Employee Motivation a Brand Exercise


If your competitors provide embroidered polo shirts to their staff, your brand will look cheap if you offer screen-printed T-shirts. The post Employee Motivation a Brand Exercise appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog Your business depends upon having talented and driven people working for you, but your competitors’ businesses are no different.

How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures. Too much screen time. When self-care involves screen time.


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Interview Questions and Candidate Evaluation Exercises for Customer Support Roles


Screening for soft skills can be a challenge so it’s important to ask thoughtful interview questions and have your candidates complete evaluation exercises. In this course, we’ll provide example questions and exercises you can use to uncover the best candidates during the interview phase: Interview questions. Candidate evaluation exercises. You can then go one step further and use evaluation exercises to reveal the best person for the job.

3 Applicant Screening Tools for Your Contact Center

Employment Technologies

Applicant Screening: Your business needs should always drive the talent assessment process. This exercise may have twists and turns but ultimately, you’ll have clarity about your target. Efficient screen navigators and keyboard operators to avoid “dead air” and extended call handling times that lead to customer frustration. Once you’ve defined your contact center success factors, you can then determine the right applicant screening tools for assessing those factors.

5 Methods for Screening Your Job Candidates Remotely

Contract Recruiter

Companies right now are exercising due caution. Yet with no available cure for the pandemic and a focus on remote work in many areas, a lot of candidate screening needs to be done remotely. Now, there are some drawbacks to using resume filtering as a screening method.

Using an Ability Test to Screen Candidates | All You Need to Know

The Hire Talent

The post Using an Ability Test to Screen Candidates | All You Need to Know appeared first on The Hire Talent.

List of 50+ Remote Team-Building Exercises and Activities

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Physical separation leads to mental separation, but the effects can be mitigated with the use of regular team-building exercises. On the other hand, technology allows for a variety of new, clever team-building exercises to explore. Virtual team-building exercises have a number of tangible perks for your team. What we’ve done for this post is compiled over 50 different team-building exercises you can put into use with your teams.

How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit


A person’s values, beliefs, taboos and the like are frequently not immediately obvious – so how do you screen for cultural fit? Screen before you interview. Hiring is an exercise in curation – by identifying the right personality mix, you’ll help your company thrive. The post How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog. Hiring for cultural fit has become a praised and controversial topic throughout the years.

How to Manage Screen-Time When Working from Home

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Whether it be increased Microsoft Teams’ meeting, a spike in family Zoom quizzes, or simply just more time spent glued to our mobile phone screens out of boredom, there is no denying that the collective screen time of the nation has grown drastically over the course of the past year. From the moment we wake up to the second we go to bed we are looking at a screen. Our eyes are forced to work harder when spending extended amounts of times staring at a screen.

Ten Tips to Improve Productivity by Focusing on Your Health Habits


Nowadays we can do pretty much everything with the click on our computer screens and inside our office rooms. Job Tips Talent Breakfast Breathe Bulletproof Coffee Careers Cold shower Exercise Family Fresh air Friends Happiness Health Meditation Nature Productivity Sitting Sleep Technology Work Life BalanceWe tend to hear those stories about young entrepreneurs working 20 hours non-stop, sleeping only 4 hours in their startup’s garage/office and surviving on a diet of ramen soups.

Screening Out the Takers from the Candidate Pool

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The goal is to eliminate Takers from the work environment through effective hiring and screening. So if agreeableness and disagreeableness has no correlation with Givers and Takers, how do we screen out the Takers? A word of caution when trying to screen out Takers, some Takers are previous Matchers or Givers who have been burned one too many times by Takers and decided they needed to protect themselves in the dog-eat-dog world. This makes the above exercise very valuable.

9 Creative Meeting Ideas for Remote Teams

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The enthusiasm in connecting and getting things done soon gave way to fatigue—tired eyes, difficulty focusing, and other challenges from staring at an electronic screen. There are only so many minutes a day we can look at people’s faces in a bunch of squares on a lit-up screen.

Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

Linkedin Talent Blog

If you’re looking for someone with a proven sales track record, or a master at Excel, there are easy ways to screen for those skills. Some employers use job simulations and role-playing exercises to measure a candidate’s problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a hot topic right now.

University of Ilorin, UNILORIN pre-admission screening (Post-UTME and Direct Entry) application form for 2017/2018 academic session is on-going. University of Ilorin accepts candidates who applied f…

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University of Ilorin, UNILORIN pre-admission screening (Post-UTME and Direct Entry) application form for 2017/2018 academic session is on-going. University of Ilorin accepts candidates who applied for admission into the University for the 2017/2018 academic session to upload the required details for the Post-UTME and DE (DIRECT-ENTRY) Screening Exercise. How To Apply For UNILORIN DE / POST-UTME Pre-admission Screening For 2017/2018 Academic Session: Click here.

