Elevate Your Technical Sourcing Game: A Guide for Technical Recruiters

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Technical recruiting is perhaps more complicated than it’s ever been at any point in the legitimate global history of sourcing and recruiting. Blog Posts Candidate Sourcing Featured HR Technology Interview Tools News Recruiting Resources Social Recruiting Sourcing Technology Trends codefights hiring hrtech software jobs tech recruiting tech sourcing technical recruitingThe modern landscape It’s a jungle out there.

5 Skills Hiring Managers Look for in Technical Recruiter Candidates


How do managers of technical recruiting teams define a high potential hire? Technical recruiting is a uniquely challenging task. Recruiters require a special set of skills, and no one recognizes these skills better than the hiring managers.

Best chrome extensions for IT sourcing and technical recruitment


We all know that sourcing and recruiting can be very time-consuming and at the same time you are expected to act as fast as possible. To make sourcing and recruiting faster and smoother you have to act smart and use tools to support you.

How to Become a Technical Recruiter which Candidates Love


The role of a technical recruiter is especially difficult, because they have to learn things such as different complex programming languages to tell apart good from bad candidates. What is a technical recruiter? Why are technical recruiters important?

3 Ways to Find Talent in Technical Recruiting

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Sourcing technical talent is growing more and more competitive as companies are fighting for the best candidates. For technical recruiters, this means that our challenge to find and place top talent in this field is huge.

Technical Recruiting and Technical Assessments, What’s NOT Working

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Hiring for technical positions is one of the costliest of recruiting efforts, not only in terms of money spent, but as well in terms of time spent sourcing, interviewing, and assessing.

Moneyball for Technical Recruiters

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Why am I even bringing this up in an article for technical recruiters? Well, surprisingly it turns out that Moneyball has a lot of important lessons to teach us about sourcing and recruiting engineering talent! Old-school technical recruiters are stuck in these patterns.

3 Ways to Achieve Pure Technical Recruiting

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I’ve heard several technical recruiting nightmare stories. The sad part is, most of them have been driven away from the field when they could have been all-stars, all because they never had a chance to do pure technical recruiting.

Here's What Engineers Hate About Your Recruiting Emails


The typical engineer receives an onslaught of recruitment messages every week. To find out how to improve the plight of technical recruiters everywhere, we asked Lever engineers to talk about where exactly it all goes wrong, and what recruiters can do differently.

The Best Tech Literacy Tools for Non-Technical Recruiters


It’s a recruiting fact of life: hiring for technical roles is a slog. A recruiter who doesn’t know the difference between Ruby and Python is gonna get played. So, what is a non-technical recruiter recruiting for technical roles supposed to do?

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tools for technical recruiters


After sourcing, candidate screening process in IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. There are several different assessment and screening tools which help you get through your IT recruitment process smoother and these tools will save your time and money.

Secrets You May Not Know About GitHub Sourcing

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If you Google “recruit on GitHub,” you will find more than ten blogs/articles/videos for this topic. He encouraged me to dig into something deeper so that more technical recruiters can start using GitHub.

Building a product in the technical recruiting space? Read this first.

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Lately, a good number of people have asked me for feedback on their tech recruiting startup ideas, and I’ve noticed that I tend to ask the same questions and give the same advice over and over. It’s a sourcing problem. Resumes are pretty low-signal , and technical interviews are fraught with their own set of challenges. Unfortunately, filters don’t make people better, so you are constrained by the quality of your sourcing efforts. Recruiting

How to screen C and C++ developer programming skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


What should an IT Recruiter know about C and C++? C and C++ glossary for technical recruiters. C and C++ interview questions to ask during a phone/video technical interview. Technical screening of C or C++ developer skills using an online coding test.

37 best articles from 2015 on recruiting programmers and tech talents


As recruiting programmers is getting more and more challenging, IT recruiters want to stay up to date with all the valuable information that can help them in hiring best tech talents. Tips for IT recruiters. 7 tips for recruiting tech talent. Social tech recruiting.

Where is a Technical Recruiter to turn to?

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The candidates you could source from CareerBuilder and Monster you would still have to pay the excessive fees and long contracts to source for candidates that wouldn't do your client any good or your recruiting business any good either? Oh yea, and our recruiting budget has been cut so we can't pay you the normal fees we used to so we could work on this for you at 15-20% or a flat fee (wtf?).

31 must follow blogs for tech recruiters in 2016


Recruiting tech talents is a tough job. To recruit in IT field you need to adapt to new methods of recruiting and constantly try them out, to see what combination works and brings you the most and best candidates. Social recruiting. Recruiting tips, methods and techniques.

50 recruitment stats HR pros must know in 2017


However, learning takes time and it’s no secret that recruiters are busy people. In the last few years, tech recruitment landscape has been changing rapidly and keeping up is not easy. 50 recruitment statistics HR pros must know in 2017. Source: MRINetwork ).

Slam Dunk: How To Source Like An Athlete


Hall has been in recruiting for a decade, sourcing for The Walt Disney Company, being a technical recruiter for Google, the manager of executive recruiting & sourcing for Hulu and now as […].

