Check Out These Vintage Staffing Photos

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I’m a sucker for old photography. I don’t mind admitting I have a pretty impressive tintype collection at home. I started looking through old pictures of staffing offices, ads, and signs and found a lot more than I thought I would.

Recruitment is NOT Talent Acquisition


In our Lexicon , we define Talent acquisition as “a strategic approach to identifying, attracting and onboarding top talent to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business needs.” ” The term Talent Acquisition (TA) is often used synonymously with Recruiting. However, these are two very different things. Recruiting is a subset of TA, and includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring.

5 Great Recruitment Videos on YouTube and Why They Work


If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video. YouTube is currently the third most popular website in the world with over 800 million unique users visiting each month which makes it the perfect place to find a new audience.

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Rails Testing — Factory Girl

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Today we''re going to talk about how to augment Rails testing with Thoughtbot''s fantastic Factory Girl

The Ultimate Hiring Toolkit

Hiring is hard enough. Without the right HR templates and tools, keeping track of and managing the whole process can get out of hand quickly. Get the essential toolkit for all your recruiting and hiring needs, from job requisition to hire. 8 templates, tools and worksheets for every stage of recruiting.

The Question Is Not Whether You Can Do The Job, It’s Whether I Want To Have A Beer With You

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“The question is not ‘can they do this job?’ ’ The real decision is, ‘Do I want to have beer with this person?’”

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The Temp That Changed My Life

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I love getting stories like this in my inbox. The woman who sent this to me felt like it was too cheesy for her style — so she asked me to keep it anonymous. I can tell you, however, she means every word of it. = = = = =.

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How Do Staffing Companies Pay Outside Sales People?

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How do most staffing companies pay outside sales people? Is it base plus commission, commission only, base only, and is mileage always reimbursed?

The Best Bad Employee: Hilarious Stories from a Cynical Office Worker

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We all have moments where we’re so frustrated with work life – coworker annoyances, bothersome bosses, stupid bureaucracy, daunting deadlines, etc. that you just need a pick-me-up.

Do You Play These 8 Mind Games With Your Job Candidates?

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When it comes to recruiting and hiring people do you find the process a bit of a lottery? Do you feel like it is difficult, if not nearly impossible, to tell in advance whether a candidate is going to turn into a high performer?

Why Former Athletes Make Perfect Recruiters

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It takes commitment, perseverance, and resilience. It takes a willingness to work alone, honing their craft, while friends socialize, play video games, post on Facebook, and contemplate the lint between their toes as they put on a clean pair of socks and prepare to go out for the night.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are rapidly changing the way many recruit and hire talent. Read Dice's first-ever Recruitment Automation Report to discover how you can employ new, cutting-edge technologies to source and hire tech talent faster.

Staffing Companies Aren’t Just Businesses, They Are Life Changers

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For a couple weeks we have been running reader-submitted real-life staffing stories. We’ve been calling them “True Staffing Stories.” ” The first two were positive, but the third one highlighted what happens when you aren’t cut out for staffing.

Jon Stewart Blasts Business Owners For Obamacare-Related Layoffs

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On The Daily Show Tuesday night, Jon Stewart said he hopes “we can have some healing now” that we are a week past the election. He also blasted business owners who say they are going to make staffing changes because of Obamacare.

8 Useful Recruitment Infographics


Want to learn more about recruitment? Infographics provide a huge amount of data presented in a visually appealing way. Here are eight of the most informative infographics on recruiting covering the current state of recruiting, social recruiting, specific company’s recruiting processes, and more!

Using Personality Testing in the Hiring Process

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A few days ago, I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble in downtown Chicago killing time before I had to get on a flight out of O’Hare and I came across a great book called “Have a Nice Conflict” by Tim Scudder, Michael Patterson and Kent Mitchell.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

The talent acquisition challenges of today are unparalleled: 90% of survey respondents feel that the current hiring market is more challenging now than in the past! Recruiting as we’ve known it is evolving - how are you keeping ahead of the competition?

Staffing Is The Hardest Job I Have Ever Had

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This is the hardest job i have had in my life and i am so sick of disappointing people and having them tell me anyone can do my job. I recently posted a piece asking a not so rhetorical question about whether recruiters have an image problem. You can read that here.