Global Recruiting: Getting Ahead When Hiring Abroad

Recruiting Daily

Companies may want to consider beginning with a benchmarking exercise in each country, factoring in things like labor market demand, specific salary ranges by position or function, cost of living, foreign currency exchange rates and similar considerations required to determine whether or not any compensation and benefits package offered remains in line with local employers competing for the same pool of talent. Pre-Employment Screening.

Becoming GDPR Compliant – Step 2 of 12


Data mapping should be a key element in any organization’s compliance strategy, including any pre-employment screening policy. When a data mapping exercise is successfully undertaken, the prospective employer can answer questions with confidence and provide the right level of comfort to candidates during what can be a stressful time. The prospective employer (data controller) can face questions from its candidate base about where their personal data is being sent and how it is used.

Fit Happens: How To Hack Hiring For Culture.

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The problem is that as much as recruiting and HR professionals talk about company culture, very few companies actually know how to define their company culture, much less screen and select candidates against it. As flexible working arrangements are becoming increasingly commonplace, work-life balance has become a key cultural consideration for screening candidates.

No Further Questions: Interview Hacks for Hiring Success

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At its core, recruiting is more or less an exercise in making a good first impression; from the 6-8 seconds the average recruiter (if such a thing exists) spends reviewing a resume to the reported 35 seconds job seekers spend, on average, reading an online job description , making an immediate impact is imperative for both employers and job seekers.

From Good to Great: How To Become A Badass Recruiter

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I, like most other recruiters out there, hated this exercise; I was afraid not of presenting in public, but rather, of doing something wrong in front of my professional peers or being judged by them. Eventually, after a lot of role playing, I felt more confident in these exercises, and had the whole thing pretty much down pat, but that didn’t stop me from continually finding new ways to close the candidate or successfully convince a hiring manager that they were worth considering.

Almost Royal: How Not to Conduct an Interview

Recruiting Daily Advisor

While several applicants attempted these ridiculous exercises (and one even claimed to actually be Jesus), one flatly refused and openly remarked about how offensive their questions were. Screening, Assessment, Interviewing ADA ADEA discrimination FMLAThe BBC’s faux reality show, Almost Royal , follows the lives of British aristocrat siblings, Poppy and Georgie Carlton as they tour the United States with their father’s ashes in tow.

Born Into This: Recruiting Isn’t Always What You Think.

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He didn’t expect me to do any better, or even make a placement; instead, it was the type of character building exercise designed to help the untested recruiter “cut his teeth,” which is agency-speak for new hire hazing. Blog Posts Hiring Recruiting Recruiting News Recruiting Tips Resources Sourcing and Screening derek zeller Job Market Motivation Recruiting Industry Staffing Tips Work/Life Balance

Candidate Experience: Recruiters, Stop Making Excuses.

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I don’t take applying lightly, but when I do, the superficiality, subjectivity and senselessness of screening and the subsequent subjective feedback I have to endure make feedback an acutely painful experience in a process that has enough of those to go around. Those 15-20 minute perfunctory phone screens. I was recently speaking with a friend who happened to be looking for work as an HR practitioner, too.

Finding the Best Candidates

NPA Worldwide

Candidates must meet a certain level of expectation to get through the recruitment process that human resources and independent recruiters set as a multi-level screening exercise. The first screen is typically a “first impression” screen. Those recruiting are looking for confidence, attitude, approachability, energy, and sometimes when done face-to-face, appearance factors into the screening.

Conducting Better Interviews with Value-Based Intuition

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Naming your values is an inspiring exercise to take on. Screening, Assessment, Interviewing Articulating Values candidates interviewing interviewsIn yesterday’s post , we began to explore how you can conduct better interviews by supporting your intuition with an understanding of your values and learning how to recognize those values in your candidates. Today we’ll look at some details of how to use these skills in an interview.

Black Hole Sun: Experiencing The Candidate Experience

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So, I click on the “Register” button and it redirects me to this screen, telling me that a pop-up window should have appeared, but if it didn’t (it didn’t) then I should click the link in on that screen, rather than just linking me to that URL in the first place. Normally, I’d scroll right through these – which, by the way, PeopleAnswers forces you to do, and these are long, by the way, before you’re allowed to advance to the next screen.

