How to Nail Group Interviews Every Time


When it comes to finding the right person for a new role in your business, group interviews can be a valuable tool in your recruitment process. Group or panel interviews come with a range of benefits, including saving you precious time and helping you gain deeper insight into a candidate’s suitability for the job. Done right, group interviews can produce fantastic results. After all, any good candidate will also be interviewing you.

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The Best Guide for Conducting Group Interviews


Welcome to the best guide for conducting group interviews ! In this guide, you will discover the best practice tips for conducting a winning group job interview. Group interviews are a fast and affordable way to test multiple candidates and select the ones with the best communication, stress management and teamwork skills. Interviews


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Expedia Group

Stories Incorporated

rebranded to Expedia Group, Inc. They wanted to communicate specific elements of their culture—especially through the Expedia Group kununu page—to attract the right candidates. interviewed Expedia team members to uncover stories that accurately depicted the employee experience. We interviewed five Expedia Group team members in their Seattle headquarters. Expedia Group – Culture. Women at Expedia Group – Technology.

How to Use Group Interviews to Determine Culture Fit

Glassdoor for Employers

Talent Acquisition Company Culture Culture Fit Group Interview Interview Strategies Interviewing RecruitingTravel insurance comparison website Squaremouth makes a bold claim on what they look for in new employees. “A A culture fit is just.

Strata Information Group Recruits Better Candidates Faster with ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Strata Information Group is the top provider of higher education consulting services. How did @ClearCompany make it easier for Strata Information Group to hire better and faster? They were having trouble keeping up with their recruitment process and getting through their interviewing at the pace they needed. ClearCompany's industry-leading interview scheduling tools made screening and evaluating new applicants easier, faster, and better organized.

Head2Head: How NOT to Handle a Group Interview

Undercover Recruiter

Group interviews exist not only to test your personal skills and competencies, but to examine your demeanour in a team setting. Head2Head: How NOT to Handle a Group Interview. Interview Tips group interviewWe know there’s no ‘i’ in team; a selfish person who is great at their job will be more hindrance than help for a business in the long run. HR and other business leaders are placing. View Article.

10 LinkedIn Groups Every Recruiter Should Join

Social Talent

However, one of the features not used enough by recruiters are LinkedIn Groups! Not only can LinkedIn Groups provide large pools of talent, they also provide a place for professionals in the same industry (like recruiters!) There are thousands of LinkedIn Groups dedicated to HR and recruitment so we decided to research the best ones and list our top 10. UK Recruiter Group. Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group).

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5 Pros & Cons of Group Interview - Complete Interview Guide


Here are 5 pros and cons of conducting a group interview. iSmartRecruit allows you to schedule and manage the candidate interview within the system. Business

How To Reduce Bias In Group Interviews And Consensus Hiring


When your hiring team's always in a deadlock, it may mean it's time to reevaluate your group interviews or consensus hiring process. The post How To Reduce Bias In Group Interviews And Consensus Hiring appeared first on. Interview Planning Recruiting Tips Consensus Hiring Groups Interviews recruiting tips

Q&A with Paul Lawrenson of Expedia Group


In the run-up to the Christmas period, we are publishing the full transcripts from our interviews with finalists from the In-house Recruitment Manager (Individual) category at the In-house Recruitment Awards 2020.

Group Interviewing: Efficient Solution or Ineffective Evaluation?


When there are many candidates and a large hiring team, employers may opt to use group or panel interviews for efficiency’s sake. At a high level, group job interviews can involve multiple interviewers and/or multiple candidates. For the purpose of this story, we’re going to focus on group interviews from the employer’s perspective, i.e. multiple hiring company employees interviewing a candidate or candidates in a panel job interview setting.

9 Nifty Nuggets for Nailing a Group Interview

Undercover Recruiter

It pains me to say it, but group interviews make sense. Watching applicants operate in a group setting also offers them a great insight. 9 Nifty Nuggets for Nailing a Group Interview. Interview Tips application Candidate tips Group Interviews InterviewWhen HR resources are tight, businesses can swap the good old one-to-one method for an all-in-one approach instead.

Group Interview Tips: Best Questions To Spot Top Talent


A group interview is the next logical step after sorting through a sea of resumes to find a stellar candidate. A group interview is your chance to meet with multiple candidates at once and see how they interact with you, your team and each other. At the end of the day you’re likely looking to hire just one person, so how do you decide who to move forward with from the group interview? Here are our tips: Get Your Group Interview Off On The Right Foot.

The Importance of Employee Resource Groups for Women

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Employee resource groups (ERGs), which provide a safe space for people facing similar challenges to support one another within a company, are very valuable for any diversity and inclusion effort. Today’s article will focus on ERGs for women, with a look at a specific group. Hurwitz defines this group as “an internal and external approach to providing guidance, support, and a safe space to speak, share, learn, and offload.”.

