What HR tech trends will we be discussing in summer 2019?

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In stark contrast to the outdated stereotype of bureaucratic administration, today’s HR teams are creative, innovative, and technologically savvy.

20 Industries that Look to Have Huge Job Growth Through 2019

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CareerBuilder’s labor market analysis arm, shows that a diverse group of industries is coming out to play — and we’re not going to see them slowing down anytime before 2019 when it comes to bringing on new talent (and more of it). 2019 Jobs.

Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing

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With CISCO predicting that by 2019 online video will account for 90% of all Internet traffic it makes you wonder why Recruiters aren’t using online video to promote their company and current vacancies? As the stat from Cisco shows online video will be practically everywhere by 2019.

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It’s Coming! The Best Places to Work Tour

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Want to know how your company can be honored in our 2019 Best Places to Work award? Looking for insights and advice. Best Places to Work Talent Acquisition Best Places to Work Tour Events

Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report


IRS Issues Initial Guidance on New Paid Family Leave Tax Credit


The credit is available beginning in the 2018 tax year, but is scheduled to sunset after 2019. In an effort to encourage employers to pay employees taking family and medical leave, the new tax bill establishes an employer tax credit for at least 25% of wages paid during such leave. In order to take advantage […]. The post IRS Issues Initial Guidance on New Paid Family Leave Tax Credit appeared first on Bersin by Deloitte. HR Compliance

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SourceCon 2017 Keynote Series: Email, I love you.

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Know your sender's reputation Email sender score will be like credit score for marketers Over 1/3 of the world will have an email address by 2019 How does this relate to the conference theme? This week the team at Proactive Talent Strategies is attending the 10th Anniversary of SourceCon in Austin, Texas. With a total of seven keynotes throughout the entire conference, we’ve decided to do a write-up on everyone in a series we’re calling Sourcing Secrets: Keynotes from SourceCon 2017.

Announcing Elevate 2018: Hireology’s 2nd Annual Human Capital Management Summit


Elevate 2018 is the only event focused solely on retail automotive human capital management and will bring together 250+ retail automotive HR leaders, along with their General Managers and Dealer Principals, to discuss strategy and tactically build their 2019 human capital management plans.

Text Recruiting Stats You Need to Know

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Global phone usage is expected to surpass the 5 billion mark by 2019. It’s no secret that engaging qualified candidates is more difficult than ever.

Interactive Media Strategy – Adding Video to Your Recruitment

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The Numbers Per Cisco , “ Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.” Dive in before 2019. In recent years, video has taken the Internet by storm.

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Temping in the New Economy

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Temporary employment is expected to grow 13 percent (354,877 jobs) from 2014 to 2019, and was among the first industries to add jobs when the recession officially ended, growing 15 percent from 2009 to 2010 and 57 percent from 2009 to 2014. Temp Jobs (2019). Change (2014 – 2019).

Incorporate Video Into Your Recruiting Process

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By 2019, video will drive the majority of global Internet traffic according to Cisco, making it the most important way to improve your recruiting messaging in 2016. The Recruiting Division. Two Recruiting Division posts that discuss video interviewing include, “Wildly Effective Video Recruitment Solutions” and “Video Interviewing is a No-Brainer for Recruitment“ But video interviews aren’t the only way to use video in recruiting. […].

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Temporary Jobs Will Grow 13% Over the Next 5 Years

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Temporary employment is expected to increase by 3 percent (75,384 jobs) from 2014 to 2015 and 13 percent (354,877 jobs) from 2014 to 2019, according to a new CareerBuilder study based on data from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, CareerBuilder’s labor market analysis arm.

Jazz Announces New Channel Partner Program


With spending in the SMB technology space predicted to increase to over $700 billion by 2019, our Partners have a huge opportunity to increase their share and enjoy recurring revenue by expanding their existing customer relationships.