10 tools that help IT recruiters in sourcing technical talents


IT sourcing takes a great deal of recruiter’s time. Of course as a technical recruiter you have your tips and tricks, proven methods and techniques that work and let you find the most valuable tech talents. Have a look at these sourcing tools and check them out.

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Successful Tech Talent Sourcing is Tied to the 3Cs


Community, alongside communication and contact info, is one of the 3Cs that I find dominates our conversation about succeeding as a technical sourcer. What advice do you have for technical sourcing/recruiter newbies or those coming into the role a bit more green?

50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]


That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in recruiting that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels.

How to source and recruit software developers on GitHub


To find talented developers who are a great fit for your company, you need to be thoughtful about your sourcing efforts. You want to build meaningful relationships within the technical community instead of blasting out generic emails. Sourcing on GitHub. How to recruit on GitHub.

IT sourcing – think and act outside the box to hire tech talents


IT sourcing and technical recruiting programmers can be tricky. There are two types of questions you should ask yourself before starting talent sourcing. The key to tech recruitment is to act fast so tech talents won’t be taken from you before you even realize it. You have tried LinkedIn and as you know, it doesn’t always give the best results, especially if it comes to the technical recruitment. IT sourcing is challenging.

6 Incredibly Important Sourcing News Stories this Week – 29th September 2014

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In Sharma’s own words, the app uses “ personalisation technology to make sure [your] recommendations are continuously learning from the actions of employees and recruiters ”. “ Recruiters in High Demand. Get Ready for “The Sourcing Zone”!

How to Find Tech Talent on GitHub, Hacker News & Stack Overflow


The internet has created a million talent pools of every variety, but when you’re looking for technical hires a few places in particular stand above the rest: GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News. Technical recruiting candidate engagement hiring tips

High Volume Recruiting – Tools to Expedite & Execute!

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That’s the expectation in high volume recruiting. The impression of clients and technical recruiters tends to be that because you are not typically looking for highly technical candidates, your job is easier.

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How To Avoid Direct Sourcing Disasters!

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When direct sourcing goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Social media has made direct sourcing an In-house Recruiter’s dream… and a nightmare. The post How To Avoid Direct Sourcing Disasters! Human Resources / Recruitment Social Recruiting Social Recruitment Technical Recruitment

Sourcing Hacks 101: How to find your next engineer on GitHub (and discover their hidden email address)


No matter the industry you work in, if you’re recruiting for technical roles, you know competition is as tough as it gets. Like any specialist role, it also requires you to get creative and think outside the box by sourcing in places you may not normally look. Happy Sourcing!

“Get People To Think Outside The Box”: Mozilla, Instacart VP of TA Mathew Caldwell


Also joining the podcast is Entelo VP of Talent and Operations, Jill Witty , fresh off a presentation on innovative sourcing strategies at the Virginia SHRM conference. Why finding Engineers who know how to collaborate is a crucial part of successful technical hiring.

Last Week in Talent - Monday, May 8


And with companies like Snapchat , YouTube , Truecar and many others now in the neighborhood, Silicon Beach recruiting in Los Angeles has become a beast unto itself. Recruiting Technical recruiting talent sourcing

How to screen.NET developer programming skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


You are about to start recruitment campaign to hire.NET developer. Once you receive applications and resumes you have to decide who is good enough to get to on-site technical interview. What is important for IT Recruiter to know about.NET ? There are certain tips which can be valuable for IT recruiters when it comes to.NET: Just like in Java’s world, knowledge about language (in most cases it will be C#) is simply not enough.

How to screen Java developers’ skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


That’s why I wrote this article, to gather all the information you need if you are an IT recruiter searching for programmers with Java skills. What is important for IT Recruiter to know about Java? So unless you recruit for an entry, junior position you can skip assessing Java skills based solely on university education and degree. Below you find some useful and practical recruiting tips how to verify Java skills using each method. .

Complete front end developer salary data


If you’re looking to recruit a front end developer, are you sure that you’re offering a fair salary? Perhaps you need to prepare yourself to carry out a major sourcing project, or you’re about to carry out some screening for this role. What is a front end developer?

How to Fix Technical Interviewing


Imagine you had to fluently speak and understand numerous different jargons, lexicons, and technical subjects, while also needing to accurately assess other people’s mastery of those skillsets. It’s just technical interviewing! Let’s be clear: this is not the fault of recruiters.

Sourcing Hacks 101: How to find your next engineer on GitHub (and discover hidden email addresses)


No matter the industry you work in, if you’re recruiting for technical roles, you know competition is as tough as it gets. Like any specialist role, it also requires you to get creative and think outside the box by sourcing in places you may not normally look. Happy Sourcing!

How To Hire a Programmer (Even If You Don’t Know Coding)


He or she will be able to tell you which language(s) and skills you should be looking for during the recruitment process. An expert will also be helpful when you want to conduct a more technical interview. Do they contribute to open source? ” JohnPaul Bennett adds: “They will often program all day at work and contribute to the open source at night, for free! This makes open source programmers passionate about their craft.