10 Highly Effective Strategies for Employee Retention

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What is Employee Retention? Employee retention refers to a strategic set of actions taken by an organization to keep its employees motivated and engaged, the ultimate goal is to keep them on the job and focussed. Impacts Retention Has On Organizations.

Top 4 Ways to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate

Professional Alternatives

Employee retention simply refers to how many employees actually stay under your employment. If you employ a hundred people and five of them leave, this means that your turnover rate is 5% which is 5/100 while your retention rate is 95% which is 95/100.


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Staffing Agency Onboarding Best Practices to Increase Loyalty and Retention in 2021


Staffing Is a People-Driven Business.”. If you’ve worked in the staffing industry for any amount of time, you’ve certainly heard this adage. For staffing agencies, given the sheer volume of candidates with whom we work, the pain of losing a solid worker can feel even more acute.

2021 Nurse Staffing Trends: Recruitment and retention top concerns for healthcare execs

The Staffing Stream

Hospital leaders across the US have been scrambling to have enough staff and ICU beds available to handle the influx of patients amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to findings of Avant Healthcare Professionals ’ 2021 Trends in Nurse Staffing Study.

People, HR & Analytics

Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

HR analytics empower organizations to use employee data to make better working decisions and improve performance in areas such as attracting top talent, accurately forecasting future staffing needs, and improving employee satisfaction.

Motivation, Retention, and Employee Engagement – Similar but Not the Same?

Employment Technologies

Due to continuing safety concerns, the industry talk is now about distributed staffing models and best practices for remote hiring. Even with these changes, agent retention remains a priority. Retention is often mentioned along with motivation and employee engagement. RETENTION.

Post-Pandemic Labor Market Predictions for Staffing Firms


New numbers published by Staffing Industry Analysts show staffing revenues have increased by over 10% year over year. But a n even bigger challenge looms for staffing hourly workers across Clerical, Light Industrial, Construction, and Business Services.

Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking: Retention


After all, if candidates weren’t interested in leaving their job, recruiting and staffing would be a dead industry. In this series of blogs, we’re examining several metrics that every recruiting and staffing firm should be analyzing to drive success. The previous blog focused on your firm’s offer acceptance rate ; this time, we’ll focus on measuring and analyzing retention. Measuring Retention Rates. The Importance of Retention Rates.

Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Imagine having to turn new clients away due to employee turnover and staffing shortages. Retention, what’s the big deal? Employee retention will continue to be a top priority for business owners as they compete to gain and retain top talent.

Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI) Realizes Major Improvements in Hiring & Retention with Career.Place


INCREASED RETENTION. Before career.place, Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI) suffered from an all-too common retention challenge. We went from needing to hire 20 people a month to just keep our call center staffed down to just 5. And retention is just the tip of the iceberg.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

staffing levels. retention and talent development. to address the root causes of retention problems. practices and strengthen retention rates. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter.

6 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Help Crush Their Client’s KPIs


Successful staffing agencies provide a variety of services that help their clients reach company goals. Throughout my years in staffing and recruiting, I’ve discovered that a successful company needs to have an aligned goal.

The Winning Formula for Contract Employee Retention


A staffing company finds the perfect candidate, negotiates the terms and ultimately places the candidate, only to have that same contract employee leave for another opportunity a few weeks later. Contingent Workforce Employee RetentionHow many times have you seen it? But, what if I told you that this all too familiar scenario could easily be avoided?

Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking: Retention


Employee retention and why it matters to agency recruiters. After all, if candidates weren’t interested in leaving their job, recruiting and staffing would be a dead industry. In this series of blogs, we’re examining several metrics that every recruiting and staffing firm should be analyzing to drive success. The previous blog focused on your firm’s offer acceptance rate ; this time, we’ll focus on measuring and analyzing retention. Measuring Retention Rates.

