Mobile Recruiting Benchmarks


There is a lot of talk about mobile recruiting these days. As we outline in this free webinar replay about Consumer Quality Candidate experiences, mobile technologies are so far reaching in how they affect all recruiting efforts that, very shortly, the word “mobile” will disappear altogether.

Go Mobile Before Your Candidates Are Gone


Experts forecasting the latest recruiting trends say with the advent of mobile job apps, big brand job boards like Indeed and Monster will be the next dinosaurs of the HCM market. That’s why it’s SO important for your employer brand to be mobile friendly.

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5 Top Mobile Apps for Recruiters

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There’s no disputing that we are now living in an era of mobile. Mobile apps now drive the majority of time spent on mobile at 56%. Although WhatsApp has a userbase of 1 billion, it still remains a mobile app that has flown under the radar when it comes to recruitment.

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Why Recruitment Marketers Must Understand Mobile Job Search Behavior


I’d even go as far as guessing that a significant number of you are reading this on your mobile device right now. By understanding mobile trends, I was able to make two quick predictions that engaged our readership by speaking directly to them about their behavior.

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10 Quick Takeaways from Indeed Interactive 2016


Indeed Interactive 2016 was held last week, between May 25-27, and Recruitics was there to participate in yet another amazing event. — Michelle Cugini (@MichelleCugini1) May 26, 2016. — Rick Chen (@rickcchen) May 26, 2016.

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4 Considerations for Your Mobile Recruiting Mix

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Mastering the art of social media utilization isn’t the only key to implementing an enviable mobile recruiting strategy. In order to thrive in what might be called the “mobile recruiting wild,” these elements must be addressed. Moving to Mobile Responsive Web Design.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. Prerequisites for Mobile Recruiting Analysis.

JOBS Radio – Our Internet Radio Station Launches 1st February 2016

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JOBS Radio – Our Internet Radio Station Launches 1st February 2016. January 21, 2016 By Mike Taylor Leave a Comment. JOBS Radio will officially launch on the 1st February 2016 offering job seekers a new way to access job search advice and information about job vacancies.

The 2016 Global Recruiting Survey (FREE Download)

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The Global Recruiting Survey 2016 is here and it’s bigger and better than ever. the relevance of job boards in 2016. The post The 2016 Global Recruiting Survey (FREE Download) appeared first on Social Talent. It’s back!

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The Best Times to Hire on Mobile


Mobile FeaturedAsk any job search expert and they’ll tell you there are better times than others during the year, or season, or even a given day to search for jobs. However, there are far fewer certainties when it comes to the best times to hire.

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Let Mobile Fix Your Online Job Application Problem


Job seekers search for jobs on their mobile phones. There are surveys that say up to 70% of career site traffic is mobile. When it comes to how many actually apply using mobile, things get less persuasive The numbers are very persuasive. There are no two ways about it.

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Mobile Recruiting is More Than Apply


The post Mobile Recruiting is More Than Apply appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Mobile Recruiting lead generation mobile capture mobile Career Site mobile strategy Talent NetworkI’m going to go out on a limb and guess if you’re reading this, the following is true: You want to generate the right applicants, not just more.

Should you have Mobile Recruiting Apps?


Mobile apps offer an affordable and user-friendly method to ensure that potential job seeker gets their dream employment opportunity just by browsing their smart phones. There are umpteen benefits of mobile apps. Benefits of a Mobile Recruiting App. What Mobile Apps Offer.

Rethinking Recruiting: Mobile Matters


If you’re still thinking of your mobile website as just a smaller version of your desktop site, you need to think again. When it comes to recruitment, an optimized mobile site is equally, if not more important than your traditional site. Mobile video conference interviews.

Best Jobs in 2016

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Here is the list of best jobs in 2016: Data Scientist. Mobile Developer. The post Best Jobs in 2016 appeared first on NPAWorldwide. I read with interest’s listing of the Best Jobs in America.

Recruitment Marketing Industry Highlights From Q1 and Q2 2016


In the first half of 2016 alone we’ve seen a number of significant shifts to our space that we believe are quite noteworthy. Microsoft enters the space as it acquires LinkedIn: Did we mention that the first half of 2016 was a gold mine of big news for the recruitment marketing industry?

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Items this Week – 11th January 2016

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WeChat Out’ is different from the existing calling options inside WeChat (voice and video) because it allows for calls to actual phone numbers (mobile and landline) rather than just to fellow WeChat users. Mobile App Usage Grew 58% in 2015. Dodds (@DoddsHHQ) January 6, 2016.

Mobile Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Today


It’s imperative for businesses to have mobile recruiting strategies in place to hire top talent.

9 Spooktacular Recruitment News Stories to Brighten Up Your Halloween – 31st October 2016

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Mobile Development. The report shows that while the percentage of their white workforce had reduced from 63% in 2015 to 57% in 2016, there was a decline in the female workforce of 3%! Yes, in 2016 Airbnb’s female workforce is 43%, but back in 2015 it was 46%.

8 Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th February 2016

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More than half of those active users (57%) are on mobile. LinkedIn have said that revenue for Q1 2016 is expected to be $820 million and adjusted earnings per share will be 55 cents. In recruitment news this week: LinkedIn to Acquire Connectifer.

Mobile Recruiting Hacks

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In April 2015, Google announced an important change to their algorithm – it would now prioritize mobile friendly sites in search rankings. This shift was in reaction to an important discovery – over half of Google’s search traffic was from a mobile device. It’s no secret that people are enamored with their mobile technology. In 2016 alone, American smartphone users are expected to reach 198.5 Mobile recruiting the easy way.

