10 Unique Candidate Screening Questions You Should Always Ask

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Pre-recorded video interviews have the ability to screen out the candidates who aren’t right for your company without lengthy phone screens or face-to-face interviews before the right stage in the process. You don’t need a dedicated sourcing team to get ahead of competitors on talent.

The Phone Screen

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Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Sourcing Sourcing Function Talent Acquisition Telephone Sourcing FeaturedYou’ve plumbed the deepest depths of the internet. You’ve written, rewritten practiced and perhaps perfected your search string. You’ve assembled a list of prospects and tracked down their contact information. You’ve systematically worn, I mean tracked them down, and you finally have them on the phone.

Screening Candidates Through Social Media


But social media can be an important part of the hiring process, even after a candidate has made it past the résumé review, telephone screen or even the first interview. The post Screening Candidates Through Social Media appeared first on Dice Insights.

Time to re-evaluate your background screening process

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Although pre-employment screening is a valuable way to vet candidates, it also increases time to hire — and that’s often a big “no-no” in 2018. Recruiters who don’t understand the screening process often underestimate the required timetable.

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who source and hire talent. and sourcing talent. surveyed spend at least 30 hours a week sourcing talent, it comes as no surprise. recruiters source. LEAST IMPORTANT Sourcing Candidate outreach /. engagement Screening /. scheduling Screening Background.

Sourcing on WordPress

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have free resumes to reach out to, and screen? The answer for most sourcing teams is a resounding yes. Niche Searches Resumes Search Techniques Social CVs Social Networking Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

Behavioral Questions Help Screen Potential Employees

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Source: GlobalStock / E+ / Getty Images. Screening applicants properly needs to go beyond asking common questions that result in rehearsed answers. During the screening process, it is important to listen. Screening, Assessment, Interviewing candidates questions safety

Are Your Recruiters Screening 100 Candidates Per Day? They Should Be!

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How many candidate screens did your recruiters do last week? In a normal corporate TA shop, I would say it’s probably doable to get your recruiters to do 15-20 screens per day, given they aren’t sourcing all day as well.

How to: Ethically Screen Candidates on Facebook (Infographic)

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Which is why he, along with Akkencloud , decided to produce the following infographic which provides some tips and insight on the legalities of using Facebook to carry out candidate screening and how to keep your efforts legally and ethically sound: Source: Akkencloud.com.

4 Ways to Screen Candidates Even Quicker

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One of the most time consuming parts of the recruiting process can be initial candidate screens. There are 4 ways you can effectively speed up your candidate screening process. One excellent way to speed up the screening process is to find someone to help you with initial screening.

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

They must do it themselves, sourcing from. 3 H O W R E C R U IT E R S C A N C R E A T E A P R E D IC T A B L E C A N D ID A T E P IP E L IN E Key Challenges for Recruiting Pipelines *Data is from recruiter.com Sourcing is an uphill. phone screen Average number of phone.

Getting Tech Managers More Involved in Sourcing


Getting the hiring manager involved in sourcing can save everyone time by eliminating bottlenecks and targeting candidates who are the right fit,” Weiss said. Having the hiring manager take part in the initial phone screen is ideal,” Weiss said.

The Case for Collaboration in Sourcing

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You’re at your desk just staring at the computer screen, willing it to give you an answer. You’ve Googled “creative sourcing strategies” and come up with nothing new. Culture Niche Searches Search Techniques Sourcing Talent Acquisition Teambuilding FeaturedIt’s happened before.

How To Pick The Right Candidate Screening Software


With recent entries in applicant screening tools from Google and Facebook, candidate screening software is currently top of mind. Here are some factors to consider when buying candidate screening software. What do you need from candidate screening software?

What You Need To Know About AI-Powered HR Screening Tools


The definition of an HR screening tool is changing these days. Back in 2000, SHRM listed the #1 screening tool as employment verification. In 2015, the top HR screening tool was the ATS. AI is the next big wave in screening tools as well. How is AI changing screening?

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

work — on sourcing activities alone. That means less sourcing work for your team, plus a higher quality of candidate overall. doesn’t have to dedicate 13 hours a week to sourcing — let alone. additional time on screening, vetting, and other measures your. screening.

7 Sourcing Metrics Every Recruiter Should Know [Infographic]


Sourcing is the second highest origin of hires after direct applicants, so a lot of attention is being paid these days to metrics and tools to improve this crucial function. Metric #1: Every 1 in 72 sourced candidate is hired.

Unscientific Assessment: How To Use Phrenology for Screening and Selection

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My research uncovered some weird and wonderful ideas about how to read into physical phenomenon to figure out what someone’s really all about, or what we in this industry refer to as shortlisting, screening and selection. A Better Way of Spotting Talent: 10 Steps to Screening Success.

What Does Talent Sourcing Mean Exactly?


