How AI Changes Hiring For Insurance


Is there a best practice when using AI to hire for insurance roles? In general, hiring in the insurance industry across North America has stabilized in recent years, with 58 percent of employers saying they plan to expand jobs into 2019. It’s very true in insurance.

2019 Insurance Recruitment Trends


Have you been wondering what the insurance recruitment trends for 2019 will be? No one can truly predict the future, but what can we broadly know about the bigger trends of 2019 in terms of insurance industry hiring? You’re even seeing an Insurance Careers Movement now, which is dedicated to getting more young professionals interested in long-term insurance careers. Optimize Your Hiring Using AI.

Insurance Industry Growth Leads to Competitive Labor Market

The Jacobson Group

Insurance Labor Outlook Study are now available! The study, conducted by The Jacobson Group and Aon plc, uncovers revenue and hiring trends within the insurance industry. Labor Market Recruitment InsuranceThe results from our most recent Semi-Annual U.S.

3 Crucial Tips For Recruiting In The Insurance Industry


Have you been curious about how to recruit in the insurance industry? With the average age of insurance agents estimated to be 59 years old, the insurance industry is facing what’s been called a “silver tsunami” of retirement. Optimize Your Hiring Using AI.

Offering Health Insurance to Your Employees: A Must or Not?

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The Affordable Care Act requires companies who have more than 50 employees to offer health insurance. Like most things in life, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to offer health insurance to your employees. appeared first on The HIRE Talent.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance—Is It Worth It?

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Navigating the nuances of hiring and firing employees can be tricky business. Employers have the option to deal with the risks by purchasing an insurance product called employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). HR Management & Compliance employer EPLI insurance pay

Are Part Time Employees Eligible for Health Insurance?

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If you hire part-time workers, do you have to offer them health insurance as an employer? The post Are Part Time Employees Eligible for Health Insurance? Affordable Care Act Affordable Care Act and Part Time Employees Health Insurance and Part Time Employees

Insurance Recruiting: How to Overcome the Skills Gap


The insurance industry is facing a serious threat in the form of a talent crisis. Supply has also been impacted by the fact that many younger workers aren’t interested in careers in insurance, says Michael Brown , vice president at Golden Bear Insurance Company. .

How to Address the Insurance Industry’s Talent Crisis


How to Address the Insurance Industry’s Talent Crisis. The US insurance industry is facing a talent crisis. The industry is hiring at record levels but the biggest challenge companies are facing is to secure new talent, according to the 2018 Insurance Industry Employment and Hiring Outlook Survey. A new approach to talent acquisition and retention strategies is a must for insurance companies to remain competitive.

Four ways to use social recruiting in finance and insurance services to find that next great hire


For financial services companies, the ‘ Path to success involves finding those bright, innovative minds ’. But with unemployment rates in the 2% range, where are you going to find those creative, innovative, talented minds? They aren’t sitting home waiting for a call.

Episode 5: Health Insurance Benefits

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The post Episode 5: Health Insurance Benefits appeared first on The HIRE Talent Fletcher: All right, guys. Episode five. Today, we’re going to talk about benefits. Later on we’ll talk about compensation. That’s a whole massive conversation. I’ll be speaking at the SHRM statewide Florida conference in August on compensation. The hot topic of these states are changing the rules about how we inquire about people’s past pay. Read More.

Recruiting and Hiring in the Insurance and Asset Management Industry


Despite the broad array of opportunities available in the insurance and asset management sectors, hiring remains something of a challenge. If you speak to anyone who has built a career in insurance and/or asset management, chances are most will tell you it’s something they fell into.

Insurance: Hiring for Cultural Fit


Insurance agencies who hire and develop top producers have realized there’s more to evaluating candidates than considering skills and experience. This means that agencies who ignore culture during the hiring process risk negatively impacting both their culture and retention. .

4 Professions That Need Specific Insurance Coverage

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All businesses need to have some type of basic insurance, but you might need specialized coverage if you work in a specific industry. Certain jobs come with unique risks, and you must be absolutely sure that your insurance is going to cover accidents, injuries, loss of income, and legal fees.

Insurance: Fast Track Recruiting


million people employed in the trillion-dollar insurance industry in the United States. As an independent agency, that means there is A TON of competition out there when you are looking to hire. Do you have experience selling P&C insurance? There are over 2.5

6 Strategies For the Insurance Industry to Attract and Retain Millennials


As with so many other industries, the insurance industry is approaching a staffing evolution. Few millennials, however, seem to want to work in the insurance business. These stories help people see beyond the day-to-day work of insurance companies. Emphasize Diversity in Hiring.

How to find Insurance Agents with Boolean search strings


When hiring Insurance Agents, use Boolean search logic in Google to find resumes and profiles. Modify them to recruit insurance sales agents who are well versed in various insurance types and have good sales skills. Building search strings to find Insurance Agents.

Case Study: American Family Insurance


Insurance agencies depend on having the right people in place to grow their business. But while agents often have strong sales talent, many don’t have experience recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. The post Case Study: American Family Insurance appeared first on CareerPlug.

