The OFCCP Paradox: Government Actions Create a New Diversity Hiring Fallacy


New allegations and statistical analysis methods strike at the core of long-standing hiring practices and workforce demographics. government lawsuit.

How Tech is Helping Government Recruiters Win the War on Talent


It’s no secret that government recruiters face an uphill battle when it comes to hiring talent quickly. Outdated policies and rigorous security clearances leave government agencies lagging behind the private sector, and some roles take months or even years to fill.

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Why the Government Shutdown is Great for Passive Recruiting

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government shutdown — the longest in history — has left more than 800,000 workers across the country without paychecks. While the government will eventually reopen, it does not look like it will happen anytime soon. The current U.S.

Small Business Hiring Not Impacted by Government Shutdown

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While government workers across the nation regain some footing after the longest government shutdown in history, small business are reporting positive numbers in light of this tough employment situation.

How to Make Your Government Organization a Better Place to Work

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There are numerous reasons to work for the federal government. While it’s possible to build a successful career working in government, public sector employees are increasingly fed up with their organizations. Government HR managers have the opportunity to change the narrative.

The Top 3 Challenges for Government-Sector Recruiting


As a 2017 Politico analysis of the federal workforce points out, America’s government is getting old. In short, t he government has struggled to recruit and retain younger employees. The federal government’s biggest problem is it’s not very good at pipeline planning.”.

Re-Engineering the Hiring Process with Sambatek

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But to continue to provide the best service, they need the best talent, and they needed a system that would streamline and organize their process, while also fulfilling the unique municipal requirements and compliance regulations of the local government.

By the People, For the People: How HR Can Lead Digital Transformation in Government

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Government, for example, has historically been slower to transform, but that’s starting to change as more agencies and organizations begin to embrace the human side of digital transformation.

Strategies for Effectively Recruiting Government Workers

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State and local governments are modernizing their operations, revamping their hiring practices, and developing a brand that appeals to a more diverse pool of applicants. Government Employers Try Different Methods to Stand Out. Turnover is a reality in many governments.

Government Shutdown Casualty: No Jobs Report

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One of the casualties of the federal government shutdown? News BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics Hiring Interest rates September jobs report taper unemployment figures No jobs report for last month that would normally be released today. Should we care?

Government Agency Staffs Businesses – for FREE!

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However, he “wanted to avoid” spending the $45,000 to $60,000 it would take to hire a staffing company to fill those posts for him. Working against you perhaps in this case, in the form of a government agency giving away for free what you are bold enough to charge money for.

Recruiting for Security Clearances

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Recruiting for Security Clearances One of the hardest recruiting jobs is to access and hire high-level security clearance professionals. Blog Posts Candidate Sourcing Hiring News Recruiting Sourcing Talent Acquisition Government Recruiting Industry Security Clearance talent acquisition Tips

4 Ways the Government of Hawaii Modernized Its Hiring Process to Attract Tech Talent

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The government of Hawaii had experienced these hiring challenges for decades. But in 2015, Todd Nacapuy was hired as the state’s Chief Information Officer and he wanted to buck this trend. Unless you’re cracking spy rings, doing government work may lack a certain sex appeal.

How Your Tax Dollars Bought French Prostitutes for Government Bankers

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In defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who now stands accused in Lille, France, of procuring prostitutes for himself and his government banking chums, there’s not a whole lot to do in Lille, France. His Defense: ‘I didn’t know they were hookers’.

How to Hire: 5 tips for public service recruitment


Public service recruitment teams may struggle to attract talent (especially millennials ); when was the last time you heard a child say their dream job was in government? That adds to the challenge of hiring in an industry that’s regimented and budget-constrained to begin with.

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Is Not Hiring Smokers Discrimination?

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To hire a smoker or not to hire a smoker? It’s a debate that has been recently reignited as U-Haul—the company best known for renting you a truck to help you move—has implemented a nicotine-free hiring policy. Learn more about hiring with Nexxt.

Hiring in Times of Uncertainty

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Recent iHire research shows that the top industries currently hiring amid an economic downturn are the very industries that keep the economy afloat—and the ones that also keep us healthy and safe. Who’s Hiring? Transportation and logistics are seeing more hiring and changes in hiring.

5 ways technology can help your hiring process


As noted by HR Dive, even experienced HR professionals need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the law or risk steep fines from the government. In the hiring space, analytics has been a growing technology trend for nearly a decade.

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4 Compliance Violations Federal Contractors Should Avoid When Hiring


Compliance in hiring is an essential component of recruitment for all types of employers, but an especially crucial concern for federal contractors, who are held to an even higher standard. Intelligence Compliance compliant hiring contract workers EEOC Compliance recruitment

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Christchurch Recruiters Proving Agencies Can Actually Collaborate

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This was exemplified in technicolour back in 2012 when NZ’s recruitment agencies staged a race to the bottom in the reverse auction process tendering for the All Of Government contract. Today is the Rice Consulting Christmas party and we have an early start out in Woodhill Forest.

Hire for More than Warm Bodies

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The company has recruited Uber and Lyft drivers to provide this service, as commuters are no longer hiring them for trips to airports and restaurants. It would seem as though the growing number of unemployed would make the hiring decisions easy.

