Thinking differently: 3 ways to prepare for 2021

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By 2021, millennials will make up three quarters of the workforce. Therefore, this cohort will comprise a large part of your client base. As competition steepens, recruitment agencies must think differently in order to encourage the top talent their way.

U.S. Adding 7M Jobs by 2021, But Which Ones Will Grow the Most?


is expected to grow 5 percent over the next five years, adding more than 7 million jobs by 2021, according to a recent study from CareerBuilder and Emsi. The U.S.

STEM Careers Sought by the Class of 2021

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For college students planning on graduating in 2021, their career goals and aspirations are much more focused on innovation and high future earnings. The post STEM Careers Sought by the Class of 2021 appeared first on Recruiting Daily Advisor. There’s no time like the present to start recruiting college graduates. While unemployment remains low, the number of applicants for many jobs across the country continues to increase.

U.S. Adding 7M Jobs by 2021, But Which Ones Will Grow the Most?


is expected to grow 5 percent over the next five years, adding more than 7 million jobs by 2021, according to a recent study from CareerBuilder and Emsi. The U.S. As may be expected, however, some jobs will grow at a much faster rate than the average, while others will decline. Middle-wage jobs in particular (jobs that pay $13.84 – $21.13 per hour) will see slower growth than high- and low-wage jobs – at 3 percent overall.

There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

By 2021, that number is predicted to rise to. / 1 / WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE. EMPLOYMENT SKILLS GAP BOUNTYJOBS.COM WORLD’S LEADING RECRUITER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM W P / 2 / 2 Want to stir things up next. time you find yourself. chatting with your colleagues. in talent acquisition? Mention.

New Massachusetts Paid Leave Regulations Released

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But while the program’s benefits won’t be available until 2021, the first employer requirements take effect this summer. Newly released paid leave regulations will soon make waves with Bay State residents and employers alike.

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Employer Branding Videos


Let’s start with the numbers: Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and video content taken as a whole is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

Middle-Wage Jobs Aren’t Growing at the Same Rate as Others


According to CareerBuilder and Emsi research, high-wage and low-wage occupations are each projected to grow 5 percent from 2016 to 2021, but middle-wage jobs are only estimated to grow 3 percent. 2021 Jobs. Job Added 2016 – 2021. 2016 – 2021 % Change.

How Tuition Reimbursement Can Help Healthcare Recruiting Efforts

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it’s estimated that 32% of all US employers will offer student loan contribution programs by 2021 Recruiting in a time of low unemployment is tough in all industries.

How Important is a Candidate's Online Presence?

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Back in 2011, Forbes predicted that by 2021 the CV would be replaced by a person’s online presence. Fast-forward five years and their prediction has already come true.

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Tips for Keeping the Digitally Savvy Candidate Engaged


According to a 2017 report from Cisco, video content is expected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2021. Today’s tech-savvy candidates have a different set of expectations than job seekers from previous years.

Wearable Tech at Work: Why Recruiters Need to Pay Attention

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A recent study predicts that the wearables market could be worth $71.23bn by 2021, compared to just under $30bn. Wearable technology has the potential to revolutionise recruiting.

How an Integrated Video Strategy Improves Candidate Engagement Metrics


The organization predicts that by 2021, that figure will increase to 82 percent. Video is quickly becoming the dominant form of web content. According to a Cisco report, 73 percent of all consumer internet traffic consisted of video content in 2016.

Massachusetts to See Minimum Wage, ‘Blue Law’ Changes in January

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The law increasing the minimum wage also provides for paid family and medical leave beginning in 2021. Changes in Massachusetts’ minimum wage and the “blue law” affecting premium pay for certain employees working on Sundays will go into effect on January 1, 2019.

Automation Isn’t Impacting Engineer Salaries: Study


workers are concerned that technology will eliminate their job, despite a Forrester estimate that robots will replace 6 percent of human positions by 2021. “It While many within the tech industry fear that automation and artificial intelligence (A.I.)

Comcast and Walmart Focus on Military Hiring

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In November, Comcast announced it will hire an additional 11,000 veterans, military spouses, and National Guard and Reserve members, bringing its total military hires to 21,000 by the end of 2021.

Arizona Minimum Wage Going Up on January 1

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The Arizona minimum wage is set to go to $11 an hour, up from $10.50, on January 1, a result of voters passing Proposition 206, the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act, in 2016. An effort to lock in the statewide minimum at $10.50

Amazon Go Stores Show Future of Automation

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But McFarland says that Amazon is looking to have up to 3,000 such stores by 2021.

