Recruiting Survey Reveals How Recruiters Are Changing Strategies to Overcome Hiring Challenges

In a highly competitive job market, information is power. Check out our 2016 Recruiter Nation Survey to learn all kinds of hiring trend data.

Business Intelligence Helped Us Hire Better


How is data helping us hire better? What were our struggles? Why are old metrics a waste of time (time to fill, number of hires, number of phone calls made)? Read ahead to find out more!

5 great features of an ATS

Recruiting Blogs

There's so much information out there about Applicant Tracking Systems, isn't there? So many tools, so many integrations, so many ways an ATS can serve you. So we're stripping it back down to basics with this post: Just 5 great features of an ATS that might be of interest to you. Application Forms.

Differences in Professional Expectations Across Generations

NextWave Hire

A few weeks ago, we co-hosted a great event with Universum around their recent Generations research which dives deep into what professionals and students of various generations hope, fear, and expect about their careers. With all the talk of millennials, and now Gen Z, it was great to have a trove of data to better understand what is really happening, and if these groups of people are so different. We did two events to talk through this information.

4 Ways to Find Standout “Four Leaf Clover” Job Candidates

Spark Hire

Hiring managers face a steep hill battle when looking for qualified job candidates. A 2016 study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that 68 percent of HR professionals across industries are having problems with recruiting in the current talent market.

5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators

How many phone screens are required for each new hire? How quickly do candidates move through your hiring process? What recruiting data is meaningful to your company's senior leadership?

#WeControltheRobots: Top Tweets from SourceCon 2017


You can’t not start following a hashtag when it’s #WeControltheRobots. Then when you realize it’s also the theme of #SourceCon, you jump on both. SourceCon ALWAYS live up. The post #WeControltheRobots: Top Tweets from SourceCon 2017 appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Industry Sourcing What's Happening Future of Sourcing SourceCon sourcing hacks sourcing tips

Is Your Candidate Persona Based on Fact or Fiction?

Undercover Recruiter

If your marketing personas are merely based on conventional wisdom, your content will not reach its potential with the intended audience. Every good communicator follows the cardinal rule: know your audience.

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New Recruitment Marketing Index Marks a Milestone for Recruitment Marketing Platforms


This is a big moment for talent acquisition technology – and for recruitment marketers. Aptitude Research Partners’ 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index. This report succeeds in three very. The post New Recruitment Marketing Index Marks a Milestone for Recruitment Marketing Platforms appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Recruiting Technology Recruitment Marketing Platform analyst report recruitment marketing index

9 Ways to Improve Employee Retention


When it comes to employee retention, maintaining a great team is a continual effort. We already know the cost of hiring is great: time, money and energy. Getting it wrong can be a huge detriment to the company, and losing a great team member is a real upset. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 86 percent of employees decide within the first six months of starting a new job whether or not they will stay with the company. Employee Retention onboarding Recruiting Workplace

Get the Definitive Guide to Recruiter & Hiring Manager Partnerships

We've teamed up with Glassdoor to bring you the 10 steps you need to take to build an effective partnership with hiring managers.

7 Effective Strategies for Growing Your Company with Data


7 Effective strategies for growing your company with data. If knowledge is power, data should have enough power to drive an entire enterprise. It can if it is applied in the right way. Many companies are still trying to get a grip on the practical uses for data. Managers outside the IT realm know that they really should be doing something with all the information coming in from all sides, but these projects tend to get pushed down on the priority list because they’re not sure where to start.

Don’t Let Your ERP (Employee Referral Program) Turn Into DERP


This week we published an infographic from our most recent recruiting benchmarks research for startups and SMBs with fresh insight into how referrals dominate the recruiting process. The moral of the story was this: Collaborative hiring

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We’re Going to Study How Assessment Can Help Shape the Future Workforce


One great thing about being part of a community is the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with others who share common interests. One of my fellow ERE community members recently helped me get involved in a really cool study that focuses on my core areas of expertise, pre-hire assessments, and the future of hiring. Screening & Assessment

Diversity hiring might not be that hard.

Recruiting Blogs

The past month’s news brought yet another cautionary tale about what happens when companies deprioritize diversity. While we all claim that diversity matters, we put it on the backburner while we focus on revenue growth and product innovation.

The Biggest Trends in Recruitment and Retention: PI Worldwide Survey Results

Learn about recruitment and retention from respondents in business support and logistics, education, finance and financial services, and healthcare and manufacturing.

Why You Need to Revamp Your Recruitment Strategy in 2017


Recruitment is no longer a simple process, where you post an ad and wait for the applications to start pouring in. Competition is fierce in every sector, with businesses of every size trying to attract and retain the […]. The post Why You Need to Revamp Your Recruitment Strategy in 2017 appeared first on Jobsoid. Recruitment

What Your Future Employer Really Wants to Know About You


Finally! You just got an offer for your dream job, and now there’s just one more step to go: a background check. Why does your future boss feel the need to conduct these checks? Do they think you’re a secret spy or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The post What Your Future Employer Really Wants to Know About You appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

5 Helpful Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

NPA Worldwide

There are dozens upon dozens of Google Chrome Extensions to assist in recruiting candidates. Extensions can help with productivity, manage and connect with candidates, market your brand, and be your own personal sleuth in finding candidate information.

The Cost of a Bad Hiring Process.

Converticulture Recruiting

It was a busy day in the office, but I knew I couldn’t waste any time finding several new employees. We’ve had a number of new clients sign on and shifts to fill. My team lead was off sick, we didn’t know when they would be back.

Employer Branding: Five Tips to Make Your Career Site Your #1 Recruiting Asset

Learn how HR Directors in Enterprise companies can use their career sites as their number one recruiting asset.