The Interview Process: Old-Fashioned Vs. Progressive

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After all, how embarrassing to have an old-fashioned interview process while other companies are showing yours up with their progressive process! The Old-Fashioned. By implementing the one-way video interview into your process, you are virtually eliminating the old-fashioned, initial phone screen. The standard interview process, as we know it, has undergone great changes over the years.

How to screen Groovy developer skills


How to verify Groovy skills in the screening phase? Screening a Groovy developer using their resume. Technical screening of a Groovy developer’s skills using an online coding test. A guide to screening Groovy developer skills. We’ve created a list of things you should know before you begin screening for your next Groovy developer. . Groovy allows you to do things that were overly complex in Java, but in a much neater fashion.


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Helping Candidates’ Ace the Phone Screen

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In part one of this article series , we shared expert insight into conducting a successful phone screen. As Nass previously mentioned, everyone screens differently, so, how can recruiters help jobseekers focus on their body language during a phone interview? There is a unique advantage of a phone screen in that you can have experiences highlighted on a sheet in front of you and questions laid out to guide the conversation,” says Nass.

Makeup Tutorials: Now in VR via NYX and Samsung Gear VR


Unlike traditional makeup tutorials that are filmed in portrait mode, the VR tutorials have the vloggers seated a bit further back so that the products used in the tutorial can float across the screen with easy-to-read information about price and name to simplify the shopping process. News Beauty Cosmetics VR Fashion Fashion VR Makeup VR NYX VR Samsung Gear VRShop for makeup like never before with this team up from NYX and Samsung Gear VR.

Better Ways of Screening Applicants with Indeed

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There are several ways to attract and screen candidates in a more efficient fashion. Are you struggling with using Indeed to make new hires? Maybe you’re frustrated by the lack of candidates you’re receiving, or you feel as though you’re not attracting the right job seekers. It could be that you just aren’t utilizing the platform to its full potential! Don’t worry, we’ve done the research and identified tricks and tools to use on Indeed to find your next great hire.

How to screen Python developers’ skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


How to verify Python developer skills in screening phase? Screening is tiring, arduous and takes a lot of your time. Usually IT recruiters turn to following screening techniques from assessing python skills based on resume through interview or video calls to online coding tests. Technical screening of Python skills based on CV. Fortunately (for recruiting), Python has fewer libraries and technologies to screen for, that e.g. Python.

3 tips for remote interviewing in a pandemic


Don’t underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned door lock. Blog Candidate experience News Technology Uncategorized interviewing pandemic remote screening technology video Video interviewing

4 Techniques to Decrease Age Discrimination During Recruiting


With recent accusations against Intel and IBM and a new lawsuit alleging companies used Facebook ads to screen out older job seekers , age discrimination in hiring is making headlines. Research has shown that age discrimination at the screening phase does exist. AI can be programmed to avoid these types of biases by ignoring this information when screening resumes. Blog Screening age discrimination ai for recruiting hiring bias recruiting bias

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The Worst Job Interviews Ever, Redux: Dumb and Dumber.

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These everyday occurrences should be red flags during the screening and selection process, but for some reason, lacking both veracity or validity doesn’t count as a criteria for getting hired. It’s amazing to me that even with all the resources out there online, from specific reviews to general advice, that so many candidates still seem to fail interviews in such an epically awful fashion.

5 Metrics Every Recruiter Should Care About

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As I sat down to begin this post, I decided to do start out with some good old-fashioned Internet research. Recruiter screen-to-hire ratio. If you can understand how many recruiter screens on average it takes to get a certain type of hire, you can assist your larger recruiting team with understanding how large the front of their funnel needs to be. Talent Acquisition Hiring Metrics offer declines Recruiting screen to hire ratio source of hire time to fill Time-to-Hire

5 Tips to Get a Résumé through Applicant Tracking Systems

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ATS is programmed to review résumés in a similar fashion, so it is best to keep a traditional layout. Recruiting Technology Applicant Tracking Systems ATS candidates Microsoft Word Recruitment Technology Resume ScreeningBetween online job boards and mobile apps, applying for jobs can be done with the click of a button.

Fit Happens: How To Hack Hiring For Culture.

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The problem is that as much as recruiting and HR professionals talk about company culture, very few companies actually know how to define their company culture, much less screen and select candidates against it. As flexible working arrangements are becoming increasingly commonplace, work-life balance has become a key cultural consideration for screening candidates.

Anti-Social Recruiting: Why Sourcing Best Practices Are BS

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Which was my job to sell them on, since the sourcing function was also responsible for scheduling second round screens if their vitals checked out. At this week’s SourceCon, an event which is more or less the ComicCon of talent acquisition (with slightly more savants and slightly worse fashion), the focus of the agenda and topics of conversation are going to be on tools and technology, with some statistics and survey data thrown in because, well, these guys are basically Rain Man.