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What Effective Performance Management Truly Looks like in 2018

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Thus, agile performance-based compensation is definitely something to look into for 2019 and beyond! 54% of employees in a McKinsey survey said [current] performance management has not had a positive effect on employee performance.

4 Facts about ClearCompany’s New and Improved Employee Onboarding System

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adults use a smartphone and global mobile phone usage is expected to surpass 5 billion people by 2019. A smooth and positive onboarding experience builds new hire trust and enthusiasm. In today’s strong job market, the quality of a company’s onboarding program matters more than ever.

5 Tips to Make Text Messaging an Effective Recruitment Channel

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75% of US adults use a smartphone and global phone usage is expected to surpass the 5 billion mark by 2019. Mobile-focused, generational groups like Millennials and Gen Z are taking over candidate pools in full-force.

Don’t Wait – Next Year’s Graduates Are This Year’s Talent Pool

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The truth is, it’s now time to focus on the class of 2019. And the best way to start is by better understanding the needs and expectations of the class of 2019. A 2016 Randstad survey found that 29 percent of Generation Z (who make up the class of 2019) plan to stay with their first company for three to four years. It’s that time of year again. New graduates are entering the workforce ready to make a difference.

The Ultimate #Yello18 Recap


Stay tuned for information about the 2019 Yello Conference! The Ultimate #Yello18 Recap. 2 Days 17 Hours 225 Talent Professionals 110 Companies 20 Speakers. Recruitment leaders from the world’s leading brands joined in Chicago for the 2018 Yello Conference held April 24-25, 2018.

The Salary Question Ban


The law goes into effect January 2019 , according to Jackson Lewis. “What’s your current salary?” can no longer be asked when interviewing a candidate for a job. The law, which bans employers form asking candidates about their salary is an attempt to address the gender pay gap.

Our 2018 Benchmark Report is Here!


In addition, we take a look at the top 5 game changers impacting talent acquisition today…and those that we’ll be keeping an eye on for 2019. What Does 2019 Have in Store? We’re about halfway through 2018, so what’s to come for 2019? What It’s All About.

The Evolution of Technology In Today’s Working World

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It’s predicted that by 2019, 50% of all classes will be delivered online. How Has Technology Changed Our Behaviour? Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

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Ask UBER: Outside Social Issues Are Changing Inside Work Operations.

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They are doing it because if they don’t pull their image out of the crapper, their upcoming IPO (2019) will also go down the crapper. The public has spoken. If you want fair treatment in your company it’s time to get out your megaphone. If your company’s internal policies don’t jibe with the outside, conscious, court-of-public-opinion, they may be in for a wild, expensive ride. . In that light, Uber did something remarkable this week.

Highlights from Indeed Interactive: Search for Greatness (Part Two)


We thank all of our attendees for spending this time with us and hope to see you all again in 2019. After Tuesday night’s party at ACL Live, Indeed Interactive resumed on Wednesday morning.

The 2018 Tax Bill – What It Means for the Staffing Sector


Effective in 2019, the reduction to $0 penalty of the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. In 2016, the staffing industry in the United States reported 150 billion dollars in revenue.

How Is Technology Is Shaping The Way We Learn?

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It’s predicted that by 2019, 50% of all classes will be delivered online. How Has Technology Changed Our Behaviour? Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Did You Know That "New Collar" Jobs are Vital to The Job Market?

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Demand for cybersecurity experts are expected to increase to 6 million global jobs by 2019 and the number of unfilled jobs is also expected to rise: 1.5 million jobs by 2019. . As the nation's largest technology employer, IBM is not the only company facing a global skills shortage.

Time on the Clock: Understanding New Overtime Rules


Future updates will align with economic indicators on a three-year basis, with the next adjustment scheduled to be announced on August 1, 2019, and carrying an effective date of January 1, 2020. In May, the Obama Administration announced a long-expected update to federal overtime regulations.

