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Discovering Adaptive’s Story with Shay Miller, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition at Adaptive Biotechnologies


Manager, Talent Acquisition at Adaptive Biotechnologies. Recently, we took some time to reflect on Shay’s experience working with exaqueo, building and launching the Adaptive Biotechnologies employer brand, “Discover Your Story.” Meet Shay Miller, Sr.

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Opentrons and ClearCompany Bring a Human Touch to Robotics Hiring

ClearCompany Recruiting

Opentrons is a biotechnology company that provides robotics solutions that automate tasks for biologists. Our client Opentrons Labworks, Inc. found that ClearCompany’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding Platform best fit their needs. A View Into Opentrons.


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Healthcare Hiring: Your Comprehensive Guide


Health insurance providers, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and research facilities also fall under the industry umbrella. Examples of physical locations that offer healthcare services include hospitals, medical and dental clinics, outpatient and inpatient care facilities, and assisted living facilities.

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Cross-Border Splits

NPA Worldwide

She placed a Regional Sales Manager in the Biotechnology / Life Sciences industry in Ireland. This same importer worked with another London-based NPAworldwide partner, placing his candidate, a Regional Sales Manager in the Biotechnology / Life Sciences Industry in the USA.

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Katie Thursfield, Director of Content at LetsGetChecked, on Pursuing Non-Traditional Roles in the Health Technology Sector


So she started a master's degree in Business and Biotechnology. It gave you a 360-degree view, from the financial side to marketing of pharmaceuticals and other biotechnology products.”. “I wanted to branch into the business a little more to understand the bigger picture of the market.” Remember, the opportunities are there.

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In Times of Unrest, Don’t Rest

NPA Worldwide

If you typically focus on the client side and you aren’t getting many reqs, you can pivot and check out what jobs your partners have, and see what candidates you have that may be a fit.

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Validation Engineer job description


They work in several fields, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or aerospace, among others. Feel free to alter responsibilities and requirements based on your specific needs. What is a validation engineer? Validation engineers evaluate systems and processes used to build products. What does a validation engineer do?