What Agate Hunting And Recruiting Have In Common

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I love soccer, playing poker, reading books of all types and creative writing. I also have a new hobby I am pretty excited about: agate hunting. I’ve discovered the joy of the outdoors and the excitement of each new find.

Staffing Firms Post Fake Jobs To Lure People In?

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I was on a national job board site recently and read a statement from a job seeker complaining about this one particular large staffing company with offices in 24 states around the U.S. And then a bunch of other people chimed in from other parts of the country with similar sentiments.

Our Salaries Aren’t Huge, Yet We Retain Talent: Here’s Our Secret

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A year ago I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps by working for his staffing company. I’ve since been doing a lot of training on recruiting, social media, networking, skill marketing, and lead hunting by attending seminars, participating in webinars, and writing recruiting blogs.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. Our eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

Aerial View of Bubba Watson’s Winning Master’s Shot

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Beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. I got my nine holes in. Didn’t hit any shots like this though. Three-putted from seven feet in fact.


Five Things To Do At Your Next Networking Event

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Recently I have been attending lots of networking events, and making lots of small talk in the process. These things tend to be cyclical for me, as I may go to a bunch in one month and none the next.

ATS 83

Three Myths About Workplace Flexibility That Just Aren’t True

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There is a common misconception among business leaders that “workplace flexibility” is just a concessionary benefit for employees that comes at a cost to employers. But like many things, it is fear of the unknown that propagates perception.

Steve Wynn on Jobs and President Obama

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With Staffing World going on in Las Vegas this week, what better time than now to get the take on jobs and employee relations from the guy arguably most responsible for the city’s success over the last 25 years.

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

What “Hunger Games” Can Teach Us

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It has come to my attention via one of my teenage daughters that there is a significant percentage of people out there who labor under the mistaken impression that Hunger Games is a Young Adult trilogy-cum-blockbuster by Suzanne Collins that stars among others Jennifer Lawrence and Stanley Tucci.

5 Questions to Determine Which Social Networks Are Best for Small Business


One of the biggest challenges for any small business is time. Between finding new employees , motivating them , building a winning team , and increasing productivity , there really aren’t too many moments to waste.

Authenticity Is Where It’s At In Job Interviews

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Authenticity. The degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. As in a job interview. On both sides of the table. I was recently invited to speak to 200 recruiting and HR pros at the Minnesota Recruiters Conference on the campus of Best Buy.

Boss Fires Assistant for Being Too “Irresistible”

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We’ve always known this tried-and-true adage, but now it’s finally legal precedent thanks to the Iowa Supreme Court: Employers are not responsible for their sexual desires, the hot employees who coax them are.


Live Webinar: Our Gift to You – 12 Tips, Tools and Tricks for Recruiting in 2019

With the New Year right around the corner, make the resolution to get your recruiting processes dialed in. Attract top talent by providing a cohesive and enticing experience that get candidates in the door and excited about your company. Join Alissa Bencks, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Wonderlic and leading Recruiter Rick Powell in a joint webinar to learn how you can drive more candidates to each opening, 'sell' your company to top candidates, and create a positive brand image with your recruiting efforts this holiday season with 12 tips for a more impactful hiring process.

25 Best Towns For Jobs

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After our “ where to put your next branch office ” post attracted lots of readers this week, including at least one from Mongolia as we found out in the comments, we thought we would follow with the 25 best cities in the U.S. when it comes to jobs.

Shakespeare Does the Three Little Pigs

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Ever wondered what "The Three Little Pigs" would sound like if it had been written with a more classic, robust command of the English language? John Branyan shows you in this very funny stand-up bit.


Carol Never Wore Her Safety Goggles …

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This is a real safety disclaimer poster made by Flinn Scientific and distributed to science teachers across the nation. Now it’s been made fun of so many times that you’ll probably never see anything this ridiculous displayed by your customers.

The Stupid Question Interview

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Everyone has a classic “bad interview” story. And you staffing industry folks could probably write books full of ’em.) And while those are always good for a laugh (or cry), I tend to like one very specific kind of bad interview story: The Stupid Question Story.

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

Leveraging third-party recruiters has been the golden ticket for many when filling critical roles. Whether seasoned at utilizing third-party search or new to it, this report breaks down how best to use this secret weapon to ensure the best ROI.