Is the Cult of Personality Testing Still Dominating the Hiring Process… and Should It Be?


For employers like Weiniger, however, it doesn’t seem that the use of personality testing is going out of fashion any time soon.“Through Assessing Candidates Hiring candidate candidate assessment candidates hiring hiring criteria job multi-measure test multi-measure testing personality test personality testing recruiting recruitment screening

Is the Lack of Pockets in Women’s Clothing Hurting Their Productivity?


Something we deal with on a daily basis that could impact women’s productivity, particularly in the Gen Z age group, is ubiquitous in women’s fashion: the lack of pockets. I used the screen time function in my phone’s settings to keep track of how much time I spent on my phone.

How to Develop a Strategy for Each Stage of the Recruitment Process

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Using applicant tracking software, the construction company can customize an application to screen for these skills. Industry events and old-fashioned networking can also help you find quality candidates who may not be actively seeking a new job.

How to Use AI for High Volume Recruiting


Applicant screening: analyzing candidate profiles and determining their fit for a job opening. Chatbots: conversational UI for candidates or prospects for pre-screening, Q&A, scheduling, and more. The job market is governed by one constant—change.

Staffing News Of The Day, October 7, 2011

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JBCStyle is doing just that with a focus on staffing the fashion and retail industries. [PR Employment Screening Resources (ESR) Releases White Paper to Help Manage Risks of Using Internet for Background Checks. News Alice Campbell Staffing Daryl Metcalfe Drake International Employment Screening Resources Hilda L. Alice Campbell Staffing celebrates 30 years in the staffing industry. State Journal Register]. “Now, more than ever, we depend on Inc.

How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions


So you’ve made it past the resume bots and screening stages to land an in-person interview. If you’re unemployed, be honest and depict your reason for leaving in a positive fashion: “I was a valued member of the team but was let go due to widespread budgetary cuts in the organization.” Congratulations! Now comes the time, perhaps your only shot, to impress the hiring manager and get an edge on your competition.

Recruiter Real Talk: How to Improve Candidate Engagement Using AI


There will come a time when all recruitment professionals leverage AI, machine learning, and other technology platforms, so an old-fashioned mailer may help you stand out in the crowd. submittal, screen, selection, interview, etc.), What Is Candidate Engagement? Candidate engagement is a lot like customer engagement — it centers on an organization developing an ongoing relationship with an individual.

HR Tech Vendors Offering Discounts to Support Employers

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Other features include the ability to create a branded landing page for each event and pre-screening capabilities so attendees can move through pipelines faster. Aida Fazylova: For employers that are continuing to hire — we have built a virtual recruiting toolkit with text message communication, AI chatbot automation for screening and scheduling and virtual hiring events to help them continue to meet their talent needs.

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Is The Use Of Social Media As A Recruiting Tool Rising Fast Enough?

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Most of us probably use social media platforms and networks in some form or fashion to build our brands, market our organizations, and even list specific job reqs. This Mashable post cites a survey last summer by the social media monitoring service Reppler of more than 300 hiring professionals to determine when and how job recruiters are screening job candidates on different social networks. Social media use among recruiters is rising. Rapidly.

How To Check Out Your Background-Check Provider

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It’s estimated that about three of every four businesses perform background screenings on every prospective employee. These background checks typically include an applicant’s work and credit histories, driving record, education, professional licenses and certifications, criminal record, drug screening and use of social media. An employment screening company can let an employer know if there are older public records of felonies.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Building a Resume for a New Age

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In the hiring process, blockchain can be used to better screen candidates and to mitigate “resume fibbing,” as Bennion calls it. For job candidates, blockchains ensures that they get credit for various experiences and skills that might not shine through in an old-fashioned resume format. “Of

Want Employee Engagement? Just Ask.

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With that said, I don’t know if I could ever return to a 5-day a week office gig in the old-fashioned sense. However, biometric screenings and wellness programs proliferate the landscape. Employee engagement continues to be a challenge for organizations of all shapes and sizes. The road map to tackling this challenge is right in front of you if you are willing to involve your employees in the solution. But what should you be asking your people to get that answer ?

What’s for Breakfast? Hiring for Ambiguity & Pulse Surveys


Our latest New York City Future of Talent breakfast brought together talent leaders from 5 of the fastest growing startups in NYC, including a $1B fashion startup and one of the leaders in direct-to-consumer luxury bedding. If you’re not screening for this quality at every level, you run the risk of high turnover when new hires are expecting a structured work environment, but are then suddenly thrown into chaos. SUBSCRIBE TO FIRMPLAY'S NEWSLETTER. Email *. Thank you!

The Moneyball Effect on Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling

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Back in 2011, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill hit the big screen to bring Michael Lewis’ 2003 underdog story of the Oakland A’s to life. In Moneyball , the application of data analytics didn’t replace the need for scouts, coaches and good, old-fashioned effort.

