2018: The Evolution of HR

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The buzz about Artificial Intelligence has been ramping up over the last few years, but in 2018 we’ll really see AI take center stage. During 2018, many HR teams are going to be seeing quite a change in both their sizing and their required skills. The way businesses operate has changed drastically in a very short amount of time, and many of us believe the rate and impact of these changes are only picking up steam.

Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Blogs of 2018

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In 2018, we created a ton of Recruitment Marketing content. Humanizing the candidate experience was a major theme we observed in 2018, and this blog comes with a checklist that helps you identify if your organization is on track to provide this ideal experience to candidates. In 2018, Michelle Hart and Mary Weather’s team at Dignity Health started hosting their virtual career fairs for healthcare practitioners on Facebook – and have seen some amazing results!


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Recruiters: Pay Attention to 2018’s Hottest Job Trends


The technology industry’s 2018 job market could be significantly different from previous years, according to David Foote, chief analyst of Foote Partners LLC. 2018 will be a foundational year,” Foote explained. These jobs should expect rising or stable demand (and higher pay) in 2018. Foote foresees even stronger demand in 2018 as companies wrestle with new threats, governance and risk-management issues, as well as strategies for securing an IoT infrastructure.

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Jump on Board with These 4 Recruiting Trends in 2018


The competition for great talent is higher than ever, and 2018 will prove to be yet another challenging year for talent acquisition professionals. Sixty one percent of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017, and 42 percent of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need.

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report

RallyFwd™ Virtual Conference is coming Dec. 5, 2018 – Register Today!

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We’re super excited to announce that our RallyFwd Virtual Conference is back on December 5, 2018 with an all-new speaker line-up. The theme: Small Effort, Big Impact Strategies for 2019

2018’S Most Recruited Roles According To LinkedIn

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By analysing the users who received the most in-mails from recruiters, LinkedIn has identified the most sought-after candidates and roles in 2018. LinkedIn’s report has revealed that the top roles in HR for 2018 have been the roles of technical recruiters, recruiting coordinators, and HR business partners. In 2018, it was the role of DevOps Engineer which was most frequently sought, with Front-End Engineers following in second. It’s that time of the year!

The Top 10 Places to Find Startup Talent in 2018


We’re already three months into 2018, and it’s past time to find the best talent in your industry. This is a guest post by Tanya Bourque, CoFounder & COO of Untappt.io , which empowers startups to hire the best talent with confidence. In order for your business to grow and thrive, you need to know where to find individuals who will go the extra mile for your business. That said, things might have changed since the last time you needed to seek staff members.

Top HR & Recruiting Resources to Use in 2018

ClearCompany Recruiting

While everyone is setting their 2018 goals, now is also a great time to refresh yourself on key learnings from 2017. Recommended For 2018: With performance review questions being our most sought after article on the blog, we recommend conducting a quick audit of your performance review process to make sure these top questions, or variations of these questions are included in your structure. Recommended for 2018: If you didn’t focus on diversity in 2017, make 2018 the year you do.

7 Strategies to Boost Tech Recruiting Success in 2018


Tech recruiters are likely to face the same tough hiring conditions in early 2018 that they grappled with all throughout 2017: low national unemployment, even lower unemployment for many in-demand technology roles, and a general lack of skilled tech professionals who are actively looking for work. With 2018 shaping up to be another tough year for tech recruiters, mastering the art of good timing for reaching out to potential hires is paramount.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

See You at SHRM Annual 2018!


The post See You at SHRM Annual 2018! It’s our first year attending the SHRM Annual Conference and we can’t wait! We just got wind that the conference is sold out. Aside from endless networking opportunities, these four days are packed with fantastic learning opportunities for HR professionals. Here are the top 5 things we’re looking forward to learning more about: Data and People Analytics. There’s been a lot of talk lately around being more data-driven.

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My Predictions for 2018


Most of the good predictions are already taken. Monster sells. CareerBuilder sells. Dice fails to sell. Nevertheless, there are some good ones left, thanks to technology and an endless stream new ideas percolating around the globe. LinkedIn Featured

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5 Common Sourcing Mistakes in 2018

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Here in 2018, things move fast. We reach people quickly. It’s the age of instant gratification: you get a ‘like’ of your tweet or a reply to your sourcing email, and it’s an instant win. Scientists tell us our bodies actually produce serotonin in these little moments. Because of this, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals because we feel good and we’re already moving on. These are the top five mistakes in sourcing that I see today.

2018 in Indeed Job Searches

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This week, Indeed have published a report of trends in job searches in 2018, offering a glimpse into social trends worldwide. The post 2018 in Indeed Job Searches appeared first on SocialTalent. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Taking stock and looking back on the past twelve months in the world of recruitment can be a daunting task, so today we’ll focus on job searches.