Glenn Gutmacher Interview


I had the opportunity to interview Glenn Gutmacher he currently works at State Street as a Talent Sourcing Manager. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for a while now! The post Glenn Gutmacher Interview appeared first on WizardSourcer. Interview

10+ Slack Groups Every CEO, Founder, and HR Professional Must Join


Slack Communities are like Facebook Groups. Slack groups are the best place to find connections within your industry. Slack groups are very engaging. Compared to other social media groups, there’s a community spirit on Slack. Slack also allows you to comment on files — making collaboration a step easier than other groups. If you are using Facebook, direct messaging a member pulls you out of the group — creating yet another distraction.

A List of Minority Groups [by %]


Many companies are focusing on minority groups as a part of their diversity initiatives. In this article, we created a list of minority groups and included their % of the U.S. How do you define minority group? Some consider minority vs underrepresented group to be the same.

4 Keys to Successfully Interviewing for Culture


What many interviewers—whether they’re recruiters or hiring managers—don’t consider is that once a culture is established, they have to hire the right people to maintain and improve it. If you’re involved in HR, make sure hiring managers and other interviewers have a consistent view of what your company is all about. That means candidates must see your culture at work at every step of the interview process. What’s the difference between a group interview and a meeting?

[Part One] Keeping the Interview on Track


A bad interview can feel like a bad dance. Bad interviewing can cost you more than just a little embarrassment, too. The interview is usually your last chance to get the decision right. So before you head to the dance floor, you may want to evaluate your interview process to ensure you can keep things on track and in sync. Preparing for the Interview. Don’t speed through sourcing, screening, and interview to hire as soon as possible.

How Video Interviewing Helped METER Group’s Hiring Efficiency

Spark Hire

The challenges that we had prior to Spark Hire were largely due to interviews taking so much of hiring managers’ time. And just kind of the frustration that comes along with that, decreased productivity, morale, and happiness around interviews. Spark Hire helped us overcome those challenges by giving our hiring managers a group of video interviews to review on their own time, so it freed up their schedule.

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Stop Doing Group Interviews. Please. I Beg You.

Staffing Talk

I can’t remember hardly anything about the interviews I’ve had for jobs I’ve landed. Yet I can recall with great detail the circumstances of every awful interview I’ve ever had. But the “good” interviews? I was up for a school district administration job, and I was told I was one of 16 people they would be interviewing for it. A panel of four school bigwigs interviewed four people at a time in four different waves. (I

Better Assess Your Workforce Using Group DNA


Losing parts of your team, rearranging responsibilities, or adding more members to your group can all impact the outcomes, and being able to effectively measure and assess your workforce enables you to understand and guide your team to reach their full potential.

The Best Facebook Groups For Recruiters


In fact, LinkedIn groups are mostly dead these days while Facebook groups are thriving. Here are 4 Facebook groups you need to be in if you’re in recruiting. Members must be involved in Recruiting, Sourcing, Interviewing, Hiring, HR, Recruitment Marketing, Recruiting Social Media, Career Consulting or work for a company that does this stuff. The Secret Sourcing Group. Group DNA – product makers, sellers, marketers, and analysts.

Jobvite Honored by G2 and Brandon Hall Group


In addition, we’ve won two coveted Technology Excellence Awards in the Brandon Hall Group’s annual Fall Technology program for 2020. Video Interviewing . Mid-Market Video Interviewing . Recognition from Brandon Hall Group .

How Price Consulting Group Creates a Flexible Interview Experience with Video Interviews

Spark Hire

Juggling these professional “hats” means she needs lots of flexibility with interviewing. Asynchronous video interviews afford her more flexibility than in-person interviews and phone screens. She describes more about her Spark Hire experience in her video testimonial: I’m Doctor Kella Price, with Price Consulting Group. Spark Hire makes it really easy for the candidates to do the interview process at their own time and on their own schedule.

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Interview with Advisor Group: How to tackle a career site project

Nas Recruitment

In the past year, Advisor Group has made significant updates to their career site. We recently spoke with Leigh McCluskey, Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Advisor Group, to learn about the important elements of an effective career site for one of the nation’s largest networks of independent wealth management firms. When you began thinking about updating your career site, what were the goals you set for yourself and Advisor Group?

The Adecco Group’s Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn

Undercover Recruiter

Next up as part of our interview series with some of LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies are the largest staffing firm in the world, The Adecco Group. The Adecco Group’s Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn. Employer Recruiting adecco group content marketing LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency Social Recruiting

Different types of interviews for technical recruitment


As a professional technical recruiter, there are many different types of interviews for you to consider. This article will explain a number of different types of interviews and point out their various advantages and disadvantages. Types of interviews you can use for technical recruitment. Read on to find out more about, Case interviews. Coding interviews. Competency-based or behavioral interviews. Final interviews. Panel interviews.