Talent Sourcing is the method used to find applicants who aren’t applying directly to open roles. Not only are they finding candidates, but they are also actively screening and submitting leads to roles. Why Sourcing is Important? Sourcing is non-negotiable in a tough job market.

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tools for technical recruiters


After sourcing, candidate screening process in IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. There are several different assessment and screening tools which help you get through your IT recruitment process smoother and these tools will save your time and money.

17 Features Every ATS Must Have

Inactivate CandidateJohn Doe Schedule a Phone Screen Inactivate Candidate Current Status: Phone Screen Marketing Man.? Schedule a Phone Screen John Doe Marketing Manager?? ? ? ? ? ? nd great employees faster by making it easier for you to screen.

6 Rules For Using Candidate Sourcing Tools


Candidate sourcing tools can – and should – be a recruiter’s best friend. Here are 6 rules to follow when selecting a candidate sourcing tool. Make sure your candidate sourcing tool is easy to use and offers a variety of ways to look for candidates.

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Breezy + Checkr = Faster, Automated Background Screening

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Today we’re excited to announce Breezy and Checkr have partnered to further reduce your time-to-hire with faster, more automated background screening. Screening candidates and compliance aren’t exactly topping the list of celebrated stages in the recruiting process?—?while

Screening Software Engineers – Tips for IT Recruiters

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All recruiters needs to find good sources of candidates, find a large enough pool of qualified candidates, attract passive candidates, and find candidates with culture fit. If you doubt your ability to technically pre-screen candidates, consider using an outside service.

Need Top Performers? Hire Candidates With a Strong Professional Network


Networking Screening Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Strategic SourcingActionable Tips for Hiring Those With Powerful Professional Networks.

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The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

Inactivate CandidateJohn Doe Schedule a Phone Screen Inactivate Candidate Current Status: Phone Screen Marketing Man.? Schedule a Phone Screen John Doe Marketing Manager?? ? ? ? ? ? nd great employees faster by making it easier for you to screen.

How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit


A person’s values, beliefs, taboos and the like are frequently not immediately obvious – so how do you screen for cultural fit? Screen before you interview. Of course, involving employees doesn’t have to start at the interview process; it can go back as far as your sourcing, too.

The Recruiting Times They Are A-Changin’ (How to Stop Worrying and Love AI)


Screening Source the Web Tactical Sourcing FeaturedCome gather ’round people.

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10 Methods for Screening Candidates - Which Is The Most Efficient?


You screen them before making any decisions. Here are some of the most common methods for screening candidates, some tips to on how to get them right, as well as their pros and cons. Resume screening Let’s kick things off with an old school technique.

Building a Proactive Sourcing Strategy


Hi Jonathan, I have been working at my company for 4 years and a year ago was moved into a Talent Sourcing role. I recently attended SourceCon and came across your blog and have been really trying to focus on creating a proactive sourcing approach to add value to my team.

Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

to fill critical, difficult-to-source, direct- hire positions via third-party search. Time to Fill, Cost Per Hire, Sourcing, and Diversity are only some of the. screening social media accounts, leaning on cutting. A whopping 69% say that AI as a sourcing tool.

5 Tried-and-True Methods for Sourcing Passive Candidates

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If you’re looking for a more effective candidate sourcing strategy, keep reading as we explain five proven methods for sourcing passive candidates! What is passive candidate sourcing? 1 in every 72 sourced candidates is hired, compared to 1 in every 152 non-sourced candidates.

Recruiters Should Adapt Background Screening Methods for Growing Gig Economy Workforce


The fast growing “gig economy” that focuses on temporary work — or “gigs” — accounted for 30 percent of new jobs and created new income sources for 2.1

Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Just Makes Sense

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Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing: Lessons Learned. Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Is A Business No Brainer. I’ve written about candidate engagement before, and I will reiterate: sourcing and identifying prospects is only half the battle.

7 Pre-Screening Interview Tips For Entry-Level Seasonal Hiring


Pre-screening interview questions act as the ultimate filter to turn a large candidate pool into a more manageable “puddle,” allowing you to weed out unqualified applicants and focus your time on reviewing top talent. Guest Post by MightyRecruiter.

5 Ways AI Will Enable Recruiting to Be More Human, Not Less

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

A broad understanding of the AI-enabled technology landscape for screening, hiring, and onboarding today's workforce. [BEGIN TRANSMISSION]. INITIALIZING]. Are you ready for an automated world?

Building a Business Case for Implementing Creative Sourcing Tactics

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Recruiters are now hustling to keep up with the endless buying and selling of candidate focus via attention grabbing sourcing methods. This is being applied to HR and recruitment through the implementation of automated sources, screeners, and chatbots. Conclusively, technology is shrinking skill gaps in the recruitment industry, which will result in a higher need of creative branding and sourcing techniques to stand out. Sourcing Recruiting