Maryland Takes Step Toward $15 Minimum Wage

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If the legislation is enacted, the rate will go to $11 per hour on January 20, 2020, and will be followed by a series of 75-cent-per-hour increases on each January 1 from 2021 through 2024.

The Highest-Paying Jobs That Are Hardest to Fill


million cybersecurity jobs expected by 2021, now would be the right time for employers to offer outside learning opportunities to train future information security professionals. . Using staffing data from the American Staffing Association Skills Gap Index and salary information from the U.S.

Do you really know millennials? The inside scoop for recruiters.

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By 2021, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. But with great power, comes great opportunity. Millennials are known for a number of things: the rise of the avocado ??, an unprotested enthusiasm for flexi-time ??, and the phenomenal adoption and understanding of technology and social media ??. As it stands, this cohort constitutes one quarter of the UK population and that number is set to rise to a huge 17 million by 2019.

5 Industries Facing Talent Shortages

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million unfilled positions in the cybersecurity industry by 2021. With the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, many industries are facing talent shortages right now and will continue to do so over the next decade or so.

Redefining HRIS Migration Success

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By 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as CHROs. This recent prediction made by Gartner clearly demonstrates how IT’s role is evolving from that of an agent who “gets things done” to a more strategic partner who thinks critically about loftier organizational goals.

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Nearly 1 in 3 Industries Projected to Outpace National Job Growth Average


million jobs from 2016 to 2021 – a 4.6 CareerBuilder just released a list of fast-growing industries with ample job prospects over the next five years.

Bad news for businesses affected by Brexit uncertainty


From 1st July 2021, EU citizens and their family members who are living with them must hold or have applied for UK immigration status to legally work in the UK.

Why Employers Are Hiring Grads with H1-B Visas for STEM Jobs


Timeframe: 2016 – 2021. Many companies are still reporting difficulties finding candidates with the skill sets they need.

Top 18 People Analytics Articles of 2018: Great Power, Great Responsibility

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With Brexit and likely immigration restrictions, British employers could face huge skills deficits by January 2021. Over the past year, the full power of people analytics has come into focus.

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By the Numbers: April 12, 2019


The wage will increase to $17 an hour as of May 1, 2019, and will continue to increase until it hits $20 an hour in 2021. BountyJobs Bites. Recruiting Timelines Differ for Job Hunters and Recruiters.

2019 Trends: What to Expect in the Year Ahead

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California is leading the charge by requiring 40% of board members to be women by the end of 2021 and one woman to be on every board by close of 2019. 2019 is quickly approaching, and with it comes the predictions of what organizations can expect for the following year.

California’s New Law Opens the Boardroom Door to More Women, But Why Now?


The glass-ceiling-shattering law will forcibly move the needle towards greater gender parity by 2021, but what’s stopping the change from happening at companies today? By 2021, that number increases to a minimum of two or three female directors depending on the size of the board.

Top HR Takeaways from Think 2018


billion hours of worker productivity by 2021, John Sumser, principal at HRExaminer, summed it up well by stating, “The work used to be the software.

Brexit Through The Gift Shop

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From 1st July 2021, EU citizens and their family members who are living with them must hold or have applied for UK immigration status to legally work in the UK. With just months to go until the UK leaves the European Union, and no deal yet in place, many employers continue to worry about the possible impact of Brexit on UK businesses and the labour market.

The Two Most Important Reasons Your HR Team Needs A Chatbot

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Billion by 2021, and nearly half of the Fortune 500 are considering buying a chatbot for their HR function. Are you looking to get an HR chatbot to help with your recruiting efforts? The overall chatbot market is going to be worth $3.7

How to cultivate personal connections with your candidates


After all, Cisco has forecast that video will account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021. There’s a lot of emphasis these days on the idea that customers don’t buy from faceless corporations; they buy from human beings.

Glassdoor Launch New Recruitment Experience

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Southeastern railways – which serves London, Kent and East Sussex – plans to drive the number of female applicants to 40% by 2021. At SocialTalent, we know that recruitment news travels fast.

Employer Branding Videos & Why They Work


For 2015 , Cisco reported 55% of all mobile data traffic came from video, and predicts video will account for 82% of mobile data traffic by 2021. In today’s candidate-driven market, a positive, definite employer brand is important for attracting and retaining top talent.

Global Recruitment and Staffing Market Research Report: Analysis (2016-2021)

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through the duration of 2016 2021. percent during 20-16 2021. percent during 20-16 – 2021. The analysis aims to gift the research of Recruitment and Staffing market around the idea of such a variety. Recruiting and Staffing Industry has been anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 8.50%through