Accelerated Staffing Recovery Solutions

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While this strategy must be tailored to each specific organization and location, there are four common, key areas to focus on to accelerate post Covid-19 recovery: revenue enhancement, operations and workforce flexibility, cost containment, and talent acquisition and retention.

ASA Staffing Law 2021 Recap


American Staffing Association Staffing Law Conference Overview. The biggest difference in structure from 2020’s Staffing Law conference to 2021 is the attendee & exhibitor interaction between the main sessions. 2021 Staffing Law Compliance Topics.

Avionté Releases CHANGE, a Paycard Designed for the Staffing Industry


Avionté announces the launch of CHANGE, a paycard that benefits both the employee and the staffing firm’s bottom line. With CHANGE, staffing firms can create stronger relationships and increase retention with their employees and the clients they serve.

The Onboarding KPIs That Every Staffing Firm Should Be Tracking

The Staffing Stream

Here, I discuss what data staffing firms should be tracking as part of their onboarding efforts. At the very end of the funnel you move into redeployment/retention. Direct sourcing Gig economy Leadership Staffing Talent Management and Recruiting Tips

50% of Employers List Retention as Top Business Priority


That’s the question both staffing firms and staffing firm clients were asked in CareerBuilder’s latest Pulse of Recruitment survey. What’s interesting is that while staffing firms would ideally like to balance their time among hiring, retention, using data and implementing new technology, employers chose retention as their top priority. Green – top staffing priorities; Blue – top client priorities.

5 Decades of Staffing Delight - 2000s

Sparks Group Recruiting Blog

Since 1970, we’ve analyzed shifting employment trends to identify the best way to solve talent acquisition and retention challenges.

Nurse Retention Tactics You Need to Know for 2019

Harger Howe Recruitment

Is your hospital or health care system struggling with nurse retention? According to the most recent National Healthcare Retention and Registered Nurse (RN) Staffing report, the last recorded nurse turnover rate reached 16.8%, which was a two percent increase over the year prior. nurse recruitment retention employee retentionIf so, you aren’t alone.

How to start a staffing agency


Starting a staffing agency, especially if managed properly, can scale exponentially and be profitable in the long run. In fact, “staffing is a $174B industry – and one of the fastest-growing industries in B2B services. There are over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S.,

Automated Business Designs and Sense Bring AI and Automation to the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Automated Business Designs

Developers of the staffing and recruiting software solution, Ultra- Staff EDGE, partner with Sense to help staffing companies transform the talent experience, increase engagement, and grow business.

4 Employee Retention Factors That Will Prevent Your Best Employees From Quitting.


Employee retention is one of those components that result in a business thriving or diving, and can be very stressful for anyone looking to keep employees on board. With this in mind, what are the key factors that drive employee retention? The post 4 Employee Retention Factors That Will Prevent Your Best Employees From Quitting. Best Practices Industry Trends Staffing & Recruiting employees hiring retention

How to Reduce Turnover with These Employee Retention Strategies

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Recruiting & Staffing Workplace CultureEmployee turnover can be an enormous hidden expense — a report from the Center for American Progress found that turnover can actually cost organizations anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary.

5 Decades of Staffing Delight 1980s

Sparks Group Recruiting Blog

Our hands-on staffing solutions include paying close attention to market trends and employment shifts, as well as developing talent acquisition strategies that recruit niche talent quickly, so employers can achieve their business objectives. Expanding Staffing Service Areas.

Americans Left Out with Lack of Leave

Recruiting Daily

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Beekeeper – Digital Transformation and the Re-Emergence of the Frontline Workforce with Cristian Grossmann

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The Tech-Driven, Collaborative Future of Healthcare Staffing

Recruiting Daily Advisor

At the same time, HR leaders require increased aid to improve healthcare staffing efforts in terms of hiring, retention, and engagement. That means they need adaptable and flexible workforce strategies that can successfully deliver on staffing needs in an ever-changing landscape.