Job Interviews 2.0: Embrace the Revolution of Video Interviews


Now, globalization and mobile technology have boosted the need for Talent Acquisition teams to use video interviews as a screening tool instead of old fashioned phone interviews. According to a recent Video Interviewing Usage Study by Sarah White & Associates, more than half of companies phone-screen 4 to 9 candidates for each open position, while 35% of organizations take more than 30 minutes per candidate just to schedule a phone-screen.

The Robots Are Coming…Slowly

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To summarise in true Whiteboard fashion, candidates in the most part, aren’t really digging Recruitment Tech. Supermarket bosses must be rubbing their hands together at a customer base who want to do their employees work for them, whilst hiring managers are still chained to their desk, their metronomic telephone arm banging out after-hours phone screens like it’s going out of fashion.

10 Employee Incentive Programs to Engage Your Team

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Offer an extensive catalog so employees can find rewards they crave whether they prefer electronics, fashion, hotel accommodations, or music. Has your workforce ever suffered from a lack of engagement ?

How To Nail A Virtual Interview

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Pull up the program and take a look at yourself on the screen. You cannot use your laptop or phone during the call to click through the website or Google so good ole’ fashioned paper is key. This is a tough one, especially since there’s two screens between you. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are rearranging their approach to interviewing and hiring. While some are pausing their hiring efforts for a few weeks, the good news is that many aren’t!

How MYOB hires top performers


The Talent Acquisition team spent most of their time screening resumes, conducting phone interviews and inviting up to 60 candidates to assessment centres. Vervoe’s ability to stack rank candidates based on their skills and execution on the role was attractive to MYOB to identify potential high performing candidates without having to read through hundreds of resumes and conduct hours of phone screening.

4 Ways to Manage a Boring Employer Brand


Source, screen and interview candidates in a timely fashion. Let’s say you work for a solid but boring company in the middle of America. In your role as a talent advisor, you post jobs on the internet and feel bad about your boring company brand. Your benefits are good, but you’re not Google or Facebook. You don’t offer free eyebrow threading and unlimited PTO. You worry that your company’s value proposition isn’t sexy.

AI for HR Coordination

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What they found is that from an ROI perspective, recruiters were 20% more “productive” (I think this is mostly measured in terms of interviews given and applicants screened). In true Whiteboard Wednesday fashion, here’s our video on this topic (we finally got a microphone – let me know what you think!). There’s been a lot written about how artificial intelligence is going to change the game across most industries, and HR is no different.

The Rise of the Recruitment Marketplace


Besides core recruitment systems (often an old-fashioned ATS), they deal with job boards, video interview tools, background check vendors and candidate assessments. Today, in an era when acquiring talent can be more complex and competitive than acquiring clients, it’s time for TA professionals to ditch their old-fashioned ATS for a Talent Acquisition Platform that also provides a centralized ecosystem of easily deployable vendors, without any integration pains.

Essential High Volume Recruiting Tactics in 2020


Fast-tracking vetted candidates boosts hiring velocity by eliminating the need for several steps in the recruitment process , including job description writing, ad posting, resume collection, and candidate screening. Looking to hire top talent at scale?

Hire18 Speaker Interview: Robert Coombs


Take that resume screening! At least not the old-fashioned way where you send out a carefully crafted resume and cover letter in response to a job ad. His response to this auto screening: if you can’t beat ‘em bot ‘em. What surprised me was the SHOCKING data that came out of the project and how dramatically it made the point that the old-fashioned job application process was broken.

Top 10 Worst Bosses from TV and Movies

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Because this topic is so popular with the masses, TV and the silver screen have jumped on the bandwagon and have brought us some of the most funny and most irritating bosses we have ever come across. Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) is the perfect example of the stereotypical Creative Director of a fashion magazine. Another character from the fashion industry – it is very much a cut throat isn’t it?!

Recruiting on Instagram: 4 Companies Crushing It

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shopentourage #hiring #nowhiring” If there’s any industry that’s going to give travel a run for its money on Instagram, it’s fashion. Instagram and fashion are a match made in heaven. Using social media for recruiting purposes goes way beyond LinkedIn. While 97 percent of U.S. recruiters used LinkedIn for social recruiting purposes last year, just 40 percent of job seekers did.

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How Dent Wizard Won a Candidate Experience Award and Why It Doesn’t Matter


Then we measured them at each phase of the hiring process so we could see how they evolved from application to phone screen to interview to offer, etc. As such, they’ll even send your surveys out for you (though we did it the old-fashioned way ourselves). How Dent Wizard Won a Candidate Experience Award and Why It Doesn’t Matter. Note: The following article was reprinted with permission from Survale client, Dent Wizard).