Site update: we’re merging


As of 1st September 2020 uCheck have commenced a merger exercise with online DBS Check services CRBS (Criminal Record & Barring Service) and CRB-checkonline. The merger exercise will start from 1st September – any client registered with CRBS will become a client of uCheck.

4 ways to improve your work-life balance


Whether you’re waiting for likes on that Instagram post or responding to a work email, controlling the urge to look at our screens initiates discipline. When that weekly screen time reminder comes through on your phone, challenge yourself in reducing that time.

Training from career.place: The journey from bias to awareness


Wow, this exercise was intriguing. Career.Place, formed in 2016, offers an anonymous candidate screening tool that removes bias from the hiring process while promoting diversity and compliance. Empyrean Benefits invited Ms.

Experiencing the Candidate Experience: A Recruiting Reality Check

Recruiting Daily

OK, nice work – you’re actually in the minority of recruiters who have survived this painful – but painfully necessary – exercise in candidate experience. Pass “GO,” and try applying for jobs at one of your direct competitors, or at one of the recent companies recognized as CandEs award winners or really any company career site you come across online – they’re all more or less equal for the purposes of this particular exercise.

How Our Customer Success Teams Are Making The Most Of Remote Work Time (And How You Can, Too)

ClearCompany Recruiting

We've done little projects like planting a garden made out of recycled drawers from a broken dresser and started one of our larger projects, remodeling our screened in porch.”. Behind every good software platform is an even better team.

Training from career.place: The journey from bias to awareness


Wow, this exercise was intriguing. Career.Place, formed in 2016, offers an anonymous candidate screening tool that removes bias from the hiring process while promoting diversity and compliance. Empyrean Benefits invited Ms.

Cartoon Coffee Break: Working Parents Have Been Hit Harder By The Pandemic

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

As a result, parents are giving into their children’s requests for more screen time while they take work meetings and tend to job-related tasks. In fact, there’s little evidence that screen time can harm kids. Editor's Note: This post is part of our "Cartoon Coffee Break" series.

Why You Should Use a Scoring System to Rank Candidates

Social Talent

For instance, how can you prove that you’re going with your gut when you’re shortlisting candidates, and not just exercising bias? It sounds all fancy-pants, but really all that a ranking system is is creating categories and scoring every candidate that you screen within those categories. So when you’re screening candidates for the role, you should be basing the questions you ask around these categories.

System 144

Workplace Wellness Tips to Implement Post Pandemic

Pragna Technologies

Hosting Office Health Screenings and Importance of Fitness. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep illness at bay. Today’s multi-generational workforce is focused around health and wellness and this would be guiding the conversations about same in the workplace post-pandemic as well.

How to Deal With Anxiety at Work During a Global Pandemic


To do this, you should: Exercise – There are plenty of exercises that you can do that will help you to bust your stress. Exercise, from running and football to Zumba and Crossfit, can help to make you feel better because your brain releases endorphins that can improve your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety. But too much exposure to screens, social media, and the 24 hours news cycle can be damaging to your mental health.

How to Take a Digital Break When Your Job is Online


This comes in particularly handy if you are looking at screens day in and day out. I really have to pull myself hard out of this state where I have to constantly look at light-emitting screens.” Monitor your screen time and internet usage. Illustration: Kezia Gabriella.

The Cool-Down: How To Unwind After Work

The Execu|Search Group

When finishing up a high-intensity workout, people normally do a couple of easy and simple exercises to help bring the heart rate down and begin to relax the body. This is imperative in exercising but is also a method that can be used to help you learn how to unwind after work. .

Work Smarter: 3 Things You Can Do To Recruit More Efficiently


Thinking about how you spend your time either at work or outside of it is an important exercise. Shameless Plug #1 – Recruit and Screen More Efficiently. Using HarQen to screen candidates means you have a database of candidate information, resumes and completed interviews at your fingertips. Taking time to look at how you are spending your day is a very useful exercise. Paul Graham’s essay “ Life is Short ” is one of the best things I’ve read all year.

Balancing Life With Kids and Work in a COVID-19 World

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

I realize there are tons of great resources for children’s virtual learning, entertainment and even exercise, but they all have one thing in common: a screen. We’re all doing the best we can right now and need to continue to grant ourselves grace (and maybe just this once ignore the AAP guidelines on screen time!). The world of work changed virtually overnight with the global spread of COVID-19.

6 Easy Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Achievers - Recruiting

They provide a valuable opportunity to blow off some steam, have a laugh with our colleagues, or simply get away from our screens for a bit. My list of six team building exercises (whether virtual or in-person) can make a positive impact across your organizational culture.

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