What to Expect at the ERE Conference Fall 2016


The spirit of recruiting never changes, but the current processes, strategies and technology are constantly evolving to meet multi-generational and increasingly mobile lifestyles,” said William Marzullo , VP Global Talent Acquisition, 20/20 Companies.

#nowmobile – A Guide to Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Applicant Tracking

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Everyone is always talking about Mobile Recruiting, but what that term really means, and how to implement a truly mobile recruitment and hiring process, has been confusing. More data on mobile recruiting: – 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.

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Congratulations to the 2016 CandE Award Winners


Talent Board recently announced the 2016 winners of the North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards , to be feted at an awards gala on November 15 in Austin, TX. We are living in the age of the empowered candidate – social and mobile have given them consumer-like expectations for interactions with companies, and they reserve their online interactions for brands they know and trust. T-Mobile USA, Inc.

4 Industry-Changing Recruitment News Stories You Must See this Week – 7th November 2016

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on desktop and mobile. The other interesting thing to note from the report is that mobile now accounts for 60% of all traffic to LinkedIn, and is growing at double the rate of its desktop service. “ Adzuna’s Jobs Report for September 2016 is in!

6 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories to Soak Up this Week – 17th October 2016

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Following on from Talent Connect 2016, LinkedIn have introduced three shiny new additions to their Talent Solutions portfolio , that should “make it easier for recruiters to find open talent and build a better pipeline of highly qualified candidates”: Open Candidates.

5 New Ways to Recruit Millennials in 2016

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Make Your Job Application Mobile-Friendly. Mobile Internet usage is on the rise, and it is affecting job searches and application processes. On average, nearly 60 percent of candidates used a mobile device to search for a job, and 52 percent used them to apply for a position.

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6 Rules For Mobile Optimized Recruiting

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Mobile Optimized Recruiting Made Easy. The impact of mobile job search on the candidate experience and applicant to candidate conversion rates. The importance of mobile apply in promoting EEO/OFCCP regulations and workplace diversity. Ready to Make Mobile Recruiting a Reality?

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6 Tips You Need To Kickstart An Effective Mobile Recruiting Strategy

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This growth is not surprising since you can virtually do anything on your mobile devices nowadays – you can shop, chat with friends and family, watch movies, and yes, even apply for jobs. In fact, according to a Glassdoor survey, 9 in 10 job seekers say they will use their mobile devices to search for jobs. And 44% of job seekers report that they will apply to jobs directly via a mobile device. Mobile has already become a key aspect of every candidate’s job search.

Newton Rings in the New Year With Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Apply Features

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Newton Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Applications. Newton now empowers employers with mobile apply capabilities. Specifically, the new offerings provide employers with Mobile Career Pages and Mobile Job Applications.

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8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 25th January 2016

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Of the technological drivers, specific technologies highlighted in the short term (2015–2017) are: mobile internet. Two-thirds of UK CEOs to Increase Hiring in 2016. Top 25 Best UK Jobs for 2016 Revealed. The 2016 Top 10 Buzzwords of UK Recruiters: Motivated.

[Stats] Mobile Recruitment: How to Get it Right


Recruiting methods don’t matter if you are a small or big business or a huge corporation, but if you have not gone mobile with your recruiting methods, you are definitely way behind in the candidate’s line of a prospective employer.

Should you have Mobile Recruiting Apps?


Mobile apps offer an affordable and user-friendly method to ensure that potential job seeker gets their dream employment opportunity just by browsing their smart phones. There are umpteen benefits of mobile apps. Benefits of a Mobile Recruiting App. Let’s have a sneak peek into the advantages of mobile apps! No need to settle in front of their desktop they can grab their mobile to get the updates! What Mobile Apps Offer. The answer is simply yes!

7 Incredibly Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 6th June 2016

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RELATED: Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2016 ). This is what they found: 2016 Veteran Insights Report from LinkedIn for Good. Graham Allgood (@causeitsallgood) May 3, 2016. — Graham Allgood (@causeitsallgood) May 19, 2016.

What is Mobile Talent Sourcing?

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While we see an occasional post about obtaining a list of conference attendees from an app, I don’t think “mobile sourcing” has gotten the attention it deserves. Getting data from mobile apps requires some technical knowledge.

The Best UK Recruitment Conferences for 2016


Whether it was the increased focus on mobile, adoption of social media as a key recruitment source or a renewed emphasis on quality of hire over time to fill, the changes over the last year have been felt throughout the UK and Europe.

It’s Getting Hot in Here! The Most Popular Recruiting Blogs of 2016… So Far

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As you go about your summer reading, take a few minutes to catch up on some of our best content from 2016 so far. Newton Recruiting Insights – Top 3 Recruiting Priorities of 2016. The Guide to OFCCP Compliance for Federal Contractors – 2016. Mobile Recruiting.

Blindsided: The Consequence of Talent Mobility

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Packing Bags: Talent Mobility’s Cost. Personally, I see no problem with talent mobility but apparently this was breaking a house rule. When the other so-called team members heard of what I had done, they gasped at my stab at talent mobility.

The 3 Top Social Media Trends in 2016 Translated for Social Recruiting

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We'll break down the top trends emerging in social media and translate them into recruitment marketing tactics your recruiting teams can start leveraging today to get ahead of the curve in 2016. With these live video applications and the advances in mobile phone camera quality, you have a studio and an audience right in your pocket, ready to broadcast ad hoc when a great moment to showcase your culture arises. I see the cost of advertising rising a lot in 2016 as well.

Verify Mobile Numbers Using Facebook

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Mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses both uniquely identify people.