Interview with Advisor Group: How to keep a career site fresh

Nas Recruitment

In part one of our interview, we discussed career site goals with Leigh McCluskey, Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Advisor Group. In part two, Leigh takes us through Phase 2 of their career site implementation, which involved content for University, Diversity & Inclusion and Community Service sections, as well as photo shoots, analytics and future goals for the site. As part of Phase 2, we added a University section. Tell us about those efforts.

Pros and Cons of Group Interviews

Recruiting Blogs

When should you use a group interview? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of conducting group interviews! Group interviews: A totally different interviewing experience. A group interview is a job interview with multiple candidates being interviewed at the same time. Although group interviews are more demanding for interviewers and candidates, they have several important advantages.

5 Interview Formats To Use When Hiring

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

For most companies, interview formats look a bit different than they did a year ago. Even as many businesses resume in-person operations, we anticipate that we’ll be seeing more companies embrace alternative types of job interviews in the years to come. Hiring Interviewing

[Part One] Keeping the Interview on Track


A bad interview can feel like a bad dance. Bad interviewing can cost you more than just a little embarrassment, too. The interview is usually your last chance to get the decision right. So before you head to the dance floor, you may want to evaluate your interview process to ensure you can keep things on track and in sync. Preparing for the Interview. Don’t speed through sourcing, screening, and interview to hire as soon as possible.

Not Getting Interviews?

Key Resource Group

Before you put full blame on a company for not bringing you in for an interview, make sure you’ve covered all of your bases in the process. Here is where job candidates fall flat in the initial interview stages: Applying to every opening the company or staffing agency has available. The post Not Getting Interviews? appeared first on Key Resource Group, LLC.

How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions


So you’ve made it past the resume bots and screening stages to land an in-person interview. To help you nail your interview, we’ve put together a short list of the most common interview questions and how to answer them so you’re prepared for the big day. In this situation, the interviewer wants to make sure you’ve given the opportunity some thought. ” Do you have any tips for answering other common interview questions?

“You Hire People for a Living, I’m Sure Interviewing is Easy For You!”

Fistful of Talent

The Anxiety-Inducing Meta Experience of Interviewing as an HR Person. When you interview for a job as an HR person, I imagine it’s how it would feel if you were a doctor about to undergo surgery. Remember, it’s not necessarily what you say, but how you make the interviewer feel.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, October 10-16,2020

Brandon Hall

Brandon Halls Group’s Member Center expanded this week with a variety of relevant and cogent case studies, solution provider profiles, podcasts, eBooks and more. Highlights Executive Interview: EY (Reimagining the Return to Work) We discuss COVID-19’s impact, the need to return to work and more with Glenn Scott, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Performance Improvement at EY. Brandon Hall Group Publishes 2020 Award-Winning Case Studies. Landmark Group (UAE).

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, April 20-26, 2020

Brandon Hall

As companies prepare for the relaxation of social distancing edicts, Brandon Hall Group offered a webinar on converting crisis management to leading-edge people management plus a podcast on how to build a great workplace culture. All people practices will be front-and-center as organizations adjust to whatever the new normal will be, so Brandon Hall Group also provided resources on onboarding in a digital environment, recognition and talent mobility.

7 Interview Mistakes Every Employer Makes

Social Talent

In fact, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Study , 95% of organisations of all sizes admit to making bad hires every year. Another noteworthy finding from the Brandon Hall study is that 69% of the companies surveyed identified the interview process as having the greatest impact on the quality of the hire. This means employers need to optimise their interview process so that they can not only improve productivity and performance but save costs as well.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights 11/13/20

Brandon Hall

This incisive research note, based on frank interviews with an HR leader for a medical technologies producer, focuses on diverse talent and leadership pipeline built through a strict adherence to meritocracy. Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Extended Enterprise Learning Study found that more than half of organizations deliver learning to external, nonemployee groups. Brandon Hall Group Publishes 2020 Award-Winning Case Studies. Become a Brandon Hall Group member!

Will Sims: Interview Spotlight


I have the opportunity to interview Will Sims a Talent Acquisition Manager from Plural Strategy. He runs a very active group on Facebook called: UnRecruitment (Recruitment Hacks, Productivity, Automation). Overall, I’ve been really impressed by what Will has been sharing on sourcing in recent months and I was excited that he was open to getting interviewed for my blog. The post Will Sims: Interview Spotlight appeared first on WizardSourcer.