Staffing News of the Day, August 12, 2013

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Human Capital Resource of greater NYC offers contract staffing to the Pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry [Long Island Newsday]. Growth in the manufacturing sector has spurred hiring on [San Francisco Chronicle].

Staffing News of the Day, August 15, 2013

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Biotechnology is becoming a hot new niche for contract staffing recruiters [Top Echelon Contracting]. News absenteeism Android AZ Central Biotechnology Bloomberg BNA Cincinnati CNN Money DLH Holdings Corp Evolution of finding candidates infographic Fox 13 Now Gem Interiors Inc.

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Where To Put Your Next Staffing Branch Office

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” San Jose, Ogden, Provo (information technology centers), Worcester (which has a specialization in biotechnology), and Boston (a center for both information technology and biotechnology) are among the 20 strongest-recovering metropolitan areas.

How Consumer Tech Trends Are Impacting IT Employment Demand


We’re no stranger to the fact that the demand for IT talent is severely outpacing supply. Tech unemployment continues to hover at an all-time low, making for an extremely competitive environment. In order to stay ahead, organizations need to understand the complexities behind these trends.

Beyond Silicon Valley Tech Hubs


As part of the North Carolina Research Triangle; researchers, IT talent and biotechnology workers are abundant. Yes, there are more places to find tech talent than Silicon Valley, CA.!

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 25th January 2016

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Developments in previously disjointed fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and genetics and biotechnology are all building on and amplifying one another. In recruitment news this week: The World Economic Forum On The Future Of Jobs.

How Would Your Hometown Fare in the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Thanks in no small part to a large number of biotechnology and medical research workers, Boston is the most likely city to produce a cure for the zombie plague. We’ve all fantasized about how we would survive the zombie apocalypse (haven’t we?),