Insurance: Competency Based Recruiting


Insurance companies find themselves in a tough position right now: they need to hire fast to keep up with competition, but they also need to hire the right people to avoid the costs associated with turnover and replacing a bad hire.

Broadening Market Focus in Group Insurance: A Conversation with Guardian Life

Slayton Search Partners

We recently explored several trends in the group insurance market with Jay D’Aprile, who leads the Insurance and Financial Services practice at Slayton Search Partners. 5 Market Trends in Group Insurance. Changing Insurance Distribution Models and Evolving Carrier Strategies.

Using Insurance MVRs for Hiring Purposes – A Risky Practice


When hiring commercial drivers, motor carriers will routinely contact their insurance agent to have drivers added to their business insurance policy. In some instances, insurance agencies provide the MVRs they ordered to their [.]. The post Using Insurance MVRs for Hiring Purposes – A Risky Practice appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

Insurance: Building a Strong Employment Brand


Insurance agencies depend on an outstanding company brand and reputation to win and retain their business. Hiring Process. Communicate openly throughout the hiring process. The post Insurance: Building a Strong Employment Brand appeared first on CareerPlug.

How to Start a New Career in the Insurance Field

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Does a job in insurance give you hopes for a successful life change? Insurance is a broad industry with many levels and job types. You have many avenues to consider when you switch to an insurance career. Communications specialties is another area in insurance.

Attune Insurance: Offering a Fresh Take on an Age-Old Industry


The insurance industry is booming. That's where our partner, Attune Insurance comes in. Named one of Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC, Attune Insurance is an emerging startup that's taking the industry by storm with their revolutionary take on an age-old service.

Free Webinar: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Building your employer brand: A can't-miss discussion covering all the dos and don'ts of hiring and keeping the best employees. Business Insurance

4 Workplace Benefits It Pays to Be Generous With

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Health insurance. That’s why it pays to invest in a decent health insurance plan. Hiring & Recruiting Benefits Health Insurance Perks Vacation TImeWhen we think about compensation at work, it’s not just salary we need to consider.

Ep. 5: Offering Health Benefits to Employees: Pros and Cons

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In this episode, we discuss the benefits (pun intended) of offering your employees health insurance. 5: Offering Health Benefits to Employees: Pros and Cons appeared first on The HIRE Talent. ?? Health benefits…to offer or not to offer?

Hiring for an SEO role? Here are 4 vital questions to insure your hiring correctly!

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When hiring for an SEO role I have composed 4 key tasks and questions to ask to ensure you are making a good hire. Search engine optimisation involves optimising website internally and externally so that it appears on Google and other search engines for your chosen keywords.

How to Take a Consultative Approach to Hiring Manager Relationships

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As a Talent Acquisition Leader, I am often coaching and seeking to inspire my teams to become more consultative with their hiring manager relationships. This same recruiter also shows her hiring managers how we have had success sharing social media networks to find talent.

How To 249

HR Compliance Checklist for Hiring Online Talent

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The change would save employers from paying unemployment insurance. Tackling the Challenges of Hiring Online Talent. If your company is using online staffing platforms when hiring full-time workers, you need to ensure they meet compliance standards.

The Hidden Costs of Hiring

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Hiring skilled employees results in the company making more money, right? Perhaps in the long run, but throughout the hiring process you’ll need to be prepared for some hidden costs that can really add up. Time and money are the easy hiring costs to identify.

Global Hiring Plans Show Q4 Growth

NPA Worldwide

The other country expects a flat hiring environment. On a quarter-over-quarter basis, 15 of the surveyed countries expect stronger hiring, 23 countries expect less hiring, while the final six report no change. Greek employers are experiencing a robust hiring pace.

Employers May Offer Individual Coverage HRAs in 2020 Under Final Rule

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Funds in this new “individual coverage HRA” (ICHRA) will be available to reimburse premiums for individual health insurance, whether offered on or off an Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange, as well as Medicare coverage.

Hiring Managers: Fasten Your Seat Belts!


The post Hiring Managers: Fasten Your Seat Belts! Recruiting acquisition candidate experience contingent workforce costs of hiring extended workforce healthcare healthcare insurance hiring hiring manager hiring millennials hiring process international millennial workforce millennials onboarding recruiting talent acquisition workforce workforce reduction2017 is shaping up to be a year unlike any other.

How to Hire an Employee in Texas

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Texas contains some of the nation’s largest companies hiring in the energy, medical and tech sector. That being said, the state employment requirements and the high standards of employees working in Texas can make it challenging to hire an employee in Texas. Hiring an Employee in Texas.

Strong Industry Outlook Highlights the Need for Talent Solutions

The Jacobson Group

Insurance Labor Outlook Study are now available! Although the rate of expected hiring decreased to 61 percent from 63 percent in July 2018, half of all carriers are planning to increase their staff by at least two percent in the coming year. Insurance Recruitment Labor Market

9 Tips for Hiring the Best Seasonal Employees

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With talent scarce, many retailers started recruiting seasonal hires as far back as September(!). These nine tips can help your company hire the best seasonal employees. So why not consider offering a referral bonus for employees who recommend new hires?