Beyond the Pandemic: Teletherapy helps schools facing clinician staffing shortages

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PREMIUM CONTENT: Temporary Staffing Platform Update. Research has shown that telehealth is just as effective as in-person psychotherapy and that patient retention rates are higher, according to the American Psychological Association. Covid-19 Healthcare Staffing education staffing

Improve Retention at Your Company by Giving Back

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There is not one key to building a strong staffing company; there are hundreds. Staffing Tips Trending featuredHundreds of interactions the company has with clients, suppliers, and candidates which can either lead to poor or strong relationships.

Staffing Trends 2019


2018 was a great year for the growth of the staffing industry despite struggles associated with recruiting qualified candidates and filling orders. Global Staffing Revenue Forecast. According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Report, the staffing industry $466 Bn worldwide generated $466 Bn in 2017. Top 17 countries accounted for 90% of the staffing revenue in 2017. It will not be enough for staffing firms to just showcase their ability to fill job orders in 2019.

5 Productivity Hacks That Could Transform Your Staffing Agency


Almost every staffing agency could probably use a few hacks to help them be as productive and efficient as possible and making more placements than ever. Below, you’ll find a few productivity hacks that could transform your staffing agency. Treating your employees like they matter to your business will help you to improve your employee retention, reduce turnover, and encourage employees to work smarter and more productively when in the office.

The Digital Future of Healthcare Staffing: 5 Solutions to Improve Hiring and Retention


For a healthcare staffing firm to succeed, connectivity is imperative to long-term growth and the ability to manage their entire business operations through a real-time, data driven approach. Take a look at the latest partner brief with e-signature solution provider, DocuSign , and healthcare staffing client, MedPro Staffing. For more information on TargetRecruit’s healthcare staffing solution, visit www.targetrecruit.net/healthcare.

Nearshore Staffing: A hidden treasure in your backyard.

The Staffing Stream

Recent posts on the Staffing Stream on nearshore staffing — highlighting the benefits it could bring to your organization and the importance of choosing the right partner — provided an excellent overall understanding of the opportunity nearshore offers in size and scope.

Unlimited PTO May Help Solve Your Recruitment and Retention Issues

Recruiting Daily Advisor

This decision should be based on your staffing needs. Keep in mind that if you make your policy “use it or lose it,” you may have to scramble to fill staffing voids if employees all take PTO at the same time. The post Unlimited PTO May Help Solve Your Recruitment and Retention Issues appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. Paid time off (PTO) has become a hot topic in the HR world.

9 Steps In The Staffing Process For Effective HR Management


The staffing process is an important factor for the growth of all companies and businesses across industries. In this article, we’ll go over what the staffing process is as well as the necessary steps. What Is Staffing and Its Process? Staffing is when you fill a business or organization with the appropriate staff members to take on specific responsibilities. For every company, there’s usually an internal system implemented for the staffing process.

How to Create Loyal Clients in the Staffing Industry


There Are Many Reasons to Seek Loyal Clients in the Staffing Industry. So how can you enhance customer retention at your staffing agency? How to Create Loyal Clients in the Staffing Industry. Part of client retention is demonstrating a genuine interest in the success of their business; success that is achieved, at least on some level, with the talent you send them. Loyal clients in the staffing industry.

Staffing Firms can Build a Culture of Customer Service


As any savvy staffing professional knows, great customer experiences start with a great culture – one that’s focused on serving the best interests of clients and candidates. When you consistently care for customers, you generate more repeat business, have higher associate retention and ultimately build a healthier bottom line for your staffing agency. So move the needle in your staffing firm. Are you proud of your staffing agency’s service culture?

Healthcare’s Challenging Relationship Between Onboarding and Employee Retention

Hospital Recruiting

The healthcare industry is suffering due to under staffing and low employee retention rates. Healthcare facilities benefit from an employee’s long tenure, but retention is difficult for some facilities. The answer is 1 to 1-and-a-half years, but the first 90 days, what is usually considered the probationary period, is the most important for retention. Using onboarding will positively affect these variables, which in turn improves employee retention.