Make Your Onboarding Inclusive & Engaging

Speaker: Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Engagement practices at Brandon Hall Group

Assimilating new hires into your culture is straightforward when the employees work in a central location. However, what happens when the new hires work remotely, either at a global location or home office, or the employee works on a different schedule? Can an organization engage and train new hires during onboarding, regardless of location and circumstance?

What Effective Performance Management Truly Looks like in 2018

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Take a look at the facts surrounding the evolving #workforce of 2018 and how these changes need to be considered in performance management! One common trend Deloitte has identified in 2018 is the growing power of the individual worker. 54% of employees in a McKinsey survey said [current] performance management has not had a positive effect on employee performance.

Start 2018 off Right with Strategic Workforce Planning


Sixty one percent of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017, while 29 percent expect to maintain their current headcount. The thing is, the resources you need to ramp hiring may vary, based on your organization’s business goals. Strategic workforce planning can help you map those business goals to your headcount plan , so you can get a ten thousand foot view of what lies ahead.

Lever’s Top Recruiting Blog Posts of 2018


As we wrap up 2018 and head into the new year, it’s fun to look back at the past year to see what we’ve accomplished and learned. We’re proud to have accomplished quite a bit this year. We’ve hired some of the most talented professionals on the market, and have been named a Best Place to Work by Fortune. We’ve continued to build out a recruiting platform that helps over 1500 of the world’s most innovative companies source, interview, and hire top talent.

3 Recruitment Marketing Trends From 2018 That Are Here to Stay in 2019?

Rally Recruitment Marketing

These three trends are the clear standouts from 2018 – and they aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon! Before diving into these trends, if you’re interested in hearing more details on each, as well as predictions on which trends will emerge in 2019, you can watch our full On Demand Webinar with The Muse: 2018 Trends, 2019 Predictions in Recruitment Marketing. What did organizations do better when it came to content in 2018?

Be a Brainiac: How Neuroscience Informs Building Trusted Relationships

Speaker: Nabeel Ahmad, Director, KPMG Business School

July 26, 2018 11 AM PDT, 2 PM ET, 7 PM GMTDo we really just use 10% of our brains? Regardless of the answer (it doesn’t matter), we do know how to leverage neuroscience findings to build trusted relationships in the workplace.

Enter the 2018 Careers Page Lookbook Contest


The post Enter the 2018 Careers Page Lookbook Contest appeared first on JazzHR Notes. Is your careers page lookbook worthy? We’re challenging our customers to a competition! For your chance to be featured in our Annual Careers Page Lookbook, just submit your personalized careers page to us ; our team then votes on the winning careers page. Only the best of the best get selected, so here are three tips to guide you to the top of the list. Make it Personal.

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Key Takeaways from HRTechTank, Singapore 2018


HR technology HRTech World HR Industry trends HR events 2018 HR tech tank 2018 HR Tech Singapore

Rally Round-up: Our Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Blogs of 2018!

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In 2018, we created a ton of Recruitment Marketing content. Humanizing the candidate experience was a major theme we observed in 2018, and this blog comes with a checklist that helps you identify if your organization is on track to provide this ideal experience to candidates. In 2018, Michelle Hart and Mary Weather’s team at Dignity Health started hosting their virtual career fairs for healthcare practitioners on Facebook – and have seen some amazing results!

Recruiters: Focus on Tech Pros’ Biggest 2018 Challenges


Fortunately for recruiters, many developers are also feeling a little antsy in their current positions, with 27 percent telling DigitalOcean they’ll look for a new job in 2018; another 27 percent are “considering” doing so. The post Recruiters: Focus on Tech Pros’ Biggest 2018 Challenges appeared first on Dice Insights. Recruiters and hiring managers know they face a recruiting challenge this year.

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Attracting & Retaining the Next Generation of Superstar Talent

Speaker: Ryan Turnbull, VP, Wellness Practices Leader at Tolman & Wiker, & Bryce Eddy, SVP Employee Benefits at Tolman & Wiker

July 17, 2018 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMTEver wonder how companies differentiate themselves to attract and retain superstar talent?

Talemetry Congratulates 2018 North American Candidate Experience Award Winners


And this week in Orlando, we celebrated 65 companies in North America , ranging in size and industry, at the 2018 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Gala , where Talemetry was a Gold Sponsor of the event. What does an outstanding candidate experience look like?

2018: Year of the #BossBitch

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Because even now, in 2018, far past the time Marty McFly thought we would have flying cars and accurate weather forecasts, and certainly far past the time my 9-year-old self naively believed ‘Girl Power’ was known and embraced everywhere; even now women face the same dumb, frustrating inequalities that we did in the ‘90s, and the ‘80s, and all the way back to the beginning of time. 2018 is, in my humble opinion, to be the year of the #BossBitch.