E-Verify shuttered as 2019 hiring begins


The partial federal government shutdown (now in its 12th day) has gotten a lot of media attention for good reason. […]. Articles I-9 Articles

Government Hiring Freeze is an Opportunity to Rethink Your Recruiting


Government Hiring Freeze is an Opportunity to Rethink Your Recruiting. A recent article in The New Orleans Advocate discussed concerns about how the Trump administration’s federal hiring freeze will affect the functioning of New Orleans’ brand new Veterans Affairs Medical Center. At the same time, though, the government sector might be able to find a positive in this unexpected setback. So, put this government hiring freeze to good use.

New Norm Hiring: 3 Tips for Hiring Managers in the COVID Era

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Using information gathered from the survey, Addison Group created the report “ Is Remote Hiring the New Normal? which provides insights and guidance for hiring managers looking to establish best practices for hiring in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So What Does Hiring Look Like Now?

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Despite the staggering increase in layoffs over the past couple of months, some companies are still hiring. Amazon, for example, has hired more than 100,000 employees in four weeks and has plans to hire 75,000 more. Don’t put off hiring if you need to increase headcount.

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Bad Things Happen When Companies Take Too Long To Hire

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I have recruited and hired a lot of people over the years, more than I can count, but the one constant throughout the process is a simple question: Are we taking too long to hire? In recruiting and hiring, how long is too long?

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5 Emerging Technologies That Are Impacting Hiring and Recruiting


For most hiring teams, gone are the days of the resume drop-box in the lobby, enthusiastic walk-ins asking to fill out a paper application, or entertaining callers asking to speak to HR about open positions listed in the newspaper. HR Technology guest hiring hr tech HR trends recruitment

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How Non-Tech Companies Can Hire Tech Talent

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It’s clear that the demand for tech talent from the non-tech sector is on the upswing — but how can hiring managers account for this shifting need? What’s more, the challenge of hiring tech talent doesn’t just hurt the growth of individual companies — it affects our entire economy.

Stay Compliant With Hiring Laws As Your Workforce Grows


Bass agreed to pay a class of Hispanic and African-American applicants who claimed they weren’t hired based on their race. As part of the settlement, the EEOC ordered Bass to proactively increase diversity hiring. Why Do Business Owners Violate Hiring Laws? million.

Hiring Optimism Is Starting to Emerge

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Global staffing firm ManpowerGroup has been keeping track of global hiring intentions for decades, and with the COVID-19 pandemic shaking up the world, it is now seeing a 10-year low in U.S.-based based hiring intentions for the third quarter (Q3) of 2020.

These Are the Biggest Hiring Challenges in Health Care During Covid-19


But considering the contagious nature of coronavirus, there have been unique challenges in Hiring 2020 healthcare staff during this time. These are just two challenges when it comes to hiring for health care roles during the coronavirus pandemic.

In With the Old, In With the New: The Unique Recruiting Challenge the US Government is Facing

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State and local governments are struggling to keep older workers. That's causing a critical brain drain of experienced employees that's keeping government recruiters and HR professionals awake at night. "Most " What the government is doing to retain senior workers.

The Diversity Trailblazers Changing Hiring for Good

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At SocialTalent, we are dedicating the month of June to the topic of Open-Minded Hiring. The idea that embracing a diverse talent pool right throughout the hiring process is beneficial to a company and its employees should be no surprise (we hope).

How To Hire For Culture Fit


One of the quintessential debates in hiring is “cultural fit vs. skill set.” So if you want to hire for culture fit, how do you do so effectively? And what possible issues should you be aware of using this hiring tactic? 7 steps to hire for culture fit.

3 Pro Tips For Hiring Millennial Talent

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Employers should always hire individuals based on their skill level and instead of focusing on one sole generation. Hiring managers and employers value them because of their talented skill-sets and their ability to process new technology.

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Are Friends the Most Effective Hiring Tool?


Nor is hiring restricted to traditional tech hubs such as Silicon Valley. With cities across the United States recognizing the value of fostering a healthy community of tech professionals , many municipal governments have taken steps to encourage startups to move in.

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Jobseeker and Hiring Trends in the COVID Era

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While unemployment may be at an all-time high, there are still certain industries that are hiring workers. These industries have been deemed “essential,” and much like Monster’s research, these same industries have had an increased demand for hiring top talent.

7 powerful ways to deal with a long hiring process


According to Glassdoor data, government jobs come with the longest interview process (53.8 These numbers suggest that tech hiring is slow, but when you think about the specifics of tech jobs, it’s evident they really shouldn’t be. Source: 2017 Developer Hiring Landscape.

Hiring from the Ground Up


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a packed house at #WISHRM While I was there, I shared the story of how I’ve hired from the ground up and shared some tips on managing, building and learning. Not scared of hiring? And 10% said the bad hire caused a decrease in sales. (A

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Spring Hiring Trends in the COVID-19 Era

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With all that being said, we’re going to focus on trends that are shaping the hiring landscape in the COVID-19 era. New information from iCIMS reveals just how bad it was for hiring. hiring in March dropped 5.3% decline in new hires (-4.5% Hourly Hiring Trends.