2018 Social Media Changes & Trends

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Video Marketing – It’s stunning but not surprising that 80% of all internet traffic is expected to be video-related by 2019. As with all things digital, social media changes quickly. Keep up to speed with these predictions and upcoming trends in the way candidates engage with social platforms. That means people will expect to see videos telling them stories when it comes to just about every facet of their media diet.

Incorporate Video Into Your Recruiting Process

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By 2019, video will drive the majority of global Internet traffic according to Cisco , making it the most important way to improve your recruiting messaging in 2016. Two Recruiting Division posts that discuss video interviewing include, “ Wildly Effective Video Recruitment Solutions ” and “ Video Interviewing is a No-Brainer for Recruitment “ But video interviews aren’t the only way to use video in recruiting.

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25 Things to Know About Tech Recruiting as You Plan for Q2


If it heads up, both 2018 and 2019 might be big years for IPOs. Wow, January blew by. You realize that’s 8.5 percent of the year, give or take? How are you doing on your 2018 goals? Hopefully well; but if not, no worries. You have 11 months to get back on the track you designed for yourself and your team. As you transition from Q1 to Q2 planning, what should you think about in terms of recruiting the best tech talent for projects, long-term work, etc.?

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Social media trends for recruiters to watch out for in 2018


The prediction that video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 is one of the most quoted statistics on the web – and, naturally, social is playing a massive role in video’s takeover of the internet. As with anything technology-related, nothing stays the same for long these days. Social media is no exception. Social has always been a moveable feast. Over the years it has morphed into a much different animal than it was in its humble beginnings.

Musings From the 2018 California Staffing Professionals Conference


We’re already looking forward to attending the California Staffing Professionals Conference (CSP) in 2019. What we learned at the 2018 CSP Conference. We loved attending the 2018 California Staffing Professionals Conference ( CSP ), and we’re proud to support this outstanding event.

Welcome New Year! Now, When Can I Take A Vacation?

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I’m starting 2018, by setting a big, audacious long-term goal: to prepare myself and my businesses to be able to plan – and take – a month long sabbatical in 2019.

#6Things: Louboutins, Intelligent TA & Sackett To Me!


Following his term as President-Elect, Sackett will assume the office of Board President in January 2019. Don’t Ask About S**t You Can’t Change. Sharlyn ( @sharlyn_lauby ) brings up an excellent point in that why ask if your EEs want to work from home if you aren’t ever going to allow it?

Career Site Makeover Contest: Win Your Company a New Career Site


And an even tougher 2017, 2018, 2019, and…you get the idea. Are you treating your career site like it’s your most important recruiting asset? If not, then you’re setting your talent acquisition team up for a tough 2016.

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Staffing News of the Day, March 18, 2014

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explores entry into the legal marijuana industry – a $20 billion market by 2019 [Broadway World]. Massachusetts terminates the firm that created their disastrous health site, looks to rebuild with another company [Boston Globe]. EEOC sues Maxim Healthcare Services of Columbia, Md.

Ready Player One: How to Build a Triple-A Team According to Ubisoft


With sales on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms driving nearly 70% of the company’s annual earnings , Ubisoft is in prime position to reach its 2018–2019 target sales goal of $2.6b. Eric Theriault is the eyes and ears of hiring at Ubisoft Montreal, the largest game development studio in the world. Here’s how he recruits for the 3,000 person team behind the most successful video-game titles on the market. By 2022, the video game industry is expected to be worth over $230 billion.

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Embrace the Mobile Movement For a Better Recruiting Experience


total) by 2019. From a geographical standpoint, the CAGR for mobile traffic between 2014 and 2019 will be highest in the Middle East & Africa (72%) and lowest in North America (47%). Communicate and Engage.

5 Digital Marketing Skills That A Candidate Can’t Fake

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This would have been fine back in 2011, but since the average company will allocate 30% of their marketing budget to online marketing in 2016 (expected to grow to 35% by 2019), basic skills just won’t cut the mustard anymore.