The “Must Attend” Recruiting Conferences of 2018


The 2018 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition is meant for recruitment and talent management professionals. The post The “Must Attend” Recruiting Conferences of 2018 appeared first on Dice Insights. Conferences are a fantastic way to get up to speed on the latest in talent acquisition, hear inspiring keynotes from thought leaders, and rub elbows with other recruiters and sourcers.

Bye Bye Bye, 2018

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2018 was a year of change for many. The post Bye Bye Bye, 2018 appeared first on Rice Consulting. It’s Friday the 21st of December, a date marked in many calendars and eagerly awaited as the end of the working year. We are here, everyone! Pat yourselves on the back – we made it. Here at Rice, and in the world of NZ recruitment we certainly saw some big, exciting stuff – unemployment at an all-time low, business booming despite (fake news?)

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The Digital Workplace: How HR Can Lead the Way

Speaker: Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing, PeopleDoc

March 1, 2018 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMTAs our lives become increasingly digital, the organizations that will succeed are the ones that provide employees with a work environment that best supports their needs and expectations.

#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 2 Recap

ERE SourceCon

SourceCon and the Social Engineers. Day 2 started off with happy and smiling attendees heading into breakfast to start their day while being accompanied by the sounds of guitarist Mark Lucarelli. With stomachs full and minds ready, we head into our keynotes with Shannon introducing renowned Jessica Clark. She showed off her social engineering skills by taking over a person’s cell phone account with just a YouTube video of a baby crying and a phone call.

Indeed’s top 2018 workplaces for culture

Recruiting Daily

Blog Posts Featured News 2018 year-end charts company culture creating culture culture hiring indeed Keller Williams lists Recruiting SourcingJust released, and we won’t make you wait: Keller Williams also topped Indeed’s work-life balance rankings back in April, so that’s a nice double win. In reviews, one employee mentioned many things they liked about the job, including, “supportive team environment. Great management. Operated with honesty, integrity and friendliness.”

#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 1 Recap

ERE SourceCon

Check-In, Workshops, Hackers, and Kickoff Party Go-Lives


#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 3 Recap

ERE SourceCon

Gold, Diamonds, Respect and a New Grandmaster! Day Three kicked off quickly with Aaron Lintz, and his keynote on how to hack conference lists (please don’t hack ours, lol) by using skills curated fromn the worlds of marketing, business intelligence and programming. Aaron showed how to mine this data for hyper-targeted, and fresh lists and creating exclusive data that is useful and tangible

Transforming Roles into Careers with Growth Opportunities

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sniderman, President of The Entrepreneurial Edge, Inc. and HRFocus USA.

October 18, 2018 12.30 Roles turn into careers when people can proactively seize moments to celebrate, learn, and improve. But training people to be proactive means building a workplace and culture where they believe that you have their best interests at heart. How do you establish that?

3 Essential Metrics to Focus On in Your 2018 Headcount Planning


If you haven’t yet locked in all your 2018 hiring goals, it’s not too late. We’re only at Day 2 of 365. Still, the earlier you get serious about headcount planning with your hiring manager, the smarter you'll hire

Hiring 150

My Birding Goals for 2018

Newton Software

But 2018 is a whole new year and calls for all new goals. Will I be able to meet all of my goals for 2018? Do you have birding goals for 2018? Birding 2018 listingI had an amazing birding year in 2017 with tons of travel , lots of amazing birds , and some truly memorable experiences. My year list hasn’t even been started but when it does it will be as unattractive as the fledgling Yellow Warbler up above.

Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System in 2018: 5 Questions to Ask

ClearCompany Recruiting

Ask these 5 questions when searching for a new ATS in 2018. It can be intimidating to select a new software system for your company. Not only does it have to do everything you need it to do, but it also needs to be simple enough for your team to learn, a large enough value for your CFO to approve and implemented in enough time to be useful.

SocialTalent’s Top 5 Webinars – 2018

Social Talent

As we drift towards the end of 2018, what better time to take a look back at SocialTalent’s Top 5 Webinars! Let’s take a look at what engaged our audience most in 2018. The post SocialTalent’s Top 5 Webinars – 2018 appeared first on SocialTalent. This year we welcomed some big names to our webinar series, with each individual sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you become a better hiring professional.

People, HR & Analytics

Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

April 10, 2018 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMTHR analytics empower organizations to use employee data to make better working decisions and improve performance in areas such as attracting top talent, accurately forecasting future staffing needs, and improving employee satisfaction.